The death of a puke named Jeffrey Epstein – Extraordinary Effort — EE — Message for White Hats

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

Today, I am making an Extraordinary Effort  — which should rate me a grade of “EE” in the Great School of Things — by using whatever graphic skills I have (very little, indeed) to draw out basic symbols and rules of symbols for you.  I am doing this to make you all aware of these things and hopefully in a way that you can grasp at a glance.  The end result will be available on my website, .
Second, everyone has been pestering me about the death of a puke named Jeffrey Epstein.  You need to be swift enough on the uptake to know when your attention is being diverted and then look at what it is being diverted from.
In this case, you are being lured by your natural but prurient interest in sex, to give your attention to issues that are unimportant.  How Jeffrey Epstein died in a high security prison is no mystery.  That he died is a disappointment to those of us who would have liked to see some justice for the victims, but that is fundamentally unimportant, too.  A puke is dead. Good riddance. There are plenty more just like him.
What is important is that this past week the rats launched an all out effort to register your land as their land and to shut down the land recording offices throughout this country.
THAT is what is important, and THAT is what your attention is being diverted from. White Hats, we need assistance blocking this attempted registration of our land assets, which would unlawfully convert our entire country into a corporate holding.
If you have not recorded your metes and bounds description and land marks you must do so now and you must take exception to the registration of any land assets in this country.  They are attacking the fundamental basis of your country — so get off your duffs and record your interest using landmarks.
We have already claimed back the States which are physically defined, so you are somewhat shielded, but you need to exempt your own landholdings from their process explicitly and specifically, by counterclaiming all their various descriptions of your land and rolling all those land descriptions under your physical description.
For example, “112 Mockingbird Lane” is a Territorial Land Description, seeking to identify your physical property as property existing in a Territorial State of State, while “Block 9, Lot 2, Mercier Lakes Subdivision” is a Municipal Land Description seeking to identify your physical property as property existing in a Municipal STATE OF STATE.  You must seize upon both these descriptions and any other such descriptions that they offer to use and apply to your land and counterclaim these by issuing your own landmark-based physical description in your State —- for example, “the Southeast one-quarter of the original homestead of John Mayo recorded upon the Crystal Lake County, Illinois Recorder’s Office, Volume 2, Page 114, August 15, 1855, and consisting of forty acres of rolling hills, orchard and pasture land, enclosed on the east by the Millburne Creek, enclosed on the west by a split rail fence and brass corner markers, enclosed on the North by our border with the Neil Olson Homestead running directly East and West between the northern brass corner monument of our western fence line and Millburne Creek, and enclosed on the South by the ditch and road system easement of US Highway 54….”
You get the idea.  Now get moving.
The Clerks have developed a new tack in their attempts to befuddle you and muddy the waters.  They are telling everyone that they don’t record legal documents.  This is true.  Legal documents must be registered, not recorded; however, the paperwork (not documents) that you are recording are land records, not legal documents.
You are yourself a land asset: dust thou art and to dust returneth.  So you have every right and reason to record everything including land asset re-conveyances of your Good Name and private property interests.
And more importantly, you have no reason to register anything. Ever.
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