Los Alamos Research Explains How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

In Brief

  • The Facts:A model of the way the THz waves interact with DNA explains how DNA damage may occur and why evidence has been so hard to gather. This is simply a model, it’s not experimental, but it does raise cause for concern.
  • Reflect On:Why are so many technologies approved for use without conducting the appropriate safety tests first? Studies have already shown cause for concern, yet too often the research goes ignored.

What are Terahertz waves? They’re the radiation that fills the spot between microwaves and infrared waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. These waves can pass through non-conducting materials like clothes, brick, wood, paper, etc. As a result, they can be utilized within cameras to look inside an enclosed structure, or sealed envelopes, into living rooms in order to “frisk” people at a distance.