Hats, Hats, and More Hats

By Anna Von Reitz It is just now dawning on many people that there are multiple Congresses and multiple Supreme Courts and multiple Offices of the President. These different offices are sometimes referred to as “hats” — as in “wearing a different hat today.” This saying and the practice of wearing different hats comes from the Office of the Pope. When the Pope wears a skull cap, he is operating in a different office than when he wears the infamous Papal Tiara. The number of offices you can fill depends only on the number of hats you can wear. Last time I looked, the US Postmaster had seven hats— seven different offices he could enter and vacate at will, having and manipulating different powers in each of the seven offices. So with this background it should come as no surprise that there are multiple Offices of the President, each with different requirements and different powers. There are also multiple Congresses. And multiple Supreme Courts. This is because there are multiple jurisdictions involved and multiple constitutional contracts to administer. We already brought it to your attention that there are three (3) Constitutions: (A) The Federal Constitution which is called “The Constitution for the united States of America”, and which pertains to the missing American Subcontractor. (B) The Territorial Constitution known as “The Constitution of the United States of America”. (C) The Municipal Constitution known as “The Constitution of the United States”. Each one of these constitutions enables the Federal Government to operate in different international and global jurisdictions, so when the members of “the” United States Supreme Court consider questions pertaining to each of these similar constitutions, they are wearing different hats, and convening different “Supreme Courts” using the same members. Think of it as football, baseball, and basketball being played by the same group of players. And the same thing goes on in Congress and the Office of the President. It would be helpful if the people occupying these offices were required to change their hats when they “switch gears”, but no such luck. This is how the members of the Rump Congresses following the Civil War were enabled to continue operating “the” Congress, despite the fact that a third of the Federal Government, the American part, was Missing in Action. And still is. They simply operated the Territorial and Municipal offices of Congress instead of the offices of what is called the Federal Republic — switched hats, and carried on, leaving the actual Federal Government intended by the American People sidelined. Because all three constitutions are very similar in wording and appearance and envision the same basic intent, the loss of a “hat” was survivable. Because the Federal Government has always survived on purloined credit and revenue from the regulation of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, the financing was only tricky on the front end —- the Territorial Congress is not allowed to issue actual asset-backed money, only military script. Enter the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve (Promissory) Notes. The Municipal Congress authorized at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 has a different problem. Operating as a plenary oligarchy, the Municipal Congress can issue asset-backed money, but they are severely restricted geographically, and supposed to operate only within the “one mile square” afforded to the Municipality of Washington, DC. Enter the Petro “dollar” and all the various evils associated with that. Also enter the evils of Municipal corporations, like Microsoft and NYC, INC., which have extended the reach of the Municipal Government into the American heartland and around the world, and allowed this Band of Brigands to usurp not only on our government, but on all the other governments worldwide. The so-called Two Party System is a result of the two Federal Subcontractors battling it out — the Territorial Corporation (Military) and the Municipal Corporation (Federal Civil Service) — equals the Republicans v. Democrats. And now you see why there are persistent rumors of “Civil War” breaking out, as these two factions push each other back and forth, striving for dominance. When you put this into context you can also see why we have two brands of every “Federal” agency and department — the Municipal FBI and the Territorial Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Municipal IRS and the Territorial Internal Revenue Service, the Municipal DOL and the Territorial Department of Labor — and so on and on. The truly interesting part of all this, is that both choices are foreign governments with respect to us. They are operating a foreign political system on our shores while appearing to be our government— when in fact they are only Subcontractors of our actual government. All this frou-frou of elections and political parties is about our Federal Subcontractors, and who runs them. It’s not about us. This confusion, deceit, and constructive fraud has been enabled and promoted and made possible by the members of Congress wearing different hats — and simply not telling anyone. The Territorial Government makes its money on war and by selling our young men and women as cheap mercenaries. The Municipal Government makes money via commercial fraud and manipulation of child labor contracts, administration of trust assets, and commandeering currency and commodity markets. We’ve been the victims, targets, and unwitting participants in the greatest confidence racket scheme in world history, and it has all been made possible by the members of Congress wearing different hats. And now we come to the important part: what to do about it. Go to: https://theamericanstatesassembly.net/ and get started today.
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Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

At a time when everything seems to be falling apart, we come together.

When “the world” seems to be zagging, we zig.

And while everyone else is eating dirt and hiding under rocks, going snake-eyed and doing stupid stuff, we smile, smile, smile!

Why not?  We are self-governing.  We call the shots.

Please study the message and the cartoon posted below that I got from Robert David Steele today and reflect on it.  All these Antifa mobsters are stealing the news headlines like spoiled brats on a rampage, but remember the good solid people you know, the salt-of-the-Earth men and women who are the true leaders in their communities nationwide who do not sanction rioting and looting as an answer.


Lift up your voice and sing, indeed.  This is America.  Not some Third World Hell Hole they think they are creating by calling it “the US”.

And when you are done contemplating that profound truth about the power of your choices versus the choices of madmen, anarchists, and would-be tyrants, knowing there are a hundred of us for every one of them– enjoy an hour and a half interview with me and Mark Emery, both, at once:


We are joining forces. The Living Law Firm and the Lighthouse Law Club will be working together. There will be more leading patriot organizations and constitutional lawyers joining with us soon.  Together, we are going to address the Public Interest and promote the Public Good.

Together, we are going to overcome the three obstacles that have thwarted the efforts of the people for decades — as Mark recently summed them up in his short video “It’s Game Time!” — (1) ignorance will be answered with education; (2) disorganization will be answered with lawful assembly; and (3) lack of funds will be answered by our pooling of resources and fundraising.

And let me add one more.

Many of you know that I was forced to leave my church because like so many of the others, unknown to me, it took part in the “commercialization of religion”.

When you incorporate a church you change its very nature, and promote the kind of corruption that has occurred with the black market trade in Baptismal Certificates.  These monsters have made money by claiming to own your soul, and have been trading upon your soul for money via the Baptismal Certificates.

This corruption makes the sale of “Indulgences” look small by comparison.

No, thank you.  That wasn’t the deal.  I opted out, and so should you.

Mark Emery has provided a solution for those who miss the comforts of  Fellowship: the unincorporated World Mission Church.  This is the kind of simple assembly that a church is meant to be, not interested in being a corporate conglomerate with billion dollar facilities, not bulking up its investments on Wall Street, but instead, working steadfastly to bring comfort, harmony, and compassion into the world.

Come all you outcasts from the Gaud and Glitter churches!  Come out of Babylon and say good-bye to the Deceivers.


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