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Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight.

The Right To Vote Is Not What You Think!


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Why the Right to Vote in the United States is a Fraud


“Disclosure 101” is a compilation of some of her earlier writings: Disclosure 101

Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight. 

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Next year, many Americans will be preparing themselves to go vote at the next presidential election, which is scheduled for November 8, 2016. If you are planning to go vote during that time, you should read this article before doing so.

The right to vote is not what you think it is. When you vote, you are voting for a foreign candidate that represents a foreign corporation called the United States, Incorporated. Do you need proof of this? Read further and I will show you all the proof you need.

Proof That the United States is a Foreign Corporation

If you want proof that the United States is a corporation, look at subsections 15 and 15(A) in title 28 U.S. Code § 3002 and you should see this sentence, ““United States” means— (A) a Federal corporation.” In legal terms, when the “United States” or “United States of America” is written in all capital letters (UNITED STATES or UNITED STATES OF AMERICA), 99 percent of the time it is referring to a corporation.

When I say that the United States or the United States of America is a corporation, I am not talking about the landmass. What I am talking about is the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.), which is a 10 mile radius district that houses the corporation called the United States, Incorporated. This federal corporation is also known as the United States of America (Minor). As for the landmass, it is known as the continental United States or the United States of America (Major).

When the United States of America, Inc. was first created, its main role was to act as a governmental services corporation for The United States of America (Major). The fraud to enslave the American people with debt really began when the International Banksters of the Federal Reserve bought the United States of America, Inc. and took over its agencies around 1911. They then eventually changed the name to the United States, Inc. This name is often written in all capital letters (UNITED STATES) and without the “Inc” to prevent Americans from knowing that it is a corporation.

The United States, Inc. resides in Washington D.C. and is a foreign corporation. This is why it has a president and a vice president, just like Walmart and Target. Under Corporate Law, every corporation is required to have a president and a vice president.

Most Americans do not know these things because they have been conditioned at an early age to think that when the U.S. government refers to the name the “United States,” it is referring to the country. In most cases, the U.S. government is referring to the corporation (UNITED STATES).

The acronym “D.C.” in the term “Washington D.C.” stands for the District of Columbia, which is a district founded by a powerful masonic secret society called the Colombians. The Colombians also founded Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), Columbia Pictures, and Columbia University. Did you notice how similar the words Colombians and Columbia are?

One thing you should know about Columbia University is that it is located in New York. New York was founded by the York Rite, which is also another powerful masonic secret society. This is why it is called New York, which means the new state of the York Rite.

Did You Know the United States, Inc. Went Bankrupt in 1933?

In 1933, the United States, Inc. went bankrupt. As described at

The United States  defined as “…the District of Columbia et alia” went “Bankrupt” in 1933 and was declared so by President Roosevelt in Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111, and finally, as consolidated in Executive Order 6260,

(See: Senate Report 93-549, pages 187 & 594) under the “Trading With The Enemy Act” (Sixty-Fifth Congress,  Sess. I, Chs. 105, 106, October 6, 1917), and as codified at 12 U.S.C.A. 95a.

To fix the bankruptcy problem, the International Banksters of the Federal Reserve collateralized every common United States Citizens and used them to finance their corporation (United States, Inc.). In other words, we (the American people) have been securitized and used as collateral for the U.S. national debt, which is actually the debt of the United States, Inc.

When it comes to politics and finance, most of us lack knowledge in these two fields. Because of this, the International Banksters can easily trick us to think that the U.S. national debt is the debt of the American people. In reality, the U.S. national debt is the debt of the International Banksters and their corporation (United States, Inc.).

Why the “Right” to Vote in the United States is a Fraud

In legal terms, your right to vote is actually a privilege because to be a United States Citizen means that you are a legal person, also known as a corporation. A corporation is a fictitious entity that has no right. So, when politicians tell you that you have the right to vote as a United States Citizen, they are already lying to you.

Every time you vote, you are giving your consent to be governed by many treasonous politicians. Many politicians do not care about you because they work for the Banking Elites, which are the International Banksters who own the United States, Inc.

The right to vote in the United States is a FRAUD, because your vote does not really matter and the voting system is rigged, just like a casino. Furthermore, when you vote, you are voting for a president of a FOREIGN corporation known as the United States, Inc.

One thing you need to know about the U.S. voting system is that the presidential candidates are chosen by the International Banksters and they control both of the Republican and Democratic parties. The idea that we have choices when it comes to electing presidential candidates is an illusion.

As an American, when you vote you are, in a way, committing TREASON against the country called The United States of America (Major), which is made up of 50 separate nation states operating as a nation on the land jurisdiction. The United States of America (Minor) or the United States, Inc. is operating under the international jurisdiction of the sea, which is based on Admiralty Law (the Law of the Sea).

The Covert Meanings of the Word Vote

The word vote is defined as “a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or body of individuals” or “the means by which such expression is made, as a ballot, ticket, etc.” These two definitions of the word vote only show you its meanings at the surface. To find the deeper meanings of the word vote, you need to use the art of phonics to help you see the relation among words.

Phonetically, the word vote sounds exactly like the word volt. Where do you go vote/volt at? In a voting terminal or a polling/poll-ing place. The word poll sounds similar to the word pole. A pole is the electric battery pole of positive (+) or negative (-). In other words, in order to vote you need to go to the polls/poles, so that you can place your vote/volt on the candidate that you want to see put in charge.

Once the votes/volts are counted, the politician or “pole-itician” that receives the most votes/volts is the one who is going to be put into the position of power. Maybe this is why it is called power politics. Are you starting to see the connection here?

The presidential election is nothing more than a game created by the International Banksters to con you to agree to be a battery, so that they can drain your energy. This is why before they can summon you to go to court, they need to charge you first. The content below explains this concept in greater details. It is extracted from my article titled The Esoteric Definition of Battery.

The word “battery” is an important word in commerce and law, because it has to do with the process of harnessing the energy of humanity. In other words, this is one of the many methods that they used to drain your energy.

This energy is then used by the Controllers to “charge” their corporations (“corpses” or “dead entities”), banks, and other commerce systems, so that they can keep their game of conning humanity going. Without our energy to “charge” their corporations and commerce systems, their con game will not have enough power to stay on.

As human beings, we are being used as “batteries.” This is why before we go to court, we have to be “charged” first. At the court hearing, the judge will read the “charges” and then “charge” them off after a verdict or judgement is made.

If there is a fine or fee included in the judgement, the defendant will be ordered to pay the fine with “currency.” The covert meaning of the word “currency” has to do with the “flow of energy.” This is why the stored energy in a battery is called “electric current” or the “currency of electricity.”

If you live in the USA and want to be free and help spread freedom throughout the world, do not participate in the U.S. presidential election in November 2016. If you do, you could end up committing treason against the United States of America (Major) which is the land that you were born on.

If you do not live in the USA, your voting system is most likely taken over by the International Banksters too. This is because most politicians throughout the world are bought off by the International Banksters (the leaders of the New World Order), especially the politicians of Western countries. This means that when you vote for a candidate in your country, you may also be committing treason against your original country.


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Our Government v. Their Government


You are in the same boat as many Americans — confused, angry, wanting to do
something, but not knowing what to do or how to do it. This is primarily because
you were never taught anything valuable about how your government is supposed to
be organized and operated or why.
The short answer is to organize township (or parish), county, and state
unincorporated jural assemblies. That is Job One, and the good folk of Michigan and
the good folk of Colorado and Florida and Georgia and Texas have already done the
trail blazing for everyone else. As a result, you can use their guidebook published by
the Michigan General Jural Assembly as a template to organize your own local jural
What is a jural assembly? It is an unincorporated association of free men and
women who organize in support of the public and organic law of these United States
(the states holding the land jurisdiction) to enforce the same; they elect the local
Assemblymen, for the townships and counties, and the county Assemblymen then
meeting compose a state jural assembly.
These are the lawful bodies of living men and women who “self-govern” the land
jurisdiction of these United States and who are responsible for enforcing the Law of
the Land including the Organic Law and the United States Statutes at Large.
They are also responsible for electing Common Law Court Justices, Sheriffs on the
Land; form Grand Juries; serve as Trial Jurors and as Electors (not “Voters”),
and serve to administer every aspect of their local and state governments.
Remember the phrase “self-governing”? We are responsible for governing ourselves,
via this process of self-assembly, but, when we fail to do this (or worse, become so
dumbed-down that we don’t realize that we have to do this), it leaves a vacuum of
power begging to be filled.
All this time that people have been roaming about, ranting about the “De Facto”
government versus the “De Jure” government and wondering where their
government went and who stole it from them, I guess it never occurred to them
that they are their own enemies and the missing parties who aren’t doing their own
The groups and entities that have stepped forward to fill the gap created by our
“absence” are naturally self-interested. If we are stupid enough not to govern
ourselves, someone else will be glad to do it for us and also glad to charge us
for their services and defraud us and rob us and even murder us for profit.
The lawful government of these United States has been left to rot and ruin because
of ignorance promoted by the “public school” system put in place by incorporated
“states”. These “states of states” are franchises of large private, mostly foreign
owned governmental services corporations.
To understand how all this came about you must go back to the founding of this
The American organic states belong to us in sum total— air, land, and sea
jurisdictions all belong to us and to our progeny, but as part of the settlement of the
Revolutionary War, some concessions were made.
The British had the best navy in the world and stood at the start of the industrial
revolution. They desperately needed our agricultural products. We had no navy to
speak of, only a commercial fleet that was constantly ravaged by privateers, so that
we had a hard time getting our goods to market. So we struck a deal with King
George. He agreed to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways
(protect our shipping, in other words) and we agreed to let him control our
international trade relations (get first dibs and best prices on American commodities,
in other words).
British Subjects were allowed to remain in America for the purpose of providing
essential governmental services related to this deal. See the Definitive Treaty of
Peace, Paris, 1783, where they are described as “inhabitants” who “reside” here, as
opposed to the “free, sovereign and independent people of the United States” who
live here permanently. See Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2 of The Constitution for the
united States of America, which makes this explicit.
All this give rise to two different populations living together on this continent—
American State Nationals and British Subjects. Over time, semantic deceits were
slowly introduced over the two words “United States” which have several meanings.
One meaning of “United States” is the federation of separate sovereign nationstates
known as the Continental United States, and the other meaning, secretively
adopted by members of Congress operating as a Board of Directors for The United
States of America, Inc., is “territories and District of Columbia”.
This second meaning of “United States” is what the Federales are talking about when
they ask if you are a citizen of the United States? That is, are you a citizen of the
territories and District of Columbia, like someone born in DC? Or a member of the
military or federal civil service who temporarily adopts that “citizenship” status while
employed by the Federal Corporation?
If you say, “Yes, I’m a citizen of the United States.” thinking of the federation of the
separate sovereign state, they self-interestedly interpret it to mean that you are or
want to be considered a “citizen of the United States” instead.
Who are they to complain if you want to voluntarily subject yourself to them and
accept having them and their Queen ruling over you?
They will eagerly grant you “dual citizenship” and herd you like sheep into their fold
and begin the process of sheering you without mercy, because they are in business
here. Their only purpose is to provide “governmental services” and make money
doing so.
If they can force you to buy more and more and more “services”— Social Security
all the way to Obummercare— and charge you for it, from their perspective—why
not? If they can create 80,000,000 regulations for you to follow, and then hire a
bunch of thugs to keep you in line and charge you fines every time you color outside
their lines, why not? It’s Big Business. Literally.
The problem is that this was so lucrative it was a temptation the Brits and French
couldn’t refuse. So they colluded together against their clueless American Allies.
At the start of all this, the Virginia Company doing business as The United States
(trading company) took over The Contract and began providing the nineteen
enumerated services our states agreed to receive. That company was bankrupted by
Lincoln and a competing company doing business as the United States of America
(Inc.) took over and operated until 1933 when it was bankrupted and a third version
(French) took over and operated as the UNITED STATES (INC.) until 2015, when this
“governmental services corporation” was declared insolvent.
None of these “governmental services corporations” have a damned thing to do with
us or our lawful government really. They are subcontractors providing services, like
a lawn maintenance company that you hire to trim your hedges and mow your lawn
and rake your leaves. The various “United States Congresses” that have sat as
Board of Directors for these corporations and who are supposed to be riding herd on
these subcontractors and looking out for your best interests have long ago grabbed
the bit in their teeth and operated as self-interested oligarchs instead.
Each one of these separate governmental services corporations has its own
regulations. The old “United States of America” that operated both in and out of
bankruptcy from 1868 to 1999 formulated the entire 50 Titles of Federal Code that
everyone still refers to.
The UNITED STATES (INC.) repealed all 50 Titles and kept only part of Title 50 as
the basis of its operations and that is its only internal law, aside from Washington,
DC Municipal Code.
And now that the UNITED STATES (INC.) is insolvent, THE UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA, INC., a spin-off of the World Bank and the UN Corporation, is here
providing government services on speculation, on a “for hire” basis, but they have
already been told, “Thanks, but no thanks”, based on the prior performance of
Rothschild affiliates who ran the old United States of America, Inc. into the ground
and also contrived to fraudulently involve us in their bankruptcy and who also began
the mechanized process of entrapping us via semantic deceit and secretively
changing our birthright political status via fraud and non-consensual private
contracting processes.
All the above explains why we cannot just “charge them under the Smith Act” and
other such suggestions.
The “Smith Act” and all the other various “Acts” undertaken by the “United States
Congress” were private corporate laws embraced by a corporation that no longer
exists. It’s bankruptcy settled in 1999. All 50 Titles of Federal Code became
obsolete at that moment.
Then the UNITED STATES (INC.), a French-based governmental services corporation
running under a small part of Title 50 and Washington DC Municipal Code, took over
the “federal” services contract and ran our credit into the ground for another 15
years without our consent and without any of our international Trustees— the
Popes, the British Monarch, or the United States Postmaster — objecting to this fraud
and thievery.
At the current moment we remain running our own states-on-the-land government
via jural assemblies operated under the Organic and Public Law of the United States,
known as the United States Statutes-at-Large; and, for the moment, THE UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA, INC., funded by the World Bank and operated by the UN
Corporation, has stepped in without a contract to provide the necessary services on a
“for hire” basis and just for shits and grins is operating according to the old Federal
Code, without formally adopting it.
Karen Hudes has falsely described this situation as an “interregnum” during which
time there is no government but, in fact, we have been here clicking along in spite of
the frauds and bankruptcies and “wars” and everything else that these
“governmental services corporations” have engaged in. The so-called “Federal
Government” which has never been a sovereign government of any kind may be in
complete disarray, but we, the people, of these United States, are not.
Enemies of our peace, freedom and standing have not only mischaracterized us as
“citizens of the United States”, they went before the United Nations Trust
Committees and the UN Security Council and claimed that we no longer exist as fifty
sovereign nation-states. They complained that we have not exercised our
government on the land jurisdiction, that we have no national currency left in
circulation—- both lies, and, they claimed that we no longer had representation in
the international community—- thanks to the fact that the UNITED STATES, INC.
went insolvent without naming a Successor to Contract.
Whereupon we issued new Sovereign Letters Patent to the United Nations Secretary
General and the United Nations Trust Committees and the United Nations Security
Council, informing them that yes, we are still very much alive and kicking and that,
By The Way, we have negotiated an agreement with two of the sovereign indigenous
nations that have representation in the United Nations, the Lakota Sioux and the
Athabascan Nation, and issued a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty to memorialize the
Thus we are still standing, still have our Constitution in full affect, and are still
operating our actual government. We still have the United States Silver Dollar in
circulation. We still have our Public Law under enforcement. We have named new
“federal” agents for the purposes of international negotiations and trade. We will in
our good time act through our jural assemblies to name fiduciary Deputies as
delegates to a Continental Congress to settle this hash, and in the meantime, it
should be well-understood by all parties that we are empowered and entitled to
enforce the Law of the Land, which includes the actual Constitution and the United
States Statutes-at-Large, against all and any federal employees or federal state-ofstate
employees, such as “State of Washington” or “WASHINGTON” or “State of
Colorado” or “COLORADO” franchise employees found trespassing against any of us
or on our soil in violation of their corporate charters or our Public Law.
[A further conundrum and confusion was created back in the 1950-60’s when
organizations serving as state and county governments were lured by the promise of
“federal revenue sharing” to incorporate—- an act that transformed them from being
legitimate governments operating our landed estates to being private corporate
franchises operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea. Any time you see the
word “of” as in “State of Ohio” or “STATE OF OHIO” or see a name in all capitals like
“WISCONSIN” you know that you are dealing with one of these deceptively named
corporate franchises.]
I trust this goes a long way toward answering your question why we can’t seem to
get enforcement of all the federal and state laws and Acts of Congress that are on
the books. It’s because the corporations that adopted these private laws, called
“statutes” and “regulations” and “codes”, no longer exist. The only actual
government still standing on this Continent is that of the people, for the people and
by the people; and the only Law still standing is our Organic Law and our United
States Statutes at Large.
As more Americans wake up and say, “WTF? I wasn’t born in Puerto Rico! I ain’t no
flipping “citizen of the United States”——!” and as more and more Americans
organize Jural Assemblies to enforce the actual Organic and Public Law in their
townships, counties, and states—- it will all start to make a lot more sense.
The French Government is culpable for not restraining and not insuring the lawful
operation of both the UN Corporation and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and
its subsidiaries including the UNITED STATES and the STATE OF ____ franchises
these organizations established here.
The British Government and the Government of Westminster are culpable for
practicing press-ganging, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, and numerous other
known international crimes against us and against our lawful government mostly via
their undeclared foreign agents, including the members of the American Bar
The international city-state District of Columbia and its government known as the
District of Columbia Municipal Corporation are similarly guilty of these crimes against
the American People, and have attempted to run a “government of the person, by
the person, and for the person” in a mockery of our lawful government on the land.
As a result of criminality on the part of those both elected and appointed to act as
our Trustees internationally and nationally, and the corporations they have operated
against us in Breach of Trust, we have been plundered under color of law, suffered
identity theft in contravention of the Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949, suffered
credit theft and theft of our actual resources, and are now being threatened by these
same thugs as they are now offering to literally kill off their Priority Creditors, the
American People, in the same way they killed off the Jewish People who were their
Priority Creditors in Nazi-Era Germany.
Every American needs to be alerted to these actual circumstances and every
community needs to be organized in the event that international negotiations related
to these matters break down and the British, French, Israeli, and District of Columbia
so-called “US” forces have to be restrained.
You are all encouraged to spread the word from the members of Congress on down
to the lowest levels of “their government” that we are fully aware now and that the
false claims against us and our property must come to an immediate full stop.
Federal employees, especially agency employees and appointed administrators, must
be reeducated.
Any attempt by the IMF dba UNITED STATES dba “STATE OF OHIO” and other
franchises to attack Americans using agencies including the “FBI” and “CIA” and
“FEMA”, etc., will be instantly recognized as the acts of foreign commercial
mercenary armies on our shores, not the result of any civil war or unrest naturally
arising within America or as the result of American politics, race relations, or
religious antagonisms at all.
We know who we are and we know who did this to us and we know why they did it.
We have stated it clearly and plainly before the whole world, before all the
assembled governments, and before the people of all nations. We have notified the
Pope, the Queen, the Secretary of the Treasury, the United States Treasurer, the
United States Post Master and the United Nations Secretary General and literally
thousands of other officials.
If the IMF and its subsidiaries or the FEDERAL RESERVE and its subsidiaries—either
one—are allowed to take any action whatsoever against the peaceful and noncombatant
American People under the false pretense that we are or ever were
legitimately and knowingly operating as “persons” or as “citizens of the United
States” these acts of genocide will be recognized as precisely the acts of criminals
seeking to kill off their Priority Creditors and nothing more than that— just the
vicious and immoral and unjustified actions of the guilty against the innocent.
It has not been enough for them to steal us blind; now they seek to blame us for
their criminality and to force us to pay for their debts at the point of a bayonet.
No American is forced to continue any contract with the “United States” military
under these circumstances of fraud and false undisclosed contract. No American is
obligated in any way to fire upon Americans. No American who takes part in any
unlawful court actions or foreclosures or seizures of property or confiscations of any
kind will be held guiltless.
It is time for all elected officials and all bureaucrats to be on High Alert and to
remember the results of the Nuremberg Trials—- “just following orders” is not an
excuse for murder, plundering, piracy, unlawful conversion, press-ganging,
enslavement, involuntary servitude, identity theft, credit theft, conspiracy against
our Constitution and the other crimes that the IMF and FEDERAL RESERVE have
jointly indulged in on our shores.
Let it also be clearly understood that Americans all maintain our absolute right to
defend ourselves and our families and our property with deadly force if need be.
Should the Pope and other international trustees fail their duty as they have
repeatedly done in the past, any and all bloodshed on this continent will rest
squarely on their shoulders.

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