Bearing Public Office

51FsLZVT2NL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_By Anna Von Reitz

It’s true that the actual original Federal Constitution has been moth-balled since 1860.

It could not be otherwise, because the Confederation of States of States that was commissioned to exercise the delegated Federal Authority was blown apart when the Southern States of States “seceded” from and left “the Union” of States created by The Articles of Confederation.
Please be aware that there were  two (2)  — “Unions” involved.  The actual Federal Union was created in September of 1776 and includes the States — like Maryland, New York, Wisconsin, and so on.
But there was another “Union” — a “Confederation” of “States of States” like The State of Virginia and The State of Pennsylvania, formed under The Articles of Confederation in March of 1781.
See?  Two Unions — one a Federation, one a Confederation.
The Federation includes the actual States as members, while the Confederation included Federal States of States as members.
A “state of state” is an entity formed to conduct commercial business in behalf of a State and must be “incorporated” by a State.  Why?  Because you can’t have a “State of Florida” without first organizing “Florida”.
And so when historians are talking about “the Union” you can’t tell which “Union” they are talking about except by context.  The “Union” that fought the Civil War wasn’t the Federal Union of States.  It was the Confederate Union of States of States.
That’s why when the Southern States of States seceded from “the Union”  they called themselves “The Confederate States of America”. They were not talking about seceding from the Federal Union of States. They were talking about seceding from the Confederate Union of States.
Thus the Federal Union of States dba The United States of America (the unincorporated version) sailed right through the cataclysm of the Civil War and was only imposed upon after-the-fact by a process of “mistaken identity” and “presumption”—- deliberately mistaking the  States for the States of States, and confusing one “Union” with another.
The original and only truly viable Constitution was left to gather dust and “set aside” by the criminals in Congress, who used the excuse that the Federal States of States were “absent”, so couldn’t conduct business.
They conveniently “forgot” that the States that delegated the powers to the “States of States” to act in their behalf in commercial venues in the first place, retained the right and ability to conduct their own business, with or without the existence of any “State of State” organization.
And we are still here, as we always have been.
Damned inconvenient for them and good for us.
So now we have the issue of Public Office in a lawful government versus Private Office in a corporation.
We are still occupying our Public Offices in our lawful government despite any rumors or false claims to the contrary by foreign creditors of the Territorial and Municipal “United States”.
And while the actual Constitution has not been updated since 1860 and is in desperate need of attention by a Continental (Land Jurisdiction) Congress, we and our States are still owed every jot.
Now, it has been observed that I am a woman and in 1860, women were not allowed to vote or otherwise affect the administration of government in this country.  No doubt things would have been better administered and more carefully cared for if they had been.
But they weren’t.  Likewise, American Natives and African Americans were restricted in their ability to conduct any public business.
However, women have been able to own property since the Middle Ages and, if their husbands grant them “agency” can also carry his proxy and conduct business for him —which is precisely what my husband has done for me and published on the public record.
This enables me to occupy Public Office in the lawful government and to own and direct the dispensation of property as a Fiduciary and to do all the other things that a woman would not normally be able to do under the confines of the 1860 Constitution.
Other women may also take advantage of this provision of Property Law and have their husbands sign a “Grant of Agency” for them, so as to enable them to act in his stead and in his behalf as his Agent, which in fact strengthens the position of the whole family and enables women to grab an oar.
It was thought at one time that the rigors of “bearing Public Office” would be too daunting and the stings and arrows of public life would be too difficult for the sensitive Fair Sex to endure —yet we were plundered and raped and starved when the men we entrusted to do the job for us proved too corrupt and stupid to own the responsibility.
Do I have to underline the importance of empowering women and Natives and Black People to elect (not vote—elect) and direct and fully participate in our government?  So long as we persist in being hypocrites and allowing the existence of “second class” and even “third class” citizenship, we weaken our country, our ideals, and ourselves.  We also create divisions within our own country which serve to alienate and oppress whole sectors of our population.
So now you know how I have come to “bear Public Office” and you also have cause to know that despite everything, I am “bearing” it with the same fortitude with which I faced child-bearing.  Each State Republic is being re-born and needs its people — its living people, not its “persons” — to come forward and answer the call to bear Public Office and enforce the Public Law.
The last President of the Northern Confederacy was a black man.
He served faithfully and well until the bankruptcy of the Northern States of States resulted in their liquidation.
This should give everyone a solid idea of the importance of serving our country in its hour of need, and the almost-equal necessity of fully understanding the nuances of our history.
Nobody in Public School ever told you about the Two Unions, did they?  Nobody explained about the Federation versus the Confederation.
No, because then they would have to explain what they were doing, and it would be clear that they were operating a foreign government on our shores in flagrant Breach of Trust.
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