Montana is One Signature Away from Becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary!

We have some good news to share!

As we told you in early March, Montana legislators are pushing to protect your Second Amendment rights from Biden’s gun control agenda!

The Second Amendment Sanctuary bill (HB 258) — sponsored by Rep. Jedediah Hinkle — is challenging President Biden’s intention to impose a gun control agenda that will restrict your 2A rights.

This bill passed in the House in late February. Now, because of your emails to your Senators, it passed in the Senate! The final hurdle is for it to be signed by the Governor.

As a reminder: if this bill would become law, state and local government officials will be under order to NOT enforce ANY new federal bans or regulation on firearms, magazines, ammunition, ammunition components, or firearm accessories. This will make it significantly less likely for these kinds of federal gun control to be enforced.

We hope Governor Gianforte will sign this bill into law and support your 2A rights, like he did with Constitutional Carry. However, we still ask for YOUR help to tell him how important this legislation is to you.

Please email Governor Gianforte, urging him to enact HB 258 and make Montana a Second Amendment Sanctuary!

In Liberty, 

Erich Pratt 
Senior Vice President 
Gun Owners of America
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The Map They Don’t Want You To See

This will get your attention. See this map full size to get the true picture. Remember that 6 of the 7 State legislatures are Controlled by Republicans. map that the media refuses to show.Ivan@RaiklinCurrent state of the 2020 Presidential Election:
Trump 232
Biden 226
80 electoral votes across 7 states in dispute. All disputes must be resolved by these State Legislatures by December 14th regardless of audits, recounts, lawsuits. 6 of those legislatures are majority Rs.

Paul Stramer Blog

The Take Home Message

 By Anna Von Reitz

First, you are being “presumed” to be a Donor of everything you are and everything you think you own to a Public Charitable Trust.  How quaint.  
If this isn’t true, it’s high time that you stood up and kicked your employees to the curb and explained that no, you didn’t ever leave or go anywhere, and you certainly didn’t abandon your assets and property interests, didn’t adopt any foreign political status, and didn’t ask them to form any trusts — public or private — in your name(s).  
Their presumptions about your political status choices are all wrong, too.  If you are an average American, you didn’t choose to be a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, nor did you knowingly and willingly and voluntarily sign up to be a Municipal citizen of the United States, either.  
In fact, those suppositions about your political status choices are irrational, because you would have no reason to accept such decidedly inferior status, absent a “Federal” corporation paycheck and a fat benefits package.  
Now, there are some Americans who willingly adopt such foreign Territorial and Municipal political statuses.  
People who join the U.S. Military work as indentured servants for a period of years known as a ‘Tour of Duty’ and while engaged in military service, they voluntarily adopt Territorial U.S. Citizenship. 
And those who choose to work for the Federal Civil Service adopt the status of a public slave and act as “citizens of the United States” for the duration of their employment, too. 
But if you are Joe Average American, you aren’t any such species of Federal Employee or Dependent, and probably are stunned to learn that you were ever “mistaken” for anyone or anything but an American.  
Well, here’s your wake up call.  Your Federal Employees have conspired to rob you blind, and the foreign Principals responsible for misdirecting them, have acted in Gross Breach of Trust.  
So here we are, having this little discussion about capital-level war crimes taking place on our shores at the hands of our Employees and purported Allies. 
You, Americans, are the Employers and they, Federal Citizens of both species, are the Employees, but they have been working a bizarre double-ended impersonation scheme against you.  
If you are Joe Average, you are the victim of a complex institutionalized con job designed to steal your identity and your credit and your assets, and this constructive, self-serving fraud was done while these people were on your payroll, taking their checks out of your pockets, and while they owed you their oaths and Good Faith Service, too.    
To be fair, most of them had no idea that they were doing any such thing.  They were just “following orders” like the guards in the Nazi Concentration Camps. 
The Perpetrators also sought to evade their obligations owed to you under both The Constitution of the United States of America (Territorial Employees) and The Constitution of the United States (Municipal Employees).  That is, they colluded and conspired to evade their obligations and so undermined both Constitutions after swearing to uphold them against “all enemies, both foreign and domestic”.  
You see, by denying and falsifying your identity and mischaracterizing you as a U.S. Citizen and/or citizen of the United States, they deprived you of your Constitutional Guarantees and evaded their constitutional duties in one easy step.  
U.S. Citizens have no constitutional rights or guarantees. Neither do Municipal citizens of the United States.  
So long as you are mistaken for either one, neither do you have any Constitutional rights or guarantees. 
In fact, as long as you let them pretend that your name is a public trust property,  they can send their lawyers to your house and take anything they want, including taking you to jail and prosecuting you under their private corporation’s law and at their judge’s “discretion”.   
As many of you have learned the hard way.  
Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States have been operating as commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services for the better part of a century and a half.  
So when they hold an election for their offices of “President” of their respective corporations, that’s all the frou-frou and Democrat v. Republican nonsense is all about —- a private corporation election where our Employees and Dependents choose their leadership for the next four years.  
Oh.  But you say you aren’t a Federal Employee or Dependent?  Right. So, you aren’t a shareholder in those corporations and not an official or appointed officer or employee of those corporations, either, so you shouldn’t be voting in those elections.  
You should be casting ballots in your own elections and acting as Electors, not Voters.  You should be populating your own State Assembly, not attending your Employee’s District Assemblies. 
And you should be telling your Employees — as the purported Donor of the fraudulent constructed Trust they are sucking dry — where to get off.  
Oh, and about the idea of Joe Biden and Ms. Harris being President and Vice-President of any Municipal Corporation having a contract with you?  No, not.  
You see, you are the Employers.  They are the Employees.  
And whether or not they cheated themselves blind and broke their own laws and acted as common criminals (which is really nothing new for them) to steal an election, that election itself is meaningless in the face of the actual States and People, present and accounted for. 
We aren’t bound by employee popularity contests— whether crooked or honest. 
We just told the other Principals that we, the Employers, don’t accept their offer of Biden as the President of anything but a prison cell block.  Absent getting this straightened out, they don’t have a service contract, either. 
Go to: and get a grip.  Remember who you are and get started down the road home.  
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A Word and An Update

 By Anna Von Reitz

The first word is an apology.  I am behind all efforts to reply to correspondence or even get thank you notes sent out.  It has been and it continues to be crazy busy here and I am continuing to work as hard as I can —- but, even with lots of helpers, I am still just one old lady and can’t always (or often) keep up with all cards and letters, packages, and correspondences of other kinds. Please bear with me. I very much appreciate the outpouring of historical documents and the donations toward all our present projects.
In part because of the outpouring of historical documents and the spread of our outreach to other countries, I have recently received more “missing pieces” that support and provide evidence for all that I have taught you—- and also provide more insight into the history of the Confederation, the Federal Republic, and the Courts.  
These are all topics of urgent concern and consideration that require equally urgent study on my part and on the part of those researchers who have been specialists in these areas for years prior to this.  
Of course, we have had the Big Picture for quite a while, but we are now drilling down into the deeper levels of the Great Fraud and that is expanding our understanding of what happened and who the moving parties were and much else that was either unclear or unknown about prior to this. 
Let me just say that the politicians have threatened the corporations with the ability to tax and regulate them, and the corporations have responded by becoming the lap dogs of the politicians.  
However, we have the right and responsibility to liquidate any corporation caught operating in an unlawful manner. 
Unlike the State of State Legislatures and Governors who would have to undertake a lengthy anti-trust or anti-monopoly suit approach, the people of each State (as opposed to State of State) can directly rescind the charters of any corporation formed in our State, and can “liquidate for cause” any such entity.  
Even if the offending corporation was not formed in our State, we can withdraw permission for any corporation to operate in our State. 
Thus, if Monsanto, for example, was chartered in our State of the Union, we could, upon demonstrating good and sufficient cause, “pull the charter” and liquidate Monsanto.  Alternatively, if Monsanto was not chartered in our State, but has been operating in our State and causing our people harm or ruining natural resources, or is caught in some other criminal act, we can impose prohibitions against it and not allow it to do business in our State of the Union. 
These are the prerogatives of living people versus the legalistic prerogatives of the State of State organizations, which are themselves corporations. 
From what I see happening, the elections were hopelessly bungled and no good or rapid result is likely.  
If Biden claims victory and actually acts to enforce the voter fraud, then he and all those involved become liable to serve fifty (50) years in prison and pay substantial fines.  Strangely, the crime hasn’t actually been committed and caused injury until he does.  The moment that happens, the crime is established. 
This is a situation like Governor Jay Inslee being sued over his over-reaching and Mask Mandates — he didn’t enforce his proclamations, so he couldn’t be charged.  Anyone who obeyed his proclamation in the absence of enforcement was doing so “voluntarily”. 
It’s the same thing with the election fraud and tampering.  They can count votes and not count votes and all sorts of different things can go on, but until they actually try to claim victory and enforce bogus results, no injury has been done.  It’s all just words, claims and counterclaims, until then.  
Think of it like a giant game of “Chicken”.  
If the Dems cheated and there is proof of it and Biden claims victory, his rump and the rumps of all his helpers are in the wringer.  Big time. 
So expect the whining and posturing and vote counting and lawsuits and posturing and insult-trading to continue for a long time.  And expect all sorts of unrest and civil disobedience and other upsets in the meantime. 
Also expect Secondary Creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC.  to start sending you all humongous bills, misaddressed in various ways to MUNICIPAL PERSONS who are only presumed to exist.   These bills are beginning to show up addressed to names styled as LAST, FIRST MIDDLE or even to LAST, FIRST, MIDDLE INITIAL. 
Some of them which have been embroidered with additional fines and late fees and interest, etc., are truly gigantic.  Picture the hapless homeowner receiving a tax bill for half a million dollars, when to the best of their knowledge, all their bills are paid up?  
This is going to be happening all over this country, and you must be ready for it. First and foremost, get yourselves back on the land and soil and join your State Assembly, and then secure the land patent (or in the Eastern United States, the land grant) underlying your homes and businesses. 
The United States Land Patents were issued by The United States of America (Incorporated) in our names and using our authorities, which means that those patents remain ours now that we are in Session, and as of November 4, 2015, all those Patents have been re-issued and assigned to the States of the Union. And as of September 30th, all the States are properly enrolled retroactive to the day their Statehood was approved.  
This means that you are all protected by our action and your Patent isn’t going to just “disappear” — but you must nonetheless claim your birthright political status, record it, and ferret out your land patent (or land grant) records.  It’s also best to join your actual State Assembly (not any “district” Assembly) and have the support of other Americans and the actual land and soil jurisdiction government of your State of the Union.  
Go to: to get started. 
Mr. Trump has bought you two months extra time to get your ducks in order.  We strongly suggest that you move quickly in your own defense and that you order a big red ink stamp that simply says, “No Contract.”—-that you can use to return Municipal Bills that are misaddressed to you.  
As for Mr. Biden and his Helpers, they are facing very substantial prison time if they try to carry through with this “squirrel rigged” election process — a fact that they are well aware of, and perhaps simply trying to kill time until they can secure a new Municipal Corporation and begin to run it around the third week of March?  
Truth be told, it looks like a giant set-up, with both the Territorial and Municipal Corporation personnel engaged in an effort to delay action until then.  It also looks like the election process has failed for the first time in our history, and perhaps no more obvious sign of that is the refusal to allow poll watchers to observe the counting process. 
Those of you of a certain age will remember many occasions wherein the United States and the United Nations sent in Poll Observers in many, many foreign countries, to ensure that people had access to the polls and to guarantee a legitimate election process.  
What does it say, when Poll Observers are not allowed to do the same function for United States elections?  
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

Deep State Hijacks Election into Full-Blown ‘Color Revolution’
Dr. Duke Pesta interviews Alex Newman, Senior Editor of The New American, to discuss Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s apparently last-minute vote gains in Wisconsin and Michigan edging him closer to the White House. Newman discusses numerous irregularities in the vote tabulation and how the election has the earmarks of the “Color Revolutions” that the Deep State globalists have engineered to steel elections overseas. Dr. Pesta and Newman both warn how Fox News undermines the integrity of both the elections and our constitutional republic, by serving as the Establishment’s gatekeeper for so-called conservative news while constantly taking the wrong position when it matters most.
Found here:

Bird’s Eye View — A Public Announcement

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., was entered into bankruptcy by its owner, Pope Francis, September 24, 2015.  It was a Chapter 7 Liquidation.  No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes, no reorganizations. This corporate bankruptcy ended on November 5th of this year. 
Now, everyone knows that you can’t elect a new President for a defunct corporation.  It would be a pointless and fraudulent exercise. Whoever was elected “President of the United States” on November 3rd, had nothing to preside over as of November 5th.  
This means that for either candidate to go forward as the Municipal “President of the United States” a different municipal corporation doing business in some form of “United States” would have to be formed and substituted for the now defunct UNITED STATES, INC. 
And the Perpetrators would have to successfully substitute the newly elected President of the now-defunct UNITED STATES, INC., as the President of the other ‘United States’ corporation left waiting in the wings. 
This is a break in the chain of title and representation, with the title in question being “President of the United States”.  This creates a thorough break in the continuance of the Municipal Government.    
As a result, the Principals responsible have been notified within three (3) days that we do not accept their Offer of Succession, and specifically, don’t accept Joe Biden and Harris.  
The new Municipal corporation they are trying to foist off on us, together with their Chosen Ones, have no contract.  
The situation is similar to when a bill collector buys an interest in a bad debt and then attempts to collect it as if it were valid.  Often they adopt names similar to an actual former debtor and try to get you to “assume the debt”, or, they come in as a loan servicer and try to get you to pay them even though you have no contract with the “servicer”. 
If you recognize the fraud involved, they are out of luck.  [As a quick aside –brace yourselves for a new round of this kind of fraud. Even though the debts of the old Municipal Corporation and all its franchises have been officially discharged via bankruptcy, they will still be making the rounds and sending bills to “dead” Municipal PERSONS and will try to collect from the presumed-to-exist estate managers of entities such as WATSON, JAMES CLARK and BELL,VIRGINIA ANDREA.] 

Suffice it to say that we have recognized the fraud that the Municipal Government Principals are trying to pull off, and have nipped it in the bud. 
The following message was sent to all the Principals last night, including the Lord Mayor, and is being reiterated and released for publication worldwide this morning: 
“Your timelines are off.  November 3 Election. November 5 settlement. End of story. No contract. Three day right of refusal.  It is done. 
We refuse the Succession Offer. 

Joe Biden is a crook and Kamala Harris is worse. 
Hope you are all real proud of yourselves putting in all that advertising and effort to steal a non-existent election for the Presidency of a bankrupt corporation.”
But what of the remaining Office that was also up for election this past Tuesday?  President of the United States of America?  That corporation is still viable and in bankruptcy Reorganization, so it makes sense that it can legitimately hold elections. 
In the next few days and weeks you will hear a debate about “counting legal votes” versus “counting every vote” — legal or not. 
This is essentially a difference in viewpoint between the Territorial Government  which insists on everything being legal, and the Municipal Government which believes that every vote — even “votes” created by machines and dead people and non-existent persons and illegal aliens should count.  Even multiple votes cast by the same person should count.  
They sent out ballots to my pen name, even though I long ago cancelled all possible voter registrations in every variation of my names.  I wonder how “she” would have voted —-if she had arms, legs, and a brain?  
Apparently, none of that is necessary if you are a Democrat. 
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.