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Law: The Hijacking of America’s Legal System

The Arizona Conservative

From its founding, America’s legal system was built upon natural law defined by John Quincy Adams as:

“The laws of nature and nature’s God … of course presupposes the existence of a God, the moral ruler of the universe, and a rule of right and wrong, of just and unjust, binding upon man, preceding all institutions of human society and of governments.”

For America’s first century, Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Law, which reflected God-given natural law, heavily influenced the education of lawyers.

But within a century, academics would begin to undermine this system. Their preference was a legal system based on relativism. Applied to law, it’s called “positivism.”

The five major points of positivism are:

  • There are no God-given standards of law relevant to law
  • Man is the author of law, not God, and law is determined by the highest-ranking human authority in the state;
  • Man and society are evolving. Therefore, law is…

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KrisAnne Hall Discusses Killing of LaVoy Finicum

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Published on Jan 27, 2016

UPDATE: FBI finally releases a video. See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjl1h…

KrisAnne Hall, the legal advisor for the Coalition of Western States, was interviewed today on The Joe Miller Show. Ms. Hall, who was just in Burns, Oregon just last week teaching several constitutional law courses, spoke with protesters present at the refuge. She also discussed what happened with Ammon Bundy’s sister.

Ms. Hall states that no shots were fired by any of the protesters, but that there multiple shots fired by federal agents at the protesters’ car. Additionally, Ms. Hall states that LaVoy Finicum was “summarily executed,” shot while he was on his knees with his hands in the air. She contends that because of the Patriot Act, the federal government will likely never release the video of the stop.

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RT: US drowning in blood of innocent people proving its hegemony: ‘Twas ever thus’

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John Wight
© Khalil Ashawi

As the US grows desperate to re-establish credibility in the Middle East, having failed to stem the rise of terrorism across the region, and in response to Russia’s intervention in Syria, Washington is now clearly in danger of losing the plot.

Evidence for this comes on the back of the recent airstrike carried out by US jets over Mosul, targeting an ISIS facility allegedly containing a huge amount of cash intended to pay its fighters and finance future military operations. According to a CNN report on the Mosul airstrike, “US commanders had been willing to consider up to 50 civilian casualties from the airstrike due to the importance of the target. But the initial post-attack assessment indicated that perhaps five to seven people were killed.”

This is an astounding statement, cynical in its disregard for civilian lives and dripping in hypocrisy when we consider the efforts…

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The Hug of the Century

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Thanks to R.

A woman found a badly injured lion in the forest. She took it with her and nursed it back to health. When it was better, she made arrangements with a zoo to take the lion and give it a new and happy home. This video was taken when she returned to the zoo some time later to see how her lion was doing. Watch the lion’s amazing reaction when he sees her!

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12 Quotes From An Oglala Lakota Chief That Will Make You Question Everything About Our World

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hanks to Bamboo-Water

It’s 2016, and across the globe we are seeing indigenous elders from various locations on the planet coming forward to share wisdom that is so desperately needed. All of us who live on the planet are feeling the heat as we recognize that the time for change is now, and that this window of opportunity won’t be open forever.

Not long ago, Indigenous Elders and Medicine People of North and South America came together in South Dakota to deliver a fundamental message to humanity and the Earth:

We are part of Creation, thus, if we break the laws of Creation we destroy ourselves. We, the Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, have no choice but to follow and uphold the Original Instructions, which sustains the continuity of Life. We recognize our umbilical connection to Mother Earth and understand that she is the source of life, not a resource to be…

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This info was news to me. . . I don’t know if they are still holding this perimeter as secure, or not — since they were asked to leave. ~J

Published on Jan 9, 2016

Members of the Idaho Militia arrived in Oregon on Friday at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to secure a perimeter around the compound and prevent what they called a Waco-style situation.

The 3% of the Idaho Militia is a great improvement in the situation outside Burns, the Oregon standoff is now gone into it’s seventh day.

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