Quick Start Guide for Veterans -1

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Quick Start Guide for Veterans -1

I have been asked, repeatedly, for a very brief explanation that everyone can understand, that explains the structure of our government — how it is supposed to be, and how it is, and the obligations of veterans and current military personnel with regard to their oaths made to defend the Constitution(s).

Okay, that’s a tall order and one I have struggled with for years. How to make it simple? Quick? Easy? I now have it down to six pages. It’s a dense six pages, but only six pages. Not a book. I am publishing this new effort in a series of three posts, 1, 2, 3, each one about two pages long. If you are a veteran or know someone who takes their commitment to this country seriously, this was written for vets. Please pay attention.


A State is not a State of State.

Read the statement above as many times as necessary and think about it.

Florida is not the same as State of Florida.

In fact, Florida is not the same as The State of Florida, the State of Florida, or the STATE OF FLORIDA or anything calling itself the STATE of FLORIDA or FLORIDA or…. These are all separate and distinctly different entities.

Florida is “corporate” but unincorporated— meaning that it has a name and a physical definition but is not “incorporated” into any other country or corporation.

Florida, the actual State, stands alone. It is complete. It has well-defined physical borders and is populated by living people.
All these other things calling themselves some variation of “State of Florida” are fundamentally different.

These are called “inchoate states” or “states-of-states” or “incomplete states”.

These States of States are various kinds of business organizations and they have no physical borders and no people live in them.

They are all incorporated, meaning that they are part of larger, parent organizations, and to the extent that they are “inhabited” they are inhabited by “persons” not people.

Persons are officers and employees of corporations who have duties to perform and who “reside” on a temporary basis in our actual States.

Stop a moment and think about what you have just learned.
The people living in Florida and the persons working for the State of Florida are not in the same political status. They aren’t operating in the same capacities.

Just like a State is not a State of State, one of the people isn’t a person.

The difference is very clear-cut, yet many of us get confused and think that the State of Florida is the same as Florida, when it is not. We also assume that if you have a pulse, you are one of the people, but in fact, you may be acting in the capacity of a person, instead.

There is an “apples and oranges” difference involved– and it needs to be clearly understood.

You, as one of the people born in a State of the Union, say Virginia, start your life as a Virginian. You are one of the living people of Virginia and you employ the State of Virginia (or some other State of State organization) to do business for you.

However, you can, if you so choose, go to work for the State of Virginia, and accept “an office of personhood”.

Do you see how that changes the capacity in which you are acting?

You went from being one of the people and an employer, to acting as a person and being an employee.

In effect, you left Virginia behind and entered the State of Virginia.

By doing this you subjected yourself to the private rules, codes, regulations, statutes, and policies of this business organization, which is simply in the business of providing “governmental services”.

In addition to accepting a paying job with a State of State, you can unwittingly enter this status if you “volunteer” to serve the State of State as a voter, a tax collector known as a “withholding agent”, a juror, or in any similar capacity.

Finally, there are two other ways you can leave your home in Virginia (or Florida or one of the other States of the Union—) and find yourself in the “foreign territory” of a State of State.

You can willingly and knowingly seek welfare benefits from the State of State, or you can be turned over to the State of State as a “ward of the state” — that is, an “incompetent” of some kind— an abandoned child, a pauper, a mental incompetent, or someone so physically incapacitated they can’t care for themselves.

Most of us have been misidentified as “wards” of State of State organizations when we were babies in our cradles. This has been done via False Registration processes that result in equally Unconscionable contracts obligating us to act as persons — known as citizens of the State of State.

So how do you get home to your birthright political status as one of the living people? A free man, a Virginian– living in Virginia, owed all the protections of the Law of the Land?

This question will be answered, but first, we need to look a bit deeper into the what these State of State business organizations really are— and who or what operates them?

The American State Assembly – Restore Lawful Government


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To Pope Francis: No Deal!


By Anna Von Reitz

For the past ten years I have listened to no end of freebooters and wannabes making claims based on their ancestors.  I don’t entertain such claims because I don’t deal with the Kingdom of the Dead.  I am alive, therefore, I belong to the Kingdom of the Living.

Simple enough, isn’t it?

Don’t tell me that the blood of King Poobah La-Dee-Dah runs in your veins and that that makes you “noble” and “royal” and all the rest of it.

Nobody and nothing makes you “noble” but you and your own thoughts, words, and deeds, right here and right now.

The current regime has tried to exalt the Kingdom of the Dead over the Kingdom of the Living.  They have tried to impersonate living men as dead THINGS — estate trusts, public transmitting utilities, public charitable trusts, and only the True God knows what else.

It’s all lies and bunko, pure, unadulterated crime.  False Registrations.  Fraudulent conveyancing of grammar.  Claims based on the blood of King La-Dee-Dah.

So first there was the “Deal” that was never disclosed to operate the Federal Subcontractors as commercial corporations.

And then there was the “New Deal” which was never disclosed, either, and which involved the literal enslavement of government employees—and anyone else that you merely claimed was a government employee or dependent — but never actually were.

And now, you are trying to rewrite the Uniform Commercial Code and apply it retroactively to save the guilty banks.

We are calling fraud and damnation on this self-serving rewrite of Article 9 published by Cornell Law day before yesterday, and we are taking exception to its fraudulent aims and assumptions, such as pretending that the banks invested anything whatsoever of value in us or our assets, and we also call “Foul!” on pretending that any incorporation or trustees of such corporations have any representative role or agreements related to us.

We don’t even have a contract with THEM.  Our contract, Francis, is with you and the Queen and you both have cause to know what it says.

The bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, INC., cannot be settled absent negotiation with the actual Priority Creditors— the American States and People, represented in international and global affairs by their unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America.


Mr. Trump has no ability granted nor delegated to him to settle any such matters, much less Mr. Fink,  and neither does the Queen and neither do you, Francis.

My Proof in the Pudding Policy

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

When you become a Seeker After Truth, whether it is the truth about your Great-Grandfather’s romantic affairs, or the truth about land titles, or your government, or the nature of the Universe (which isn’t a ‘Uni” anything), you have to leave behind the familiar territory of your Public School Education and make up your mind to adopt your own standards and ways and means of discernment — most objectively, because so much of what you have been taught is self-interested bunk promulgated by commercial corporations acting “as” your government.
Like you and everyone else engaged in this Get to the Bottom of It Endeavor, I had to decide early on what “proof” meant to me. So I decided that if something proves out in logic and fact, I will believe it and act upon it until a better explanation or systemic answer appears.
This is not unlike any scientific exploration — we observe, we research, we theorize. Our theories are the best explanation that fits the facts we’ve established and just like scientific theories, they stand until disproven or replaced by a better or more detailed approximation of The Truth.
For example, nobody now living was actually present when Abraham Lincoln bankrupted the Northern Confederation of States and issued the first Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief. We can’t know what was on his mind or within his grasp of intention going forward. We don’t know what personal instructions he gave Ulysses S. Grant.
There are no first-hand Witnesses left.
So here we are, a century and a half later, armed with a lot of musty records and facts we’ve been able to directly discern or establish from the Public Records (always admitting that we may have missed something on the way) doing our best to reconstruct an accurate vision of the past leading directly to our present situation.
It remains Axiomatic that if you believe that you can’t do something, you can’t do it. Period. First of all, the question will never be put to the test, because you will already believe that action is futile. “I can’t…..” is the guarantee of the Status Quo or worse, so the First Hobble of progress and truth comes at the level of believing you can’t do something.
The Second Hobble comes at the level of thinking that it isn’t your job to do anything — this also guarantees inaction and stagnation. “I leave that to the politicians.” is the death-knell of self-government. Never forget that you ARE the government and there is nothing in American History suggesting that you are excused from duty or accountability simply because you handed someone a proxy to vote in a foreign corporation’s shareholder election.
We recently released a One Pager chart of the actual American Government juxtaposed with the Federal “United States” Government.
The most important observations to be gleaned from the standpoint of urgent action items are: (1) we have to correct and declare our own political status as Americans, otherwise, we are presumed to be some species of Federal Employee or Federal Dependent— and they have no right or ability to determine the course of our lives or our government for us; (2) we have to populate and assemble our sovereign State Assemblies and act as State Citizens (foregoing all other political attachments and allegiances) in order to
restore the American Government and the Federal Government to full function.
The Big Take Home is that our country has been functioning on two-cylinders and under undue foreign influence and usurpation for going on two centuries.
Startling as this may be, the facts are the facts and the missing pieces are the missing pieces.
Our State Courts and our State Assemblies have been sidelined and impaired and politicized, usurped upon by foreign “states of states” in the business of delivering governmental services, private corporate tribunals and “independent legislatures” that aren’t subdivisions of any actual government.
The moment that a State, a County, or a Municipality incorporates, it ceases to be part of our actual government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It becomes part of a foreign government operated by persons, for persons.
This is clearly demonstrated by The Clearfield Doctrine, Federal Title 22, and even the IRS. You can go to the Vendor Offices of any State of State or County of __________ corporation and talk to their Contracting Officer, and ask politely for their EIN (Employer Identification Number) and a copy of their Tax Determination Letter from the IRS. The Tax Determination Letter will show that they are a non-profit organization, but not a subdivision of government.
We published the EINs for all the States in the Appendix of our book, “You Know Something is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”. You can request a copy of their Tax Determination Letter directly from the IRS, too, using a Form 4506-A.
What it comes down to is that we have a lot of Americans acting as employees of foreign “Federal” commercial corporations, subjecting us to the foreign in-house “laws” known as statutes, codes, and regulations of those foreign corporations, and misunderstanding both their role and ours.
What it also comes down to is that a vital part of our actual Government is “Missing in Action” and has been “missing” since the Civil War, still awaiting “Reconstruction”.
This is our responsibility and nobody can do it for us.
If we want our country run right, we have to do it ourselves. And we have to delve deep into our actual history to know and to act in the right political capacity and to wield the power of our actual unincorporated American Government.
Finally, what it comes down to is that foreign business organizations are in control of what are meant to be American States of States. Foreign agencies and subcontractors have been hired by these usurping British and Papist organizations — all serving to benefit these foreign governments at the expense of Americans and American resources.
We have every right and reason to take the necessary, lawful, and peaceful actions guaranteed to us by the original Constitutions of our States of the Union to settle these issues to our satisfaction without question or interference from anyone on Earth. So that is what we are doing.
The sovereign States have the absolute right to take a nap for 160 years, and they can wake up and haul rump just as well.
This past month we have been instrumental in identifying and catching international criminals, stopping the fires and floods in Australia, securing international banking reforms, mounting relief efforts for China, researching vital Public Records in other countries that shed light on our own history, nixed two self-interested attempts to overcome our national sovereignty, notified the President and Government of the Philippines of our paramount interest in American gold and other assets held in trust for the actual States and People of this country, exposed the “New Green Deal” as another Faustian Fraud Scheme, laid the foundations for a new mercantile banking system, pushed aside ignorant claims that James Clinton Belcher lacks “standing” to issue and hold the international business charters for both The United States and The United States of America by revealing his true name and lineage, rallied the remaining sane elements of the Ancient Ruling Houses to mount opposition to the Rats in Parliament and the EU, exposed the connection between US Radicals and the IRA, obtained the resignation of the IMF Director, requested the return of the FBI and Secret Service to active duty at the “US” Treasury Department to investigate and prosecute high-level money laundering, securities violations, and bank fraud against the American People and many, many others worldwide—- and finally, my favorite: at least three State Assemblies that I know of, served Notice on their respective State of State Congressional Delegations.
The American People are waking up and on a roll.
And it’s not going to be business-as-usual in DC ever again.
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Land and Soil; Domicile and Home — Maine Republic Email Report

by Anna von Reitz Land and Soil; Domicile and Home When we formally and officially and publicly record the re-conveyance of our Trade Name back to the “land and soil” of an American State, we are establishing our connection to both the soil (top 6 inches of dirt) and the land (everything below the […]

via Land and Soil; Domicile and Home — Maine Republic Email Report

Ambulance Call…Nation on Life Support

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

Listen up.  There are three governments active in this country.

They are: the Queen’s British Territorial United States Government, the Pope’s Municipal United States Government, and last but not least, the actual American United States Government, dba The United States of America.

Because both the Queen’s Government and the Pope’s Government are operated as for-profit incorporated entities in the business of providing governmental services, they operate like other big transnational incorporated entities — think GE, Raytheon, Mitsubishi, etc.

They use “Public Policies” set by their Boards of Directors which are then rendered into administrative codes —- Federal Code that directs the Territorial Government, and Municipal Code that directs the Federal Civil Service.

These codes are interpreted and enforced by in-house Tribunals, operating as MUNICIPAL COURTS and as District Courts, respectively, at the Federal level, and at the State Franchise level by STATE OF STATE Municipal Courts and State of State Territorial Courts.

State Franchises are just like Dairy Queen franchises of the two foreign federal corporations providing us with “governmental services”.  Same menu, same agenda, all bound to act in sync and according to the directive of their parent corporations.

Each of these foreign “service providers” are subcontractors of our actual American Government.

Unlike the foreign entities here to provide us with “essential government services” per Article IV of our constitutional contracts with them, our government is a living government, not an incorporated business structure.

Our ancestors vested all sovereignty associated with this country in the living people and Lawful Persons thereof.

That’s why our government is known as “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” and not as “government of the persons, by the persons, and for the persons.”

Unfortunately, thanks to immoral and improper actions undertaken by our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors, our political status records have been falsified and we have been misidentified as either British Territorial United States Citizens or Municipal Government “citizens of the United States”, instead of being recorded and recognized as being American State Nationals  and/or  American State Citizens.

This falsification of our political status records has been done for a variety of self-interested reasons — to facilitate taxing us, to control us by subjecting us to foreign courts and statutes, but also to claim that we, as a nation and as a country doing business as The United States of America— no longer exist.

No Americans means no American State Citizens and no American States.  No American States means no Constitutions and a whole continent wide open to be claimed as “Abandoned Property”.

That is what the Queen, the Pope, the Central Banks, and a host of other Bad Actors have been up to: to bring false claims of abandonment against our lawful government and use that as an excuse to claim that all our assets belong to them.

It’s a criminal enterprise engaged in under Gross Breach of Trust, which, by Maxim of Law is equivalent to Fraud.

And you, Joe Average Americans, are the potential victims of this heinous plot brought to you by your own employees.

This is to inform you that your lawful government, The United States of America, is not dead.  It’s still alive and still defending you, but it is on life support.  Unless you get off your duff and breathe life back into it and into your own State of the Union, it could be gone, and then what?

You get “re-settled” like the Irish population was “resettled” in the 1850’s and 60’s.  Maybe you will get to live in those gleaming, unoccupied cities the Chinese Government built in the Gobi Desert, but you will lose everything you have here, everything that is rightfully yours.

So, your options are: (1) do nothing and let this happen; or, (2) correct your political status by declaring and recording the fact that you are an American State National; and then, (3) act as a State Citizen to self-govern your State of the Union.

To date, thirty-six out of fifty States of the Union have been officially re-populated and State Assemblies formed.  If your State is one of those lagging behind in this process, don’t stop to ask the reason why.  Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net and take action to save your own bacon and your State of the Union now.

Those States that don’t answer the call and assemble will be considered vacated and fair game for the abandoned property claims.  Get yourselves and your States out of this wringer now.

Answer the ambulance call to save The United States of America.

The Only Solution

Judge Anna 2
By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I awaken to three typical Complainers yammering at me.

They all have problems with the current “justice” system.

They all want me to give them solutions to their problems with this system.

When I suggest correcting their political status, joining their State Assembly, and operating their own government, they react like wet cats.

You expect us to self-govern?  THAT’s the solution to my custody battle? My divorce? My DUI?  My foreclosure?  My (and the list goes on and on)?


Self-governance is the answer.

Every day the madmen in DC and all their affiliates in all fifty-seven “states” in their system add more “laws” to what their citizens have to obey.  There are now more than 80 million such laws on the books.

Even a backwater place like Alaska adds 200-300 new “laws” per year.  Over the course of a decade, that’s 2,000 to 3,000 brand new laws for you to know and obey.

Each one of those “laws” is an opportunity for the State of State system to collect revenue for itself and to coerce you.  Every single one of those “laws” amounts to a tax on the people participating in their system of things.

The only thing that keeps it in check is the expense of enforcing all this burdensome idiocy.

So, do you want to be free?  Or a slave?

Being free means that you correct your political status records and join your State Assembly and govern yourself according to The Ten Commandments as your ancestors did.

You can live under ten Laws or 80,000,000 statutes.

If you choose to live under 80,000,000 statutes, don’t come running to me to gripe.  I’ve already told you what the problem is and how you can not only avoid it, but control it.

If you don’t get busy and do what has to be done, nobody can do it for you.

Many of you are confused and think that Americans live under Federal Code.

The only people who live under Federal Code are British Territorial United States Citizens—mostly US military personnel and their dependents.

Many of you are further confused and think that Americans live under Municipal Code.

The only people who live under Municipal Code are “citizens of the United States” — mostly Federal Civil Service employees and their dependents.

If you are an American, you need to come home, and self-govern.  And tell your public servants what you expect of them, too.


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What State Assemblies Can Do

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

What State Assemblies Can Do

Many people are just plain missing the point.

Not only do you have to reclaim your political status as an American to be able to access your rights and guarantees under the Constitution and to avoid foreign taxation, you have to do this to re-populate, officially, your States of the Union.

If your State is “vacant”, the Pope and the Queen will seize it as abandoned property and steal it without firing a shot.

So there you have the carrot and the stick.

Now let’s add another carrot.

Once you have your State Assembly up and functioning, that State Assembly (not “State of State” Assembly— State Assembly) can tell the State of State Legislature how high to jump and what you want corrected.

Bogus Mortgages and Lending Practices leading to equally bogus Foreclosures? Tell the State of State Legislature that the State Assembly demands a Moratorium on all Foreclosures affecting State Nationals within the borders of your State.

Fed up with CPS stealing kids? Tell the State of State Legislature that the State Assembly supports keeping families together and objects to mis-characterizing marriages as Joint Business Ventures and to the licensing of marriages in general.

Tell the State of State Legislature that you are dissatisfied with their presumptions and their activities registering American babies improperly as British Territorial or Municipal citizens — and you want it stopped in your State.

Tell the State of State Legislature that you displeased with the racketeering that agents of the IRS (Municipal) and Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) are carrying out against people in your State who don’t receive any Federal Income and aren’t obligated to keep records for foreign governments.

Your State Assemblies formed by properly declared American State Citizens have vast powers that can be exercised to correct all of these evils and many more.

So quit whining and crying and fighting with these yahoos. Adopt and declare your proper birthright political status, join and operate your State Assembly, and start cracking the whip. Issue Declarations of Protest and Remonstrance to the State of State Legislature operating in your State of the Union, and if it is a “Federal Issue” to the Congress as well.

They work for you, you don’t work for them.


Make a donation to our work today.  Paypal is: avannavon@gmail.com and Snail Mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

If you can’t donate, work and educate others, and if you can’t work and educate, pray.


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Long Form Birth Certificate Question – Who are you?

Judge Anna 2

Long Form Birth Certificate Question – Who are you?

By Anna Von Reitz

There are two certificates– The Certificate of Live Birth and the Birth Certificate(Short Form) —- BOTH are securities and BOTH are bonds. The difference is that the Certificate of Live Birth shows your given name in Upper and Lower Case and tells the day you were born and where you were born. The short form shows a “birth date” and a birth place and everything is in all capital letters. The Certificate of Live Birth belongs to the State of _________ corporation issuing it as an indemnification receipt— that is, an insurance receipt guaranteeing that you shall come to no harm as a result of their use of your given name to profit themselves. The Birth Certificate on the other hand is issued by the DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE which seizes upon your given name against the interests of the state where you were born and uses your given name to create a PERSON — which is not “born” but is”birthed”—- with the “birth” of this PERSON you, the baby, are declared “civilly dead” and your name and estate are deemed “granted” to the British Crown— the banks and the judiciary as chattel property— the “cargo” of a “vessel” in commerce.This unholy and clandestine “system” results in your enslavement. And it goes on worldwide wherever the banks and bar associations are tolerated. The Certificate of Live Birth is proof that a baby was born and given your name on the land of a state of the Union. The Birth Certificate is proof that your natural political status was changed without your knowledge or consent and that you and your estate were seized upon by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation in criminal malfeasance and act of war against an innocent non- combatant “vessel” that is owed protected status.

These vile, despicable claims are against all law of the land and human dignity and against all treaties and international laws including all the United Declarations these scum have signed and hidden behind.
The other thing that people need to to grasp is that they themselves are the only source of this supposed “wealth”—- bonds are debts. They are promises to pay.Your work and your labor and even your body has been pledged by these bastards so that they could borrow virtually unlimited credit “in your name”—- and so they have.
Just like any identity thief, they have used your name and borrowed assets from others using you, your labor, and your land, your homes, and your business as collateral.
They have claimed that your Mother gave you up knowingly and voluntarily as a baby and left you a “ward” of the “State”.
Later when you came of age you did nothing to free yourself of this despicable presumption because of course you were never told anything about this and neither was your Mother— so the vermin”presumed” again that you were incompetent and should remain a “ward” of the STATE even as an adult because no sane man would tolerate the status of a slave and dependent surviving on whatever crumbs the criminals choose to give him as a”beneficiary” of the “PCT”— the Public Charitable Trust which was set up as welfare relief for indigent Negroes displaced from the plantations after the Civil War.
This is your thanks for fighting for the Union and standing by the British Monarch through Two World Wars. If you are not angry yet, coldly, bitterly, intractably angry with all of it, and highly motivated to put an end to it— you should be. You should in fact be willing to crush all such “presumption” under your outraged feet and ready to see these”governmental services corporations” put out of business — permanently— and replaced by honest vendors of “public services”. This requires the liquidation of the World Bank, IBRD, FEDERAL RESERVE, IMF,WELLS FARGO, and numerous other major banks which have operated the”governmental services corporations” as store fronts.
The FEDERAL RESERVE is operating THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC and the French-based IMF is operating the insolvent UNITED STATES, INC. Both are crime syndicates engaged in armed racketeering, unlawful conversion,inland piracy, identity theft, credit fraud, probate fraud and impersonation of public officials. These criminals have borrowed vast sums of money against you and your public and private assets, used the borrowed money to benefit themselves and their cronies,pushed the “credits cards” as far as they will go, then bowed out and sought bankruptcy protection for themselves—- while leaving you named as the”secondary” responsible for paying back all that money they borrowed and gave away or squandered or reinvested for their own benefit. You see, they claimed to “represent” you like any flim-flam man.
They offered your”registration” as proof. They claimed to own you and neither you nor anyone else was the wiser until the credit cards were maxed out and the bills came due.
That is what happened last March. The UNITED STATES, INC. run by the IMF didn’t pay even the interest on its debts, couldn’t even qualify to continue reorganization under Chapter 11. So now they are being liquidated by mostly Swiss, German, and Chinese creditors who THINK that they are owed most of the land and mineral wealth of the western United States because these loathsome criminals behind these bank-run governmental services corporations— “pledged” you, your private property, and your public property to pay theirs debts without your knowledge or permission. People think that these “Birth Certificates” are “worth millions”—– yes, millions of DEBT.
Your supposed debt. And the people who owe you all the money and assets they received by pledging your labor and good name and credit?
Why, they are either bankrupt, running, or nowhere to be found.
The thieves have in recent days tried to gag their accusers and made plans to murder their creditors so that they won’t have to pay back what they owe and so that they can claim the “leftover property” — everything that belongs to the victims– as “abandoned” property, just as they did to the Jews in Germany.
Time to wake up and put these vermin under the bus. Time to call up the Pope and the Pentagon and Secretary Ban Ki-Moon and Queen Elizabeth and all the others responsible for this circumstance and point out that the “derivative insurance” of the banks amounts to huge life insurance policies on the Americans and all the hapless people on this planet.
It is worse than a BAD Grade B Movie where the straying husband quietly takes out a million dollar life insurance policy on his wife, then kills her so he can run away with his mistress to the South Seas. This is what these sickos think they can get away with, with nobody noticing— not even the other banks and insurance companies on the hook for this. Everyone and I DO mean everyone needs to wake up and start bitching to the local politicians and documenting their family records and recording affidavits regarding their identities and natural birthright status and complaining to the Highest Heavens about this outrageous, immoral, criminal fraud scheme which has been played upon the whole world.
These vermin need to be tracked down, hunted as the criminals they are, all their assets seized for malicious tort fraud, identity theft, personage, barattry, probate and securities fraud, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, and FRAUD, FRAUD,FRAUD—which vitiates all claims and all contracts and for which there is no statute of limitations.
As for your “Certificate of Live Birth” get and Authenticated copy — authenticated at both the State Secretary of State and the U.S. Secretary of State. Record with the local land recorder’s office to prove you were born on the land and are a living American, not some “PERSON” and then “Return it for value” to these felons in suits— if you can resist the impulse to wad it up and shove it up their asses. Buy no stories of free gold or vast riches or something for nothing. Take no wooden nickels. Sign nothing without a reservation of all rights. Study, study, study and realize that this “thing” that appears to be your government is NOT yourgovernment. It is a corporation — a “governmental services corporation” run bycorrupt banks, having no more granted authority than JC PENNY or SEARS to runyour life, extract your labor, make false claims against your property, harass you, in debt you, or make demands upon you based on statutory military common law.
Tell the “Members of Congress” that they don’t represent you and never have; tell them that instead, they are nothing but spokesmen and flunkies for a bank run governmental services corporation that is in commercial and administrative default and which needs to do away with Section 17 of the Trading With The Enemy Act as amended by the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 and stop pretending that we– their employers, benefactors, and priority creditors — are “enemies”— or we really will become enemies and start liquidating “government” corporations and laying off millions of “government” employees and liquidating the assets of the banks and the bank owners and operators– tell them that millions of people now know the truth. There is no escaping it now. So they might as well come clean and do the right thing because everyone is tuned in and watching and we will all know what to think and do if they don’t.
Sorry this became such a long explanation but I have all these people wandering around thinking that they can get rich off their birth certificate when all that certificate has ever done for them is allow thieves to charge against their credit and rack up debt against them. I hope that this explanation has made the situation clear—————————————–
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A Restatement for the Confused

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s apparent that at least in some corners, my message is getting distorted, not being clearly understood—- or being deliberately sabotaged.

We, the American States and People, are not at war.
Technically, we have haven’t been at war since 1814.
Get those facts very clearly established in your minds.
1814 not 1914.

And here is the actual structure of the government that is supposed to be functioning and running this country:

The Union of republican states known as The United States, fifty in number, in control of the national soil jurisdiction, populated by people who are all American State Nationals who owe no duty to the government beyond keeping the peace.
These are living men and women.
The Federation known as The United States of America, composed of fifty States in control of the international land jurisdiction of this country, populated by People who are American State Citizens who owe their singular allegiance and duty to their State and who run its government.
These are people functioning as Lawful Persons.
The Confederation known as the States of America, composed of fifty Federal-level States of States, populated by American Persons. These are people functioning as Legal Persons. This level of our government hasn’t been functioning since the 1860’s.

Add to the above American institutions, two foreign subcontractors:

The British Territorial Government operating under our name as “the” United States of America, populated by British Territorial “Inhabitants” who are supposed to be here providing us with “essential government services” per Article IV of the separate Constitution governing their activities.

These are all foreigners dubbed “United States Citizens”. Americans can choose to act as “United States Citizens” and do so when they work for the military. These are all Legal Persons.

The Roman Municipal United States Government operating under our name as “the” United States, comprised of Federal Civil Service Employees and Dependents.

These are largely former American State Citizens of The United States who operate the “civil” not the “civilian” government functions we associate with the Federal Civil Service.
Again, these are all Legal Persons dubbed “citizens of the United States” and while they continue in Federal Civil Service employment, they remain in this capacity.
Okay? Got that much firmly fixed in your brains?

The American part of the Federal Government hasn’t functioned since the 1860’s.

All the “federal” functions were taken over by the British Territorial Government operating “as” — “the” United States of America — on an “emergency” basis as of 1868.
[Our country has been run as a British Territorial Military Protectorate from 1868 to 1976, when the Perpetrators of this situation handed the Protectorate over to the United Nations.]
At the conclusion of the “American Civil War” which was in fact not a war, but a mercenary conflict like Vietnam, this Interloper published a new “constitution” for itself modeled on and very similar to the actual Territorial Constitution.

This Scottish-chartered Commercial Corporation rapidly adopted a number of “Amendments” to this fake Constitution (their “Amendments” were in fact corporate By-Laws) including the infamous Fourteenth Amendment.

The Fourteenth Amendment declared all “citizens of the United States” to be criminals, and subjected them to slavery, because the Pope sided with the South in the so-called Civil War, and the Brits wanted to collect war reparations from the Federal Civil Service workers.

This cold commercial mercenary “war” between these two groups of foreign governmental services contractors has been ongoing ever since, even though the Scottish Interloper went bankrupt in 1907 and whatever slim legitimacy its “Constitution” — including any “Amendments” — had, vanished with it.
Our actual States, the members of the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, were never involved in any Civil War.
We can be sure of this because:
1. Our States are not “Civil” entities.
2. No war was ever declared by our Congress.
3. Lincoln bankrupted the Northern [Confederation] States [of States] in 1863; but, our Sovereign States are not eligible for bankruptcy, therefore, we can be sure that none of these actions involved our States.
4. No official Peace Treaty ever ended anything called the “American Civil War”.
The “American Civil War” was a vicious mercenary conflict between Federal Service Providers — the American Federal Service Providers were destroyed or disabled, and their duties were usurped by the foreign-backed government employees.
These two remaining groups of foreign-backed Federal Employees, have been conducting a cold mercenary war on our shores ever since, with the British (now United Nations) controlled entity being used to promote wars for profit, and the Municipal “Civil” entity being used to collect “war reparations” for their activities.
To make this work for the benefit of the Perpetrators, a complex and now-mechanized constructive fraud scheme has been used to kidnap Americans and mis-characterize them as Federal Citizens— both “United States Citizens” and “citizens of the United States”. Basically, we have been illegally and immorally press-ganged as babies in our cradles.
The point is that these are our Employees doing this to us, and their Managers, the Pope and the Queen owe us Due Diligence under both Treaty and Commercial Contract to make sure that nothing like this ever happens. Period. At all. They are both in Gross Breach of Trust.

The collapse of the Confederation of the Federal States of States had nothing to do with us, beyond the fact that we should have been alerted immediately and assisted to reorganize new business entities to perform the duties assigned.

Instead, the Brits secretively substituted their own franchises — substituting their Territorial States of States for our Federal States of States. They usurped upon our authority and “expanded” their commercial service contracts via an undisclosed process of assumption without our knowledge or consent.
To the average person on the street, the only change that was observable was a change from receiving services from “The State of Wisconsin” to receiving services from “the” State of Wisconsin.

And so the American People have been cullied and gulled by their British-controlled (and now United Nations controlled) Employees, used for gun fodder in foreign wars for profit, and then made to pay the cost of those wars when they got back home.

Do you see the scam now? Finally?

The Brits get us into the wars, we fight them, then we pay for them, and the Brits and the Pope reap the profits.

The Brits reap it directly as money and credit extorted from us under the false legal presumption that we are Municipal Civil Service Employees owing perennial war reparations under the bogus corporate Fourteenth Amendment.
The Pope reaps it indirectly via backdoor payments from the Brits.
And both of these governments are supposed to be our Allies, our Friends, our Protectors and Trustees under contract, committed to providing us with good faith service, “perpetual amity”, to be Defenders of our National Trust —- and if we hadn’t pulled their chestnuts out of the fire in two World Wars, they wouldn’t even exist anymore.
This is the “thanks” we got.
This is exactly what went on in the 1750’s with the “French and Indian War” and exactly what the Colonists, including George Washington, objected to and which led (among other factors) to The War of Independence. We fought that war for the Brits and they rewarded us with punishing taxes, as if we were the Enemy.
It’s the same exact circumstance and only a slightly more sophisticated scam was used in constructive fraud to gain the desired result: Americans forced to fight their wars for them, then pay for the cost of the wars, and they keep the profit.
Wake up.

And its all criminal. It’s all both unlawful and illegal as hell. It’s all based on fraud and Unconscionable contracts. Better (or worse) still, its all based on “Amendments” made to a corporate charter by a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1907. Uh-duh.

Let’s get this straight — corporations can provide government services, but corporations are not governments.

Corporations are chartered — that is, created — by governments.
Not the other way around.
So all these corporations that you see here have been chartered by the British Government and by the Papal Municipal Government. And both those foreign governments are utterly responsible for the behavior and actions of these corporations on our shores.
The Creator is responsible for the Creation.
We have no more intractable enemies on Earth than the members of the UK Parliament and the Lords of the Admiralty sitting in Westminster, and once again, we are being asked to pull their chestnuts out of the fire, fight their wars for them, and pay for their wars afterward.
If we had the sense of Guinea Hens, we should have turned all our fire power on London and Rome and let both burn a long time ago. Add Brussels, Bern, and Hong Kong.
And as for the Traitors who have infested our Capitol and acted as Inland Pirates and fostered this entire charade, we should have recognized them for what they are, too, also a long time ago.
Since when do political lobbyists hold the strings to the Public Purse in this country?
Wake up. If you don’t get it, if what I am telling you is too hard to understand, go back and re-read it as many times as necessary.
Satan’s Kingdom is forfeit.

We won the game without a hot war. Now all that has to happen is for Mr. Trump and our military to wake up, support the actual civilian government of this country, and assist us in collecting our assets.

See this article and over 1900 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com