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I re-posted this Blog because the original post contained badly skewed text. Soros-Funded Border Crashing All About Covert Formation of North American Union By SOTN Mar 11.19 SOTN Editor’s Note: The Powers That Be are up to something very serious. The unrelenting invasions of illegal aliens at the southwest border are not only getting worse, […]

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Tackle climate or face a financial crash say world’s biggest investors..guess what they have invested in? — Follow The Money

https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/dec/10/tackle-climate-or-face-financial-crash-say-worlds-biggest-investors?CMP=twt_gu Global investors managing $32tn issued a stark warning to governments at the UN climate summit on Monday, demanding urgent cuts in carbon emissions and the phasing out of all coal burning. Without these, the world faces a financial crash several times worse than the 2008 crisis, they said. The investors include some of the world’s biggest […]

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Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War

In recent years, it has been widely argued that a new and different armament — i.e., the refugee as weapon — has entered the world’s arsenals. But just how new and different is this weapon? Can it only be used in wartime? And just how successful has been its exploitation? Using a combination of statistical data and case study analysis, this article tackles these questions and provides a detailed examination of the instrumental manipulation of population movements as political and military weapons of war. In addition to ‘mapping the terrain’ of the issue by providing a comprehensive typology of the most common means by — and desired ends for — which displaced persons have been used as political and military weapons since the end of the Cold War, the author also provides a portrait of the identities of the kinds of actors most likely to engage in this kind of exploitation. She also proposes an explanation for what motivates them to resort — and apparently increasingly so — to the use of this unconventional policy tool, despite the reputational and potential retributive costs of doing so.


War, Natural Disasters, and Forced Migration


Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement as an
Instrument of Coercion