Where is all the corruption really coming from? Could it be the public schools?

Where is all the corruption really coming from? Could it be the public schools?

Found Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNoDC_KXEz8

and Here: https://youtu.be/4yGquJMp7js

Now you know some of the reasons we home schooled our 8 Children through the 8th grade.

Some of these public school children go on to become our political leaders!

Please comment below. You might think by placing these videos here I might be “preaching to the choir” so to speak, but watch them and you will find some shocking information.

We are talking here about the Public Schools the so called government wants you to send your children to. Keep that in mind.

Federal Citizens are not Parties to the Constitutions and have no Guarantees … only “Equal Civil Rights” that can be suspended. You Must Correct Your Political Status. Learn How to Restore Your Government.


Before We can make any real progress on this issue, We must first understand how the
De Jure Government (Our Government) is intended to work, what is missing and how to correct it.
Further, We must know the difference between the De Jure and the De Facto governments
(Globalist Government).
Our gross ignorance in this matter MUST BE ADDRESSED and CORRECTED.
If not, We will continue to run in circles without remedy and remain enslaved ever deeper.
Take Action Now, Get Empowered and Reclaim what is Yours, Educate Yourself…It’s the Only Way! Waste no more time…get to work.

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