Emergency? Mask Mandate? Really?


PEGGY HALL, THE HEALTHY AMERICAN — Speaking before the OC Board of Supervisors in the final push to get mask mandate repealed.

The mandatory masks in Orange County was repealed the following day:

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Time is running out

It’s time to stop asking the government for your God-given rights.

The growing tyranny is accelerating at an alarming pace!

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The Constitution doesn’t give you rights. You were born with God-given rights.

The Constitution was created to make sure the government doesn’t take away your rights.

But alarmingly, that is exactly what is happening right before our eyes: the government isn’t just taking away our rights — the government is using stores, medical offices, airlines, schools and businesses to strong-arm us into giving up those rights.

I, for one, am not going to stand for it.

And I know YOU feel the same way.

That’s why I created THE HEALTHY AMERICAN — as a resource for those like you who want to take action to standing against this tyranny, which is accelerating at an alarming pace! CONTINUE…

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