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Essentially our consciousness bodies and Spiritual Immune System are under targeted attack, as when our spirit is weakened and we are dehumanized, the conditioned masses submit without resistance to the blind obedience of the Controller’s orchestrated plan, for installing a global government for enforcing fascist tyranny. Humanity is in a critical time of choosing the way we will evolve forward on the timelines at a global level.

The majority are unaware that all human beings have a Spiritual Immune System as well as a biological immune system, and that these are interdependent systems that function together to protect our living body and consciousness from foreign invaders and negative forces. Our sense of spirituality and how we perceive our relationship to our higher power is directly related to our immune system functioning and its effect upon our health and wellbeing. The development of our Spiritual Immune System enhances our ability to cope with stress, resulting in better health practices, with greater overall contentment with the quality of life we experience.  Our health and sanity are connected to educating ourselves about our biological and spiritual immune systems, not about the mass injection of mandated vaccines enforced by those ultimately serving the tyrannical forces of the NAA.


A Full Disclosure Event – Connecting The Dots To Full Awaking




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Negative Alien Religions

Pestilence Program: Current Spiritual Wars and the Effects on the Phyiscal World. 

Lisa Renee – Energetic Synthesis

A Full Disclosure Event is referring to the highest level of extraterrestrial disclosure to earthlings that reveal the most detailed scenarios of our true hidden extraterrestrial human Galactic History and not the manipulated NAA version of Archontic Deception Strategy used to control the mainstream historical records that have enslaved the human population since the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion. Humans would be briefed beyond just knowing about the existence of the extraterrestrial races, crafts and cooperative agreements made with earthly world governments, additionally, humans would be reeducated to know about NAA groups, Secret Space Programs, Human Trafficking, Mind Control, Transhumanism and AI agendas, DNA and genetic manipulation breeding programs on planet and off planet. How earth, human resources and technology are used as bartering tools for trade in a variety of off planet civilizations and extraterrestrial species. A Full Disclosure Event includes revealing ‘who is who’ in the Power Elite Globalist groups and the Negative Alien groups that have abused their power on the earth, and are required to restore energetic balance with the crimes they have made against humanity by being accountable and making amends in Natural Law. At this time, the Black Suns have upped their game and refuse to cooperate with agreements for disclosure, thus for many of us on the ground which have the spiritual mission that supports full disclosure, it is really all up to us acting as independent journalists and ascension-disclosure guides to pull it down together.

Humanity is deeply mired within a deliberate orchestration of targeted spiritual warfare designed explicitly to generate ripples of panic and terror in their minds, in order to control their perceptions about the nature of reality. Many remain unaware that the Black Sun forces are organizing themselves on the battle field, preparing for the next stage of global spiritual warfare, bringing with them massive amounts of Universal and Galactic shadows, the hauntings of our warring history with the NAA. They are spreading mass propaganda claiming this is some random event of viral plague stemming from unknown sources. Nothing about this current agenda to terrorize the earth inhabitants is natural or organic, it has been premeditated and planned by those who have been handsomely paid off to offer the rest of us up as a sacrifice, to cover up the Black Sun agenda and plan further attacks against human sovereignty.

Thus, there is a consciousness war raging for the future direction, spiritual freedom and sovereignty of humanity on the earth, rather than a mysterious plague devastating the earth. The organism has shown to be genetically modified containing the imprint of the Caduceus False Asclepius Rod, which is an AI network installation that broadcast from the Metagalactic core and is intended to deform the human spiritual body. This is designed to attack the human lightbody vertical channels and inner spiritual connection, oppress the heart-lung center with fear and grief, steal the holy spirit from within our breath pattern and crush the permanent seed atom matrix, in the 8D sphere of the inner Christos base 12 template. However, this mutation is not spreading into the global population as had been anticipated, much due to the fact the architecture of the earth and the ascending hubs of the collective consciousness are radically shifting beyond the inversions and scope of some of the reversal networks.

The Physical World: As Above, So Below – Co-Creating – Manifesting Our Desired Reality in Real Time – Within The Moment of Now.

What we know and choose, we do, therefore it directly and most powerfully influences the Spiritual Realities as well.  Remember, all is interconnected.  The dark forces in this world know this all too well and use it to their fullest benefit. It’s long past time we get off of our knees and step back into the powerful beings that we are.

Romans 12:2 English Standard Version (ESV)

Do not be conformed to this world,[a] but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.[b]


Taking action in this reality is best approached and applied by re-educating ourselves, proclaim and reclaim all that has been stolen from us by the evil ones and abolishing them for all time. This requires becoming familiar with and aware of the massive deceptions, lies and mind control that have been imposed on us. To take our world back we must learn to use the tools and re-discovered knowledge that is now available to us.

Judge Anna 2

None do this better or more exacting than Anna von Reitz and The American States Assembly. We owe this tireless group of God loving patriots immense gratitude for providing the tools and knowledge necessary to take back our world.  If you desire to have your life and world back, then without a moment more to lose, follow these links, study hard as your life indeed does depend on it.

Our deepest gratitude also goes to Lisa Renee, Mark Passio and many others found in the above links.


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