America States Assembly


American State Assembly – Correct Your Political Status


2367. The Lien

2368. Everyone, Please, Cut the Crap

2369. None of This Smells Right

2370. Dear Mr. Trump, Mr. Mnuchin– We Repeat:

2371. President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin

2372. “Coronavirus” is the New Name of the Common Cold

2373. Important Public Notice: We Are Being “Smoked”, People — Just Like Bees

2374. All Members of the United States Military

2375. Five Different Political Statuses, Five Different Estates

2379. What “Unseen” Enemy?

2380. What Did I Tell You?

2381. About Gold Fringes and Missing Seals and Martial Law

2382. To Mr. Trump and the “Flag Officers”

2383. Overwhelming Response — With Regard to Joint Action

2384. Diabolica

2385. Point of Order!

2386. Covid 19 “S” and Covid 19 “L” Are Now Accounted For

2387. Public Notice to Steven T. Mnuchin and The Joint Chiefs, 1, 2, 3

See How They Run:

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Civil War – Stop, Drop and Read!


There is a SOLUTION: Don’t let the title fool you. Stop, Drop and Read!

You can’t object or defend yourself, because you have been left ignorant and uninformed —deliberately. Most Americans don’t have a clue.

Yes, People, those of you who are just waking up. Our disloyal employees have been staging a mercenary cold war conflict on our shores for a hundred and fifty years, and they have been conscripting you into this illegal perpetual mercenary “war” without your knowledge or consent. CONTINUE…