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Economy Right On Schedule, Did You Catch What Trump Said – Episode 2249a

The [CB]/MSM have now trapped themselves, the economy is coming back and it’s in the form of a V. Each sector is recovering, as more and more businesses open and the children go back to school the economy is going to look fantastic when we get close to the elections.

Message Sent & Received, Time To Reveal The Insurance Policy – Episode 2249b

Trump has already started the infrastructure build and he is positioning the US to transition away from the [CB]. The [DS]/MSM have been directed down the path the patriots wanted them to follow. All is going as planned. The [DS]/MSM have been setup, watch what happens with vaccines. The [DS] is panicking, Trump made an historic peace deal in the middle east, he is ending the endless wars. Message was sent and received; it’s time to reveal the insurance policy.

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X22 Report, July 15, 2020 — Blue Dragon Journal



Here It Comes, Trump Clearing The Way For Infrastructure Build – Episode 2225a The economy is coming back like never before, mortgage applications up from last year. Manufacturing rebounds in June, the entire system is coming online. The MSM is pushing the idea that rates will not drop anymore this year. They said this in […]

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The [DS] Was Transforming America, The Silent Majority Cannot Be Silent Anymore: Patrick Colbeck X22 Report Spotlight Guest: Patrick Colbeck Patrick talks about how government works in Michigan. He saw corruption and the government officials created the problems and then came up with the solutions to problems they created. Certain governmental officials do not read […]

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X22 Report, May 10, 2020 — Blue Dragon Journal


The MSM/[CB] Push To Stop The Economy From Opening Has Failed, It’s Happening – Episode 2170a The MSM is now pushing what ever they can to scare the people that the economy will never get back to normal, they are pushing the angle that this might break Trump, the opposite is about to happen and […]

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X22 Report Spotlight: System Being Pushed to Edge… — Blue Dragon Journal

The System Is Being Pushed To The Edge, The [CB] Economic System Is Run By Criminals: Rob Kirby X22 Report Spotlight The ‘virus’ is a Plandemic… The Central Bank system was crashing and something was needed to hide it…

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X22 (Video) Double-Feature — Presidential Triumph Assured

03 Economy, Ethics, Government

See epic companion on Fed & economic restructuring with notes below.

Alert Reader Summary of Fed video:

CB/Globalist system has broken down
Congress now understands why supply chains needed restructuring, especially away from China
POTUS is bringing FED into Treasury in a first stage of reorganization
  • FED is going to finance a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to conduct certain operations
  • The Treasury is using the exchange stabilization fund to make an equity investment into this SPV and to be in a first loss position
  • The Treasury is buying all these securities and backstopping the loans
  • The FED is acting as a banker and providing financing
  • The FED hired Blackrock to purchase these securities and handle the administration of the SPVs on behalf of the owner, The US Treasury
  • The Federal Government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets
  • The FED is providing the money to do it and Blackrock will be doing the trades
  • The FED is going to merge with the Treasury as a single organization – nationalizing the FED
  • RIGHT NOW, Trump is taking over the Central Bank !!! And the Deep State cannot stop it
  • Trump is going to be the new FED Chairman
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.16.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.18.26 PM.png

  • Trump & Patriots have taken first step in getting rid of the Central Bank System
  • Other nations are now going to zero in on their CBs
  • The next stage is to take control of the currency and bring us back to sound money
  • Judy Shelton, and others, are waiting in the wings to be confirmed onto the FED Board of Governors
  • They will then restructure the entire organization
Our society is now moving in a completely different direction
We will no longer:
  • Live in debt
  • Live under a corporate CB system
  • Struggle the way we have been struggling
  • Have a currency that continually devalues – no inflation
  • Have to live on credit
  • Have to work the way we have been working
An Anon says
  • Steve Mnuchin just bankrupted the FED, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Chase, etc.
  • The market liquidity is now controlled by Steve Mnuchin and the US Treasury Department
  • We, the US Treasury, now own all CB requests for credit for all 186 foreign nations
  • A power transfer just went down
  • We just went from asking the Rothschilds for credit swaps to asking Steve Mnuchin for credit swaps
  • Boom !!!
  • We are at the beginning of a new way of life and it’s happening right now
  • Source

X22 Report, March 15, 2020 — Blue Dragon Journal

It’s Time To Show The People, Patriots Pivot Towards The [CB] – Episode 2122a The stock market has been all over the place, the [CB] continually tries to push it down to crash but it is not working. The patriots are in full control. The distribution of supplies is being hammered by the latest event. […]

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Patriots Have Taken Control Of The Global Economic System, Checkmate: Lior Gantz — Blue Dragon Journal

Patriots Have Taken Control Of The Global Economic System, Checkmate: Lior Gantz X22 Report Spotlight Guest: Lior Gantz

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X22 Report, March 13, 2020 — Blue Dragon Journal

Economic Positioning Almost Complete, The Countdown Begins – Episode 2121a What we have been witnessing is the greatest transfer of wealth of the [Elite], Think Soros and others, watch the market, tick tock. The [CB] is now completely exposed. Trump and the patriots are now moving very quickly on transitioning the economy, the new economic […]

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