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Post by Aim Patriot Condor I was reading today’s AIM’s article (seen to the right) concerning the Pilgrim Society assault on America’s most precious resource, our children. It reminded me of an article I archived several years ago. In the following link: http://csj.org/studyindex/studymindctr/study_mindctr_singer.htm, Dr. Margaret T. Singer lists the 6 conditions necessary for Thought Reform […]

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Public Education Epic Fails 2 – Agenda 2030 Corporate Slave Model – Mind Control for Kids.

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Public Education Epic Fails: Pushing Agendas and Causing Great Harm to Our Children. Mind Control for Kids.

Public ‘education’ is creating a disaster with our children

“Knowledge is power. The problem with knowledge in regards to our young people today is that they aren’t receiving it.”

Tina Marie Griffin, founder of Counter Culture Mom, hit the nail on the head in our recent conversation about “student” gun protests.

“Our teens are largely being brainwashed by a culture that is training them how to kill through violent media including TV shows, movies and video games,” says Mrs. Griffin. “Combine that with an education system in which students are no longer being taught the principles of the United States Constitution, and we have a major disaster on our hands.”

As students participate in adult-sponsored walkouts and street marches for gun control, it’s important to note that few have ever received a single lesson about the history and reasoning behind the precious Second Amendment.

And they have no concept that it is God — not man — who created us with certain, inalienable rights. No wonder glassy-eyed youths are willing to raise clenched fists in support of every newly fabricated and bizarre “right” being minted daily by courts, bureaucracies, councils, boards and radical organizations. CONTINUE

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