5G Densification May “prove to be an ecological disaster that could easily wipe out the Carbon emissions savings of the Paris accord”

By B.N. Frank

Regardless of how one feels about the climate change debate, the fact is that 5G has been offered as part of the smart tech revolution that promises to help alleviate the crisis, even by some environmentalist groups – though definitely not all of them

Before 5G and 4G, citizens worldwide have taken action against cell towers and antennas being installed near homes and schools due to health (see 12) and safety risks.  This includes American firefighters who have fought against cell towers and antennas being installed at their stations.

Because of the controversial “Race for 5G”, millions of radiation emitting 5G and 4G small cells towers and antennas are being installed within very close proximity of each other.  Opposition to this is worldwide.  Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit installation AS WELL AS issue 5G moratoriums due to health, safety, environmental and economic risks.  The majority of scientists oppose deployment.  A physicist also recently weighed in on biological and environmental consequences of 5G densification.


UNACCEPTABLE – “Brutal” Abuse Of Power: Watch As UK Police Break Up “Unlawful Gathering” Easter Service In London

By Tyler Durden

Shocking footage has emerged showing the absurd lengths authorities are willing to go to enforce “Covid rules” even after vaccines have been made more widely available, with tens of millions having received the jab.

UK police invaded a church in southwest London during a Good Friday service and shut it down because “too many people” were in attendance. Local reports identified that clergy and congregants at Christ the King Roman Catholic Church in Balham, at what’s a predominantly Polish neighborhood church, were threatened with a fine equivalent to multiple hundreds of dollars, or possible arrest if they didn’t leave.


Goldman, Bank Of America Made Hundreds Of Millions From Texas Blackouts

By Tyler Durden

Who needs Enron when you have taxpayer-backed “banks.”

Whereas 20 years ago, it was Enron that made billions from the California electricity crisis (which it caused), a scandal which culminated with Enron’s scandalous and convoluted bankruptcy, this time it is pristine banks such as Goldman and Bank of America that made hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue as tens of millions of Texans were stuck in the dark.

According to the Financial Times, in the days when the Texas electric grid failed during last month’s polar vortex blast and which sent electricity prices to staggering levels, Bank of America made hundreds of millions of dollars in trading revenue “highlighting the upside for Wall Street from mayhem that knocked out power and heat across the state, industry executives and traders said.”

CONTINUE: https://www.activistpost.com/2021/03/goldman-bank-of-america-made-hundreds-of-millions-from-texas-blackouts.html

Welp, It Turns Out Weather Modification Wasn’t Just Another Crazy Conspiracy Theory

By Robert Wheeler

Weather modification and manipulation don’t exist.

Weather modification is a crazy conspiracy theory.

Weather modification is not scientifically possible.

All of these are phrases that have been repeated ad nauseam by mainstream media for years. Suddenly, however, now mainstream media outlets can (and do) openly discuss ongoing weather modification programs from both corporations and foreign governments.

It looks like weather modification is one of those “crazy conspiracy theories” that isn’t so crazy after all.

Let’s talk about China’s weather modification program.

Understanding the Dangers of Innovation Zones and Smart Cities

By Derrick Broze

Following the news that Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak plans to launch so-called “Innovation Zones” where tech companies can create their own cities and governments, privacy advocates are responding with fear and concern.

During his State of the State address in mid-January, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak noted that the state is suffering because of the COVID-19 restrictions and the effect on tourism. Sisolak called on the launch of “Innovation Zones”, a plan aimed at bringing companies working on “groundbreaking technologies” to Nevada and turning the state into the “epicenter of this emerging industry and creating the high paying jobs and revenue that go with it.” However, in these Innovation Zones, corporations are given the power to collect taxes, and essentially, operate as a quasi-independent government.

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IMF Wants to Use “digital footprint of customers’ … online activities” to Assess Creditworthiness

By Robert Wheeler

For years, researchers have warned of a system in which the government controls every aspect of its citizens’ lives. Every citizen would have to rely entirely on the government to survive in this system. This system has been openly discussed for many years by the “ruling class.” Aka: those who have been allotted social credit (or not) and power based upon their views and opinions

The system has already begun in China and is now spreading globally: CONTINUE