Issues of Sovereignty — by James Belcher

Issues of Sovereignty — by James Belcher
Everyone needs to remember that the “United States” is a foreign entity. It’s only
relationship to the united States of America is as a subcontractor obligated to
provide certain enumerated government services for the states in common.
With respect to the united States of America, the United States only exercises
delegated power and has no power of its own.
Yet, it does have its own bits of land used to complete its duties and it does have its
own citizens— those born in Washington, DC., members of the military, the federal
civil service, those born in Territorial and Insular states, and so on.
The District of Columbia is what is known as an “enclave” of this foreign United
States government on American shores and Washington, DC is operated as a
separate international municipal city-state by this foreign government.
The American states control all of the air jurisdiction, all of the land jurisdiction, and


The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

But, But (Splutter!) I’m An American!

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am getting a lot of Newbie-Push-Back of the aforementioned kind — people who are just now waking up and who are distressed and confused enough already, being offended by the idea that they are not Americans.

Well, they should be upset. I know I was hopping mad, maybe beyond hopping mad when I found out that I’d been listed as a British Territorial Citizen and as a Municipal citizen of the United States, that is, just about everything and anything but what I am.

Instead of being recognized as Americans, we’ve been registered as Dual Federal Citizens, instead.

Say what? I explain it….. say what?

It takes a while to sink in and then, the anger and incredulity starts.How could anyone mistake me for anything but an American? I was born here, went to school here….. but, the fact is, that most of us have been misidentified throughout our lives as a result of Unconscionable Citizenship Contracts established “for” us while we were still babes in our cradles.

We never knew that we were identified as Federal Citizens. Most of us never knew (and we weren’t taught) what a federal citizen is. We were too young to pick up on anything about that, and our parents weren’t given any disclosure, so they couldn’t tell us, either.

Pop Quiz: What’s the one contract you can’t break?Answer: The one you don’t know exists.That’s why it comes as a great, and for many Americans, unpleasant surprise, to learn that they have spent most of their lives as a presumed loyal Subject of Queen Elizabeth II.

It’s okay for the Tories, but for the rest of us, it’s like living your life as a dog, and then finding out that so far as the rest of the world knows, you’re a cat.Of course, it’s disorienting.

But always remember— there are people who really are Dual Federal Citizens, and there’s no point in being offended because you are not. Consider it a Big Mistake made a long time ago, and correct it.

Declare your choice to be recognized as an American, and join your State Assembly. Go to:
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About Corporations

 By Anna Von Reitz

Technically, the corporations are all owned by the creators of the corporation concept — the Roman Curia.So, Microsoft, Inc., is “owned” by Bill Gates and the other stockholders on a day to day basis and it produces and sells its unique products to the public and trades its stock on the stock market, but ultimately, the idea of a C Corporation — all and any C-type Corporations at all, including Microsoft, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, etc. — belongs to the Roman Curia.

It’s like using someone else’s invention to create your own spin-off invention.The structure and definition of a C-Corp is the invention provided by the Curia, and then all these other “inventors” come along and use the C-Corp definition and build upon it to create their own unique version of C-Corp.

The same thing happens with the incorporated churches, even though they are designated “Non-profit Corporations”. The basic idea and definitions and structure provided by the Roman Curia is built upon by all the various denominations, like a template.

Monkey see. Monkey do.In the process, they give up their unique and independent and individual character and “conform” to the standardized cookie-cutter template defining what a “Non-profit Corporation” is; thus, over time, a dreary sameness sets in, as, underneath all the trappings of different dogmas and doctrines and traditions — they are, structurally, the same. They all have to obey the same rules and observe the same limits, or they no longer qualify to be called a “Non-profit Corporation”.

Thus, the Secular Church has been defining and labeling and creating templates and rules for organizing all sorts of business activities, and people have been thoughtlessly following along and using these templates and creating all their versions of all these different kinds of corporations, but never questioning where the concept of say, a “Foundation”, came from, or who sets the limits on what a “Foundation” can do.Now you know.Neither do most people consider the “debt” they owe the inventors of these business templates, nor the responsibilities that these unseen partners impose on them. The Curia regulates all structured corporations worldwide and it is clearly set forth in Ecclesiastical Law that the Pope has the unobstructed right to liquidate any such corporation on Earth for any reason at all.

So, if you think you own a corporation — perhaps you are the majority stockholder?— think again.The Pope has layers upon layers of middlemen and each layer does some form of duty and gets paid for it, but make no mistake, at a very fundamental level, the Pope owns every corporation on Earth.

You, Joe Public, are never told this, but it is nonetheless the truth.No disclosure of the consequences of incorporation is provided to you or anyone else. This is all established under Roman Civil Law, so it is strictly “Buyer beware.”To be fair, the very word, “incorporate” should give people a clue and a warning that they are joining themselves and their private business to something else, something bigger that they are “incorporating” into.Most people who sign the dotted line think that they are merely “incorporating” according the the laws of say, “the State of California”, and filling out some paperwork issued by the bureaucrats.

They don’t realize that they and their private business are becoming franchises of “the State of California— Incorporated” and that the State of California, Inc., is in turn a franchise of the United States of America, Inc., which is a franchise of….which is a franchise of….which is a franchise of…..So the State of California is just one of the Pope’s many Middlemen, claiming an ownership interest and regulatory authority over you and your business, and as you “voluntarily” incorporate into this system, you are giving away everything you worked for and built “in equitable exchange” for certain “privileges”—-bankruptcy protection, access to the stock exchanges, tax exemptions, use of the corporate templates, etc.

You can bet that despite whatever benefits might accrue, there would be far fewer corporations if people knew —going into it— that they were signing over their ownership interest in their own private businesses, subjecting all their operations to foreign law, subjecting themselves as slaves to Rome, and ultimately, enriching the Pope and his Middlemen— which includes paying off all the subject cronies and organizations that are more senior in the pyramid, including our own Federal Subcontractors, who also had the poor judgment to incorporate the US, INC. and the United States of America, Inc.

So, what to do?

It would appear on first glance that people have willingly signed away their rights to own and operate their own businesses and that all the governments in the world have foolishly done the same. Like unwary animals enticed into a trap with bait, that as the Bible describes it, is “sweet in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach”—-they are now well and truly ensnared and enslaved and subjected to the whims of every authority from the Pope down to the State of Idaho and the Councilmen of Culver City, Utah– Incorporated.But wait.

You weren’t given any disclosure about any of this.In most cases, your attorney suggested it to you, ran through the list of benefits (there’s a word you should always watch out for) and gave you the wink and the elbow. “Everyone’s doing it.” You don’t want to be left behind, do you? It’s so old-school to be an independent business…. and then he scares you a little…. what if your business fails? You’ll lose everything without bankruptcy protection.And then he wheedles a little more — if you want to take your business to the next level, you have to incorporate.

You can’t access the stock exchange without incorporating. Can’t sell shares. He gives you the “message” that incorporating your business is “the way” to protect your future, protect your family, and expedite your success. Why, incorporating your business is the Golden Ticket.

Just one little problem. It’s not your Golden Ticket. It’s his Golden Ticket. He hasn’t told you that he’s an Undeclared Foreign Agent, working for the Pope and the Boyz—-literally; and the only success that he is craving is delivering everything you worked for to the ownership of his Bosses and to the control of his courts.You naturally think that your attorney is on your team, because you hired him and are paying him a princely sum for his advice, but, he works for the Crown and the Pope already, so his first loyalty is to them— not you.And there you are, Mr. Pigeon.

No disclosure about the precipitous downsides of incorporating your business, and expert advice to do so from “professionals” who secretively benefit from your loss.It all adds up to purposeful self-interested deceit by omission and constructive fraud.Once you wake up and realize that you have been defrauded, the Roman Civil Law allows you to vitiate all contracts that are the result of the fraud— including your contract to incorporate your business, while continuing to work for the new owners.

You can simply write “Void for Fraud” on the front and back of all the pages of your incorporation documents, cross-through all the signatures, and serve Notice of Divesture to the issuing authority.

Poof! The phantom is gone.

Your plain old-fashioned independent business is back in view, owned by you, the actual man, again. You have left the airy-fairy world of legal fictions behind and are standing on solid ground once more.

And as you aren’t using the Curia’s templates or claiming any other “benefits” of incorporation anymore, you aren’t subject to their foreign laws, codes, statutes, and regulations. Chances are, you aren’t subject to their taxes, and aren’t responsible for collecting their taxes from your employees, either.

As you signed your business over with the stroke of a pen, you can do a few more strokes of a pen to correct that mistake, and for a great many people, this simple exit is proper and sufficient. Things get a lot more complex if you are a C-Corp trading on public exchanges and have shareholders to consider, but even as a company can “go public”, it can “go private” again.

It takes more effort to leave Babylon, but it can be done.In the days to come, your government, The United States of America — the actual Federation of States, will be here helping American businesses to “come home” just as it has already helped so many Americans as individuals to come home. Together, we can beat “Corporate Feudalism” and punish the evil men who have set out to corner the market on the entire world, and convert the world economy into one giant Company Store.

It’s time for those who have gotten roped into this system unaware to come out of it, and for those who choose to stay in the commercial realm to be severely regulated and watch-dogged.As one of my Mentors once said —“A commercial corporation is a peculiar thing. It has no natural or benign purpose. It is born as a predator, and dies as meat. Nobody on Earth should take the existence of such legal fictions for granted, and no one should underestimate the virulent combination of profit-motives and lack of accountability.

Left without sufficient prohibitions, safeguards, and enforced regulation, such corporations are entirely capable of destroying the world and depriving the rest of us of both life and quality of life.”
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

Let’s Make This Really Simple

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Constitutions implement the various Treaty Agreements ending The War of Independence.

All three Constitutions, Federal, Territorial and Municipal are all power-sharing service contracts.

The process of implementation begins in 1787 with The Constitution for the united States of America—- which created the Federal Republic operated by our American Confederation which was established in 1781.  The Article III Federal Courts are part of the Federal Republic structure.  They have not operated since the Civil War and won’t operate until and unless both the Confederation and the Federal Republic are restored.

Two years later, in 1789, the Territorial United States Constitution known as The Constitution of the United States of America was adopted. It was immediately amended to allow Admiralty and Maritime Courts by the Judiciary Act of 1790.

A year later the Municipal Constitution called The Constitution of the United States was adopted.  It’s only judicial powers extend to the Article II Administrative Courts.

So it is supposed to go like this:

Federal Republic operates Article III Courts

The Territorial Government operates Admiralty and Maritime and —“Special Admiralty” Courts.

The Municipal United States operates the bulk of Administrative Courts, with the Territorial United States operating a few of its own.

You can now all see that as the Federal Republic and the Confederation that is supposed to operate it, have never been Reconstructed, there is no access to Article III Courts.  There hasn’t been for decades.

At the current time the only Federal Courts in operation are “district courts”— Admiralty, Maritime, Special Admiralty, and Article II Administrative Courts— together with their Appellate Courts and their Supreme Court.

They are all foreign with respect to Americans and are meant to be.

So for all those Americans who are appalled by the cheating that went on in the recent corporation elections—- none of these Federal Courts have subject matter jurisdiction and technically, neither do their franchises operating as State of State and STATE OF STATE COURTS.

The only way to punish Joe Biden for what he has done and what his co-conspirators have done is for shareholders in these corporations to bring a criminal complaint for malfeasance and material harm — and that is difficult to prove before a man takes office, and also it’s difficult to find anyone with standing to field such a complaint.

The Voters pass their Proxies to their elected Representatives and by doing that divest themselves of any standing.

So the only people who COULD field such a complaint are eligible Voters who didn’t vote in the election—- and the courts will say, but you had your remedy, you could have voted….unless they were actually denied their voting “privilege”.

And they would still have to find a court of competent jurisdiction to hear them. It has to be an international Court with applicable subject matter jurisdiction over the actions of foreign corporations.

Long story short— none of these courts can address the cheating per se, but some of them can address corporations indulging in unlawful activities in their States— which would include Election Fraud.

So you are looking for eligible Voters who didn’t vote or were somehow precluded from voting —who were harmed,  and then you would need to bring a cross complaint against the corporation itself, for example, a complaint in the Public Interest brought against the State of Wisconsin, Incorporated, by The People of Wisconsin for engaging in unlawful election processes and procedures on Wisconsin soil.

Corporations are formed for lawful purposes— not legal purposes, and that is where
The Rub lies.  The People of a State can enter a complaint against any corporation operating in their State that engages in any unlawful practice at all.—————————-
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

Passing It On — The Sarah Westall Interview

 By Anna Von Reitz

I often do interviews along with all the rest of the work on my platter, but I think despite the difference in experience and to some degree, focus, I have a special affinity for Sarah Westall. It’s probably because she always asks honest and intelligent questions, and because I have never had cause to think that she was “in it for the ratings”. Like Jon Rappoport, she has the instincts of a real journalist and cares about content, so to me, Sarah represents a rare truthseeker in a world absolutely full of chiselers and agents. She is having trouble getting her work out, thanks to the despicable corporate crackdown on free speech, so any help any of you can give to help her work along is much appreciated. Here are the two segments, Parts 1 and 2, of a recent interview with me that goes over the basics of what happened, how it impacts each one of us, and what we can do about it: Part 1:…/ Part 2:…/

Please feel free to use it as a teaching tool for those who are too busy or too mildly interested or have too much trouble reading.

The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

Why is The Corporations Act of 1870 a Key Issue?

 By Anna Von Reitz

We know that both corporate and incorporated entities have to be created by living people or Lawful Persons. These things don’t just get it on in a file drawer and procreate on their own. 
We know there is no provision for a Municipal Corporation to charter other Municipal Corporations, except as franchises.  So a Municipal Corporation has to be incorporated by a Territorial Corporation or other charter agent. 
The Territorial U.S. Government presumed to act “for” us and undertake the duties of our American Federal Republic, which the Territorial Government was never authorized to do — and, the specific unauthorized power that they seized upon in 1870 was the power to charter corporations.
So they usurped upon an instrumentality of our actual Government in Breach of Trust and commercial service contract by failing to observe the limitations of The Constitution of the United States of America, and to add insult to injury, they began creating British Territorial Corporations for themselves instead of American Corporations —even though they were purportedly exercising our power “for” us as faithful Trustees and acting in our best interests, etc., etc., etc. 
The next thing we notice is that the Territorial (also known as Commonwealth) Corporation chartered in Scotland in 1868 and doing business as “The United States of America” —Incorporated, converted what remained of The United States Congress into its own Board of Directors, and passes an “Act” claiming the right to charter corporations in our name, abusing our sovereign powers under conditions of fraud and semantic deceit, without any valid claim to such empowerment  —-and there we have The Corporations Act of 1870.  
The next year these same players and interlopers passed the infamous Act of 1871 seeking to create Municipal Corporations for their own benefit.  That got shot down and repealed in 1874, but the rats kept at it, and by 1878, the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia was formed under the auspices of the Scottish Territorial Corporation doing business as “The United States of America” — Inc. 
Now all of this is constructive fraud and fraud accomplished by semantic deceit and non-disclosure, identity theft, credit fraud, and Breach of Trust — and it is all built upon sand, just waiting for a good tide to wash it away.  And now, the tide has come. 
The Territorial United States Government acted in fraud to pass The Corporations Act of 1870 and acted “in our name” —it impersonated us to do this and pretended to be an Agent of our sovereignty— without our knowledge, consent, or delegated authority to do so.  
Using that initial fraud, the Scottish Interloper created Municipal CORPORATIONS of all kinds seeking to benefit itself — but pretending the whole time to “represent” us.   
The Municipal US CORPORATIONS that were created via this criminal enterprise all function under foreign law — Roman Civil Law, not American Public Law.  

The next thing we notice is that all these US CORPORATIONS can lie, cheat, steal, and promote all kinds of fraud and crime — as long as they don’t get caught, because they function under Roman Civil Law. 
And then, we notice that these US CORPORATIONS are included as US CITIZENS under the Diversity of Citizenship Clause.  This saddles all US CORPORATIONS with the obligations and debts of Municipal citizens of the United States.  
Oh, my.   
The Corporations Act of 1870 is null and void for lack of standing to enact it and also for constructive fraud, impersonation, and semantic deceit which led to other crimes of personage, identity theft, credit fraud, unlawful conversion, kidnapping, trafficking of Lawful Persons in violation of Article IV of both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America, inland piracy, and fraud, fraud, fraud.  
That means that the Act of 1871 (repealed in 1874) and all subsequent acts eventually creating the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia are null and void from inception.  
That means that all these corporations, both the US CORPORATIONS and the Territorial USA, Incorporated entities, were and are operating under invalid charters and don’t have any right to exist under international and global law.  And neither do any of the US CORPORATIONS and franchises they have subsequently incorporated have any right to exist — including all those incorporated under the State of Delaware operating as a Territorial franchise corporation.  
La-Dee-Dah.  These organizations are stateless and baseless and return by Operation of Law to the benefit of the American Government in liquidation. 
Our Employees explicitly did all this $%#@$^@ “in our names” and that means that we have the only valid ownership interest in all these creations and that the only way out of this situation — for the corporations — is to accept amnesty as lawful American Corporations, subject to the Public Law of this country, or face immediate and permanent liquidation.  
All of them.  Both USA Territorial Charters and US Municipal Charters are void. 
They have only one (1) option — to come home and be re-chartered under our lawful international jurisdiction, and stand under the Public Law, or be liquidated. 
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

The Power is in Your Hands

The American Courts have the power to try both Law and facts.

Let me repeat that: our American Courts have the power to try both Law and facts.

In other words, our courts can not only make decisions about the facts of the matter at hand, but can make decisions about the law being brought forward to prosecute any controversy.

Average Americans, properly declared, operating their State Assemblies, can — as juries — strike down any law perpetuated by the State-of-State Legislature, and can, more broadly, set aside Acts of Congress from having any effect within the borders of their States.This is a startling fact when first presented to the downtrodden slaves among us who think — erroneously — that they are U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States.

It’s a power so vast and relevant, that they might even react in fear.Yet it is precisely this power which the Employers retain and which they must exercise to prevent the proliferation of injustice along with the cancerous growth of literally millions of codes, regulations, and statutes, which are alternately burdening and wrongly empowering everyone who works for us.

None of the other courts that you presently see in operation all around you have this ability. They are strictly limited to enforcement of their own peculiar jurisdiction and their own codes, statutes, and regulations on their own citizenry.

They are all legislative courts and are the creatures of their Masters, using forms of law that are international and global in nature, and which are unavoidably foreign with respect to this country and its people.In the interests of getting the horses in front of the carts, let us observe that this awesome power of jury nullification can only be exercised by Americans who are declared and recorded as being Americans– that is, by people who are eligible to act in the capacity of State Nationals and State Citizens and who officially chose to do so.Anyone born in this country can hop through the hoops, anyone born to American parents outside this country is also eligible, and so are legal immigrants and even immigrants who have survived in this country for over seven years without being convicted of a felony or taking public assistance.

All these people can adopt their State of the Union as their permanent house and home, and they can come home and populate it. They can then boot up their American Courts and start nullifying all the unjust and outrageous nonsense coming out of the “federalized” court system, the Municipal CONGRESS, and the various State of State Legislatures. But only for and on the behalf of themselves and other Americans.Obviously, if you are not British and not adopting British citizenship.

British law does not apply to you.Just as obviously, the powers of an American Court cannot be applied to a British citizen living in America, who is standing under the jurisdiction of the Territorial District Courts, and cannot be applied to a Papist Municipal citizen of the United States, standing under the Municipal District COURTS, either—except insomuch as they are required to abide by our “Law of the Land” and their constitutional obligations while “residing” here among us.We and our courts do have the absolute right to enforce the constitutions, every jot, comma, and space thereof.

Our courts and our powers apply to us and to our people— not generally, apart from the Constitutions, to the foreign citizenry on our shores.This now takes us to the second point — in order for our courts to have traction on an issue, people must be acting as Americans, as much as possible, they should be acting in the capacity of Americans before any foreign “legal” issues arise and the jurisdictional waters get muddied.Put a Red Flag on that, all of you who are worried about:

(1) Forced vaccinations; (2) Mask mandates; (3) Business closures;(4) Child custody theft;(5) School closures;(6) Shut down of public services; (7) Mortgages and evictions; (8) IRS and other taxes; (9) Traffic infractions; (10) Access to medical care; (11) Freedom to travel;(12) Bail-ins and other theft;(13) Worthless currencies; (14) Rioting and civil unrest;(15) “Suspension” of the Constitutions;(16) Police being defunded; (17) Credit cards;(18) International threats; (19) And so on and on…..If you are acting as a declared and recorded American, none of that clap-trap applies to you and never actually did.

It was being imposed upon you via falsification of public records, registrations, and other means of “legal presumption” which you have the power to rebut and overcome. The faster you rebut being a British Territorial U.S. Citizen — like someone born in Puerto Rico, and also rebut any claim that you are operating a Municipal Corporation as YOUR NAME, INC., the better for everyone concerned.

It’s a matter of safety and good sense. Why would anyone object to admitting that they are a Minnesotan by birth and claiming their constitutional guarantees? Why would anyone refuse to accept and enjoy the freedoms that they and their ancestors have fought and died for?Obviously, they wouldn’t, if they knew what the choices were.So, now, you can act as an American and you can join your State Assembly and you can boot up your State Courts and you can start doing your job of self-governance by nullifying no end of foreign nonsense heaped upon your peers— all those others who also claim their proper political status and birthright as Americans.

Facing eviction based on a fraudulent mortgage imposed under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit? The Credit River Decision of 1968 already decided that for Americans. So your jury of twelve honest Americans looks at it, decide that the mortgage was misapplied, and sends a Nullification Order to the foreign court issuing the Eviction Order.Your children have been snatched by the State-of-State CPS? Your Court considers the matter and sends a Nullification Order setting their court case aside, telling them that you are a State Assembly member and that you and your children are outside their jurisdiction…. remand custody of the children to your County Sheriff for return to their home and their natural biological parents.

You’ve been arrested and charged with “Fleeing from Justice” or “Contempt of Court” or some ancient impound “warrant” issued by one of these foreign courts? Your court sends them a Nullification Order informing them of your Assembly membership and of their (foreign court) obligations under Article IV prohibiting arrest and detainment of Americans who are not subject to foreign law or statutory authority.

Worried about Joe Biden? Well, he’s not your President. Get busy and elect your own.

Restore your Federal Republic.

Operate your Confederation and your Federation of States.

It’s your long-settled right and prerogative.

It’s perfectly lawful and legal for you to do this, and take charge of your own country.Now that all the State Assemblies are in Session, it’s high time that you did. Go to: your sake and your freedom and your safety and that of all your family and all your countrymen, get off your duffs. Elect your Sheriffs and your Justices of the Peace.Accept the burden of acting as Jurors, and the responsibility of enforcing the Constitutions and the responsibility of nullifying foreign court orders that don’t apply to Americans—- exercise your rights in the proper way, with the proper authority, and watch how fast things get reformed for the better.—————————-
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

No Act Changes a Country Into a Corporation

By Anna Von Reitz

Lots of people are suddenly running around parroting nonsense, saying that “the Act of 1871” converted this country into a corporation, but that is an obvious impossibility that didn’t happen in 1871 or at any other time. 
Countries are not and cannot be corporations. 
As I have already pointed out, the real mischief being referenced actually occurred the prior year, when the Municipal United States (falsely) claimed the ability (as a representative of our lawful government) to charter corporations.  
This Corporations Act of 1870 usurped upon a fundamental right and power of The United States of America that was never granted to the Municipal United States Government by any Constitution and it could not be magically granted to the Municipal United States Government by any self-serving Act of Congress. 
That entire action was unconstitutional Ultra Vires over-reach on the part of the members of the then-Congress, null and void from inception.  
Remember that under Roman Civil Law, that is, Municipal Law, you can lie and cheat and steal all you like, so long as nobody calls you on it.  Once fraud is discovered and opposed, however, that same Roman Civil Law will happily crush you underfoot.  
The Corporations Act of 1870 was a crime of fraudulent misrepresentation of authority undertaken by our Employees usurping upon us—–and we have objected to it. 
Just like a game of Wizard’s Chess, the big chess pieces begin to move and things start blowing up.  A chain reaction of unavoidable, logical, inexorable consequences begins. 
Under their own law, the rats have to capitulate.  They always knew that they were running this risk, but did it anyway, thinking that nobody would catch on to their deceit.   
Now, all the “US” CORPORATIONS that were formed under these circumstances are having a hissy fit and trying to avoid the obvious fact that they have no valid charter.  
None of them have any valid basis to exist, unless we extend our sovereign power to reconvey their charters and place them under our Public Law and authorize them to continue to operate. 
All the Territorial USA Corporations are in exactly the same or worse position, because they were authorized as Municipal Corporation franchises, that is, the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia authorized the existence of USA, Inc. as a franchise of the US, INC.  
Fraud vitiates everything it touches. 
So, here are all these thousands upon thousands of invalid business structures, and everything they do is tainted.  Are you beginning to see why the whole world is stymied and in a state of shock and paralysis? 
The only way that these businesses can continue to function is if we come back through the door and validate their incorporation, albeit, their incorporation under our own separate authority and control as the lawful government of this country. 
People like Bill Gates suddenly have a choice — operate lawfully or go bye-bye.  
As the king pins in this corrupt system are mostly crooks themselves, this is not exactly a welcome “opportunity” and some elements are fighting it tooth and nail, but overall, reform beats the alternative — liquidation.  
Picture yourself as a completely dissolute alcoholic playboy with a gambling addiction, ten mistresses, a drug habit, and debts to the mafia—- and suddenly, you are told in all seriousness, that you have to totally reform all your bad habits or die?  
Some of these corporations are going to choose “corporate death”, because the reform required is too radical for their directors to stomach. Others are going to look at the situation and say, well, we can live and prosper under the Public Law…. we’ll reform and re-charter.  
That is what the German, Italian, and Russian Governments have already decided, because it was never to their advantage to be part of the Municipal Scheme in the first place.  Others will follow. 
Our lawful government doesn’t have a problem granting valid charters to “US” corporations that are operating honestly and providing goods and services that people need.  
In fact, by Operation of Law, we are holding all the US CORPORATION charters right now, which includes all the Territorial Corporation charters as a result of the way the whole thing was structured from the beginning. 
Getting back to the Mass Delusion about the Act of 1871 (which was repealed in 1874) — all that really happened as a result of the Act of 1871 and the later tinkering that resulted from it — was that our Federal Subcontractors stopped operating as unincorporated Business Enterprises and started operating as incorporated Municipal CORPORATIONS.  
This obviously did not change our country into a Municipal CORPORATION. 
The fall out of the Act of 1871 changed the business structures that our Municipal and Territorial Subcontractor’s were operating under. It changed the power structure and relationship between the two Federal Subcontractors. It changed the form of law they were operating under.  It allowed them to exploit bankruptcy privileges.  It allowed them to commit crimes of deceit.  
Yes, the combined result of the Corporations Act of 1870 and the nested tangle of legislation stemming from the Act of 1871  had a lot of unfortunate (for us and others) consequences, but, it resoundingly did not change our American Government, it did not change the obligations of these Federal Subcontractors, and it did not “change our country into a corporation”.  
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2980. Public Notice Concerning The Corporations Act of 1870

The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.