Submission to United Nations Human Rights Council Advisory Committee. Response to Questions on New and Emerging Digital Technology and Human Rights Core Questions: Benefits: Emerging digital technologies provide increased access to the Internet and social media for all, thereby providing a sense of equality. It enables groups to highlight their circumstances, organise more quickly […]


Living with EMS: The true story of two NZ women who fell ill soon after a cell tower was erected near their home — Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Electro Magnetic Sensitivity My Story My name is Stephanie and I have Electro Magnetic Sensitivity or EMS as it is known and I am sharing my story with you in hope of shining a light on what it is like to live with EMS and the impact it has on my life. Also I would […]

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SafeG – A Safe Alternative to Harmful 5G Wireless

Why you should consider SafeGTM over 5G

The wireless industry has fired the starting gun for the so-called “race to 5G.” Why 5G? The simple answer is that it comes after 4G. That’s the previous generation of wireless technology, and the industry is desperately seeking a way to increase its slumping profits by selling an expensive and unnecessary “upgrade.” (Seasoned activists may wish to go directly to this special message.)

But, why a race? It’s because the industry is hoping that in the blur of a huge, flashy advertising campaign, you won’t notice any of the following:

  1. The industry has never tested 5G for safety. The vast majority of independent research on the health effects of 5G suggests that it may be far more dangerous than previous generations of wireless technology.
  2. A long-term U.S. government study just definitively linked cellphone use to cancer.
  3. The vast number of new antennas required for 5G will be closely spaced on utility poles right outside of homes in residential neighborhoods. Those antennas will dramatically increase your exposure to wireless radiation.
  4. The radiation will be beamed directly into your home (or business) 24/7/365. You will never be able to turn it off.
  5. You will be subjected to this radiation whether you purchase 5G service or not. The wireless industry is seeking to put 5G antennas in every neighborhood regardless of whether residents want or use the service.

If you have concerns about 5G (and you should), here’s what the wireless companies want you to do in response to the rollout of 5G wireless: Nothing. They are hoping you will accept 5G silently and without complaint. But if you have read this far, you are probably not the silent type. You’re trying to find out about the dangers of 5G and what you can do to stop it.

This site provides background on the dangers of 5G and on an alternative that not only protects your health but also your security and your privacy. We call that alternative SafeG.

What is SafeG?

SafeG offers a safe, reliable alternative to the dangerous future which 5G would create. SafeG is not a single product or service, but a framework for an internet and telecommunications system that respects our health, our privacy, our security and our right to choose what is best for ourselves and our communities. We define SafeG as follows:

SafeG means safe, fast, reliable, secure internet and telecommunications services brought into our homes and businesses by wired technology. It means technology that safeguards our health, privacy and security and that evolves over time with the goal of reducing exposure to harmful wireless radiation.

SafeG is About Choice

SafeG accepts the right of homeowners and businesses to decide for themselves whether to have wired or wireless networks on their premises without forcing that choice on others.

We recognize, however, that most wireless systems designed for homes and businesses are vastly overpowered and therefore broadcast into neighboring buildings and outdoor areas while needlessly exposing users in the building to extra radiation. While we favor wired networks in homes and businesses, for those who choose wireless networks, we recommend the use of router cages or “socks” for wireless routers. These reduce the wireless signal to what is needed to serve the premises only.

Read on to learn more.

Get Informed

SafeG vs 5G

Lurking behind the sparkling commercials about the coming of 5G wireless networks are dangers most people are unaware of. When understood, those dangers have led to a growing rejection of this flawed technology that is both unhealthy and unnecessary. Read more…

For Seasoned Activists

We are asking seasoned activists to help us advance an approach we believe can unite those who oppose 5G worldwide. Read more...

5G: The Real Story

The real reason for the so-called “race to 5G” has little to do with national economic prowess and more do with wireless industry profits. The industry faces stagnation. The ugly truth for these companies is that in the world’s advanced economies almost everyone who wants a cellphone already has one. Read more…

5G Dangers

Learn in more detail about the dangers and drawbacks of 5G by clicking The Trouble with 5G” tab in the navigation menu or click on one of the following topics: Health Impacts, Privacy & Security Issues, Decline in Property Values, Loss of Local Control, Environmental Harm.

Learn about SafeG

SafeG is Better

SafeG offers a safe alternative to the dangerous future which 5G would create. SafeG is not a single product or service, but a framework for an internet and telecommunications system that respects our health, our privacy, our security and our right to choose what is best for ourselves and our communities. Read more…

Spread the Word

SafeG Resources

SafeG Alliance seeks a better, safer future than the harmful 5G wireless system can offer. Learn more about SafeG Alliance, “I Support SafeG” Materials, Events, Videos and a Model Ordinance for municipalities. You can also subscribe to our email list for news and updates and contact us with your ideas and comments.

Support SafeG

Our mission is to support those who oppose 5G wireless and to promote the SafeG alternative by 1) spreading the SafeG idea far and wide, 2) providing training to citizens and activists, and 3) engaging in strategic litigation.

To help us do this, please consider making a donation. Since SafeG is a program of Citizens for Health Education Foundation, your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law. All of your donation will go exclusively to support the SafeG mission.

You can read more on our donation page or click the donate button below to go directly to our donation form.

Who’s Behind The 5G Cull Of Humanity? — Left Hook by Dean Henderson

(Excerpted from Chapter 5: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse) In 1999, HP scientist Richard P. Walker was granted a patent for what would become known as the internet of everything, now better known as 5G. Walker and the rest of his Silicon Valley colleagues had been fed military technology by Lockheed Martin and IBM.

via Who’s Behind The 5G Cull Of Humanity? — Left Hook by Dean Henderson

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Early registration for The 5G (wireless) Crisis Summit!

Join us for The 5G (wireless) Crisis Summit!

5G and Beyond Summit

The industry HAS NOT shown it to be safe for your health or privacy — yet THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed, independent studies show the risks it presents — and they’re building it anyway.

Hundreds of scientists from 40 different countries have reached out to the United Nations and the FCC, asking them to consider health risks and environmental issues before rapidly deploying 5G — because these researchers have studies that show adverse biological and health effects from EMF sources.
It’s time to better understand the dangers of 5G and learn how to implement better solutions in your community!

—>>Learn more about the dangers of 5G wireless when you attend this free, online event!

You may have heard of 5G, it stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless. In a February 2019 US Senate hearing, the wireless industry was forced to admit they have no safety studies on 5G, and don’t plan to do any.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of independent studies concluding that wireless radiation causes biological harm.

Despite this, the wireless industry is working with government to deploy 5G — it’s a global, for-profit, human experiment… without our consent.

What does it mean? 5G is a higher frequency, therefore it travels shorter distances than our current wireless signals, therefore exponentially more transmission devices must be installed to provide connectivity — millions more, in fact, on lamp posts, telephone poles and other “rights-of-way” for existing utilities. Each tower will emit radiation at levels known to cause cancer, sterility, DNA damage and other harm… especially to our children, who are most at risk.

Join us at the 5G Crisis summit to discover:
● 5G defined: research, facts and awareness
● Science about the dangers of 5G and EMF radiation
● Sources of wireless radiation and “dirty electricity” in your home
● Link between 5G, Al and global surveillance
● How groups and individuals are successfully opposing 5G
● Simple, empowering actions you can take, here and now
● Individual solutions and safer, revolutionary technologies
● And more!

Your guides for this event are Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji, two iconic health advocates who are known for changing the way we view and achieve improved health and happiness.

If you’re hungry for cutting-edge information with life-saving consequences, and want to be part of a movement dedicated to empowering ourselves and humanity, join us for this event!

—>>I’ll see you online at The 5G Crisis Summit when you register today!

Join US!

P.S. When you register for The 5G Crisis Summit, you also gain access to this powerful report, 7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G and EMF Radiation.

Geneva blocks the erection of 5G mobile antennas

Last week, Antonio Hodgers, the head of Geneva’s executive, announced a ban on the erection of further 5G mobile antennas in the canton, according to an interview on RTS.

Motivated by uncertainty on the potential health effects of the new technology, the temporary freeze is the most the cantonal government can do to stop the rollout of the technology.

Switzerland’s federal government in Bern calls the shots when it comes to the overall plan on 5G rollout. The cantons are only responsible for putting the plan into action.

The governments of both Geneva and Vaud have now put the brakes on 5G rollout in their territories by putting a freeze on permits to erect further 5G antennas. Any existing ones will remain.

While the new 5G antennas being installed meet the regulations issued by Switzerland’s federal government, Hodgers, a member of the Green party, thinks a broader public debate is required, one that looks at the effect of the radio waves emitted by all of the mobile antennas installed rather than 5G ones alone.

In addition, he thinks Swisscom could have shown greater sensitivity to the public’s concerns – Swisscom recently switched on its 5G network, which is now active in Geneva and the rest of Switzerland.

group of scientists claim the radiation emitted from mobile transmitters may increase cancer risk, cellular stress, harmful free radicals, genetic damage, learning and memory deficits and neurological disorders in humans.

The American Cancer Society says that very few human studies have focused specifically on cellular phone towers and cancer risk, but the energy level of radio frequency waves is relatively low, especially when compared with the types of radiation that are known to increase cancer risk, such as gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet light.

A UK study in 2010 found no association between the risk of early childhood cancers and estimates of the mother’s exposure to mobile phone base stations during pregnancy.

The next significant event in Switzerland’s 5G drama will be the publication of a report by the Federal Office for the Environment on the health effects of 5G, due for release over the summer.

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