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The Michigan Supreme Court ruled that counties may not keep for themselves as a windfall funds left over from the sale of real property for unpaid taxes, an unconstitutional practice the property owner’s lawyers denounce, calling it “home equity theft.”

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The Land Grab

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz

Right now, you have a “DEED” on your property record that is held by the STATE OF WHATEVER  — STATE OF VERMONT, STATE OF TEXAS, etc.
That entity is bankrupt, because its parent corporation, the UNITED STATES, INC., went bankrupt via Chapter 7 Involuntary Bankruptcy in 2015.  It’s gone and it isn’t coming back.
So now what?  Your property that was being held “in trust” by the UNITED STATES, INC. is being caught up in their bankruptcy and considered chattel backing their debts, simply because you have not stepped forward as the “Powerholder” over the ESTATE and claimed it and properly directed what is to be done with it.
As a result, the British Territorial United States Government run by the military is stepping in and converting all those land recordings to registrations — unlawfully seizing upon your land holdings and turning them into property owned and controlled by the Queen and the British Crown.
They will then re-issue a new “title” to your property under the auspices of some organization calling itself something like “State of Wisconsin” or “WISCONSIN” or whatever the name of your actual state is, and most people will not be the wiser — unless you tell them and you all take action to save your property and yourselves.
We have to create a Major Stink over this one, and bring our complaints to the UN and every foreign government that will hear us.
The UN is not in charge of us because of some legislation passed by the Municipal Congress, but it has plenty of hand-holds on Britain if American sovereignty is being threatened — as it is, by this egregious land-grab.
We already have liens reclaiming the States of States and State Trusts for the actual States and The United States and The United States of America, so you are already somewhat insured, but you need to re-record your land claims in terms of physical landmarks, not their airy-fairy “land descriptions”.
People are having trouble wrapping their heads around this concept, so here’s a typical for-instance.
You currently have a Deed of Trust or a Warranty Deed sitting on your property.
You will want to record a “Notice of Vacated Deed Conveyance”.
In that Notice you will want to reference the various land descriptions that have been attached to your property, giving the details of each such description, for example:
“The property formerly described as “Block 11, Lot 10, Herkimer Subdivision” in the town of Herkimer, Pennsylvania, recorded by the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA, Document Number 12-90104, recorded on May 3, 1985, and as also described as 4536 Hillsboro Road and recorded by the State of Pennsylvania in the Township of Herkimer and shown on the Town Plat as Item 1290-1992, Page 15099, Plat 11-342, Volume III, is hereby conveyed to Pennsylvania and stands upon the land and soil of Pennsylvania as a two acre irregularly shaped plot of land in the general form of a triangle enclosed by green metal posts  and piles of native granite around the posts, located as boundary markers at each corner of the triangle.  The land and soil has been physically surveyed by Keith A. Pierce and Sons, Surveyors, of Herkimer, Pennsylvania, and that survey is accepted as an accurate physical description of the location of this privately owned plot within Pennsylvania’s borders.  All right, title, and interest in this property belongs to Pennsylvania, a State of the Union, and to me, the Powerholder enforcing the State Trust.  All Deeds issued by the STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, the COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA, PENNSYLVANIA, or other franchises of the UNITED STATES are vacated and re-conveyed to the original jurisdiction of Pennsylvania, free and clear of debt, as a Freehold upon the land and soil of Pennsylvania.”
Sign it as the Powerholder in your Upper and Lower Case Name, First and Last only, using a by-line like this:    by:  George Allenby, Powerholder, for Allenby, George-Frederick, of Herkimer, Pennsylvania.
This last bit is necessary because in their records, we are not listed as “George Allenby” or as “George Frederick Allenby”, but are instead listed as “Allenby, George-Frederick.
They’ve gobbered everything up with their endless deceits to such an extent that I think Frank Zappa was right — just call your children by nonsense names that do not conform to their system of nomenclature at all, and adopt whatever kind of name you want for yourselves, as well.
They want to run the world in abuse of trusts and false nomenclature?  Fine.  Millions of people can play the same game.  Change your name every month or two and give them (Vital Statistics) notice of the change.
I, Frank Marvin Williams, have changed my name to Funkweiler P. Morgan as of November 11, 2017……  and then a month later….. I, Funkweiler P. Morgan have changed my name to Little Funk Morgan, otherwise known as LF Morgan, as of April 18, 2018……and then a month later…. I, Little Funk Morgan, otherwise known as LF Morgan, have changed my name to Pittance LF Marvin as of October 10, 2018…..
Why not?  They want to seize upon our names and play these stupid games to unjustly enrich themselves via fraud and False Claims in commerce?  They want to define “JOHN ADAMS” as a Public Charitable Trust of the foreign Municipal United States Government?
They want to pretend that registration of land assets is proper?   Well, you are the Powerholder and you can define where your land and soil interests are “seated” —- and how they are defined, too.
We, The United States of America, will be opening our Land and Soil Recording Offices soon and you can record your interest in your private property with us for a small fee.  Just be sure to do your paperwork and declare your birthright political status first.
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The death of a puke named Jeffrey Epstein – Extraordinary Effort — EE — Message for White Hats

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I am making an Extraordinary Effort  — which should rate me a grade of “EE” in the Great School of Things — by using whatever graphic skills I have (very little, indeed) to draw out basic symbols and rules of symbols for you.  I am doing this to make you all aware of these things and hopefully in a way that you can grasp at a glance.  The end result will be available on my website, www.annavonreitz.com .
Second, everyone has been pestering me about the death of a puke named Jeffrey Epstein.  You need to be swift enough on the uptake to know when your attention is being diverted and then look at what it is being diverted from.
In this case, you are being lured by your natural but prurient interest in sex, to give your attention to issues that are unimportant.  How Jeffrey Epstein died in a high security prison is no mystery.  That he died is a disappointment to those of us who would have liked to see some justice for the victims, but that is fundamentally unimportant, too.  A puke is dead. Good riddance. There are plenty more just like him.
What is important is that this past week the rats launched an all out effort to register your land as their land and to shut down the land recording offices throughout this country.
THAT is what is important, and THAT is what your attention is being diverted from. White Hats, we need assistance blocking this attempted registration of our land assets, which would unlawfully convert our entire country into a corporate holding.
If you have not recorded your metes and bounds description and land marks you must do so now and you must take exception to the registration of any land assets in this country.  They are attacking the fundamental basis of your country — so get off your duffs and record your interest using landmarks.
We have already claimed back the States which are physically defined, so you are somewhat shielded, but you need to exempt your own landholdings from their process explicitly and specifically, by counterclaiming all their various descriptions of your land and rolling all those land descriptions under your physical description.
For example, “112 Mockingbird Lane” is a Territorial Land Description, seeking to identify your physical property as property existing in a Territorial State of State, while “Block 9, Lot 2, Mercier Lakes Subdivision” is a Municipal Land Description seeking to identify your physical property as property existing in a Municipal STATE OF STATE.  You must seize upon both these descriptions and any other such descriptions that they offer to use and apply to your land and counterclaim these by issuing your own landmark-based physical description in your State —- for example, “the Southeast one-quarter of the original homestead of John Mayo recorded upon the Crystal Lake County, Illinois Recorder’s Office, Volume 2, Page 114, August 15, 1855, and consisting of forty acres of rolling hills, orchard and pasture land, enclosed on the east by the Millburne Creek, enclosed on the west by a split rail fence and brass corner markers, enclosed on the North by our border with the Neil Olson Homestead running directly East and West between the northern brass corner monument of our western fence line and Millburne Creek, and enclosed on the South by the ditch and road system easement of US Highway 54….”
You get the idea.  Now get moving.
The Clerks have developed a new tack in their attempts to befuddle you and muddy the waters.  They are telling everyone that they don’t record legal documents.  This is true.  Legal documents must be registered, not recorded; however, the paperwork (not documents) that you are recording are land records, not legal documents.
You are yourself a land asset: dust thou art and to dust returneth.  So you have every right and reason to record everything including land asset re-conveyances of your Good Name and private property interests.
And more importantly, you have no reason to register anything. Ever.
Finally, for those of you who are intrigued by my First Life as a mathematician, here’s a helpful step into the brave world of actual mathematics, even if they don’t have it all figured out yet:
What is Reality?
Quantum Gravity Research


Microwave Ignited Pyrotechnic Compositions in Cars and Building Materials — AIM Truth Bits

This collection of important links comes to us from AIM Patriot Mike H. Mike writes: “This is speculation about highly possible scenarios, that warrants transparency and investigations.” Pyrotechnic Thermite Composition Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division Market Overview Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition of a metal powder and a metal oxide. When ignited, thermite produces an […]

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California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons

California Fires – Debora Tavares – from 2011 – Agenda 21 Plans to Burn Up Northern CA — Aircrap Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity

aplaintruth.info Debora Tavares’ interview with Jeff Rense in 2015 conclusively provides documented proof of premeditation of fire destruction of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, in Northern California using microwave weaponry. Additionally, RFID trackers are being used to locate victims in the vaporized rubble that is left of former residence’s. Part II will cover the logging companies […]

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Feel Good Sunday: Video – APACHE The Shadows — Straight from the Horse’s Heart


Source: Ine RP Braat “It’s Sunday, it’s your day, it’s time for you to relax and “get your horse on” so we hope that this shared video inspires you to continue your great works and efforts to be the voices for those who are voiceless. Be safe, my friends.” ~ R.T.

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Action Alert! Please Comment to Stop Cruel and Deadly Spaying of Wild Mares by the BLM and CSU — Straight from the Horse’s Heart

The BLM is Planning to Experiment On and Spay Wild Mares with an Outdated, Cruel and Deadly Procedure in Partnership with Colorado State University By Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation The BLM proposes to work with USGS and Colorado State University (CSU) to evaluate the safety and complication rate of […]

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Action Alert! Please Comment by July 12 on BLM’s Plans to Decimate the Onaqui Wild Horse Herd

Please Comment by July 12 on the BLM’s plans to remove 90% of the Onaqui Herd in Utah This Fall                                

By Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Bureau of Land Management has issued a plan to remove 90% of the wild horses currently in and outside the 205,394 Acre Onaqui Herd Management Area. There are estimated to be 450 adult wild horses plus foals currently living in the area, and this removal would take 379 of them, bringing the herd size down to low Appropriate Management Area for this herd, which is 121 wild horses.

This number is below the number of wild horses necessary to have in a herd in order to maintain genetic viability. The leading geneticist on wild horses, Dr. Gus Cothren says that there must be 150-200 breeding aged adults in order to maintain genetic viability. Removal down to this number is a recipe for disaster for this well known and much beloved herd.

Wild horses should be managed on the range, on our public lands where they belong, not rounded up with helicopters, ripped from their families and the only home they have ever known and warehoused in feedlots and potentially killed or sent to slaughter. This herd does not deserve this fate.

There had already been volunteers working on administering fertility control to maintain the numbers of this herd. Yet the BLM proceeds to plan to roundup and remove all these horses anyway. The BLM should work with volunteers and use fertility control to maintain the numbers of wild horses on the range.

If the BLM does remove any wild horses from this herd, they must not skew the sex ratio to 60% stallions v. 40% mares. The BLM wrongly assumes that more stallions and less mares means a lower birth rate. What its really means is more instability in the family structure, more fighting, less safety for the horses. Wild horse naturally maintain a 50% stallions 50% mares balance. This must be maintained for the health and safety of the herd.

The BLM should reduce livestock grazing in this area and manage wild horses as the principle species here, as they are mandated to do. The Appropriate Management Level should be increased to 450 and the land that was taken away from this Herd Management Area should be restored to active HMA status so that once again the Onaqui Herd Management Area is 507,681 acres. Land continues to be taken away from our wild horses, and this must be stopped.

Some other factors that must be considered is that wild horse viewing and photographing is an important activity for this herd, and a massive removal will severely impact these recreational uses by the public. This area should not be managed primarily for livestock grazing, instead livestock grazing should be greatly reduced. The removal of these horses will greatly impact the county’s tourism income from people traveling to visit these wild horses. The costs to roundup and remove these wild horses plus the additional cost of warehousing them in holding facilities and feed lots is far greater than managing them on our public lands.

The last major concern that must be taken into account is what will ultimately happen to these horses that are rounded up and removed? Right now Congress is considering BLM’s own plans to destroy thousands of healthy wild horses, ship them overseas, and send them to slaughter. The 2019 Appropriations Bill in the House calls for that. Given that our wild horse’s fate is hanging in the balance, these  wild horses would be much safer left in the wild, in their homes.


Agenda 21: Insidiously and Incrementally Dismantling the Sovereignty, Property Rights, Privacy, and Self Determination Rights of American Citizens

[Editor’s Note: If your hometown in among the list of 544 American cities (the list needs to be updated as there are now more than 600 cities participating), seen at the bottom of this page where Agenda 21 is being implemented and installed, then you need to do something about the locally elected council members and mayors who have approved the Agenda 21 ‘sustainability’ ruse and are selling you out to the communist principle of collectivism. You can bet that these self aggrandizing sellouts are being quietly rewarded ~ behind the scenes ~ for voting to approve Agenda 21 which is using YOUR property taxes to destroy your property rights, your privacy, and your right to self determination of where and how you live on your own land. The people seen in the video below are speaking at their local common council meeting to council members who seem largely bored and disinterested in what they are saying. You must recall these people and vote them out of office, like Colorado voters did last month in recalling two Democrat Colorado state senators who thought it was OK to violate their oath of office to uphold the Constitution by voting in new gun control laws. No one is going to save you from the NWO takeover of America EXCEPT you. ..Ken Adachi]

October 13, 2013

Agenda 21: Insidiously and Incrementally Dismantling the Sovereignty, Property Rights, Privacy, and Self Determination Rights of American Citizens (Oct. 13, 2013)