The Culling of the Herd … 2 Questions

1. Will you sacrifice your health on the altar of the new world order?

Make no mistake about it: the Super-Vaccination Agenda is one of the most pivotal of those covertly advanced by the New World Order globalist cabal. There is perhaps no other repugnant plan pushed so aggressively by the Government–Big Pharma–Medical Complex (GBPMC). Read more at

Mandatory vaccination violates the Nuremberg code of medical ethics and your inherent right to choose


2. Will you sacrifice your freedom on the altar of the New World Order?

Excerpts from the 1976 book ‘The Rockefeller File’ by Gary Allen

The New World Order, the Rockefellers are planning, will be a world dictatorship. Conservatives call it Socialism or Communism, Liberals call it Fascism. The label makes little difference; it will be the Gulag Archipelago on a worldwide basis.

It makes no difference which party is in power; a Democrat or Republican Administration the Rockefeller people hold the key positions, especially in the fields of foreign policy and finance. The House of Rockefeller is the eternal power.