American Medical Association Approves Hydroxychloroquine

We warned this would happen and now it has. All year the liberal media has attacked Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, especially his endorsement of hydroxycloroquine as an effective treatment.

Now that Democrats believe the election is all over, their disgusting hypocrisy is reaching new heights!

The American Medical Association has amended their recommendations regarding Hydroxychloroquine, reversing their previous warning that a drug in common use for seven decades was somehow now dangerous. This comes after the 2020 election, of course. If they admitted the truth about HCQ before the election, it would have benefitted President Trump who has been recommending it for months.

The AMA is an organization of political hacks. Those in charge of the recommendation made a decision to disregard clear science showing the efficacy of HCQ as a treatment, prompting most news organizations and Big Tech companies to suppress calls for its widespread use. Real doctors had their opinions quashed. Those who discussed how HCQ could benefit us were often suspended or banned from their platforms. And worst of all, people likely died because the AMA wanted to help get their guy into the White House. According to Len Bilén: