How Biden’s Took $1.5 Billion, BioWeapon Transfer, Complicity to Slave Camps, China AI Surveillance

Biden's Taking 1.5 Billion Dollars From China

Obama Administration, and Bidens Were Told China Had Millions of People Quarantined In Slave Camps

During the course of the Obama adminstration, Barack Hussien Obama, the Obama Adminstration and Joe Biden were briefed by White House internal docs, CIA reports, and approached with reports from many human rights groups stating that China and its Communist Regime had slave camps throughout its country. That people were undergoing slavery, rape, torture, organ harvesting, murder and cremation of their bodies thereafter. These reports were inline with the same reports submitted to the United Nations and to the Bush Adminstration previously. Victims included Falun Dafa Practitioners, Christians, Uhgurs, Tibetans, Farmers, Artists, Journalists, and the Common Citizen who wished for freedom.

Joe/Biden’sTaking 1.5 Billion As Vice President to Obama

Joe Biden and his Son Hunter Biden took 1.5 Billion dollars from China under the Obama administrations watch, while China was housing Christians, Falun Dafa Practitioners, Tibetans, Uygurs, and other minority groups in camps, killing them for their organs. Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden may face trials for crimes against humanity, Article 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Genocide concentration, along with many other penal codes related to treason and crimes against humanity

Complicity, Article 3 of Genocide Convention

Article 3 was created after WWII. It states that if any person, entity or government is complicit to the prevention of genocide or reaction their of, they can be charged with crimes against Humanity. The Trump adminstration has passed many inniatives and laws condemming these camps the past 2 years, yet the constant attacks from the media, politicians and millions of people curtailed their ability to counter and curb China’s rise, slave camps, murder and bio-weapon technologies.

1.5 Billion to AI Bio-Weapon Technology Negligent Transfer to China

Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton and the Obama administration let Chinese steal and collaborate with money hungry Americans and Westeners that allowed our institutes, businesness, and bio-tech industries transfer the crown assets to China, including Corona Virus and other bio-weapon technology. This was done by negligence, and naive notions that China under the Communist Party will become a civilized nation and tell the truth.

AI Surviellance Google and Big Tech Enslavement in China and the World

The Biden’s, under the Obama administration, limited the good people that exist in the U.S military, FBI, Secret Service, CIA and other intelligence agencies to fully counter the Chinese Communist Threat and other nefarious entities inside of the U.S and around the world. They allowed Google, Eric Schmidt who was their CEO, to build China’s Orwellian State. After Trump came into power, many corporations linked with China were used to counter the U.S efforts to break from China’s trade enslavement. Now the Virus Broke Out. I warned the world was in danger for months in my reports, books, articles, interviews, lawsuits and tweets. Yet, many plagiarized my content, no big twitter accounts supported me, even the good guys with good messages turned the other way, let alone the mainstream media, endangering the world. Why? CONTINUE

A.I. Formed Covid CCPVirus, Event Not Planned by Human Beings

Corona Virus Not Planned By Human Beings
Cyrus A. Parsa The AI Organization,


Published Worlds Citizens in Danger from China and Big Tech 2019

August 24th, 2019 and October 20, 2019 I published books stating worlds citizens are in danger via China and big tech. Dangers comprised of enslavement, drones, machines, AI engineered hybrid animal virus’s, 5G, AI, surveillance, Digital ID’s, famines, conflicts and wars. Books were AI, Trump, China & the Weaponization of Robotics With 5G and Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity.

Corona Virus/CCP Virus AI Hybird Animal-Human Engineered

In the books I published that China is working on mixing animals and humans with the use of Artificial Intelligence and that there was a danger of an A.I hybrid engineered disease to the worlds citizens. In fact, I disclosed this in the subtitle of the book cover AI, Trump, China and the Weaponization of Robotics with 5G. The following extract from the subtitle sums it up and is further explained in the book Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity. “How China and Big Tech threaten the worlds people via The Human Bio-Digital Network” That was expounded on in the books.

CCP Virus with Plague Qualities for Some Human Beings, Immunity for Others, and Vague Results For the Rest

The Covid 19 or Alternatively the CCP Virus has been known to attack the lungs, the nervous system and contribute to various types of organ failures, including what is known as Covid Toes on some people with and without pre-existing conditions. Some animals have contracted the disease, and some food supplies, including some food or fruit have been contaminated with the CCP Virus in various parts around the world. The virus can be on objects, and can penetrate living organisms, humans, animals, food and crop. That being said, it seems it is deadly for some people, and the majority react as if it is a flue, while some are immune to it. Yet, it is very sophisticated, hard to detect and understand. As if the CoronaVirus CCP Virus was engineered with specific targets.

Lock-Down or Freedom?

The fear of the people from the left is that if they don’t hide in their homes until a vaccine or cure is found, they could die. The fear of the people on the right is they could die through famine, conflicts, civil discord, debilitating vaccines, wars, technocratic enslavement or undergo tremendous suffering from loss of job or their freedoms as provided by the constitution or their faith and common sense of free will. Benjamin Franklin before making any decision would outweigh the positives and negatives first. In this case, liberals find it hard to believe that conservatives think they want to enslave them with machines, robots, AI, 5G, forced vaccines, drones, and the shredding of the constitution. Conservatives find it hard to believe that this entire event is occurring at the same time that machines, drones, robots, 5G, AI and Vaccines, are coming into play. The fact is, this entire event is not planned by left or right. The logical and best solution is freedom for those who want freedom and homes and vaccinations for those who do not. Those who stay in their homes are quarantined until they receive their vaccine or what they think will be a cure, and those who are free are warned that some can suffer A, B and C, and live your life in accordance with your freedom. Those who choose freedom of choice do not affect those who stay in their homes, and do whatever WHO, their doctor or government recommends and does not mandate with force. In the interim, the right could respect the wishes of the left to have social distance from each other. Considering the tension between the 2, they may be best suited for civil communication from a distance.

Plagues in History

It is unlikely there was a time that a civilization stopped food production or commerce during a plague and they survived. If there was a plague, they still worked and provided food, and were very cautious in their conduct. In fact, that is why they kept a social distance, greeted each others from distance with bows, and kept a monogamous lifestyle as to not spread the plague through sexual contact. This Covid Virus has been sited by multiple news outlets and from the LGTBQ community news outlets that people of a different sexual orientation are more susceptible to Covid 19 in multiple ways. This virus is very sophisticated, and it has targets starting with certain groups of people in China based on intelligence we have received from direct sources that have access to China at its most sensitive locations. The greatest impact and loss of life was in China, while millions in the U.S and Europe experienced strong symptoms of the flue in January as they were exposed to Covid 19-CCP Virus, yet they made it through. It was reported that tens of millions died in China from the Virus, Famine, and Murder at the hands of the Chinese Communist Military.

Not Planned by Human Beings

The right thinks this event is a plandemic by the left big tech companies and politicians who have been attempting to sack Trump and take over with their technocracy. The left wants to take over politically and they are overwhelmingly invested in the tech industry, but they find the rights suspicion of the left planning the virus to take over, “Plandemec” and the virus being a hoax, silly. In fact, this event and the spawning of the virus is no coincidence, and it is very sophisticated. It was not planned by the left or right. This event or the creation of the CCP Virus/Corona Virus was not planned or spawned by human beings. Albeit it involved human beings, animals and the use of Artificial Intelligence in China. I was right about everything thus far, and tweeted about this in February, and published that this would happen in 2019. A very credible source has verified that in fact the Covid 19-CCP Virus was not a planned creation of human beings. This is very hard for the average person who taps into 5% of their brains capacity at any given time while filled with fear or emotion to accept, let alone phantom when, how, what and why. There are trillions of galaxies,planets and parallel universes, and humans are bound to form their perceptions via their 5 senses or the limitations of computers and machines. In the future many people will see the truth of this event, and will be in shock way beyond the current state of events that has humans hiding in their homes as if they are mice escaping extermination.

Concluding Statement on AI Composed Corona/CCP Virus Not Planned by Human Beings.

This entire event was not planned by human beings. All human beings are precious, should be valued. They should also realize this themselves. The image of a human being is meant to be of noble character. It is said in every ancient place, faith and culture, that humans are made in the image of God or the creator. Thus, there are certain requirements to have and to meet the designation that is beyond the conduct of an animals. The longer the U.S delays in exposing China CCP for their concentration camps that produced genocide of the people in China, not to exclude Falun Dafa Practitioners, the Christians, Tibetans, Uhgurs, and the common citizens with the use of western tech and trade, the worse it will get around the globe for the worlds citizens. Riots, famine, civil unrest, disease, and a chain reaction that could lead to global conflicts and wars. Some people call this sin, some karma, some bad luck. Some say what comes around goes around, some say its cause and affect, others say it is a chain of reaction.

Time is of the essence. Everything is interconnected. Geo-Politics, Finance, AI Tech, Emotions, Free Will and Destiny intertwined for all the worlds citizens at a level that requires high level thinking, faith and awakening to comprehend and act with righteousness. No matter what happens, we as a society should not have fear, yet be cautious, calm, rational, kind, and find the middle way. The middle way doesn’t mean force everyone to stay in their homes, nor does it mean to be irresponsible. Free will and choice have always been given to human beings. There are relics around the world depicting ancient civilizations, and what scientists today call myths of destruction because of unethical behavior or destructive technological advancements. No King, World Leader, Army or People’s had the power to do anything when they reached a certain stage. The greatest thing we can do is expose the Chinese Communist Government for their murdering of 10s of millions of people in their concentration camps, including organ harvesting, going back 2 decades as the West looked the other way, did business with them and provided technologies to enable the CCP to target, quarantine, arrest and kill their own citizens. The entire world needs to sincerely ask for forgiveness for turning the other way, doing business with this murderous uncivilized gangster of a regime called the CCP and contributing to the chaos the world is in today via conflicts and mistakes. This includes any person or entity they have taken advantage of in their personal lives. Thirdly, it would be great to wish for a future for humanity filled with awakening, enlightenment and a high degree of ethics and morals. A future where human beings are no longer selfish and harm others, rather selfless peoples.

Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization


SOURCE Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization


Covid 19 Drones: Socialist Regimes Monitor and Enforce With AI 5G, Turning Nation States Into Orwellian Entities Enslaving Everyone

Covid 19 Drones
Cyrus A. Parsa, Courtesy of Feverpitched, Dreamstime

Drones Transforming Democratic Nations to Socialist Despots on 5G

Drones can track, monitor, scan, extract data, record, swarm, quarantine and even take out a target on 5G networks led with various AI based technologies. Some very extreme and unwise people who believe drones can help Corona Virus counter measures are advocating such measures which can turn a democratic nation and its constitution into a socialist mechanism that transforms nations to Communist states.

Assimilating the Public to Drones on 5G with Soft Power

For the purpose of safety and health, a nation or state can attempt to mobilize drones to enforce rules on citizens as counter measures to Covid 19. If such a measure is taken, peoples thoughts and emotions can be assimilated to feel that governing via drone are safe and normal on a 5G network. This would allow a socialist/communist Chinese style dictatorship to take hold of any nation. The U.S has a constitution and a system of checks and balances in place to prevent many scenarios that do not involve complex AI based mechanisms that connect to 5G networks mobilizing drones.

Huawei, China and BRI


Truth, Full Disclosure, and the danger of AI

This article is a compilation of information about the courage to tell and accept the truth, Full Disclosure and the healing of the shadow, and the danger of the AI. We hope that this information will help you to understand why the suppression of information is reaching the apex, how we can know and discern the truth, and how we can free ourselves.

~ Universal Forces

The courage to tell and accept the truth

Hello. Today I start the article with this phrase of Albert Einstein:

It takes great courage to tell the truth. It takes even more courage to accept the truth.

Albert Einstein


Artificial Intelligence with Facial Recognition Hunts Hong Kong Youth For Capture, Rape & So Called Suicide

Hackers Can Add, Remove Cancer From CT Scans: Researchers

Hackers Can Add, Remove Cancer From CT Scans: Researchers

A team of researchers has demonstrated that hackers can modify 3D medical scans to add or remove evidence of a serious illness, such as cancer.

Experts from the Ben-Gurion University and the Soroka University Medical Center, Beer-Sheva, in Israel have developed proof-of-concept (PoC) malware that uses a machine learning technique known as generative adversarial network (GAN) to quickly alter 3D images generated during a Computer Tomography (CT) scan.

CT scanners are typically managed through a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) that receives scans from the scanner, stores them and then supplies them to radiologists. Data is transmitted and stored using a standard format named DICOM. PACS products are provided by companies such as GE Healthcare, Fujifilm, Philips and RamSoft.

One problem, according to researchers, is that PACS and DICOM servers are often left exposed to the internet. A scan conducted using the Shodan search engine identified nearly 2,700 servers that were connected to the internet. Another issue is that the medical imagery data is in many cases transmitted over the network without being encrypted, which exposes it to man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks and manipulation.

Malicious actors could directly target PACS that are accessible from the Internet, or they could first gain access to the targeted organization’s network and launch the attack from there. Another attack vector, which the researchers tested during a penetration test conducted in a hospital’s radiology department, involves physically connecting a small MitM device between the CT scanner’s workstation and the PACS network. In these local attacks, the attacker can rely on insiders or they can pose as a technician, the researchers said.

Once the attacker can intercept traffic from the CT scanner, they can use an attack framework, which the researchers have dubbed CT-GAN, to manipulate the images via the GAN technique before they reach the radiologist who interprets the results.

CT-GAN attack

The experts have tested the efficiency of the attack by asking three radiologists to diagnose a mix of 30 authentic CT scans and 70 scans altered using CT-GAN. The malware was used to inject evidence of malign cancer into the scans of healthy patients and remove cancer from the scans of patients who actually had it.

When the radiologists were unaware that the results had been manipulated, they diagnosed 99% of the injected scans as cancer and 94% of the scans from which the cancer was removed as belonging to healthy patients. After they were informed of the attack, the radiologists still misdiagnosed the patients in 60% and 87% of cases, respectively. The researchers said the attack even fooled a state-of-the-art lung cancer screening model in each and every one of the tests.

So why would someone want to launch such an attack? Continue