Comment About “Kim Possible” and Claims that the IRS is Shut Down – Manna World Trust

By Anna Von Reitz

The report is that the IRS’s computer logging system is shut down. Good. Stopping theft and misadministration is good, even if all you can do is pull the plug on their mainframe computer.
As I have told everyone before, “Kim” can shut things down, but not open things up. I have heard and seen nothing to suggest that anything has changed in this respect.
She didn’t actually “pay off” anything — they owed us credit that they were not putting on the books.
In other words, just as I told the President in my YouTube video about the “National Credit” — the so-called National Debt disappears when the National Credit is (finally) applied.
Do I get a Nobel Prize for observing that?
Another aspect is that such bogus debts disappear when they are recognized as “Odious Debt” — that is, fraudulent debt or debt tainted by fraud.
Once the “National Credit” is applied — not only ours, but the National Credit(s) owed to all the other countries and people — 95% of what is left is Odious Debt tainted by accounting fraud and racketeering and undisclosed, unconscionable contracts. And that has to be “discharged” — written off the books.
So with that bit of accounting genius and legal acumen applied, we get rid of the debts worldwide. It seems I am due a second Nobel Prize for noticing the obvious and poking enough butts to get the wheels moving in the right direction, however….
IF Mr. Trump wants to get this show on the road and actually operate on a solid foundation with lawful access to the so-called “Spiritual White Boy” accounts and a great deal more, plus have access to the key to the computer programs on the asset side of the equation, plus have all the history and receipts and documentation, plus be able to almost-instantly and seamless convert the “legal” system back to the lawful system and normal course of business that we are owed as living people — THEN he needs to get in touch with me as the Fiduciary for The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States formed in September of 1776, and I will work with him to make sure that America is safe and “great again” and to assure the peaceful return of everyone’s purloined property worldwide, including ours.
AND I will provide a whole new transparent universally accessible free internet and banking system that isn’t weaponized, isn’t full of traps and bugs and spyware, an impenetrable system with no 5G dangers— a system that is 200 years in advance of anything their “Quantum Financial System” can do, plus a new currency system that is actually honest and which cannot be manipulated by speculators….
OR, he and Kim can continue to sit there and spin and try to clunk along as they have been, trying to pick through the wreckage and cobble things up.
Their choice.
They are getting some hits in by manipulating and capturing illegal computer systems, mainly IMF associated systems associated with the B.E.A.S.T. in Belgium and the mainframe in Luxembourg. And that’s okay, but that will never give them the keys to the kingdom. That will never provide a solid foundation to build on, either.
For me, it’s like watching the gardeners pruning back overgrown hedges and mowing lawns and weeding unkempt borders. I am pleased and grateful to see that they are back to work and making progress on these tasks, but it does nothing to rebuild the roof and reset the foundations.
That’s why I haven’t been overly concerned or putting in any big effort to convince anyone that I am the Lawful Fiduciary.
Sooner or later they will face facts and realize that they are two-blocked and their corporations are two-blocked and their computer systems are two-blocked and the only way out of this is the way they went in: they have to reverse the “unlawful conversion” of living estates engineered by FDR via a “lawful conversion” returning those purloined assets.
Pure and simple—the corporations need to pay their own bills using their own assets from now on.
That’s where we are stuck.
Mr. Trump’s Administration needs to admit, however quietly, that they need our help. Just like we all have to ask heaven for help, and have sense enough to accept that help when it comes.
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There are some people going around the internet claiming to own all of the assets that back all of the central banks called “The Manna World Holding Trust”.  

They claim to use the word trust as a descriptive term when they say it is really the “12th Banking Jurisdiction” and is its own country with its own country code also known as the unknown country but have yet to show anyone the country code or where it is listed. 

The first red flag is why would a country that claims to hold all of the assets in the world need to be registered anywhere? “Mana World Holding Trust – Bank for International Settlement Registration FMCA777888777888999.”

Who registered all of the assets in the world with  The Manna World Holding Trust and where did they get those assets? No chain of title!!

Then it claims this: “The Contract binding the “trustees” to the TRUST since 1949, expired in 2008, was renewed until 2013 and is now completely terminated.” 

If the contract is terminated then why are these people claiming to be able to fund anything? 

Some things stated are true but highly doubt Kim Goguen is who she says she is because there are sources that say the assets are in fact stolen from the Bedford Trust and Kim is in deep. We are being told that all Kim can do right now is move funds around in a circular but cannot withdraw anything and is being watched like a hawk. In other words, no one can unlock anything based on their DNA, this same scam was proposed about 5 years ago with a superior DNA claim.

Somethings in this whole scenario are not making any sense which usually means the company corporation is behind the whole scam. Kim is also claiming to be the fiduciary for The United States of America and the world. Kim sells delusions of grandeur to make people believe they are a part of something they are not and possess authority that does not exist.  

The best thing for people to do is run from the whole story because none of what people are being told is true as far as the promises are concerned.

In one part of this story, some low level Generals apparently think they can do what they are doing with immunity, however on that level they have their own police force. Of course, the people watching and trying to stop the theft are being demonized by the thieves. That is nothing new.  

Yes,  some people claiming to be a part of the deal have contacted the Government of The United States of America wherein the real American Nationals know when someone is trying to set us up for a fall. You get use to it when it happens over and over for years. 

The Government of The United States of America has been approached by the Military at least 40 times in the last 9 years and the mission is to delay what you are doing with promises of Military backing. The goal is to get you to tell everyone you are working with the Military with a promise of a whole lot of money and power and when nothing happens, the goal is to discredit your word and you are stopped from doing what you are doing. The military gives you a false hope and sense of power and backing when it does not exist. When everything is said and done, the target is ruined and possibly setup for a crime that the Military committed and that usually happens when all else fails. Always keep records and spread those records all over the country to protect yourself.  

Here is a copy of what they are passing around: LINK

No one has signed it, a generic name is given and me is not defined. There are a bunch of other errors in the writings that people would believe if they did not know better or knew what a legal document is supposed to look like. 

People are being scammed, for what reason, who knows other than delay, however we did receive an email from someone claiming they needed a 10 thousand dollar check to keep something going that made reference to this particular scheme but who knows what is real coming out of the same people and organization all of the time. 

If you don’t believe anything in this publication, maybe you will believe the people in Africa: “Kimberly Ann Goguen is a fraud leader, queen-pin, who intentionally deceives individuals, and government officials, by offering them grants, free gifted money from Sovereign Trust Accounts FMCA7778887778889999 which is non-existent.”  LINK

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 




Kimberly Ann Goguen Sovereign Trust, Sovereign …Mar 11, 2015 … Kimberly Ann Goguen Sovereign Trust, Sovereign Nation Sovereign Trust, Sovereign Nation,Sovereign Trust FMCA7778887778889999 Fraud sick person, seeking power and manipulation, to defraud people from their money/assets Tucson, Scottsdale, New York, Michigan, Mass.  Continue…

Manna vs. Why I Am Here By Anna Von Reitz

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Manna World Holding Trust: Pilate Attempts to Wash His Hands
By Anna Von Reitz
People need to think— and I mean, really think– about the information contained in my new book for Donald J. Trump.

This explains explicitly who the parties were that engaged in the so-called Civil War: the British- backed territorial service provider doing business as “the United States of America” and some members of the original “Confederation of States” formed under the Articles of Confederation, that up until 1861 was doing business as the “States of America”.

The breakaway states booted up a new business called the “Confederate States of America”.
So, none of these entities were our actual government at all.

Our actual government is unincorporated. These other entities were and are just governmental service providers in the business of providing government services per Article IV of all three federal constitutions.

After the so-called “war”— which was never declared, never ended by peace treaty, and never fought by any sovereign government at all— the perpetrators pulled off a variety of fraud schemes involving identity theft, substitution, unlawful conversion, and later on, bankruptcy fraud, making false and unjustifiable claims against the people and actual states of this country.

Fast forward to now— the vermin contrived to “redefine” your Given Name as that of a “decedent” who willingly gave up your inheritance “for” you when you were just a baby in your cradle. They established bonds against your labor and other assets “for” you, and they set up a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust “for” you—for the express purpose of pillaging you and your country in Breach of Trust. That is actually, provably what has gone on here.

Remember that in this instance a “bond” is nothing but an I.O.U.– a promise to pay, and in this case, your supposed promise to give them all your assets and claim to your labor in supposedly equitable exchange for “benefits” that you also pay for yourselves, so the entire purported contract is self- interested and invalid and inequitable from the get-go. It is, in fact, preposterous and nothing that anyone in their right mind would agree to— which they then use as proof that you are mentally incompetent.
Beginning to get the drift of all this?

And now enters “Manna World Holdings Trust”— yet another foul fantasy construction made out of thin air — claiming that they were given title to you and your labor and they are now generously giving “you” and your assets back to the bankrupt federal corporation headed up by President Trump. Kim Goguen, the mastermind behind this maneuver was named “Trustee” by a Draco “Lord of the Admiralty” and is in fact just a glorified bank terminal operator given the codes and downloads into the DTC and Federal Reserve System — which is also bankrupt and null and void.

What is the net effect? The guilty parties are trying to wash their hands and give themselves assets to feed upon in the same stroke. It’s not a bad plan from their perspective, there’s just one tiny flaw at the heart of it. It’s all based on fraud.

The situation is somewhat akin to the old Florida Real Estate Scam.
The con artist offers you a Quit Claim Deed to property he doesn’t own. It’s the same schtick here. Manna World Holdings Trust has a false claim against your assets, which they are generously releasing.

The only actual effect is to allow them to presume that they ever had a valid claim against you and your good Name and your assets in the first place, and therefore allow Donald Trump to presume the same.

It’s all bull shit by any other name and you would be crazy to allow any of it any credence

Repeat after me: “”No contract now, no contract then, no contract ever.”

President Trump, just because Manna World Holdings Trust gives you their Quit Claim on property that was never theirs to begin with, doesn’t mean that you suddenly have a valid claim to own, use, or abuse our property, either. Americans claim their Trade Names and ESTATES without exception and without reference to your bankrupt corporation.

The servants are not allowed to own the masters. There is no statute of limitations on fraud.
I don’t care how many generations of people have believed this poop. The facts are the facts. We rebut all claims of interest and ownership made by Manna World Holdings Trust and all claims prior to theirs and all claims subsequent, too.
Our good names are our own. Our assets are ours. And nobody but nobody has a leg to stand on otherwise.

Pilate’s hands are still just as dirty as they ever were.
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