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Person or One of the People?

By Anna Von Reitz

In America you may commonly encounter two kinds of “Legal Persons”, rarely encounter one kind of “Lawful Person”, and American State Nationals who are people who owe no public service obligations beyond keeping the peace and harming nobody.
Unfortunately, mis-administration of our affairs by two Foreign Subcontractors acting in Breach of Trust has led to millions of Americans being “impersonated” — that is, unlawfully converted into “persons” instead of being recognized as part of our American populace and people.
In 1860, one-third of our intended Federal Government, the American Subcontractor hired to provide services to our States, became inoperable.
From our perspective this situation was and is similar to what would happen if the young man we hired to mow our law broke his leg.
We can simply hire someone else or do the job ourselves —- if we know what happened and are enabled to take appropriate action.
But our two remaining European Subcontractors acted in Breach of Trust, did not provide assistance or disclosure, and instead usurped upon the actual people and government of this country.
They pretended that because we did not Reconstruct the missing third of the Federal Government, that our entire government was “absent” — and used this as an excuse for fraud and usurpation.
The British Territorial United States seized upon our good names and assets as “presumed salvage” to be claimed and accidentally-on-purpose misidentified millions of American babies as British United States Citizens— all of whom are Legal Persons.
The Roman Municipal Government similarly sought to enrich itself and made counterclaim that, no, we were “citizens of the United States” instead — and they moved to probate our estates.
All this bunko, all this theft and abuse of their employers — made possible because we didn’t hire someone new to mow our lawn.
I am going to share a simple video by Canadians who suffered a similar fate, which explains more of the process by which we have been mis-characterized and mis-identified— with one caveat.
There is a quote by Karen Hudes and Karen doesn’t know our history. She says at one point that in 1933 “this country went bankrupt.” This is not true.
This country is a sovereign entity. It’s not eligible for bankruptcy, nor in need of it, because it is not an incorporated entity. No, what happened is that Delaware Corporation owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Church and doing business as “the” United States of America, Incorporated, went bankrupt.
That was no more this country than I am my own shoe.
She went on to try to explain away the criminal securitization of the American People as part of paying back the debts of this foreign corporation, but that isn’t true, either.
What happened is that FDR “pledged” the Federal Civil Service Municipal Employees as assets backing this bankruptcy during his First Inaugural Address, and the Conference of [British Territorial State of State] Governors similarly pledged U.S. Military personnel and their Dependents via a similar action, March 6, 1933.
None of that had anything to do with us, and the only way that FDR and the “Governors” were able to get away with it was as a condition of employment and private contract.
This abuse of our Federal Employees encouraged those benefiting by it to secretively extend these outrageous claims against rank and file Americans who are not functioning as Legal Persons and not subject to any such demands.
So as you watch this little video bear in mind that it was made in Canada and that the people speaking don’t know our history.
And if you are someone born in these fifty States of the Union, I hope you will make haste and go to: and begin the process of declaring your birthright political status. We need as many Americans as possible to “come home” and help correct 160 years of virulent fraud.
See this article and over 2200 others on Anna’s website here:

Civil War – Stop, Drop and Read!


There is a SOLUTION: Don’t let the title fool you. Stop, Drop and Read!

Whoa! Find Your Butts…. A Message for the White Hats — Maine Republic Email Report

by Anna von Reitz Whoa! Find Your Butts…. A Message for the White Hats You are talking to the woman who first defined this evil as “Corporate Feudalism”. To suppose that I don’t know what we are “living under” is the height of stupidity. Unlike a lot of my critics, I listened when Eisenhower warned […]

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The American States Assembly

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What we are doing by reclaiming our birthright political status as American State Nationals and American State Citizens and by expatriating from all presumed Territorial and Municipal citizenship(s) is to lawfully convert Legal Persons back into Lawful Persons.

We are explicitly declaring our political status and officially returning our Good Names, our Trade Names, to the Soil/Land jurisdiction of our actual States of the Union.  We are doing this specifically and one by one serving Notice on the Public Records of the commercial corporations operating the Sea and Air jurisdictions so there can be no further “accidentally on purpose” mistaking us for ‘US Citizens” or “Citizens of the United States” or “citizens under the 14th Amendment” to the Territorial Constitution reconfigured as the Articles of Incorporation for a Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1907.

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