Ireland, Scotland, Austria REFUSE membership of NATO terrorists.. Swedish Greens oppose Nuclear Bombs – The Free — Wirral In It Together

Ireland, Scotland, Austria REFUSE membership of NATO terrorists.. Swedish Greens oppose Nuclear Bombs – The Free — Wirral In It Together

Joe Biden Plans to Take ‘Millions of Cars Off the Road’ — Don’t Speak News

President Joe Biden on Wednesday again promoted his infrastructure dreams of taking people out of their gas-powered vehicles. — Read on Just the elites taking away more of your right to freely travel.

Joe Biden Plans to Take ‘Millions of Cars Off the Road’ — Don’t Speak News

North Dakota AG Investigates Bill Gates Farmland Purchase — CLOUDHEDGES

by ZeroHedge The North Dakota Attorney General’s office is investigating a land transaction involving one of the biggest farmland owners in America, billionaire Bill Gates.  In a letter dated June 21, Attorney General Drew Wrigley’s office asked the Red River Trust, an entity connected to Gates, about a recent purchase of a multi-thousand-acre potato farm, according to local […]

North Dakota AG Investigates Bill Gates Farmland Purchase — CLOUDHEDGES

Biden Defies Science, Shuts Down Domestic Mineral Production —

Today, the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) announced its recommendation that the Secretary of the Interior withdraw lands from new mineral leasing in the Rainy River watershed for 20 years, preventing development of important American mineral resources “Just when you think the Biden administration’s energy ‘plan’ can’t get any worse, they somehow find a way. After […]

Biden Defies Science, Shuts Down Domestic Mineral Production —

WARNING: FDA Authorizes Deadly Microplastics And Chemicals In Food And Water Supply — Nwo Report

These people want you sick and dying Posted BY: The Alex Jones Show Alex Jones was right again! Listen to him break down the documented evidence behind the authorized release of microplastic nanoparticles into the food and water supply. Trending: 5 Reasons to Impeach Joe Biden

WARNING: FDA Authorizes Deadly Microplastics And Chemicals In Food And Water Supply — Nwo Report

CO2 Sample Spacing in Ice Cores — Iowa Climate Science Education

Guest Post by Renee Hannon Introduction This post examines sample spacing for CO2 measurements in Antarctic ice cores during the past 800,000 years to better understand if gaps in sampling are too large to capture centennial fluctuations. The IPCC states: “Although ice core records present low-pass filtered time series due to gas diffusion and gradual […]

CO2 Sample Spacing in Ice Cores — Iowa Climate Science Education

June 23, 2022 Derision Leading to Division — Common Man Thoughts

One of the globalist left’s most powerful tools is their adept ability to prey on fear and human nature to create division. We’ve seen it used time and time again. In order for a totalitarian/communist regime to succeed it must acquire control of private business and industry. I believe we are witnessing an attempt by […]

June 23, 2022 Derision Leading to Division — Common Man Thoughts

Update on “U.S. Military” Situation and The Great Fraud

By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, yes, there ARE military members ready and waiting —- for Trump, who they recognize as the “President” of the corporation they work for.  Unfortunately, Mr. Trump appears to be more into the politics and “narrative building” than any practical action.  

They were going to take over our “vacant” American Federal Republic and keep on skating, but I pointed out that they don’t have a contract and the only contract they could “assume” – The Constitution of the United States of America— doesn’t allow them to do that, either. 

Trump and the U.S. Military work for a British Crown Corporation, so if they attempted to occupy the American Federal Republic it would be a Trespass and Substitution situation similar to what the Brits pulled when they substituted their “States of States” for our American “States of States”.  According to their Plan, they would substitute “a” British Territorial Federal Republic for the American Federal Republic we are owed. 

According to our plan, they keep their limey noses out and stop pretending that they R us. 

Damned tricky bunch of pirates we are dealing with here.  The Upper Crust in their system, the Lords of the Admiralty, are hopping mad they didn’t get a chance to pull that one and are casting about trying to come up with Plan B. 

Trump meanwhile is stuck on his “they stole the election” meme and we are the only ones asking the important question —- election to WHICH Presidency? 

There’s the actual Presidency— The Office of The President of The United States of America— which is our unincorporated Federation of States Office—- an American Office in an American Company.

There’s the Office of The President of The United States—- the guy running the American Federal Republic if and when it gets booted up again. 

There’s the President of the United States of America — aka, the British Territorial USA, Inc. 

And finally, the President of the United States— a Municipal Corporation aka US, INC, US CORP, UNITED STATES, and so on. 

This last is the office Joe Biden is trying to occupy but the Pope put the last version of US, INC. Into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and blocked them from creating any more similarly named corporations, so now Biden is trying to operate as “President of the White House Office, Inc.”

You see all this crap is about different companies and different corporations, all with similar names and all with “Presidents”. 

The actual American Federation of States and American Federal Republic are unincorporated businesses. 

The British Territorial “United States of America, Incorporated” is a British Crown Corporation franchise. 

The Municipal “United States, Incorporated” is a City of Rome Corporation franchise. 

And all four have an office of the “President”. 

Lincoln substituted the Office of the President of the United States of America, Inc., the British Territorial Corporation’s presidential office  for our American Federation Office — The President of The United States of America.  

As a Bar Attorney Lincoln was prohibited from holding any Public Office in our American Government — but he could legally operate as the “President” of a similarly named British Crown Corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc. —- and that is precisely what he did and that “substitution scheme” is the final straw that broke the original Confederation. 

The Brits of course tried to cover this up, but that’s not possible any more.  There are too many public records that exist and too many other public records that should exist but don’t exist.  We have them boxed in and they are trying to deny it by remaining silent— but the facts say that the British Crown violated its treaties and service contracts and acted in Breach of Trust and Trespass against our lawful government. 

Trying to occupy our Federal Republic would be another such British Substitution Scheme. 

The facts also say that the Brits removed our gold reserves to the Philippines after we acquired the Philippines as part of the settlement of the Spanish-American War and the Peace Treaty of Versailles in 1898. 

They did this “in our name” for “safekeeping” preparatory to bankrupting their version of USA, Inc. in 1907.

The U.S. Navy transported all our gold including gold discovered in the Grand Canyon and has the receipts and transfer manifests related to this activity.  That’s why the Navy Fiscal Research team delving into this was targeted in the 911 Pentagon attack. 

They also stole our silver via unlawful “legal tender laws” initiated by the Emergency Banking Act of 1934. They gave us a Federal Reserve Note I.O.U. on a “dollar for dollar” exchange rate for every American Silver Dollar.

That means that for every fiat dollar they have printed, they owe us an American Silver Dollar—- a debt that cannot be repaid. 

I estimated it would take 1100 times more Silver than now exists to pay that debt. 

So, Britain, which has no gold or silver resources to speak of, has commandeered our assets and has done so by guile, deceit, trespass, unlawful conversion, fraud, identity theft, etc., etc., against the Americans — their loyal Allies, Treaty Partners, and Defenders through two World Wars. 

We and the rest of the world have awakened to this fact and the obvious Bad Faith and criminality of the British Government and the Government of Westminster is self-evident. 

They used Lincoln to substitute their corporation “President” for the President of our Federation of States. 

They claimed non-existent “emergency powers” in the wake of the Civil War to substitute their State of State organizations for our American States of States. 

They’ve been caught trying another such substitution scheme— proposing to substitute a British Territorial “Federal Republic” for our American Federal Republic. 

And they are desperately trying to hide the fact that a large share of the gold in the Philippines is ours and also trying to hide their overwhelming debt of silver owed to us, Americans. 

So all this while that people thought they were dealing with the American Government, they have been dealing with our foreign incorporated Subcontractors dba USA, Inc and US, INC., instead. 

This news and the outrageous abuse we have suffered at the hands of our foreign employees is just now hitting the bricks and international outrage and disapproval is coming to bear on the guilty parties. 

Other countries and The United Nations organization are waking up, too. 

The Vermin engineered things so that a constant unending “State of War” was engendered in this country following the Civil War. The last shot was fired in 1866 but “legally” the paperwork to end the conflict just never got finished. So, according to them, the Civil War continued for 160 years and expenses to fight this “war” — an illegal commercial mercenary conflict in fact — are still being made against our accounts. 

They pulled the same thing with WWI and WWII .

Most of Europe is still occupied and we are paying the cost of it. 

To avoid the truth and the debt that goes with it the Vermin are now in their time-honored cycle of killing their creditors— which is what the whole depopulation agenda is about. 

Please fully inform everyone, everywhere, so that these criminals are recognized for what they are and stopped. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                  The United States of America

                  In care of: Box 520994

                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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