Innovative Alternatives Can Revive Local Businesses and Communities.

In the last post I discussed the evidence that policies and regulations are destroying small and local businesses, today I wish to remind everyone that innovations with complementary and local currencies can revive local communities.
Do a internet search and you will find many local and complementary currencies.

Globalisation has a hidden agenda, within what is known as a “Silent War”, it is a struggle for your mind, for your ability to think beyond the indoctrination and cultural engineering from their institutions and programmes.
Please, share worldwide and amplify awareness with innovative enthusiasm.

We actually have the capacity to create a very different reality by enabling our energies to move more freely where they are most needed. –Bernard Lietaer

The IMF documented 421 financial crises between 1970 and 2007 – their international monetary system has always been unstable!

Alternatives that do not mandate confrontation to the current system allows the People to individually choose to stop supporting the money mafia.
Military and police families can experience the freedom benefits embracing alternatives, then when unlawful orders are issued to harm innocent civilians those in uniform can choose to abandon the uniform and adopt free alternatives.

It is IMPORTANT to Remember that Money is an Agreement.
Consider: Local and Complementary Currencies, P2P exchanges, Co-ops, credit unions, etc… Continue

Wall Street

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz

Most people hear “Wall Street” and they think of the glittering drama of the New York Stock Exchange, the great trading houses and securities companies, the “heart” of the New York Financial District.
But do you know the history of Wall Street?  How the place got its name?  And what underlies it to this day?
Slaves built New York City, tens of thousands of slaves, who were worked to death and whose bones, skulls, blood, and other remains were hauled out to the perimeter of the area under development and dumped into a ditch.  The ditch filled up, and then, this barrier of human remains and construction debris became a wall.  And the closest street to the wall?   Wall Street.
It represents one of the “Seals” on Earth, because it was “sealed” in the blood of the innocent, just like the bones and blood on Bardsey Island, just like the bones and blood underlying Rome.
All these places are grossly tainted with innocent blood.
As you think about Wall Street from now on, do so with the understanding of what it is truly built on, and why that blights everything and distorts the natural flow of the Earth’s magnetic field.
People who have died at peace, full of years, well-loved, leave no such trace; theirs is a happy echo.  But those who have died in misery and distress, who have been abused and terrified— that is a different story.  Their blood cries out to the Living God, the True God, our Father, the Creator.
And their innocent blood calls down the Wrath of Heaven.
Those who have caused this, of course, think that nobody has noticed and that nobody will answer the cries of the dead.  The time delay between when they commit these heinous acts and when Heaven answers, is such that they can’t connect the two events.
New York City has offended the True God in other ways as well, knowingly or unknowingly.  They have allowed the French Free Masons to place a statue — an idol — honoring Ashtoreth, The Great Abomination — in New York Harbor, and they have passed this profane and foreign goddess off as “The Statue of Liberty” and deluded people into welcoming her under these False Pretenses.
What this country stands for is freedom and truth, not lies and liberty.
Liberty is what British sailors get when they reach port.
Ashtoreth, the Great Abomination, ironically stands as the marker of the gateway of a country founded by pilgrims, and her promoters, sophists and hypocrites of the worst sort, claim that we are obligated by our commitment to freedom of conscience and religion to tolerate their anti-religion devoted to the Father of All Lies, and his Consort, the Great Harlot.
This circumstance has painted a big bull’s eye target on New York City, and as Jesus warned, “When you see the Great Abomination (a statue of Ashtoreth) standing where it should not stand…..”
The deceit involved, bamboozling innocent people into thinking that “The Statue of Liberty” is a good thing, and the general failure to recognize it as a profane and pagan idol, makes it all-but-impossible to correct.
The pride and infamy of the members of Congress is another issue.  These men and women have pretended to be representatives of the people of this country, but in fact they have only been political lobbyists, mostly in the employ of special interests — including political interests that despise this country and which seek to destroy it at every turn.  Because of their endless arrogance and self-importance, the prophecy of the Sycamores and the Cedars has been fulfilled.
The labeling and witch hunting and defamation that the members of this  Congress  have indulged in, their character assassination of Justice Kavanaugh and Donald Trump, their heedless waste of public time and money, their lack of any kind of character or conscience, their deplorable Bad Example —all stands as an affront.
They have sought to destroy families and marriages, as they have hypocritically sought to destroy the reputations of innocent men for their own political ends,  and they think that there will be no retribution for this.
They aren’t sharp enough to catch the time delay between the Cause and the Effect.  So when they are disgraced and rubbed into the dirt, they still won’t grasp why the house fell down on top of them.
The Public Law makes it very clear that it is forbidden to “securitize” living flesh, so what do these Devotees of Satan do?  They concoct the entire Dead Baby Scam, pretend that our fetal afterbirth material was a “living person” and attach our names to it, so that they can create a phony infant decedent estate trust “in our names” and latch onto it for their own benefit.
That’s how they have “served” the people of this country.  By impersonating us.  By thieving from us.  By committing genocide on paper against us. By disgracing our good names.  By obstructing our trade. By stealing our credit.  By taxing us without any fiduciary responsibility. By jailing millions of Americans for profit. By running private corporate collection agencies “as” courts.  By disenfranchising at least half the population.  By fraud.  By lies.  By secretive deceit.  With all the weapons of Satan’s arsenal, these zombies have committed every crime and act of treason possible; still, they think, “I am no widow…..”
They think nobody is watching, and that Heaven doesn’t hear.
But Heaven does hear and does see.  Not one hair is lost in all the Seven Seas.  Not one cry of pain or distress is unheard.   Not one drop of blood will go unanswered.  Not one.
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REBEL YELL: Catherine Austin Fitts & The Real Game of Missing Money — RIELPOLITIK

Source – – “…(I) helped the federal government implement these changes as president of Hamilton Securities Group – lead financial advisor and portfolio strategist to the FHA mortgage insurance operations. I did so until the honest officials and my company were forced out by phony scandals rigged by the Department of Justice and the […]

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How did the American People become collateral for the debt instruments known as Federal Reserve Notes?

How did the American People become collateral for the debt instruments known as
Federal Reserve Notes? It was given to the Federal Reserve by a corporation
called the United States, the very same corporation that created the Federal
Reserve. As discussed previously, in 1933, when President Roosevelt declared a
national emergency because the United States could no longer pay its debts. At
least that was the spin given to the American People. All of the subsidiary
States agreed to support the declared bankruptcy by “pledging” the energy of
their “citizens.” Their assets consisted only of State Citizens. The States in
turn used the Birth Certificates to pledge the State Citizen as collateral to
keep Government afloat. That is how the American People became collateral for
the Federal Reserve Notes and so-called debts. The American People became
warehouse receipts, like a warehouse full of any type of valuable goods. All of
this, however, was a major fraud. Neither the Internal Revenue Service nor any
other entity like Government files a UCC-I Financing Statement Into the
Commercial Registry with the Secretary of State. If they did, they would
instantly become subject to all the regulations of the Uniform Commercial Code.
The Internal Revenue Service has done very nicely by bluffing and intimidation,
as all others mentioned, by operating under “Public Policy” where there is in
reality “No Law” at all!
The State Citizen is drawn “into commerce” when their Birth Certificate is
registered and sent to the Commerce Department in Washington, D.C. This is where
the American People became warehouse receipts upon which all of the money
printed and circulated is created and guaranteed. In short, the American People
became the collateral for all debts. They “The People” allegedly are
“Government” property!
Government is a “fiction” and an artificial person and deals with us as a
fiction or artificial persons only as stated before. To take this still to
another level, let’s use an example to explain and use the name of John Henry:
Smith. When John Henry: Smith was born, his parents gave him the Christian name
of John Henry and he shared the name of Smith with all the other members of his
family. He was born a living, breathing being. When his Birth Certificate was
sent to the Department of Commerce, it was registered and the Government,
because it was bankrupt, turned his “real name” into a fiction. His new
fictional name became JOHN H. SMITH or John H. Smith. His ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS
NAME was registered as a corporation at the Puerto Rico Department of State
Corporations (Departamento de Estado – Division de Corporaciones) P.O. BOX 3271,
SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, 00904-3271, making him liable for taxes. He is now a
fiction or artificial person; a non-living, non-breathing “person.” It is a
“strawman” (Lat. stramineus homo) or “fiction” which government brings all its
so-called charges against and NEVER against the real person. Just like “yours,”
his driver’s license now reads JOHN H. SMITH or John H. Smith. When he signs a
1040 Tax Form, he dutifully fills out the form as John H. Smith and then signs
his name “under penalty of perjury, ” thereby admitting he will be responsible
for all the taxes of John H. Smith, a fiction in law, corporation. Look at your
drivers license and see who it is issued to. How can government use a form of
our name and turn it into a fiction (corporation) without our permission? They
can’t, we sign our name to all of their forms, which is purely voluntary
“permission-in-ignorance.” In short, we do it to ourselves!
However, for those who wish to control and own this fiction and prohibit
government corporations, including the Internal Revenue Service from making so-
called charges against it, a remedy is available: to do this by executing a UCC-
1 Financing Statement! John Henry, Smith would simply do what Government and the
Internal Revenue Service does not do: File your UCC-1 Financing Statement into
the Commercial Registry with the Secretary of State and claim EVERYTHING related
to JOHN H. SMITH or any derivative name, corporate fiction; i.e.: the Birth
Certificate and Social Security Card and Number. The living, breathing, real
person then owns and controls the fictitious entity, including all contracts
related to the Birth Certificate and Social Security Number. Thusly, the real
John H. Smith, secures all rights, interest and title in the fictitious entity.
Now, government and the Internal Revenue Service has to deal with John Henry:
Smith but they cannot!, because he is no longer subject to government control


Google’s Subversive Electioneering — Covert Geopolitics

Big tech companies like Google have the power to “shift upwards of 12 million votes with no one knowing they’re doing so,” a research psychologist said, underscoring the influence profit-making firms can have on public elections.

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The United States Bankruptcy of 1933 the Bankers took over America.

Federal Reserve Exposed +
A Foreign Private Corporation
You Cannot Buy This Stock
Their GOD is – GOLD – OIL – DRUGS
On Their Federal Reserve Note (IOU) – Reads In GOD WE TRUST
I Believe this was first put on the FED Dollar after the US Bankruptcy of 1933 

The United States Bankruptcy of 1933 the Bankers took over America. 
Then they formed a new corporation.

See Page 1. US Bankruptcy
Then they put your name in All CAPITOL LETTERS 

and you became a debt slave to their 501c3 MUNICIPAL CORPORATION
See Page 2. Capital Letters
From December 22, 1913 to December 21, 2012 

December 21, 2012 
The Federal Reserves 100 Year Charter Ended – What Happened? 

Only our Creator can save us from these Creatures!!
The Federal Reserve Khazar Jewish and Jesuit Bankers said in 1913 only 1 in a million will figure out their 
 money scam. Then when they try to tell others no one will believe them –
Please Wake Up – We need you​!!!