CURE PROTOCOL: Texas Physician Treats Coronavirus Patients with 100% Success Rate

Texas Doctor Finds a Cure

As his cure protocol is disseminated far and wide,
Dr. Richard Bartlett faces major medical system
push back.  Big Pharma is colluding with Dr. Fauci
and Bill Gates to squelch this simple remedy and
every other medication that reverses COVID-19.
Their conspiratorial plot to foist an unproven, toxic
and microchipped vaccine on the American people
will soon be in great jeopardy if this powerful
protocol enjoys nationwide acceptance.

A very similar COVID-19 protocol has been used with great success in
Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.  Mortality rates in those countries have
been kept extremely low for months after seeing major early outbreaks.

State of the Nation

Dr. Richard Bartlett is a physician and medical director from Midland, Texas who discovered a cure for COVID-19.

Dr. Bartlett’s simple protocol, video transcript, letter to Senator Ted Cruz, website, and action plan are located at

Everybody is encouraged to listen to Dr. Bartlett and inform others because the force of public opinion can do what the law cannot … end the war on man and set us free.

Coronavirus in Australia: Melbourne begins new shutdown July 2020

Thanks to Judy for this update.

Melbourne’s five million residents will be barred from leaving home for six weeks, except for essential reasons.

Police say they are setting up a “ring of steel” around the city, with “checkpoints anytime and anywhere” to enforce the measures.

Steel TRAPS will not end in Australia

Then They Came For Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux, philosopher and popular online commentator, was suspended from Twitter today. About a week ago he was banned from YouTube where he had hundreds of thousands of subscribers and spent over a decade creating content.

Censorship will not end with Stefan Molyneux

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