The Debt Cancellation Movement is Spreading (because most institutional debts are hoaxes)

Our hearts go out to the millions of Americans who are unnecessarily burdened with debt payments to institutions that issue Visas, MasterCard’s, Discover cards, student loans, and other signature lines of credit.  The Liberty credit card and student loan debt elimination program legally cancels United States-based unsecured debts.  These include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, institutional credit card debt, student loans, and signature loans.  You can stop making payments on the debts immediately, and nullify them totally 100%, without bankruptcy, just by sending a series of letters.
I knew one very nice senior citizen living on a fixed income who had about $43,000 in credit card debts.  She had maxed her cards out after her husband died, and she was being hounded by the so-called “creditors”.  Then from friends and family she learned that they are not creditors at all.  She used the Liberty Debt Elimination System to send a polite and professional dispute letter and affidavit, and she has not heard from the money lenders or their collection agents since.  In one case, they did persist with two more letters, and the Liberty system provided her with simple response letters to send, which only took a few minutes to prepare and mail.

The Debt Cancellation Movement is Spreading (because most institutional debts are hoaxes)