Karatbars International specializes in the sale of small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion. Now Gold is Accessible to Everyone.

Owning physical gold is an extreme safe asset during a systemic crisis, although its usefulness as a mean of payment is questionable. (Until KartaBars Payment System came online). Fundamentally, the severity of the next crisis will be dictated by people. People, not governments or banks,run societies and they can always decide the form it takes. When the financial system of former Soviet Union countries collapsed, people resorted to alternative means of payments, including clothes, food and i-owe-you’s, and prevailed. At the end, like during all major crisis in human history, endeavor and perseverance have decided the faith of societies. There is doubt that they will do so also in the future. Continue…

Gold set to skyrocket due to pandemic … happening this week

Gold set to skyrocket due to pandemic / dollar devaluation … happening this week.
Small investors can benefit by buying gold in increments as small as 0.1 grams (about $6.00) at a time
  • Karatbars does much more than sell gold.  They have put together an incredible infrastructure for using gold as a means of payment and exchange.
  • They have brought liquidity to the use of gold via their exchange and their gold backed cryptocurrency.
  • they have created a business opportunity second to none for those who desire to make money in their sleep!
  • Setting up Karat Bar account is free.
The important thing is to get set up now … buy as you can, upgrade as you can.
Even if just small amount to start.