Operation COVID-19 AI Simulation Electronic Ghetto


Coronavirus Pandemic and Panic Engineered by AI and DARPA

An AI-Simulated Global Live Exercise Initiated via Multiple Acts of Bioterrorism on 3 Continents

State of the Nation

There should be no doubt the manmade COVID-19 pandemic and staged panic are the product of a ubiquitous global enterprise being directed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There are several signs and distinguishing signals that AI is really running the show. How could such a captivating reality show, involving all of humanity, be produced in 195 countries except with extraordinary intentional design, flawless execution and coordination, as well as the capacity to implement and enforce an ironclad cover-up?

It ought to be intuitively obvious by now that a worldwide production of this scope and magnitude could only be happening under the direction of some extremely well-programmed and field-tested AI.  In fact, the sheer depth and breadth of this OCPP “maggiore operazione” suggests that a much more intelligent entity is at work behind the scenes—Autonomous Superintelligence.

If that is truly the case, then what we are all witnessing is a civilization standing at the edge of the AI abyss also known as Technological Singularity.  None of us should dismiss this singular narrative as we would do so at our peril.


The single most accurate analysis of the cold and calculating execution of OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC & PANIC is also, quite ironically, the shortest coronavirus post published by SOTN under the title: CORONAHOAX: Staged COVID-19 pandemic has all the signatures of an AI simulation.

The following excerpt represents the article in its entirety and answers subtitle’s question: “Are we all really living through an elaborate AI-simulated global pandemic exercise?” 

Looking over the news articles posted re: E-Trade financials — everything — every financial move is tied to the COVID-19 virus stats, minute-by-minute, in some way ….

Too fast, too precise, too targeted.

As if an AI-simulated pandemic.

An AI global exercise.

AI operating this whole event — controlling the stock market — initiating the next move(s) — orchestrating the Global Response country-by-country with cold hard plans to achieve a final goal.

(Source: CORONAHOAX: Staged COVID-19 pandemic has all the signatures of an AI simulation)

As each week passes since the outbreak in Wuhan, China first reported in January of 2020, it becomes clearer that every person on planet Earth is living through an AI-simulated global live exercise where covert acts of bioterrorism are stealthily blended with staged hoaxes.

Not only was the COVID-19 global pandemic meticulously planned in advance, it is being altered daily, within the context of a highly controlled and complex AI simulation, in response to the reactions of targeted populations the world over. Listen to: Real World or Simulation? (Video)

It is of paramount importance to correctly understand that, even though the coronavirus pandemic has been artificially manufactured by the NWO globalist cabal, just as the worldwide panic is being staged hour by hour, the true state of affairs is closer to a very real but engineered series of crises, which are cunningly merged with orchestrated hoaxes performed by Hollywood-trained crisis actors. See: Crisis Actors Behind the COVID-19 PsyOp Exposed (Video)

For example, first a bioterrorist attack was carried out in Wuhan with a coronavirus hybrid bioweapon that was painstakingly bioengineered in a U.S. military laboratory specializing in pandemic-starting biological weapons.  This event was quickly followed by all sorts of staged crisis events in Hubei Province which were conveniently photographed and/or filmed in real-time in order to considerably over-dramatize the Wuhan outbreak.  That does not mean the ensuing Wuhan public health disaster was not authentic; it was, but it was also manipulated by the AI-directed Gladio agents on the ground.

The critical point here is that reality and hoax are being adroitly intermingled in and around each major metro area that is experiencing coronavirus cluster explosions via various types of bioterrorists attacks.  Once this pivotal piece of OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC & PANIC has been completed, the AI-driven scheme to destroy and remake the entire planetary civilization via Ordo ab Chao will really swing into action as we saw in March.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY etc. at http://stateofthenation.co/?p=10605

Welcome to 2025

From what I hear, Jade Helm 15 special forces training led by AI was more successful than ever imagined.

By 2025 everything is to be turned over to AI. Are they ahead of schedule?



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Global meditation – detox bath

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