The Austin Event Day 2

By Anna Von Reitz

We covered David’s basic legal process yesterday and his take on the foreign courts operative principles.
Key to this is the Presumption that we are functioning as corporate PERSONS, as US Citizens (Territorial or Municipal) and as Residents in our own country. A Resident is someone who here on a temporary basis.
They then assume all these things about you and act accordingly. The Municipal Government prosecutes you as a Territorial Citizen and the Territorial Government prosecutes you as a Municipal CITIZEN when in fact you are neither.
So this gives you a bird’s eye view of how you are being mischaracterized and as a result, how you are being mistreated and drawn in as a “presumed” combatant in a foreign commercial mercenary war that has been illegally promulgated on our shores for longer than any of us have been alive.
This morning we are zooming way out and away from the microcosm of court issues and looking at the Big Picture.
David described how the Medical Coding system enforced by Obamacare has destroyed doctor-patient privacy and perverted the purpose of medical care into a political surveillance tool.
The Coding System is designed to raise “red flags” which automate seizure of children by CPS without any proper sane review or due process.
The hospitals are being used as AUTOMATED kidnapping centers throughout the western states. The purpose of this vast racket (40,000 children in Arizona alone) is superficially to make money for the STATE OF STATE organizations– an average of 66% of all money going to Child Protective Services (CPS) goes into “administrative” costs.  And they just charge whatever they like for this “service” to begin with, so overall costs for us and profits for them are stratospheric.
That’s the least of the disservice and travesty.
There are far darker agendas at work in these attacks on American families.
A significant number of children seized by CPS disappear, are used as involuntary organ donors, used as stem cell donors, used as guinea pigs in medical experiments, and trafficked as sex victims and human sacrifices for perverts.
And it has to stop. We have to make it stop.
One way to help is to get your political status records and those of your children corrected and on the record.
The United Nations and U.S. Secretary of State and the U.S. Secretary of Defense have to be notified of your repudiation of Federal Territorial and Federal Municipal Citizenship—both, as well as your claim of American State Citizenship.
Claim your proper political status and make the effort to enforce it now. Join your State Assemblies.
Get moving now.
As we have discovered, the British Territorial Government has been using our doctors and nurses to implement The Dead Baby Scam, and as we also learned, these medical professionals are being illegally conscripted as “Uniformed Officers” and coerced into foreign licensing agreements that are used to compel them to do whatever the British Territorial Government wants them to do.
This is all grossly unlawful and illegal, against the Geneva Conventions if we are claiming our State National status, and against The Hague Conventions even if we were either Territorial or Municipal citizens.
So–Queen, Lord Mayor, United Nations, Westminster, Pope Francis, and all others responsible for ALL of this deplorable criminality– what are you going to do to correct?
And what are we going to do about this?
Use your minds, your voices, and your feet.
Did you know that no vaccines have been properly tested and shown to be harmless under FDA standards for 30 years?
Thirty years.
In a landmark case yesterday, forced vaccinations were overturned and the Big Pharma pukes responsible can now be sued.
The CDC has been forced to admit that  Morgellon’s Disease exists and is connected to GMO foods. Genetically modified soybeans and corn are prime vectors– which means taking on Monsanto.
Many Americans have been aware of this for years and more are learning.
Share, share, share.
“Be ye not like dumb driven cattle…”
Make the effort to educate yourself and educate others about what has gone on in this country, and then take action.
Correct your political status. Record your choice to live as a State National/State Citizen. And if you are sick of things like this happening in our country– join your State Assembly.
Run, don’t walk.
This Seminar is everything and more than I hoped for. Many of the things that we have discussed are maddening, many of the stories are sad— but we are making progress. We know now what the problems are and so, the process to correct is engaged.
Your willingness to educate yourselves, educate others, and take action is key to success.
Nobody can operate your government but you.
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