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How to win in court
Winning Is Easy


You don’t need a lawyer to win in court!
Lawyers work with many different legal matters.
You only have one case to deal with.
You only have one set of facts.
You only have one set of laws that apply.
You don’t need a law degree.
You don’t need a lawyer!
Winning is easy!
State the facts you must prove.
Use discovery to prove your facts.
Move the court for judgment.
It’s really that simple.
This course shows how!
(With Forms and Examples)

Learn How to Protect Yourself In Court
Court Procedure Made Easy!

  • Win Any Kind of Case
  • Civil v Criminal Elements
  • Learn Only What You Need to Know
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Rules of Evidence
  • How to Move the Court
  • Making Your Record
  • Getting a Favorable Judgment
  • Nothing to Lose

Know how to win!
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We’ve been on the web since 1997 helping people win in court.

Our reputation for making court procedure easy is #1.

We believe everyone has a right to know how to win in court!

Attorney Graves has 33 years of case-winning experience.
His common-sense, case-winning approach is easy to learn.
This course is your competitive edge!

Our Hope for You

You should be allowed to enjoy your only life in peace, because you have only this one life here on Earth. You should be allowed liberty to express your creative self. Indeed, all of us should be allowed to enjoy a bountiful life free from conflict and want.
However, prosperity and joy are too often stolen by fraudulent abuses of law.
Too often the law is neither fair nor sane.
Too often the law is a handmaid to those who place themselves as rulers over us, proclaiming by legislation and court decisions what’s best for us and our children.
Too often the law is polluted by crooked lawyers and corrupt judges whose only moral code is self-interest or their blind, child-like subservience to a hidden cartel of powerful men and women who seek a secular world by any means, including lying and murder!
Too often the law favors the goals of a special few and, in the process, becomes a whore or coddles political favor of the current majority and becomes a fool.
Too often the law is a tool by which elitists seek to re-make civilization according to their private view of what’s best for everyone … so long as it doesn’t cost them anything.
And, too often the average people who populate this giant ball we call home do nothing to resist or redirect the political forces that seek to steal from us our heritage of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Therefore, this course will empower you to use the courts to change your world and restore honor to the law … one case at-a-time.
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