The Unknown Past … Educate Yourself


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By Anna Von Reitz

Quick Primer

In view of the history I have set in front of you via “The Unknown Past” and “The Unknown Past – Part 2”, you now know that the Municipal PERSON was created to collect war reparations from the Municipal United States citizens as payback for them siding with the South in the Civil War.

The Municipal Government graciously gifted you with all these Municipal PERSONS named after you, as an invitation to share in paying their debts. A freewill donation obligation, a pledge.  Where have you heard that before?

The British Territorial Government declared these PERSONS to be outlaws and criminals and further declared all criminals to be slaves.

So JOHN MICHAEL DOE is a runaway slave, already convicted of crime, and you are harboring HIM (aiding and abetting the ENEMY) until and unless you “surrender” HIM to a competent law enforcement authority.

As you were never told that any of this was going on in the first place, you were not aware that you were harboring and associating with a criminal, an identity thief, no less.

Finding a “competent law enforcement authority” can be rather difficult, since both sides of this scam against the American People want it to continue; however, both Steven T. Mnuchin and Michael Pompeo are Interpol Officers — competent international law enforcement officers.

That’s why we lay the Form 56 Notice of Fiduciary Relationship and the BCs of the Municipal PERSONS on them.  Either one will do, depending on your purposes, but as Mnuchin is a Financial Officer, logic favors dumping financial criminals on him.

We have surrendered these fugitives, they are no longer in our custody, but Mnuchin and Pompeo owe us Fiduciary Duty to make sure that no harm or loss comes to us as a result our courageous action.

People who think that that THING named after them and appearing on the BC is theirs and who cling to it and think that it is worth a lot of money need to be brought up to speed.  That PERSON is the pickpocket letting the Pope and the Queen bleed everyone dry — the Pope because he gets his debts paid by that PERSON and the Queen because she gets to collect against that PERSON.

So do your duty and surrender the fugitive, but not to local law enforcement officers who will stare at you and think you are crazy, and not without enforcing Fiduciary responsibility on the Officers in receipt.

Now look at the Territorial Government’s Federal Title 15, Section 1.  All contracts with Municipal PERSONS are illegal.  So it is important that any Security Agreement or other interaction involving these entities not be presented as a contract, and also not involve any appreciable consideration. Read that — less than $21 value.

The Municipal PERSONS are all gifts, like Trojan horses.  They were donated to you, so have them donate back everything they took from you, as a gift, and then turn them over to the proper authorities.

The same is true of the British Territorial “Persons” that the Federales named after you that appear to have the exact same name, but which are operating in the jurisdiction of the sea.

This is why when we re-convey these presumed-to-be Territorial Persons back to the land and soil jurisdiction of the State where they were born, we accept and acknowledge them without consideration and declare their homes and permanent domiciles on the land and soil

We dry dock them and change their nationality, the same way you re-flag a ship.

The international recording on the land serves the same function as international registration on the sea, with the important difference that upon the recording of the gift,  the “vessel” comes under the Law of the Land and is owed all the guarantees and protections of the Constitution(s) and all the land patents and titles accrue to the actual State (not the State of State) and to the Lawful Person reinstated on the land.

As the Queen confirmed, these “disregarded entities” are unclaimed vessels set free after the bankruptcy of 1933 was settled in 1999.  So you owe no consideration for the return of your own vessel(s) as derelict prizes subject to your prior claim under Admiralty Law.  They are “lost” property that came back to you after being “at sea” for many years.


The Brits would rather not discuss the fact that they acted as pirates and commandeered your “vessels” and used and abused them for decades without paying you a penny.

Neither the Pope nor the Queen want to admit that you are an innocent American Third Party civilian who never had anything to do with their endless wars, their debts, or any of their legal chicanery, either, because that would mean that they committed genocide, piracy, kidnapping, press ganging, and a great many other truly odious crimes against their Treaty Allies and Employers.

So put on your best shit-eating grin and accept all the gifts the Municipal PERSONS wish to return to you, and all the gifts “the sea” wants to cast up on your beach.

Many of you have been taught that contracts are not valid without consideration, but all contracts with Municipal PERSONS are illegal under Territorial Law, so be sure to style everything merely as “Agreements” and either accept no consideration at all, or negligible (under $21) consideration for all the “gifts” donated (back) to you under your private Security Agreements with the Municipal PERSONS and Territorial Persons named after you.

When all this started to be unraveled and recognized for what it is, all the Americans were left clueless and virtually unrepresented. Those Americans that did catch on were mostly concerned about dragging their own chestnuts out of the fire and didn’t think any further than extracting their own property interests. Only one group — ours — took on the burden of claiming and returning the assets owed to the American States and People.

There are plenty of other groups out there — the World Bank, various phony philanthropists, OPPT, Kim Goguen, foreign governments — all with their hands out ready to receive our assets either “for” us or for the world at large.  The Perpetrators planned to buy off all the “participating governments” using the profit from bilking us for a hundred and fifty years and from making false claims of abandonment against our property assets.  To get a cut of the American Pie, the “participants” would have to sign over their own national sovereignty to “Regional Government Authority”.

This is the problem for Britain right now with a No-Deal Brexit.  They got caught in their own bear trap for once, but they have grounds to get out.  After all, its all nothing but fraud, fraud, and more fraud.  The Lisbon Treaty can and should be repudiated as Bad Faith by all the National Governments involved, not just Britain.

We have persisted and brought the claims full circle. establishing our standing and provenance, step after step after step, so that all the property belonging to the original States of States and the State Trusts has been preserved, all of our interests held “for” us by the British Territorial Government have been preserved, and everything owed to us by the Municipal Government has been claimed, and returned to The United States.  The United States has then assigned the international and global powers back to The United States of America — the unincorporated Federation of Sovereign States formed September 9, 1776.

As a result of all this work going on in the background, there are now various protections in place for people and the “legal presumptions” about all of this, are due to be resoundingly and permanently reversed.  Those of us who long ago noticed that “something was wrong” and that “the world was upside down” could not know at the beginning how right our gut-level reactions were. The world was upside down — literally, with the tail wagging the dog, the servants bossing the employers, and political lobbyists in charge of the Public Purse.

All of that is going to change.  It has to be done gradually to avoid gross disruption of life on this planet, but done it will be.

I have not emphasized nor given a lot of instruction regarding Uniform Commercial Code, liens, etc., because its complex, foreign, and a venue where Americans can easily get into trouble–especially given the prohibitions against the Municipal PERSONS that have been issued “in their names”.

Our answer has been to lawfully convert everything in a reversal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s action unlawfully converting our Persons: as a thing is bound, so it is unbound.

By returning the property of the States and People to the safety of their own natural jurisdictions and restoring the Law of the Land, by assembling the actual States, and by finishing the Reconstruction that has been the excuse for all this fraud, violence, slush-funding, and theft,  we have laid down a pathway for Americans to safely and peacefully restore their own lawful government. We have also protected their assets, both public and private, from claims of abandonment.

It remains for the people of this country to exercise their true sovereignty, reclaim their birthright political status, engage in the process of self-governance, and assist in restoring not just the “rule of law” but the actual Law itself.


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