Impeached For Doing His Job

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz

Every  “US Citizen” regardless of political party should be offended by the abuse that President Trump is taking.

Biden and his son received more than a billion — billion with a “b”— in payola skimmed off the governments of Ukraine and China.

They are felons, international criminals, influence peddlers, racketeers, extortionists — men who sought and who received payola on a Big Time basis.

They should be in jail, not the campaign trail.

And if we didn’t have lunatics in the hen house, along with the foxes, they would be.

Our failure to react appropriately to shut the Bidens down and punish them, plus the current media circus in DC, just makes the rest of the world think we are all criminals and that we support the kind of racketeering that Biden engaged in.

Think about that for five seconds.  Our failure to prosecute Biden, combined with the efforts of Democrats in Congress to impeach Donald Trump for doing his job and investigating this obvious wrong-doing by a former VP, makes everyone else in the world think that we are: (1) crazy or (2) criminals ourselves.

The rest of the world looks at Nancy Pelosi and they think — that woman is nuts.

They look at Pocohontas Warren and they think — that woman is a liar. Big time.

And so it goes.  And then they turn and they look at us and, they think — “And these people elected these cretins — repeatedly?”

Are all the “US Citizens” criminals and nutcases, too?

As for Donald Trump, he would have made the same inquiries as part of the performance of his actual job — the one we pay for — whether Biden decided to run for office again or not.   And he has proven that.

Trump and his Administration have investigated and prosecuted many claims of impropriety and racketeering and wrong-doing of worse kinds by current and past officials. That’s just the problem.  That’s why the crooks want to impeach him.  They are afraid that the next indictment will be their very own.

And in a lot of cases, something like four-fifths of the members of Congress, they should be indicted for crimes.

So — the criminals are impeaching Trump for investigating crime.

Go figure.

And, ironically, but predictably enough, they are trying to accuse Trump of what Biden actually did — and actually got paid for.

Remember — Biden asked for and got money.  Lots of money.

All Trump asked for is information regarding possible criminal activity by a former VP —- which is his right and his job, folks.  It’s what he should be doing.

And the idea that he was doing it because he was afraid of Joe Biden as a contender for the Presidency is ridiculous.  Biden had already failed to make the mark as a serious Presidential contender at the time the question was asked.

Trump was in no need of dirt to Deep Six the Biden Campaign.  It was already half a mile back in the rear-view mirror and off the tracks.

Everyone needs to get serious and think about this, because once again, the Media is trying to push a bill of goods saying that black is white and white is black and good is bad and bad is good.

Remember their modus operandi?  Always accuse your opponent of what you are doing yourself?  The pot always calls the kettle black?

Here they are, yelping the obvious Big Lie like a pack of dogs, right on time, following their Standard Operating Procedure.

So Joe mugged a little old lady, stole her purse, swore at her for struggling against his assault, which included kicking her to the ground and stepping on her hand, breaking her fingers as he ran off with her money and credit cards and ID — all of which he subsequently spent and enjoyed.

And Don is told about this, can’t hardly believe it, and makes inquiries.

Isn’t it obvious who the criminal is?  Or should I say, who the criminals are?

To all our employees in the Federal Civil Service and Military and their dependents —- get off your rumps and save this country.  Vote in the next election and try to do so intelligently for a change.  Get rid of these jokers. Clean out Washington, DC, and help Donald Trump drain the swamp, or millions of you are going to get your Pink Slips.


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The Biggest Lies

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

I’ve been sitting here this morning, thinking about lies.

Children lie because they don’t know any better, but as you get older, most people stop lying –both to themselves and to others.  There are, of course, many exceptions. and many adults continue to lie because they think it profits them in some way.

Bill Clinton: “I did not have sex with that woman.”

Those of us who have arrived at the next stage of maturity, know that it does no good to lie, because the Truth, in its entirety, is always known.  So, as a practical matter, there is no use in lying.  That’s why we don’t do it.

Barack Obama: “I’m going to cut the Federal budget.”

It really is laughable at times, and yet, people who believe lies act upon them.

Think of the millions of people who have voted for politicians to run their lives and ruin their country, simply because they believed lies?

And then failed to check back on voting records and do performance evaluations?

So they continue to believe and vote for the same politicians who have been lying through their teeth the whole time.

US Senator Lisa Murkowski: “Of course, I’m a Republican.”

Billions of people worldwide give up over half of their earnings under conditions of force and duress, yet somehow, they believe that they are free.

They pay property taxes and mortgages, yet they think they own their homes.

NIST: “The World Trade Center towers collapsed because of office fires ignited by jet fuel.”

Just recently, I was accused of lying.

A neophyte researcher went on the internet and couldn’t find something I referenced.

He was looking for an action undertaken by the Continental Congress affecting the International Jurisdiction of the Several States— in Municipal Government records.  No joke.

That’s like looking for Acts of Parliament in the archives of the City of Pittsburgh, Ohio.

Even after I explained his mistake, he remained convinced that I’d lied to him.

So, it’s not just a matter of being lied to by others, it’s also a matter of lying to ourselves — failing to admit our mistakes and limitations.  How else does his incompetence become my lie?

Pope Francis:  “We must obey the UN.”

[I just won’t mention that I own ‘the” UN.]

We discover, much to our amazement, that our two foreign Subcontractors, the Queen and the Pope, have been colluding together to create a perpetual “war” on our soil.

This is amazing on three counts.

First, it’s amazing because a shot hasn’t been fired in this “war” in a hundred and fifty years, plus, the whole thing was an illegal mercenary conflict and not a war to begin with.

Second, it’s amazing because they are our Employees and have no reason or right to be fighting on our soil.

Third, it’s amazing because the Queen works for the Pope as his Overseer of the Commonwealths, and the British Territorial Government that is supposed to be one side of this non-existent “war” is a Commonwealth.  So the Pope is fighting against the Pope, and both the Pope and the Queen are profiting from this at the expense of their Employers.

I’ll admit this is a jaw-dropper, but it is the truth nonetheless.

So, yes, it can be hard to make a distinction between truth and lies, simply because the truth is unbelievable.

Who could believe that the Pope is the one ultimately responsible for all this destruction and criminality?  That he is literally causing it to exist?

As he, the Pope, owns all these corporations and controls the charters issued by the Holy See, he could, presumably, pull the plug on the whole shooting match, and end the bogus “war” with the flick of a pen and a whisper in Lizzie’s ear.

And what about us?  Why are we standing here allowing our EMPLOYEES to cause us trouble?

It is unbelievable. It’s also true.

So, what to do in a world where truth can appear to be a lie, and a lie can appear to be the truth?

Perhaps the answer lies in science and mathematics— the Natural and Universal Laws.

Perhaps, too, there is a reason that this video showed up in my in-box this morning as I was ruminating about lies.  It exposes the Biggest Whopper of them all:

Remember our meditation to break apart the Great Seals that are interfering with the flow of energy on this planet?  The Great Palatine Seal in Rome is battered, but still standing.  It’s time to pull it apart.

Maybe that will finally convince the Pope?

The Seal on Bardsey Island is below the waves, but needs to vanish entirely.

Just imagine untying knots, releasing all the things that bind us, letting go of the past, letting go of selfishness and fear, being truly free and truly honest and truly healthy and truly loved.

Because you are.


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