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Latest on the Plandemic Paul Stramer / Paul Stramer ( By Anna Von Reitz Latest on the Plandemic The “vaccine” is the “Delta variant”. Don’t believe it? Watch this. There is no “variant” —- there can’t be a “variant” of something that hasn’t ever been isolated and identified and sequenced. We are watching the […]

Latest on the Plandemic —

More Filthy British Laundry

 By Anna Von Reitz

Boy, howdy! Things just keep getting worse and worse in the British Isles. First, it was all the black-robed goons walking in candlelight procession around and around the effigy of a dead baby in a coffin at the London Olympics, now it’s photos of red-robed Coven members sporting the symbol of the military caste of Orion performing rituals at the G7 meeting, and photos of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s wife’s latest theater production, a thoroughly distasteful hold-your-nose production of “The Last Straw”, a work based on Aleister Crowley, once rated “the most evil man on Earth”. That’s what you’ve got running Great Britain these days. Match it up with the equally evil red dragon holding court in the Inner City of London, and you will have all you need to put two and two together and yes, if you are not part of The Liars Club, come up with 4 instead of 5. Imagine if you will, that this entire world, everything that you see and imagine as substantial, is in fact mostly empty space — and that the empty space is alive and holding everything together, much as the spaces between these words hold the sentence together, even though they are unseen on the page. Imagine further that this entire construct was made via the power of sound, and woven together from ordering and setting vibratory signatures using electric charges applied to single hydrogen atoms and ions? There’s really only one unit of construction, seven whole tones, and the unimaginable power and energy of the Voice, the Word, of the Creator. Have you ever sung in a choir with mixed voices and parts? Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Base? Well, imagine more than a hundred such parts, all combined in infinite complexity, all orchestrated together by the empty space which is universally present and infinitely varied. And now that you have some concept of this vast choir singing it’s infinitely varied song and have conceptualized the role and importance of the “empty” spaces, pauses, rests, and endpoints within the celestial choir’s concert masterpiece—- imagine that one no-good-nik starts singing off-key. Just a little bit. Hardly enough to be noticed, but there and off-key nonetheless. If you are listening, you can hear it well-enough and as you notice it, it seems to be amplified, if only because you are aware of it — grating away on your nerves and diminishing your enjoyment and somehow distracting you from the whole glorious concert. You wish the rat would simply shut his mouth and stop singing. The silence would fill in and everything would be perfect and good. You would only notice his absence, by the relief your ears would feel, and the increase of your own enjoyment. Well, folks, Satan is that rat. That one singing off-key. And unfortunately, his Voice has gotten louder and louder and louder over the years, until he threatens to drown out all the beautiful and harmonious and sacred music that creates this world of ours. Now, what can we do to put an end to this situation? We can turn down his volume control, by turning the knob on the mainstream media (Linda T., thank you and your husband, you did exactly the right thing.) and stop listening to the freakish Rockefeller musical scale, which deliberately destroys the healing effect of celestial music and introduces harmful effects, instead. Buy yourself some Wholetone Music and listen to that. And listen to plenty of silence, to find the well-spring of health and meaning and being. Rest in that silence and peace after you read this British Gov memo about the “Permanent Lockdown” and who is involved in it—- absolute proof of concerted bio-terrorism via vaccination. Facebook friends will have to go to my website, and be patient until it gets posted.
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Listen Up! U.S. Citizens can’t speak for Americans— even if they were born and raised in America, their registered political status prevents them from having lawful standing under international law.

The American States Assembly

Correct Your Political Status

Dear Mr. Trump….

 By Anna Von Reitz

We read your announcement saying that “refusing vaccination” in the current situation was “deranged pseudo-science”. Perhaps you would care to explain how injecting monkey fetal cells, cells culled from long-dead human baby tissue cultures, human lung cancer cells, and bits and pieces of the HIV virus, all mashed up and macerated together, and then killed using industrial organic solvents and injected into anyone’s arm is “science” of any kind? Ever?

We might as well throw dead snakes in a barrel full of mineral oil, let them decay and strain off the decoction as a miracle tonic. Or dress up in skins, take hallucinatory drugs, howl at the moon, and hope for the best. Even more to the point, how could anyone condone the insertion of foreign Messenger RNA into a living man or woman?

Do you even realize what this does? It high-jacks the cell’s protein production capabilities, so that instead of making proteins needed by our bodies, it makes useless foreign viral protein instead.

This foreign protein is useless to us, but it consumes the raw materials that we need to make our own proteins to repair our organs, and it builds up in toxic quantities, forming tiny little blood clots all over our bodies. And at the same time, our immune systems are on overload, trying to get rid of all this foreign protein suddenly being manufactured by our own bodies.

So we die by organ failure, for lack of the proteins we need, or we die from the blood clots or the Warfarin (rat poison) used to dissolve them, or we die from immune system failure. And in all versions of this scenario, we die as a direct result of taking this shot. And we are being “unscientific”?

What’s scientific about being mortally stupid? Despite what you and Mr. Fauci and Mr. Gates might think, there are still enough of us with an actual education in science to stomp the living Hell out of all of you, and with millions of sick infected people with nothing to look forward to but treatment with rat poison as a cure for your snake oil, we will have plenty of help.Suggest that you take a basic biology book down off the shelf and actually read it.
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What You Need to Know

 By Anna Von Reitz

Back in the Old West on the American Frontier we suffered a rash of “snake oil salesmen”.  These unscrupulous and possibly deranged individuals got themselves a barrel of mineral oil, and as they traveled, they killed snakes and threw them  in the oil barrel— letting them decay, fangs, poison and all.  They sold vials of the resulting decoction as a cure all tonic, and people bought it.  
Believe it or not.  
We look back on that and shake our heads, so proud of modern medicine…. and yet…. millions of people just lined up and let themselves be injected with a mixture of  fetal monkey cells, cells from long-dead human babies, cancerous lung tissue cells, and bits of HIV. This melange of biological detritus was macerated and killed with industrial organic solvents and then injected into your arms as a vaccine.  
Some things never change.  
Gross ignorance on the part of the public and equally gross money-grubbing self-interest on the part of the purveyors of this modern day snake oil, have combined to poison literally millions of people, but it gets worse. 
Along with all the other gunk being senselessly injected into the victims comes a little genetically engineered nanobot, a Messenger RNA payload.  
This little gem high-jacks your cells’ ability to manufacture proteins, but instead of manufacturing proteins that your body needs, your cells will now be producing mass quantities of a dead foreign viral protein instead. 
This protein is less than worthless to your body, but large quantities of nutrients will be consumed making it anyway, and it will build up in your bloodstream, where it will cause tiny blood clots.  Then the geniuses responsible will give you “Warfarin” — rat poison — as the cure for the blood clots they caused.
Meanwhile, your body will be starved for the means to make proteins that it needs to live, and your immune system will be going bezerk trying to fight off this build up of toxic foreign protein in your body.   
You will die, either from organ failure (for lack of good protein to restore organ tissue) or from the blood clots or from immune system failure. 
And those who did this to you and your family and your friends, will say that you did this to yourself.  
You did this “voluntarily”, just like you paid Federal Income Taxes “voluntarily” all your life— even though you never had a penny of Federal Income and owed no such tax at all. 
Yes, you did this to yourselves and your children, but it wasn’t actually voluntary.  You were coerced.  You were deliberately misinformed by the media and by doctors on the take, “authorities” like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, Eugenists who were making money off this while killing all you “stupid useless eaters”.  
Don’t forget the politicians who spent your ill-gotten tax money on massive propaganda campaigns and “free vaccine” clinics, that you actually paid for. You were also set up and threatened. 
You were told that taking the vaccine was a condition of employment. 
You were told that you wouldn’t be able to travel without a vaccine passport. 
You were shamed into it on top of everything else.   
And so, you have killed yourselves and your families.  Voluntarily.  
The murderers have no accountability.  The vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued by law. So you will die by the various and sundry causes, by the millions, and the vermin responsible will make money on all the body bags they already bought and have stockpiled at FEMA camps all over this country. 
My Sister and Niece were already suffering from this deadly man-made “disease with no name” before all this happened.  My Niece is a veteran of the Gulf War  you know — the one caused by the non-existent weapons of mass destruction?  — and she was injected in the course of her service. 
It’s a long and lurid history here, in “the land of the free” —of our soldiers being used as involuntary lab rats for irresponsible and unaccountable human test trials for the drug companies.  
So, suddenly, she and her compatriots developed a mystery disease that thickens their blood and causes blood clots.  Sound familiar?  And all they can do for her at the Veteran’s Administration is tea, sympathy, and warfarin — the aforementioned rat poison that the rest of our population will now become familiar with.  
We first realized that this condition was transferrable when my Sister “caught it” from my Niece.  And now, they are both on rat poison— and my Niece is fighting cancer and my Sister is slowly dying of adrenal exhaustion (dead thyroid gland) and diabetes. 
And all the hospitals and doctors and nurses —- who are not “heroes” — but rather an admixture of monsters and psychopaths, liars, fools, and thieves, are making money hand over fist as a result of their customers’ slow, agonizing demise.  
They are going to have their hands in your pockets, too, soon enough— capitalizing on the problem they created. 
And what are you going to do about it, with the time you have left? 
Whine and feel sorry for yourselves?  Regret killing your own kids and sterilizing the survivors?  
Let me suggest that you do something useful. You’ve got nothing left to lose and nothing to look forward to but rat poison. 
Send back the malice and death that has been sent to you.  Just sit there and take in the situation until you’ve got a bellyful of it, and then, think of Bill Gates. Think of his smug smiling face, poised with a hypodermic needle in his hand. 
Think of the over 700,000 children in India who were killed and maimed by this man, and how encouraged he was, because he got away with it.  Think of all those lying media Talking Heads, parroting statistics about the Common Cold to scare you into taking the Death Shot. 
Think of Anthony Fauci, dithering idiot, pontificating one way today and another tomorrow and yet a third mandate the next day.  Take a good look at his stock interests.  He sold himself to the devil and set the stage because he was making lots and lots of money off of this. 
And the CDC and NIH —- did anyone ever tell you that those are both privately owned corporations in the business of manufacturing vaccines?  
No, I didn’t think so.  Well, they are. 
Now, what I want you to do is simply this: imagine jabbing Gates and Fauci and all the smug WHO officials, the TV Talking Heads, and the politicians responsible for this, with the same crap they injected into you. 
Feel the plunger go down.  Feel the poison entering their bloodstream.  Know how they are going to end their days, too.  
Oh, it’s for the Greater Good.  It really is.  And it has no karmic consequence, because after all, you are just returning all this malice and evil to the senders, reflecting it back to them like a mirror. 
Imagine the CDC — gone.  The NIH —- gone.  Pfizer — gone.  Moderna — gone. Johnson and Johnson — gone.  All the corporations responsible for this — simply gone.  Erased from history.  Their board members — gone.  Their officers — gone.  And of course, all the politicians responsible for this, gone, too.  Just erased as if they never were. 
I want those of you who are dying— and who now truly understand that you are doomed and why —  to please pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to come to you and teach you what you need to know.  
Imagine that the Spirit of God comes and while you sleep, the entire Earth is swept clean of those who have done these horrifying things and who have worshiped money more than life.  Ask for them to be removed.  Ask for healing for yourselves and for the Earth.  Ask for the paradise and peace you have been promised. 
Ask.  And then, get up and join your State Assembly and push, push, push with all you’ve got left to bring down these politicians and corporations that have allowed this.  Make your outrage and your dying breaths count.  Go to:  

No Arguments Needed — Try This Yourself

By Anna Von Reitz

There are some things that are simply too important not to share, things that impact life on this planet, and our own daily lives, too. You were given a great gift, and then, evil men snatched it. They couldn’t use it themselves, but they didn’t want you to have it, either. Part of the mission here in this day and age is to let you know the truth about who you are, what you are owed, and also, about the Gift.

You’ve already learned about the misuse and abuse of “persons” to misrepresent both who and what you are. You now know that when you see your name in all capital letters, a Municipal PERSON is being addressed, and you are getting their mail. It’s literally misaddressed mail. The same people, the Liars who perpetuated this scheme, have promoted other such schemes in other venues, too.

Throughout the Bible you hear the constant condemnation of the Liars. Among those set aside specifically for the Pit are the Liars. Time and again, we are told that perdition is set aside for “all Liars”. We are told specifically that God the Father hates gossiping and liars. Both. What’s this focus on liars about? They are following the Father of All Lies. Every lie you speak is giving Satan a voice. Every lie you knowingly tell is giving him an inroad to your soul. This is why liars are condemned — they have given their allegiance to The Father of All Lies, and every day they seal their doom by continuing to lie, lie, lie— whether they are newscasters casting spells on the half-sleeping audience, or preachers thundering nonsense from pulpits unknowingly consecrated to Baal.

It should really come as no surprise that the same characters have conspired to cheat you out of the greatest Gift ever given. They can never inherit it themselves, because of the choices they make on a daily basis, but they are so mean-spirited, that they contrive to keep you from receiving what has been set aside for you —- and they use the same means that they use to impersonate you and misrepresent you as a foreign citizen in your own country. They lie.The actual name of our Beloved Teacher and Savior in English is: Joshua. Not Jesus.

So how can you pray in his name, if you don’t know his name? Nice trick, no? Cripple his followers by teaching them to pray in the wrong name. Imagine the grim amusement of all the followers of Baal, listening to millions of “Christians” aimlessly praying to “an unknown god”. Of course, our Father knows your heart, but how lame is this, that we are deluded into using a Roman nickname? A “nickname” refers to Old Nick — Satan — and it is a False Name by definition. So if you are still calling out in “the name of Jesus” — guess what? Now I can anticipate the floodgates of consternation and the piles of learned papers written by experts that will be dumped on my desk, but Grandma is Grandma— and to me, the proof is always in the pudding. Something is or is not. A carrot is not an apple. So let’s cut to the chase. Try it out for yourself.

Say your prayers in Joshua’s name for a week and see what happens. If you are a purist and want to try to say his name in Hebrew, it sounds like “Yahushuah” with the “hush” hushed a bit. But use his name, not the Roman Nickname. See what happens when you turn your heart to him and speak his name and pray in his name. I can already tell you what happens. Miracles happen. But no need to argue about it. Test drive this for yourself. See for yourself. The same thing applies to the use of the words “Christ” and “Christian”. The word “Christ” means “anointed one”, but it doesn’t say which anointed one, does it? This same word applies to the High Priest and High Priestess of Baal. Just like the word “Amen” means “truth” in Hebrew, but is also the name of the Egyptian sun god, Amen-Ra. Are you willing to drink from a polluted stream? Why, then, would you call yourselves by an ambiguous name like “Christian”? Why would you address your prayers to an Egyptian idol, and expect a response from your Father in Heaven? It’s not just the history and structure of your temporal government that you’ve been misled about— and again, there’s no point in arguing with me. Just take the information in and begin praying in this new way.

See for yourselves. Pray in the name of Joshua and don’t “seal” your prayer with anything but your love. Just send it “in the name of Joshua, your Son.”Now that you are set free of self-defeating words, your prayers will be heard and answered. The old black magic of deceit and substitution won’t work anymore. The intent of your heart will flow freely to Heaven, unobstructed— and just as freely flow back to you. If anything be troubling you, any evil of this world, any illness, any loss, any addiction, any cross — pray as I have taught you and you will be answered. Kindness will enter your life. Compassion will find you. Wisdom will come. Healing will attend you. The answers you receive may surprise you, because our Father doesn’t think as we think and is not limited as we are, but the answers will be present as he is present; and you will be comforted.

And as you are comforted and as your miracles abound, and as you come to know that the veil of deceit has finally been removed, teach others as freely as I have taught you. Don’t hoard this up as a secret just for you or for your friends or the members of your church. Tell everyone who will hear you. Teach them. Let them discover the power and freedom that comes to them when they connect to the True God and when they pray — not “in Jesus’ name” — but in the name of Joshua.
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The War of the Fey Who Remained

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have been engaged in a spiritual war for many years; it is time for everyone to come to intellectual grips with this struggle, because whether you like it or not, we are all in the middle of it. According to Irish traditions about the Fey and their appearance from the fog and also the disappearance (of most them) into another fog, we now know that this is consistent with the phenomena of extra dimensional travel and the use of clouds and fog to hide the “blinking out” associated with this.

Remember how Jesus and others in Old Testament accounts went up in a cloud? Now you know why. It should be no surprise to hear that there are those Fey loyal to Truth, and those who are loyal to the Lie (Illusion), so it is not a matter of “all Fey are bad” or “all Fey are good” according to blood or nature. It’s a matter of allegiance, whether you stand for Truth or for Illusion.

The Romans made most of the British Isles uninhabitable to the Fey who remained there by polluting natural water wells, streams, and ponds with iron objects and iron ore and later by using iron pipes to convey water. The Fey are allergic to iron and this action by the Romans rendered the water unusable. The remaining Fey have been at war with the Romans ever since, though as in any conflict, there are and always have been a few Turncoats assisting the common enemy.

Unknown to most of the people on this planet, water is alive. It has a memory. It knows when it has been violated and it remembers both the offense and the offenders. Consider— is this really any stranger than learning that chips made of silicon can be imprinted to carry vast amounts of information? The deliberate destruction and pollution of the entire Pacific biome by the Romans and their Allies (again) resulting from the Fukushima disaster has brought the ancient conflict over the poisoning of the wells back to the surface, and it is now entering public cognizance.

This may seem very strange to you, simply because you have never been made aware of the unique properties and crystalline characteristics of water, but then, you have never been made aware of a great many things. You have never been made aware of the drastic decline in atmospheric oxygen levels, either. Listen up. This is occurring even more rapidly than before because Fukushima is polluting most of the Pacific Ocean and the marine algae and other ocean flora are dying, thus no longer producing oxygen for people and animals to breathe.

Harvesting of the Amazon Basin and many of the Equatorial African forests have only added to the problem, as has the senseless jihad against carbon dioxide. We are living in an oxygen starved environment with oxygen levels far below our optimum performance requirements. As a result of deliberate acts against Mankind, our water is polluted, and our food is only partially oxidized during digestion for lack of adequate oxygen to burn it up — which leaves a lot of toxic unconsumed food residue in our bodies, and results in chronic diseases occurring on an unprecedented scale.

Hear this loud and clear: the problem is not enough oxygen. Excess of carbon dioxide is a secondary result. And the entire problem is caused by killing plants, both on land and sea. Repeat that as often as necessary to get it firmly through your heads and then carry the message forward. Talk about it. Send letters about it.

Make a noise! Plants use carbon dioxide as a building block to grow and increase their mass, and they expel oxygen as a waste product of this process. When you kill the plants, two things happen — (1) oxygen levels fall (no plants producing oxygen), and (2) carbon dioxide levels increase (no plants using up carbon dioxide).

The idiot measures to artificially decrease the amount of carbon dioxide —-which harms the ability of the plants to survive by depriving them of the material they need to live—-is not only unspeakably stupid, it’s criminal. Those who planned and executed the Fukushima disaster did this as a deliberate act of pollution and they intended deliberate mass death within the Pacific Biome as a result.

Next, they raised their hands above their heads and started wailing about just one of the results– the build up of unused carbon dioxide in the atmosphere– and they propose to use this as an excuse to impose draconian taxes on carbon dioxide emissions, which will only worsen the problem they created by killing half the Pacific Ocean flora, while threatening the government of Japan and enriching themselves.

Everyone on Earth needs to recognize what is actually going on here behind the Papal Curtain and Corporate Veil, and we all need to tear the rest of the gauze off. At this moment, the Enemy of all mankind is centered in a longitudinal ley line array with key points just west of Prague, just north of Meissen, Germany, and just south of Ulm, Germany.

All remaining Light Workers and volunteers need to concentrate on clearing these energy centers and also on clearing another triangle just west of Cologne/Koln, just north of Vienna, and just west of Stuttgart, Germany, in the Pindar (Rhein River Watershed).

All those who feel ill-equipped for an energetic rough and tumble at this time, are advised to concentrate their energy on bolstering Avallon in France.

Remember that I told you that the Kingdom of Camelot (actually Camelotte) is in France, and all the legends of “Avalon” are those of Avallon, in France, also.

Fully inform all members of all governments worldwide, and most especially, the delegations to the United Nations and the Justices of the World Court. Put down the Paris New Green Deal with a thump and face the actual problem that has been created in your midst.

The remaining Fey are leading the charge, but the people of the Earth must rise to defend themselves from these criminals, must make use of their True God-given abilities.
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AGAIN – LET THIS REALLY SINK IN! The Corporate Bosses just work for us, and all the politicians and bureaucrats, too. Time for everyone to wise up and come home and stand in your proper status as Americans and shut this nonsense down.

CAFR New Relationships

 By Anna Von Reitz

Just in from Walter Burien — he is leaving the “Mainstream” social networking facades and joining Brighteon instead.  I don’t blame him. 
It’s an honorable thing to do, though ironic — these corporations are being bullied to do what the politicians say for fear of losing their charters, and we are the actual owners of their charters.  
They are also being threatened with “patent violations” and forced into silence and censorship for fear of infringing on patents —- and we are the actual owners and protectors of the patents. 
How do you like that for upside down and turned around?  
Walter Burien and I and you all— are the owners of all these corporations. 
The Corporate Bosses just work for us, and all the politicians and bureaucrats, too. Time for everyone to wise up and come home and stand in your proper status as Americans and shut this nonsense down. 

Meanwhile, Walter’s work, and especially his movie, The Only Game in Town can be seen and shared at this new address:

If you have never watched “The Only Game in Town” please do so now.  It will give you an important insight into the way that “government” at all levels has been operating behind your backs and the simple fact that the government owes you — you don’t owe the government. 
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

Vampires — American Patriot Email Reports

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska Yes, there are vampires— and they are not at all uncommon.  When I stare someone in the eye and tell them this, they are invariably shocked. They don’t know what to say, and more importantly, they don’t know what to think. The entire idea is so […]

Vampires — American Patriot Email Reports

Brush Fires or Arsonists — My New Year’s Address

 By Anna Von Rietz

First, I want to thank all those reading this for taking the time.
Next, I want to challenge everyone to prove this quote wrong:  “Americans are so stupid they will destroy themselves just to appear smart and virtuous.”
We don’t need to be smart to see through the hoaxes and lies.   If you can keep your kids from raiding the cookie jar, you are up to speed.
And virtue depends on doing the right thing for the right reasons. The real thing often requires us to do the opposite from what “everyone else” is doing— at least, at first.
Like not wearing masks and not getting vaccinated.
Third, I want all my friends and critics, too, to think about their focus as we move into 2021.
Every photographer knows that if you focus on a leaf, you get a picture of a leaf, and if you focus on a tree, you get a picture of a tree…..and guess what happens if you focus on a forest?
What you see depends on where you focus your attention.
Every magician makes his living because of this.
While he is waving his white-gloved hands over the empty hat, the rabbit is already in position….. sitting there, munching away, bored.
And so it is today, that we are presented with all sorts of distractions and brush fires — the virus, the election, the Chinese, the monetary system, Black Lives Matter, the stock market antics and on and on. 
These are the white-gloved hands waving around, so that you focus your attention on them.
So, knowing that, turn away and look elsewhere.
That’s not the show.  The real show is entirely different and happening elsewhere.
The actual important action has nothing to do with any of these media-extravaganza brush fires, and most of the heroes working to save you and your country will be unsung.  As well as unpaid.
The actual “show” is the one you play in your minds and hearts, it’s embodied in your reactions, your ideas, and your beliefs. So believe in what is true, and what is good.  Go to your Happy Place.  Turn on your Shinola Sensor and cruise.
Notice that China isn’t the problem.  It’s those who are paying China with one hand and trying to abuse and cheat China with the other.
The Common Cold is more infectious thanks to these rats, but so what?  It’s your reaction that gives it — and them — any special power.
Notice that white is a color.  Yes, we are “people of color”, too.  Who knew?
Notice that political parties are foreign lobbying groups, here at our trough.
Notice that the “government” isn’t really a government.
Notice that all the elections are crooked, not just this one.
It’s not the brush fires we need to worry about.  It’s the arsonists– those who have created all these “institutions” and sideshows and have profited from them worldwide.
Wake up, dear hearts, and as 2021 dawns, resolve to take your stand with the Truth, come what may.  Pick up your courage and find your peace.  Declare your birthright political status.  Join your State Assembly. 
Pull your oar and be blessed.
Your actual government is here, plugging away.  Our Ship of State may be old, but she is sea-worthy.  Many Americans have returned home to the land and soil and more are on the way.  There is much for us to be grateful for, and much more to do.
If you can pray, pray.If you can afford to volunteer, do.  If you can afford a donation, please put the wind in our sails.
Our PayPal is: avannavon@gmail.comOur Snail Mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger, in care of Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska, 99652,
Thank you, all of you, who have contributed in all these ways in the past year, and bless your efforts, and ours, in the coming year.
Happy 2021!
Love you!

The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.