Virtually All Arguments Based On or About The Constitutions

By Anna Von Reitz

The Constitutions set up the Federal Government and barely mention us.
We have a bit role in the Preamble as the creators of an Express National Trust. We pop up to restrict Bills of Attainder and arrest and similar abuses in Article IV. We make a reappearance in Amendment X. And there is a glancing one-step-removed nod to us and our States of America Confederacy in Article 6 where it references the fact that the debts of the original Confederacy (formed 1781) will remain its responsibility— that is, won’t be shared or transferred to the new British Territorial or Holy Roman Empire Municipal Government contractors.
In fact, so little is specifically said about us that as an after-thought and to place more explicit controls on the Federal Government concerning us, the Framers went back and added the Bill of Rights.
People are so egocentric that they assume that the Constitutions have to be about us, but they aren’t. They are primarily about the Federal Government and about Federal Citizens.
Look at Amendment VII — the important words are in parenthesis with numbers that correlate with the explanation below:
Amendment VII. In suits (at)[1] common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no (fact)[2] tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of (the)[3] United States, than according to the (rules)[4] of the common law.
1. It says “at”. If this were referring to us, it would say “in” common law.
2. It says “fact”. None of the courts of the United States judge the law or the facts.
3. It says “the” United States”. This is referring to the Municipal Government.
4. It says “rules” of the common law. This is referring to military common law, not our version of “common law”, which does not have “rules”.
This is basically saying that when and if a Federal Citizen comes to jury trial in one of our courts (“at” common law from their perspective), our court’s decision will not be reviewed by their courts except in the case of martial (common) law where soldiers and sailors are involved.
Look at Article VI:
“The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.”
This is again talking about “the” United States — the Municipal Government thereof, created under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.
This is basically saying that the judicial power belonging to the Municipal Government will be vested in their own Supreme Court (which is no surprise, as it is a foreign government) and whatever inferior [Municipal] courts that the members of the [Municipal] Congress may ordain….
This is all talking about Municipal United States Government operations and says nothing whatsoever about our American courts at all.
The tragic mistake that so many people continue to make is to think that the Constitutions are talking about us when in fact the Constitutions are 99% about the US Federal Government and its Branches — Federal, Territorial, and Municipal—that are being established by the Constitutions.
Think about what the Constitutions are designed to do— they are setting up the parameters of a new (back then) power-sharing split, re-delegating and splitting up powers and duties originally all performed by the States of America Confederation, with some of the powers being retained by the American-owned States of America and some powers being delegated to British service providers and some to Holy Roman Empire service providers.
All of the “delegated powers” actually belong to the States, which are subcontracting for services from: (1) the Confederate States of States, (2) the British Territorial Government, and (3) the Municipal United States.
The entire context of the Constitutions has little or nothing to do with us, the American States and People.
Our States agree to receive the stipulated services and agree to pay for them and agree to step aside and let the hired help do the jobs agreed upon. The rest is about the service providers and how they are supposed to function and what limits we placed upon them.
The Constitutions are fundamentally about our Service Providers and not about us at all, so we make a grievous error when we look to the Constitutions as our source of information about our own non-Federal American Government. We fall into the trap of mistaking “them” for us, and vice-versa.
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“Municipal Bankruptcy” Means Municipal Bankruptcy


By Anna Von Reitz

For at least three (3) years I have been commenting on “the Municipal Bankruptcy” that Mr. Obummer created and announced and commented on in front of millions of Americans and I am still getting all sorts of people reacting in alarm and sending me this video:

Yes, these accounting firms are bankrupting all these Municipal Franchise CITIES.  They will be bankrupting all such municipal franchises — the DHS, the US NAVY, the STATE OF OHIO, JOHN QUINCY DOE….. and so on.
They will be doing this to protect the assets of the guilty parties from the Creditors, which includes you and me.
The greatest crime thus far is underway — bankruptcy protection is being afforded to these criminals despite what they have done to their employers, and the cost of this is to be absorbed by the victims and assessed against our credit, all based on the totally false and unjustifiable legal presumption that we authorized the creation of these ENTITIES and underwrote their activities and “gifted” our assets for this purpose.
The Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court have been fully informed.  The Queen and her counterpart in Westminster have been fully informed.  The Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court has been fully informed.  The USAG has been fully informed.  The UN Secretary-General has been fully informed.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff have been fully informed.
They sit and they do nothing.  They propose that the debts of all these municipal ENTITIES should simply be passed on to us and that we should have to pay for all their debts as “presumed” Sureties.
Meanwhile, $950 Trillion USD in credit owed to us and to the Canadians as “Life Force Value Annuities” — which should be available to pay off all those bogus debts—- has been absconded with by Prince Philip.
Wake up!  Daylight in the Swamps!  Roll out!  Get moving!  Brawwwh!  Brawwwh!  Brawwwh!  [That’s the Fire Alarm going off full blast.]
I have been telling you about this for years and now that it is push-to-shove, everyone is standing around looking confused.  This is what I have been talking about. Hello?  Hello?  Houston?  We have a problem here…. a problem with those running the bankruptcy proceedings and those submitting the bankruptcy claim, too.
They have lied through their teeth and falsified public records and presented you and your assets as “voluntarily gifted” collateral backing their spending spree.
Now they are seeking bankruptcy protection for themselves and leaving you on the hook as a “presumed” franchise of their operations to pay all those trillions of dollars, while Prince Philip sneaks out the backdoor with all the credit that you are owed.
These “Municipal” Flim-Flam artists are seeking bankruptcy protection, while the British Vermin are claiming that you “abandoned” all your credit so it must belong to them.
Unfortunately for them, none of this is true and your assets have in fact been claimed and that claim is on the record and has standing.
Mr. Trump — time to turn the missiles around 180 and aim at Rome and London instead of Shanghai and Minsk.
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Replies to World Leaders


By Anna Von Reitz

1. I hear you talking among yourselves and the chief argument against doing what I have told you to do is — “But we won’t be in power anymore!”
Please submit a brief 2-3 page letter telling me exactly what you have done that is beneficial to humanity and why you should be in control of anything — even a cat box?
2. The “FBI” is owned and operated (along with the “BLM”) by a foreign corporation merely calling itself “THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES”.
Do I really have to say more?
Locate the Board Members of “THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES” and you will have the parties responsible for the murder and ambush of LaVoy Finicum and also the witch hunt “investigation” into Candidate and now -President Donald Trump.
They are obviously and unarguably criminals who need to be hunted down, arrested, and punished.
No big mysteries here.
Go get ’em.
Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
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Emergency Powers?

By Anna Von Reitz

It should be perfectly obvious that our Constitution has never granted any so-called “Emergency Powers” to our President nor to any Congress authorized to act in our behalf.  Logically, a Congress can’t give what it doesn’t have –which is the power to declare any “Emergency” nor to create the existence of any “Emergency Powers” on our behalf.
Any such powers claimed by the Municipal United States Congress apply only to its organization with respect to its administration of the Washington DC Municipality, which it rules as an independent international city-state.  See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.
Out of two million “attorneys” we don’t have one left that can read a simple contract verbatim?
America as a country was born in an “emergency” and forged in fire.  We don’t even describe any “emergency powers” as we simply exercise whatever powers we need to exercise whenever and however.
Witness my comments to President Trump yesterday.  While he is wondering how he can protect America’s borders and do his job without funding, I just flat-out told him.  Go ahead and declare your Territorial Emergency  —- and coordinate with us, your actual Employers running the land jurisdiction government owed to this country.
We’re back.  We’re “home again”.  We have the lawful authority to deputize every man in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California if we want to, and we can authorize them to pack up their 30.30’s and go make the Mexicans and Hondurans an offer they can’t refuse.
The Territorial and Municipal United States Governments are milling around like chickens with their heads off, squawking and squealing about the Border Crisis, the Border Crisis, the Border Crisis and the Wall, the Wall, the Wall.   But the reality is that we can have a million armed men on that border and backing up the Border Patrol as sworn deputies in 24 hours.  And we don’t need any “Emergency Powers” to do it, either.
Mr. Trump is justly concerned because it is his job and his business to provide for the safety and security of this country and its people.  He has limited forces and funding to do it and 20,000 Meso Americans wanting to illegally cross our border is a real threat.  To him.   Not to us.  We can squelch that nonsense like a mosquito running into a very big fly-swatter.
The Municipal Hacks aren’t at all concerned because they don’t represent us, they simply took it upon themselves to claim (falsely) that they have the right to spend our money and enslave us to pay their bills when they demonstrably and definitely don’t.  In fact, all those clueless numb nutz in the Municipal Congress need to be permanently ceasing and desisting any claim to represent these States and this country—- because they don’t and never have since 1860.
It’s been nothing but a gigantic fraud scheme for 150 years, and thank the Lord there is no statute of limitations on fraud.
The Municipal “Congress” has managed to mess things up so completely that their corporation has required both bankruptcy and liquidation and for ninety days they can’t pass a new spending bill, so even if they wanted to, they couldn’t give Trump money for a Wall.
And they have no business making claims upon us and spending our money any way.
They are committing blatant international fraud. They don’t represent us.  They are not our fiduciary or fiscal agents.  They are running their own separate “independent, international city-state” and most of the Democrats are Dual Citizens of Israel.  All they are doing is picking our pockets in broad daylight and the worthless Papal Administration has been sitting there as our “Trustees” getting kick backs and letting them do it for 150 years.
Just because they hold their private corporate elections in every state of the Union doesn’t mean those are our elections.  Just because they open up their “franchises” like Dairy Queen franchises in every state of the Union and call them “STATE OF……” doesn’t mean these are our States.
Trump could spend existing allocations in the Defense Budget to build the wall or beef up border security in other ways— and he should.  That’s our money however it was illegally and immorally and fraudulently fleeced from us and one of the duties of the Territorial United States Government is to defend us.  We didn’t give it to them to defend the members of the the treasonous Municipal Government or the Hondurans, did we?
No.  Nobody in their right mind could defend any such assumption.
We have our “Emergency Powers” and they don’t need any declarations, legal interpretations or explanations.  Cross our borders and leave Mr. Trump unable to defend, and we will defend ourselves.  There isn’t anyone anywhere who has one iota of an excuse to say anything about it.
The Pope needs to get off his duff and arrange an airlift for all the members of  the Municipal Congress that still want to play this game.  Looks like most of the Democrats will be finding new homes in Israel.  Maybe a few decades of hard work on a Kibbutz will do them some good.
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