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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

FED UP! Most Extreme Australian Premier Beaten, Common Law Assemblies Forming Worldwide

show-img-6-300x169 FED UP! Most Extreme Australian Premier Beaten, Common Law Assemblies Forming Worldwide

Australian activist, Mike Holt, joins the program to share the situation in Australia and how it may play out worldwide. He shares that the most extreme state, Victoria, is what we are hearing mostly in the news. The premier, Daniel Andrews, has gone completely off the rails with extreme mandates. As a result, Andrews was severely beaten with broken ribs and bruises all over his body. Holt warns that tyrant leaders all over the world need to be careful as you can only push the people so far before they will fight back.

Mike Holt is also leading the charge in creating Common Law Assemblies. He is working with others around the world to help them organize and successfully implement. You can learn more about this work at CommonLaw.Earth

What is Common Law?


The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.
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Freedom is as Close, or as Far, as Original Jurisdiction

By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I exposed the yawning gap between the sovereign governments of the world — and the living people — and the corporate “governments” of the “Confederate States” which are in fact for-profit business organizations operating as “States-of-States”.

For example, here in America, we have Wisconsin, the Territorial State of Wisconsin, and the Municipal STATE OF WISCONSIN, all operating at once.One of these three entities is the actual State— Wisconsin, owned and operated by the sovereign and independent government of the people who live in Wisconsin. This State is physically defined. It has borders.The other two entities, the State of Wisconsin and the STATE OF WISCONSIN, both, are foreign incorporated businesses. They are “Confederate States” — not actual States.

As business organizations, they don’t have borders or any physical attributes at all.The people of Wisconsin hold the national soil jurisdiction of Wisconsin as a population of living men and women, but when they choose to enter international jurisdiction, these same people function as People. People are Lawful Persons standing on the international land jurisdiction of their State–Wisconsin.In international jurisdiction, the Government of Wisconsin, is provided by State Citizens, people functioning as People — Lawful Persons who have a singular political allegiance to their State of the Union.When people talk about “Original Jurisdiction” they are talking about your actual State and its plenary powers as a sovereign entity and your standing on the land and soil of Wisconsin.

The only things abridging the sovereign powers of Wisconsin are:

(1) the Federal Constitutions and their associated delegations of power;

(2) whatever provisions the People of Wisconsin have made and published as Wisconsin Public Laws.As a Wisconsinite, you are free except for those few constraints. And the same is true of every other State. As a Wisconsinite standing in Original Jurisdiction, you are not subject to the corporate policies, statutes, regulations, and codes of any State of State organization, rather, they are subject to your Public Laws and to the Federal Constitutions.

You are their Employer and they are your Employees. So when a State of State Governor, for example, Governor Jay Inslee, of the State of Washington, makes a “proclamation” or issues a “mask mandate” or a “mandatory vaccination order” or “business lockdown” —- it only applies to you, if you are operating as a State of State Employee or Dependent, or are operating your business as an incorporated business “in” the State of Washington. If you are a Washingtonian operating your own business as an unincorporated entity in Washington (the actual State), they don’t have a word to say to you. Why?

Because you are in Original Jurisdiction. And they’re not.This was not always true in the Western States, but it is, now, because the pre-Civil War State Assemblies have finally enrolled all the States as States of the Union as of midnight September 30 – October 1, 2020.”Residing” in a State of State status is a big problem for people who have foolishly incorporated their businesses without full disclosure being provided to them, but not a problem for you or your State Assembly.

You can, for example, simply issue a new Washington Public Law offering Amnesty to all Foreign Corporations, provided that they contract to function lawfully and cause no injury to living people or private property in your State of the Union.This allows the good corporations to migrate and lawfully convert their assets and charters back to the actual State of the Union, and to come under the protection of Original Jurisdiction. This is called “lawful conversion” and should be made available in every State of the Union.You can help everyone else resolve everything about this present situation, simply by joining your State Assembly and issuing such much-needed Public Laws for your State of the Union.

For example, your State Assembly can outlaw forced vaccinations on your State soil. You don’t “legislate” this, the State Assembly composed of State Citizens, declares it as Wisconsin Public Law (or whichever State) and publishes it, so that all the foreigners, including their foreign State-of-State corporations are given Notice.You can join with the other State Assemblies, and if the State Assemblies support the initiative, you can use your Federation of States, The United States of America, to issue a true “Federal” Law outlawing forced vaccinations anywhere in America.Your Federation of States is the source of the adjective “Federal”.

Your Federation existed and was “Federal” long before any of the Federal Subcontractors even existed. That’s why it is “original”.In Original Jurisdiction, a “Federal Law” means that the actual States and People of this country joined together to issue a Federal Public Law, in international jurisdiction.It does not refer to any United States Statute-at-Large, which is legislative law. It doesn’t refer to any “Federal” Policy or Code issued by the Municipal or Territorial Governments, either.

A Federal Law issued in Original Jurisdiction is a true “Organic Law” — a form of Treaty Law among the States of the Federation.We can do this today just as our Great-Grandfathers did, but it is ours to do. Nobody can do it for us.So instead of sitting around and being worried and not knowing what to do—– go to: http://www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly,net—and get organized to take such meaningful actions.

The American States that are organized under this heading have their proper declarations recorded and have the standing to take such actions as outlawing forced vaccinations within their State borders.These, the actual States, also have the power to liquidate any corporation operating “unlawfully” in their State of the Union — which includes any corporation (of any kind) that is causing injury to people, animals, or the Earth resources of the actual State.This is your power over the Territorial Government and over the Municipal GOVERNMENT, too, which you have not been exercising, and which needs to be exercised to prevent these business organizations from pillaging, plundering, and waging “mercenary war” on our shores.

Simply by recognizing the fact that you are not a public employee nor a public dependent, and taking the simple steps to record your correct political identity and joining your State Assembly, you protect yourself, your family, and your country.Do it now, and know that all the drama taking place about the elections, is not our problem.

Those are all private corporate elections masquerading as Public Elections (for which “Public”?) and the corporations responsible will have to sort out their differences without harming us.You, meanwhile, are needed to sort out the rampant criminality of the corporations that have been running things in your purported absence.Go to: Today.
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Why They Are Afraid and Why They Ought to Be

 By Anna Von Reitz

They are pirates.  They are con artists.  They are cannibals.  They are reprehensible criminals.  And they have been viciously suppressed since ancient times — in Babylon, in Greece, in Egypt, in India,  in Carthage, in Rome, in Phoenicia, in Ireland, in Wales, in France, in Scotland, too.  
Their evil religion is universally abhorrent and has been universally condemned and suppressed for thousands of years, but because their chief stock-in-trade is the commodity called “money” they have continued to ply their trade, and people have foolishly allowed the devotees of Mammon to push their self-created idols as things having “value”— when in fact, no value but gullibility and convenience is involved. 
Humanity has proven to be very simple-minded, and that has led to the “bloom and bust” history of the Babylonian Mystery Religion.  We wise up and suppress the rats, and then, we forget.  Money is so convenient.  We produce our own for a while and all goes well, and then…. 
The Merchants of Money wheedle and coerce and blackmail and squeeze their way back into power, and everything predictably goes to Hell again.  
Look at the history of the Federal Reserve.  Concocted in a backroom meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia, using the excuse that such an institution would be able to stabilize the banking industry and currency values and keep the banks on the straight and narrow.
That’s me, guffawing in the background.  
Well, the Federal Reserve System could have done that and a great deal more.  Could have.  If it wasn’t operated by crooks, for crooks, and on behalf of crooks from Day One. 
It’s like saying an infamous Madam could become a righteous God-fearing woman and fearless leader of the PTA, a wonderful Mother and faithful Wife.  
Could.  Surely.  Could. 
In the same way, the Federal Reserve could have been a great institution and could have served noble purposes, but that was hardly in the make-up or history of the men promoting it, and nobody should be too surprised that the noble side of the Federal Reserve System was never explained to the General Public. 
Explaining it to the General Public would have meant that mere average Americans would have had remedy for the illegal and immoral profiteering of the Federal Reserve—- and that was never the intention.  
The intention was for the Perpetrators to commandeer the control of the banks and the US Mint and the US Treasury and the control of the domestic and international currencies, plus all the transfer systems related to each — and to also leave themselves a loophole by which they could exempt themselves from any private losses. 
So the Madam returned to her wanton ways, left Dear Old Uncle Sam to take care of the six kids she abandoned, and skipped town with everything of value packed in a rucksack for offshore deposit in the middle of the night. 
Now all the chickens have come home to roost, the embezzlement and enslavement rackets, the impersonation scheme, the barratry practiced by the courts, the theft of our natural resources, the duplicitous, self-serving, substitution of our government by foreign powers, the grotesque Breach of Trust, the criminal malfeasance and mis-administration of virtually all functions of our government — plus the banking and currency gambits, all of it. 
And they are afraid.  They ought to be afraid.  They deserve to be afraid.  
They are pumping incense into the skies and trying to protect their satellites from the righteous anger of the newly awakened National Governments —actual governments that now realize that they have all been abused and cheated and undermined by these charlatans.  
They can sense another purge and suppression coming on, because the National Governments are being roused to take action against them, and it is in the best interests of the National Governments to do so.  
But there is another twist, something else embedded in their memories, that they don’t like to think about— the prophecy of their final defeat.   Their plot against humanity has been discovered and the fury of the Primal Creator has been unleashed; and, these people who worship the God of War, now know that The Undefeated have been roused against them, right here on Earth. 
The name Guilleroi de Armentrois du Lac may mean nothing to you, but it means something to them. 
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

Sign In America – American Debt Relief

You Think I’m Crazy? Wait for It….. Wait for It…..

 By Anna Von Reitz

For several weeks, I have been pointing out the obvious — the profit motive of the corporations (and that means the Municipal Government and that means the Holy Roman Empire and that means, ultimately, the Roman Pontiff) involved in the virus scam and the push for vaccinations. 
First and Second Base are very authoritatively explained here:

“The” reason you can’t talk about “the” virus on social media is that the virus and the tests for it and the vaccines and everything associated with it —- all that —- is protected by patents.  
You have to have their permission to talk about “It”.  That is why you are being censored. 
And the patents that the social media corporations and many scientists are afraid of infringing upon are really the whole point of this fiasco — not just the reason that you are being censored. 
Third and Fourth Base are simple, basic, logical extrapolations—- pathways well-worn by past experience with the Vermin.  
Remember that I told you — these people are not actually creative at all?  They just find a scam that works and repeat, repeat, repeat?  
So, what did they do in the 1930’s to gain access to our individual credit and foist their debts off on to us?   
Unlawful conversion.  
They unlawfully converted you from being an American to being a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, and then converted the British Territorial U.S. Citizen into a Municipal CORPORATION that they could own and abuse however they liked.     
My point is that a process of identity theft and unlawful conversion was used  back then, so why wouldn’t they try the same basic schtick again?  And, as it happens, that is exactly what they are proposing.  More unlawful conversion.     
What they seized upon in the 1930’s and unlawfully converted was your name. 
Now, they are attempting to seize upon your genome, and working to unlawfully convert your unique DNA into a Genetically Modified version that they can patent and own.  
It’s stupidly simple, really.  
They patent a piece of genetically engineered mRNA, they use a fake pandemic as motivation and excuse to get people to accept being “vaccinated”, and they inject their patented piece of mRNA into your genetic code.  
They can then claim to own you at a cellular level.  And since you agreed to this “voluntarily” you don’t even have a basis to object. 
They can then exercise their patents to abuse you however they wish.   
This is why none of us can stand around and put up with this criminality any longer.  
Slavery in all its forms has been abolished, banned, outlawed in every venue and every jurisdiction since 1926, except for one — and it’s time for it to be abolished in the realm of commerce, too.  
If we want these corporations (and the men and women running them) to behave, the simplest and most effective means of control is to deny them their profit motives.   
If they can’t make money doing something repugnant, they won’t do it.  
There are other things we can do, too, to discourage this sort of thing from ever happening again.  
We can destroy corporations that engage in unlawful activities.  
We can force such corporations to be placed under new management.  We can confiscate their assets.  We can nationalize them for the Public Good.  We can liquidate them and sell their assets off in a piecemeal fashion.  We can arrest their Board Members and their Officers.  We can pierce the corporate veil that protects these Bad Actors. We can seize upon their personal fortunes and distribute their wealth to their victims.  
We can exercise our own “delegated powers” and completely uproot the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  We can clap the Patent Clerks that allowed this scheme in irons. 
Our Admiralty Law hasn’t changed since 1860.  (Yes, Virginia, there is always a silver lining.) 
If I worked at the USPTO and approved any of this package of novel coronavirus patents, I’d be sweating like a dog in Wuhan, China.
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

Sign In America – American Debt Relief

The Third Option

 By Anna Von Reitz

Ben Fulford says that the rest of the world doesn’t want to work with either “side” of the present “US” Government. Multiple diplomatic delegations have told me the same thing.They don’t want to deal with Joe Biden because he is a crook and a creepy old white man who abuses power.There is no gainsaying why the other countries don’t want to work with him; they don’t, and that’s their stated reason why.They don’t want to work with Trump, either, because from their point of view, he is an evil old white man who never compromises about anything, ever.Just telling you, again, what they tell me.Speaking for the American Experience with these entities, we all have reason to hold both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States government corporations at arm’s length. And wear rubber gloves.Once you understand the Big Picture, several glaring facts protrude above the confusion and nastiness on all sides.Fact One: The Municipal Government is trying to parasitize the Territorial Citizenry, and the Territorial Government is fighting back. We, Americans, are Third Parties, as we are not U.S. Citizens, but their plan is obviously to pretend that we are, and to draw us into the middle of their dogfight.Did you know that Nancy Pelosi, acting as a single Plaintiff, has named all “Citizens of the United States of America” as Defendants in a court suit seeking to steal all but $1000 of your checking and savings accounts, and to latch onto your 401K’s?They don’t call her “Nasty Nancy” for nothing.We should all hate her guts, and I trust that having read the foregoing, you now have a better appreciation for why.Fact Two: Bill Gates and Cronies in Britain and within the “Holy Roman Empire” have hatched a new Unlawful Conversion Scheme.The “vaccination” they are pushing is not a vaccination. It’s an implant procedure to insert a piece of their own patented mRNA into the natural genome of individual living people. This procedure will unlawfully (but legally) convert the victims into Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO’s, that can be claimed as property assets and owned. As slaves and DEBTORS.It’s a process of branding people like cattle, and claiming them on what these idiots think of as “Open Range”, because they miss the fact that our government never went anywhere and didn’t cease to exist and is now in Session — so in fact, all those “cows” are already wearing the American Brand. And they, the Perpetrators of this Scheme, are Rustlers facing the Death Penalty.Fact Three: Just as I told you all, the Holy Roman Empire and their pals in Britain operating the Government of Westminster, are parasites that have caused 95% of all the misery and warfare in the world for the past 400 years. And just as I told you, these parasites decided to move to a new host, China. They have been doing everything they could to sell out America and leave nothing but their garbage behind.Now, from the standpoint of all the rest of us, it’s high time to recognize the source of all these problems, and put an end to them.If the Catholics and the Brits won’t do their own clean up, it will be left to a consortium of other nations to do their job for them—- but at least we can be assured that the job of mopping up the Roman Empire is finally complete, and we are all agreed that slavery is outlawed in every jurisdiction and under every form of law.After 3000 years of disagreement on this point, it’s time to settle it.Fact Four: The Americans are not “the US” in any form, and never were.Both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States are nothing but foreign, privately-owned corporations in the business of providing governmental services. The details of their service contracts are published as The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America. And both these foreign Federal Subcontractors are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope.It follows that any arguments among his airy-fairy corporations are to be settled promptly by him with no further acrimony or inconvenience or endangerment offered against their innocent erstwhile Employers— the American States and People. And if that is not the immediate result, it’s Pope Francis’s fault.There is nobody else to blame, unless he cares to blame the Queen and the Lord Mayor for their despicable parts in all of this.There is this silver lining — we all now know, or have cause to know, who the real Perpetrators are, and it’s not the Americans. It’s not even the Chinese.Fact Five: The actual American Government has stirred its stumps and there is no longer any reason for anyone to surmise, claim, or presume that the Municipal United States and its Board of Directors is “representing” us, or that the Territorial Government —-as the Pledge of Allegiance says, is “standing for” us — when our States of the Union are in Session.It’s self-evident that you don’t send a Proxy to a meeting that you are attending yourself, and you don’t need “representation” when you are present yourself.We are here. Present and accounted for. Provenance intact.So, here’s the Third Option that everyone is searching for so desperately. Deal with the actual American Government of, for, and by the People of this country: The United States of America.
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.



Anna Von Reitz



Born in America Were you born in America,
in one of the States of the Union, on the land and soil of a State?

If so, you are eligible to receive back credit that has been owed to you, your parents, and your grandparents for the better part of a century.
This credit can be applied to erase debts like home mortgages, college loans, car loans, medical bills and more. 

Your Identity was Stolen.

You need to know that your identity as an American has been stolen.
You have been misidentified as a “United States Citizen” (Territorial Citizen) and then redefined as a “Citizen of the United States” (Municipal CITIZEN).
And neither one of those ‘PERSONS” are eligible to receive back credit which is owed to you as an American State National or American State Citizen.
Obviously, you need to come home to the land and soil of your country and declare your true status. 
For the past several years, members of The Living Law Firm have been hard at work trying to simplify and streamline a way for you to do exactly that.

Correct Your Political Status

You need to establish for the Public Record: (1) the return your Good Name to the land and soil of your birth State; (2) the expatriation of your Good Name from any foreign Territorial or Municipal status; (3) the cancellation of all previous Powers of Attorney that have left you vulnerable to attacks; (4) and the seizure of control of your ESTATE and other assets by claiming and relocating your Assumed Names back to the land and soil you are heir to.   

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The Sign In America Debt Relief Program is now wrapping up Round 1 of our Debt Relief Program.
As we complete the final stages of Round 1, all of the Sign In America Coordinators are excited and getting ready to begin
Round 2!
For those people who were not in Round 1, you will need to prepare your package to send to your Sign In America Coordinator. Your package should include the following:
1) All of your recorded documents from
2) Your single most critical, urgent debt that needs to be addressed. It is preferable that the statement includes a payment voucher, but if the statement doesn’t have one, we may still be able to process it. It would also be helpful for you to include a self-addressed envelope with postage already provided for the Coordinator to return the receipt to you.
We will notify you via this newsletter when Round 2 begins. You will then receive an email from your Sign In America Coordinator with instructions on where to send your package.
Round 1 clients have been assigned a Sign In America Coordinator and should have already provided paperwork. If you are still in process, we need you to complete the process prior to Round 2 starting.
As a reminder, the types of debt we are able to help with are in the form of: mortgages, property tax, personal tax, credit cards, loans such as car loans and student loans.
As a reminder, please note that this is a program that allows you to make purchases. It also does not handle monthly bills such as power, water, phone, internet, fuel, etc. Those types of bills will be handled by a future program that Anna Von Reitz and her team are working on.
For both Round 1 and Round 2 Sign In America Clients, our Team is looking forward to working with you!
As we move forward, your Coordinator will continue to work with you to have additional debt discharged, but it will be in cycles, due to the fact that we have to adhere to a strict schedule to ensure that the system continues to function and doesn’t get overloaded, which will not help anyone.
Please keep in mind that this is a slow process. It takes 2-6 months for the check that is made out to the DEBTOR CORPORATION to arrive from the United States Treasury. Once you submit your statement, you will receive a receipt and a cover letter from Sign In America. If you are facing a foreclosure, a court case or some other legal proceeding, by law, the legal process should cease once they receive the receipt.
Many of you have sent emails requesting the Training Program. The Training Program is still in development, and rest assured that you will be notified when it is ready for your use.
Please help build our common law communities and State Assemblies.
Help educate a friend, neighbor, a veteran, or family member about
The American State Assembly – Political Correction Process and Sign In America
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