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by Justice Anna von Reitz . Law AND Order There are a number of subtle language tricks that people need to be aware of when talking about law — the first is our predilection to talk about “the” Law, as if there were only one Law, when in fact there are hundreds of different forms […]

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Judge Anna 2
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2425. Fascism


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Dear Mr. Trump — We Have the Cure, So Round ‘Em Up

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz

This ridiculous “simulated war exercise” is going to turn hot, comet or no comet, and you might as well know that you are facing the actual, true, Living God as a possible adversary.  That is not a good position for you or this country to be in.

Our lawful government has the cure for the corona virus and every other SARS virus on the planet.  It’s a technology that can destroy every such virus, natural or man-made.

We also have the cure for what ails the Treasury.  Re-venue our assets —physical and credit — to us, and we will pay everyone. It’s simple bookkeeping.  Do it now, or you will cause a global meltdown and everyone involved in causing such a meltdown, including you, will die.

These are simple facts, published in the Bible.

Continue on the path you are on and you will find no answers, just more problems set up like a maze or obstacle course.  Continue to listen to Gates and Fauci — the self-interested monsters — and you and your Administration will go down in history as a grotesque failure.

Pay attention.  The CDC is a private vaccine manufacturer.  The CDC is a private vaccine manufacturer.  The CDC is a private vaccine manufacturer.

Fauci is nothing but a self-interested rat, and so is Gates along with Soros, — all engaged in causing a problem in order to profit from it.

Arrest them.  Hang them by their heels and force them to divulge what they know.  And then put them before a Firing Squad for their crimes against humanity.  7 Billion people will applaud.


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2412. The CRUX of the Matter

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Measles Parties and Mathematics

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

Sixty years ago, we had “Measles Parties”. Each year as the Measles virus raised its ugly head, the Mothers’ Grapevine got activated and the “Rooster” was identified. Then, a party was arranged and all the “Flock” gathered together to share the joy of measles.

We all caught it and we all caught it together, and we all had fevers and bumps for a week, and that was that. We didn’t have to ever do it again, just once.

So now take in some of the math and language facts.

Corona virus is the scientific description of the class of viruses that cause the Common Cold. There are dozens of known strains of corona virus.

The specific new strain of corona virus known as Covid 19 is more infectious because it more effectively binds to receptor sites on lung tissue cells. It was engineered, deliberately, to make it more infectious.

The U.S. is pointing at the Chinese, the Chinese are pointing at the U.S.

A responsible Third Party who was involved in discussions concerning this virus and its deployment, says it was developed at NATO and PENTAGON affiliated labs in North Carolina.

I believe him.

Anyway, this means that depending on your own genetics, you are two to ten times more likely to be infected if you are exposed to this strain of the flu. Asian men are especially vulnerable, because they have more lung receptor sites for the virus to enter.

There are two different strains of Covid 19, an “S” strain, and a far more deadly “L” strain. If you catch the “S” strain, which is highly survivable (only 3 deaths per million) you acquire immunity against both strains, “S” and “L”.

So if the geniuses in Washington had half the common sense of our Mothers, they would facilitate and promote everyone being exposed to the “S” strain, and concentrate on isolating the “L” strain until we had all acquired immunity to both strains via suffering through a mild Common Cold.

End of Pandemic. End of forced vaccination agenda. End of economic coup. End of all the crazy crappola– lock downs, pompous power-crazed bureaucrats and media Talking Heads seeking spotlights, and good-bye to business losses, too.
Covid 19 Strain S Parties — an idea whose time has come.

Mother Nature will eventually put a stop to it anyway, because both strains of Covid 19 “melt” at 77 degrees F. Turn up your furnace and pant like a dog for an hour and you can kill every corona virus in sight. How’s that for a can-do solution for all the elderly and the sick who are at risk, while we wait for outdoor temperatures to rise and do the same?

Beats coating your house in ten coats of bleach, doesn’t it?
This also means that this virus, like all corona viruses, can only live for a prolonged period of time in your sinus cavities, which are cooler than the rest of your body.

Think of your sinuses as a “forward base” for the virus, which can then deploy from your sinuses and hit your lungs. Take away the staging platform and the virus can’t continue to assault the lungs.

So—- elevate the temperature of the air entering your sinuses by, for example, breathing in hot air from a blow dryer or an old fashioned vaporizer. If the air or steam you are breathing is hotter than 77 degrees Fahrenheit, it will kill any flu virus it touches in your nasal passages.

A good hot bath will have a similar effect. The virus will “melt” and your body will be stuck cleaning out the toxins and bits and pieces, but the cause of the problem will be dismantled. And that’s a good thing.

Your ears should also be considered part of your sinus system, and get a good blast of hot, not burning, air. Some people advocate cleaning your ears with a few drops of 3% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide followed with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol.

This is a protocol used by divers to clean their ears and it can’t hurt to do it, if you are one of those people whose health is compromised or if you are suffering symptoms of any kind of flu.

All that said, the Common Cold is not a National Emergency and the Common Cold — caused by the good old standard strains of corona virus — infected 44 million Americans and killed 61,000 in 2017.

It’s probably doing the same or worse this year, too. The common corona virus has been killing Americans at similar rates of between 30,000 and 90,000 each year since we started tracking numbers of influenza deaths in the 1890’s, more than a hundred years ago.

One is tempted to say—- so what? If we haven’t been concerned about the Common Cold and the deaths it causes every year for over a century, why freak out now?

Why not have a Covid-19 “S” Party nationwide, self-immunize against the Covid-19 “L” instead of self-quarantining, and be done with it?

Our old friend, the Common Cold, is still out there, doing the same thing it always does. People are getting sick from it and sneezing and coughing as usual. Some of them are progressing into pneumonia. And thousands are dying of influenza —- just as they always do.

Since most of the hospitals have no practical way of identifying the Covid-19 strain from any other viral influenza coming through the door, they are just lumping all these influenza cases together and calling them all “Covid-19” to be on the safe side. And politically correct, too.

As a result, peeps, you are going to be seeing thousands of “Covid-19” cases that aren’t really Covid-19 cases. They are the tally of the normal flu season and the usual influenza virus being included as part of the “Covid-19” death toll.

With such deceptive policies in place, you are guaranteed to see thousands of deaths attributed to “Covid-19” and you will be shocked and scared, because, of course, you never knew how many people die of the common flu in the first place.

Remember: 44 million Americans were infected and 61,000 died in 2017 from the Common Cold, all caused by the good old standard corona virus.

Put the bite on the Trump Administration to be honest about the numbers.They need to admit that common flu deaths are being included in the “Covid-19” statistics. Admit what the common flu statistics normally are so that people aren’t shocked by “thousands of deaths” that occur every year. Tell people the truth instead of lying by omission.

Now– bear with this slight digression– remember how THEY use similar names and acronyms to confuse people and hide what they are talking about? For example, using “ESF” to stand for both “Economic Stabilization Fund” and “Economic Security Fund”?

We have another example in play — SARS. It is being used to mean “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome”. But it is also means “Specific Absorption Range Spectrum”.

There is a reason for this double-meaning, and the meaning is that the “SARS” viruses are sensitive to radio frequency activation. Our DNA and RNA functions as an antenna, and so does the DNA and RNA of a virus. Broadcast the right frequencies and you can turn a SARS virus on and off like a radio. That’s what was just demonstrated in Wuhan, China.

That’s how they are all suddenly back at work and doing fine. Someone turned the knob to the “off” position.

A SARS virus can be turned off and on and off and on, just like a tiny nano appliance. Once inside the cells of a victim, replication of the virus can be stopped or sped up. It can be left embedded like a radio on the shelf, ready to cause additional “waves” of illness, as the virus is activated or shut down at will by the perpetrators behind this crime.

In fact, our research suggests that the only difference between “S” and “L” is replication rate, and that is determined by the broadcast frequency.

This is another example of each country being restricted to testing this new technology only on its own “domestic” population— and the rest of us being harmed and included in the Test Group even though we are not domestic with respect to these corporations and their activities.

Hear that, Anthony Gutteres? They are all out of compliance.

In a few days the Pied Piper will play to the SARS viruses worldwide, as promised. And they will all self-destruct. Permanently.

The Vatican’s decades-long Chem-Trail efforts to pollute the entire Earth with industrial by-product pollution, incendiary metals pollution, nuclear pollution, and distribution of harmful nano particles including the SARS viruses, will come to naught.

The only Armageddon coming is an “Armageddon” for the criminals, just as you would expect from the hand of our Father in Heaven, who is just and kind.


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Tired of the Crazy Crap?

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz

I remember the day when I said to myself— I can’t continue to live in fear of my own government.
My own employees. People on my payroll.
The ridiculousness of the fact that I was funding my own demise struck home like a knife.
The realization that our Armed Forces were being used as very ill-paid mercenaries and used in “wars” for profit sickened me.
And I turned my eyes toward Washington, DC, like everyone else does—-initially—- to see, I thought, the source of The Problem.
I realized after a year or two of sparring with bureaucrats that the problem was deeper than political lobbies and payola, and that it had its roots in Rome and its branches in London and its fruits on Wall Street.
So, yes, hold those in Washington, DC, accountable as accomplices, but don’t be naive. The real power and corruption has come here from overseas and been operated through Delaware and New York City.
Today, we are going to further explain and expose the role that the Territorial State of Delaware Legislature has played.
After the Civil War the British Territorial Government usurpers secretively set up Federal State Trusts in the name of each State. These trusts were named using the style: Ohio State, Florida State, Vermont State, Wisconsin State….and, of course, Delaware State.
The British Territorial State of State Legislature operating “the” State of Delaware contrived to operate using two hats — as the trustees of the Delaware State [Trust] and as the State of Delaware Legislature.
Operating as trustees of the Delaware State [Trust] they created, the State of State Legislature allowed Municipal Corporations to shelter under the Delaware State Trust. This clothed these foreign corporations with what has appeared to be “sovereign immunity”, but is provably not.
The Delaware State Trust references The State of Delaware, a member of the failed Confederation of States formed in March of 1781, and pertains to assets belonging to The State of Delaware —- not Delaware, which is a Federation State that was never involved in the Civil War.
Only Delaware has sovereign immunity. Any idea that Delaware Corporations issued a charter under the Delaware State Trust have sovereign immunity, must be recognized as a grave error and false claim.
While this mistaken belief has persisted, these so-called “Delaware Corporations”— many of them foreign Municipal Corporations— have operated with impunity and claimed sovereign immunity, but ownership by the Delaware State Trust is not the same as ownership by Delaware.
Remember that the Delaware State Trust was created by the Territorial State of Delaware Legislature. It’s a foreign statutory trust subject to dissolution upon the appearance of the Delaware Assembly— which has now occurred.
For those who have difficulty following all the similar names, lets give an analogy.
I hire a Groundskeeper named Tim Tattle to mow my lawn and keep my yard in shape. Unknown to me, Tim suffers an accident and disappears. His Cousin Mortimer sets up a trust named Tim Tattle [Trust] and my lawn continues to be mowed, with me none the wiser.
Decades go by, and I wake up one morning to find that the Tim Tattle [Trust] has been claiming to own my home and property and to exercise my sovereign immunity “for” me, and has also claimed the ability to extend my sovereign immunity to protect foreign corporations that are intent on doing me harm.
Ah, so, this is where the crazy crap comes in the door.
The People of Delaware who are State Citizens and members of the Delaware Assembly are waking up to precisely this scenario. Other States have been similarly affected, but this “mistake” occurred first in Delaware.
No wonder that thousands upon thousands of foreign corporations have poured through the door seeking to use and abuse Delaware’s sovereign immunity for their own purposes.
One of those corporations is a Municipal Corporation called THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY operating out of Wilmington, Delaware, which set itself up under these False Presumptions to serve as an International Business Agent for other foreign corporations seeking to take advantage of Delaware’s immunity, without the inconvenience of even maintaining their own office in Delaware.
Hiring THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY as their agent allows these foreign corporations to use it as their local office and to establish a Delaware Corporation without ever setting foot in Delaware—- only the correct fact of the matter is that they are not establishing Delaware Corporations, they are establishing Delaware State [Trust] Corporations, instead, and these are owed no sovereign immunity at all.
A statutory trust created by a Territorial State of State Legislature cannot offer what it does not itself possess.
Rather, the immunity owed the assets in the Delaware State [Trust] derives from the fact that the original Confederation member doing business as The State of Delaware had some Federal land grants within the borders of Delaware — post office properties, railroad right of ways, arsenals, etc. — that are protected land interests of Delaware, the actual State.
In other words, the assets in the Delaware State [Trust] that are land assets belonging ultimately to Delaware do enjoy sovereign immunity, but it is the source and nature of the assets that determines their immunity, not the simple fact that they are sheltered in the Delaware State [Trust].
So, the idea that a foreign corporation can come to Delaware and receive a dollop of Delaware’s sovereign immunity by sheltering in the Delaware State [Trust] is ignorant bunk and always has been.
And now we come to the crux of the matter. The People of Delaware have shaken off the False Registrations entered in their names and have declared their proper birthright political status and have summoned their State Assembly. Delaware, the actual State, is now in session.
With Delaware in business and properly assembled, there is no longer any need for a Delaware State [Trust] and by Operation of Law, all assets contained in the Delaware State [Trust] revert back to Delaware and come under the Delaware Assembly’s administration.
Read that: Delaware now controls the Delaware State [Trust] and all the Delaware Corporations, under both international and national law. The assumed trusteeship of the Territorial State of Delaware has ended the moment that the Delaware Assembly convened.
Regardless of their venal motivations and intent to abuse Delaware’s sovereign immunity, all those corporations that chartered in Delaware and sheltered in the Delaware State [Trust] are now owned –directly– by Delaware.
They are all now operating under Public Law and Land Law, including the Federal Constitutions and subject to the administration of an American State, which recognizes the fact that an incorporated entity can never be sovereign by definition, and enjoys no sovereign immunity, borrowed or otherwise.
This includes BlackRock, Inc., and all its subdivisions, LLCs, PLCs, et alia.
As our erstwhile Employees were obliged to meet Mr. Fink as their new Boss a few days ago —-Mr. Fink, please meet Annie McShane, the Coordinator and Spokesperson for the Delaware Assembly, and Anna Maria Riezinger, the Fiduciary of The United States of America. We own BlackRock, Inc.
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Liars, Liars, Stumps on Fire….The CDC is a privately owned vaccine company

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz

The rats are trying to buy an interest in our estates for themselves using our assets and credit to do so.


They are presenting “the CDC” as some big authority we all need to listen to.

The CDC is a privately owned vaccine company and on the take for hundreds of millions of dollars from the men who promoted weaponization of the Common Cold.

Don’t believe me?  Maybe you will believe RFK, Jr.?

These despicable criminals set up this entire pandemic to profit themselves.

Instead of being in position to control and manipulate our response to their handiwork…..

And instead of being allowed to profit themselves….

They should be arrested, tried, and executed without any further adieu.

It might not help their victims, but at least we would be rid of them.

And as for the CDC, it should be shut down and all its assets liquidated.

It’s Board of Directors should be denied any benefit of the corporate veil.

Its’ collaborators on this “project” — DARPA, the Pirbright Institute and Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should all be similarly dismembered, liquidated, and their board members/trustees denied any protection of the corporate veil.

Corporations are only allowed to exist for the Public Good, and as you can see, these corporations have not existed for the Public Good.

They have planned this pandemic with malice aforethought and for profit.

Thousands of people have already died because of these mass murderers.

And now, Mr. Trump — do you know what your duty is?


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Public Notice to the Pope and the Queen, Elizabeth II

Public Notice to the Pope and the Queen, Elizabeth II

Judge Anna 2
 by Justice Anna von Reitz

Public Notice to the Pope and the Queen, Elizabeth II

Americans have been the victims of an identity theft scheme on an unimaginable scale. The object of this scheme is familiar: access the victim’s credit and saddle them with your debts — just exactly as any Credit Card Hacker does, except the “government” scheme didn’t involve plastic cards.

Instead, the “government” — meaning a for-profit foreign commercial corporation in the business of providing “governmental services” — used False Registration processes to mischaracterize and impersonate American babies as “United States Citizens” (Territorial Citizens, as if you were born in Puerto Rico) and “citizens of the United States” (Municipal citizens, as if you were in the Federal Civil Service).

Having deliberately misidentified and impersonated us, the same two corporations (Territorial and Municipal versions, both ultimately owned and operated by the Pope) were in a position to evade their obligation owed to Americans under the Constitutions [so their actions become identifiable as Treason] and to subject Americans to foreign Territorial and Municipal laws that actually only pertain to our Public Employees.

The primary Perpetrators were members of the Bar Associations acting under the direction of Westminster and the Lord Mayor in violation of our Treaty of Ghent agreements.

Not only did they deliberately and with malice aforethought steal our identities, they kidnapped us into their foreign jurisdiction and subjected us to their foreign laws. And the object of all this? To gain access to our assets for use as collateral backing their debts, and at the same time, gain control of us so that they could arbitrarily come in and act “under the color of law” to pillage and plunder our assets and resources at will.

This was a considerably worse plan for us than just a simple credit card theft.

These Monsters have aimed at our total enslavement and the coercive extraction of the value of our labor (slavery) as well as the theft of our assets (phony mortgages, titles, and liens on property) as well as racketeering and extortion of our wealth and natural resources under color of law.

Having been caught in the act and forced to fold the cards on one of his crime syndicates (the Municipal Partner in Crime) the Pope has left the other side of his racketeering scheme, the Territorial Government, in place, and is attempting to present this as our salvation in a reprise of Good Cop-Bad Cop, —when in fact both the Municipal and Territorial Government have been engaged in this scheme and acting in collusion to accomplish it since 1937.

All the purloined assets that have been siphoned off, all the false registrations and false titles taken to our land and soil and our labor and everything else, including our gold and silver, our patents, our copyrights, our trademarks, our DNA, all bonds and certificates and everything else that is owed to us, the American States and People, are due to be returned to us —- not to the Territorial Government.

Yet, the Territorial Government Corporation dba THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., registered in Scotland, has “offered” to step in and accept back all the assets and credit owed to us “in our behalf”.

Next, they have tanked the stock market to reduce the “apparent value” of the stocks of major corporations, and invoked a bunch of war-time statutes to gain coercive control over all the Municipal Corporation franchises which are in liquidation using the phony coronavirus “outbreak” as an excuse.

Now, they are using our credit to buy up all the devalued stocks and ownership interests in the Municipal Corporations — but this is all bogus bullshit, too, because we already bought those Municipal Corporations.

Pause. Think.

We already bought those Municipal Corporations. They are ours. We are both the Primary and the Principal Creditors of the Municipal Government and all its various franchises.

We paid for these corporations and their franchises already, and now, our feckless Public Servants running the Territorial Government—while receiving their payroll from our largesse— are using our credit to buy these same corporations back “for” us, again.

Goat-roping insanity and criminal insanity, combined, does not begin to explain what has been done here, again, done “in our names”, abusing our credit and our assets—-while we are standing right here, presenting ourselves, and needing no further “representation” by these cads, who never had any authority to meddle in our financial affairs in the first place.

Read the Constitutions. Who are the Parties and Principals involved?

The American State Citizens (not any “State of State” Citizens) and the Pope and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of London.

We have gone to the trouble of explicitly correcting their False Registrations and have declared our correct political status as American State Nationals, and we have acted as American State Citizens to assemble our actual States of the Union and we have operated our lawful unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and we have clearly told the Pope and all our respective Employees and Subcontractors where to get off.

The Municipal Corporations and all that they hold and possess, are ours.

We aren’t offering to extend our credit to buy them again.

The Queen and the Pope need to buy them on their own nickels and give them back to us, along with everything else they have purloined that properly belongs to us.

Apparently, the majority of our Territorial Employees including the members of the Territorial Congress now representing “the” United States of America, and those running this renegade Scottish corporation that is merely infringing upon our Good Name and working a credit fraud scheme based on similar names deceit (see our publication of their charter, posted on our websites as a warning to all those who would otherwise do business with them and think they were doing business with us instead)—- are either: (1) none too bright, or (2) think that we are multiple bricks short of our load.

In either case, this is Public Notice of what the Pope has pulled here, both directly using the Municipal Government, and indirectly, using the Territorial (Commonwealth) Government which he operates under the Queen’s Oversight. Caveat emptor.

This is also Public Notice that a Credit Theft by the Territorial Government and the characters operating the Scottish entity dba “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” — INCORPORATED, is underway, as described.

The essence of the crime is to liquidate Municipal Corporations which the same players paid for using our credit and capital to buy, pretending to pay us back via the liquidation, but at the same time turning around and improperly accessing more of our credit via the Scottish Ringer and the Territorial Government to buy back what we already own, “for” us, and never, in fact, return the assets or the profit from all this skullduggery to us or to our control.

This is the fault of the Generals and their Bankers. They have been entrusted with the care of our money since 1863 and made a total botch of it.

Whereupon we are over-riding General Order 100 as the actual civilian government of this country and officially removing these Bankers from any further position of trust or authority related to us, our country, or our assets.

Our assets are to be returned to us and to our control without further obstruction or continuing nefarious self-service by the Generals or their Scottish collaborators.

Mr. Mnuchin has been instructed to open a mercantile account for us with fifty subaccounts and has been instructed to roll up and rollover all assets including the municipal franchises into these accounts as “deposits” for the benefit of the American States and People.

This is simple, logical, upfront instruction. Set up our mercantile accounts, transfer the assets, fire the Scottish Bankers for malfeasance, and stop thinking that we are brain dead or still asleep.

General Order 100 is hereby rescinded by the actual civilian government of this country. The Commander-in-Chief is directly responsible for his commands.

The Territorial Government is to resume normal operations at the earliest opportunity and to cancel the “National Emergency”. Their Government is not under attack and is not suffering any emergency as a result of any infectious disease or other actual cause beyond the infestation of their own ranks by criminals and perverts— which we expect them to handle without any big “Hollywood Production” or gory excuses for exposing the public to the depths of criminal depravity these Governors and Generals and Admirals have allowed on our shores and perpetuated in our names.

If they value their lives, they should be silent with their excuses and simply remove the False Registrations, the predators, and the scum, without further adieu and disruption. There is no reason to expose the Public to cannibalism or witchcraft or the hideous sins these madmen have perpetrated against humanity. The sickos among us simply need to be gone, including Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and all the “Central” Bankers who have participated.

Tell the Generals and the heads of the DIA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, et alia — that exposing the stupendous sins and criminality of others, does not make up for their own. If their predecessors had been doing their jobs and acting in good faith, none of this crime would have ever happened in the first place, and we are not likely to miss that point.

So please cancel plans for any grandiose “National Expose” and save us the trauma of having to witness child sacrifices on videotape and the slavering up of adrenochrome by bankers and politicians and Hollywood stars acting like crazed banshees.

Take these practices before military tribunals as crimes against humanity, bring forward the evidence, and execute the perpetrators. This is not rocket science.

If you kill, molest, or kidnap children in pursuit of a drug-induced “religious experience” — you die under our Public Law and under abundant international law, both.

So there is no excuse for pandering to silly sentimentalists or jurists lacking fortitude and moral purpose; anyone indulging in such “religious” rites is to be hung by the neck until dead, shot via firing squad, sent to the guillotine, or dispatched underwater with an infrared laser through the eye-socket, as may be necessary in some cases to accomplish the necessary dispatch.

As to other business….

The enhanced coronavirus bugs belong to the Brits, and the Total Mismanagement belongs to the Pope, so our counter-offer is that the Pope and the Queen, together, pay for all costs of all relief and stimulus packages in any way related to the enhanced coronavirus, pay for all business and employment losses, remit $1 trillion to our account for every innocent American killed, and have no recourse or access to our credit to fund these remedies.

Chief Justice John Roberts is to be arrested under Order of the Lord Mayor, pursuant to our Treaty of Ghent, for the illegal and unlawful transfer of three trillion dollars to his own bank account, siphoned from looting that occurred during the George W. Bush Administration’s “911” attack. He is, self-evidently, removed from office, effective immediately, for cause. In addition to his financial crimes, he is to be held and tried for treason and crimes against humanity.

We recommend that Mr. Trump stop playing with the stock market, stop wasting our time and assets, find an appropriate excuse to end the “National Emergency” for the Territorial Government, and start thinking about a good replacement for Chief Justice Roberts.

We also recommend that all and any plans to pass a “National Sales Tax” be strictly and explicitly restricted to actual Federal Government Employees. We can’t say anything about your shameful mistreatment of your employees, but we can certainly raise the bar and prevent any further “misunderstanding” about your statutes having any application to our populace.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary