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The System Is Being Pushed To The Edge, The [CB] Economic System Is Run By Criminals: Rob Kirby X22 Report Spotlight The ‘virus’ is a Plandemic… The Central Bank system was crashing and something was needed to hide it…

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X22 Report Spotlight: This is the END Game; the [CB] System is Coming to an END!!! — Blue Dragon Journal

This is the END Game; the [CB] System is Coming to an END!!! X22 Report Spotlight Today’s Guest: Bob Kudla

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HIGH CRIMES: ‘Enemy Of The State’, The Catherine Austin Fitts Story – By Uri Dowbenko — RIELPOLITIK

Source – scoop.co.nz – “…In 1989, she was asked to become the Federal Housing Administrator under HUD Secretary Jack Kemp. Fitts moved to Washington to undertake the monumental task of reforming the scandal-ridden, fraud-plagued agency….By promoting open disclosure in the HUD financial transactions, Fitts undoubtedly, and unknowingly, must have stepped on a lot of toes. […]

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Folks, Credit is Not Money

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz

We have all had the experience of using credit “as”money.  But credit is not money.  It’s not even a “representation” of money.
There are two basic kinds of credit— pre-paid credit and credit on trust.
Here are some examples of pre-paid credit:
You return goods you bought to a store and instead of returning cash or back-crediting a credit card used in the initial transaction, they give you “store credit” instead.
You pay forward on a telephone number service account —say, $100 for pre-paid phone service.  That creates a pre-paid credit on the account that you can “draw down”.
Credit can also be extended on trust.  This is sometimes called “signature credit” whether or not a signature is involved.
When you neighbor lends you his motor home for the weekend in exchange for you letting him use your fishing boat for a weekend next month, he is extending you credit on trust.
When a credit card company lets you “sign for” goods or services, they are loaning you credit on trust.
The difference is that in one case the action supporting the credit has already occurred, resulting in pre-paid credit, and in the other case, the action supporting the credit is to take place sometime in the future.
Obviously, pre-paid credit is “substantive”.  It has already been earned. It exists. It is owed in equitable exchange for goods or labor.
Credit on trust is merely a potentiality until it is exercised.  Once exercised it becomes a debt.
Thus, if you have a Credit Card with a $20,000.00 limit, you owe nothing until or unless you start making charges. It remains a potential credit until you buy dinner and ten pairs of socks.  At that point, the credit becomes a debt that must be paid within certain time parameters and at interest.
A third form of credit is Coupon Credit or Voucher Credit.  Coupons are sometimes called Gift Credit as they return a credit against a sale or action which is otherwise unearned.
You get $1 off the retail price on a can of coffee by presenting a manufacturer’s coupon, for example.  The savings represents a gift credit.
Vouchers are used to transfer Script Credit, as in Military Script or “Commodity Coupons”.
Back in World War II we used both military script Vouchers and Commodity Coupons on a daily basis.
Soldier’s pay on base installations was issued as credit-bearing script, red, blue, pink and so forth, that could be traded at base “exchanges” for whatever they and their families needed.
This “off economy” credit system allowed our service members to function outside of and independently apart from whatever civilian economy there was.
We still have this “P” EX system today, though our soldiers are typically paid in Federal Reserve Notes —-however, if you look closely you will see that these “Notes” continue the old colored script designations via colored seals—red, green, blue, etc.  That is, instead of the notes all being different colors, only the seals on the notes are different colors.
Federal Reserve Notes are military script being used to substitute for both actual money which is required to have its own intrinsic commodity value, like gold, and also as a substitute for conventional bank credit.
This military script system was adopted for use throughout the British Territorial United States in 1913 and extended to the general populace because the Scottish Commercial Corporation that fraudulently conducted business “in our name” as The United States of America (Incorporated) from 1868 to 1907, went bankrupt.
Our soldiers and their dependents were sold into slavery to international banks as collateral to support the script.
Over time, their sacrifice was not sufficient and  the Guilty Parties responsible for this circumstance (the Brits and the Roman Pontiff) further conspired to conscript babies “found” on their non-existent “battlefield” as United States (Territorial) Citizens—- just like the members of the US Military and their Dependents.
In this way, millions of American civilians were caught up in this “flesh for credit” scheme and military script disguised as “Federal Reserve Notes” were issued on the basis of their lifetime estimated value and their “collateral”— blood, bones, teeth, labor, etc. was amortized and securitized and bonded.
Not only was our military betrayed, but through our military, we were “sold” into this same system of gross enslavement and “volunteered” without our knowledge or consent to serve “as” British Territorial United States Citizens and slaves of the feckless Roman Municipal Government.
This practice of deliberately misidentifying American civilians as British Territorial United States Citizens (as if we were born in Guam) and “conferring” both kinds of Federal Citizenship obligations on us had other immediate advantages for the Perpetrators.
British Territorial United States Citizens have to obey the Constitutions, but they are owed no constitutional guarantees or protections.
Also, they can’t  own land or fixtures in the actual States.  As “residents” and “inhabitants” of the foreign territorial and municipal districts, any land, homes, businesses, farms and other assets Americans had “back home” have to be rolled over into trusts and held for them pending their return home to the land and soil of their State of the Union.
However, it’s hard to return if you never realize (and are never told) that you left—- and that is precisely the condition that the international bankers and governments responsible for these crimes of fraud, identity theft, and personation have left us in.
This circumstance allowed them to seize upon our assets and create giant public trusts that they then control and operate to benefit themselves at our expense.
They rationalize this by zealously protecting our assets from us and forcing us to pay rent via mortgages and property taxes to live in our own homes and usurious rates of interest to use credit that is actually pre-paid and which belongs to us, and by double-billing us for almost everything so that there is plenty for them to embezzle and siphon off for the Pope and the Queen and the Government of Canada and numerous others here and abroad who have benefited from this scheme.
We are supposed to be receiving Pre-Paid Credit Vouchers whenever the IRS sends us anything, so that all we have to do is sign the Voucher and return it for “Offset Credit”. Most of us are not supposed to be paying a dime of “federal” income tax at all and in point of fact we are not in receipt of any actual federal or corporate income—nonetheless, the Popes and the Kings and the Queens and their bankers have seen fit to unleash the Inquisition on us and to collect what they call “Peter’s Pence” from us, just the same.
Imagine how many lives have been ruined and truncated just by the horribly mismanaged “Internal Revenue Service” and “IRS” alone?
Filthy foreign racketeers with no plausible right to even address the vast majority of Americans, they should be universally condemned together with the governments that have promoted and allowed this despicable Dark Ages racketeering to go on.
There are Seven Grumpy Old Men responsible for this outrageous circumstance, and one extremely Grumpy Old Woman who is fortunately (for them) an advocate of the Law of Love, because otherwise She Who Must Be Obeyed would be recommending pitchforks and redefining their political status as “Porcupines”.
Anyway, people, here and worldwide, the bankers and politicians and attorneys and a handful of crotchety generals and admirals have sold you into slavery and promoted a system of enslavement, involuntary peonage, and criminality on a scale unimaginable.
And instead of thinking that, hey, maybe we should do the right thing before they (meaning Everyone Else) rise up and kill us (meaning them) like rats in a grain storehouse — these same men and women are instead plunging headlong into another scheme: digital money.
A “cashless” society would leave everyone at their mercy and unable to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast—-an RFID chip implanted in our forehead or hand.  They, the Scum of the Earth, who have bought and sold what isn’t theirs and consumed what they didn’t earn, actually think they are going to get away with this, because they are using The Bible as a script.
I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.  They are too goddamn stupid to think of anything original themselves. They have to pretend that Anochi had something to do with this and try to  blame Him for their own trespasses against sanity and life—-but the True God will not be mocked and the True Heirs will not be cheated.
A few of them who are not quite so dim are making an effort to provide relief by suggesting that they make some of our own credit available to us —-what a concept!
You would think given the magnitude of their debts owed to us that they would be talking about returning our actual assets and making the pre-paid credit we have already earned available.
You would think.
But wait, they still want to hold onto and control our land and soil resources through a system of allodial titles (Remember  this: Americans don’t do “titles”— none; we are Freeholders owing nothing to anyone but the True God) and they still want to claim us as British Territorial United States Citizens, and they still want to use our assets and our labor as collateral for their debts…..and they don’t want to actually give us the pre-paid credit we have already earned, they want to give us the other kind of credit we have to pay back with interest.
That is, they are offering their victims more debt, more control, more enslavement, but this time with “willing consent” formalized in writing, absolving them of their sins, and they have the brass balls to call this a remedy and an Arbitration Award in settlement of their debts to us.
Pitchforks are sounding better all the time.
Mr. Trump. You need to enter the actual Power Holder Office that the living people of this country meant for you to occupy and you need to bring the military bankers to a meeting with  my staff without further delay.
The measures being proposed are not only unjustifiable, they are unnecessary —-and insane.

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Notice to The Casino Royale and Pope Francis — Maine Republic Email Report

by Anna von Reitz Notice to The Casino Royale and Pope Francis We are going to go to an alien world today, one that I call the Casino Royale Multi-Verse. It looks like this world in many respects, except that like the Land of Oz, it has its own peculiarities. You would, however, be […]

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DOD and HUD $21 Trillion Missing Money: Report and Supporting Documentation

DOD and HUD $21 Trillion Missing Money: Report & Supporting Documentation

FASAB Statement 56: Understanding New Government Financial Accounting Loopholes

Wall Street – By Anna von Reitz


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