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Truth History is Shocking – Michael & the Gabriels . Open this link and read TRUTH HISTORY that the evil British Monarch and Pilgrims Society have kept hidden from our history books. The amazing researchers at Americans for Innovation put this 6 page information sheet in a PDF form with rich hyperlinks so that you […]

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Are we living in an Artificial Reality? The ‘Matrix’ or a Simulation?

Are we living in a Simulation? Do you want some ‘real’ Simulation Argument Evidence?

You’d think that at least one academic (just one ‘somewhere’) would have used the base differences between a hypothetical ‘real’ reality and some of the commoner artificial ‘simulated’ types to ‘rationally’ evaluate whether we are living within a real or fake reality. . . because in doing this i.e. to make a logical assessment based on foundation/baseline differences, such as a ‘Matrix’ reality type absolutely always has 2 bodies interfaced together and hence then has to handle and ‘fudge’ around people/EVERYONE having 2 sets of senses/percpetions, as well as 2 brains and 2 sets of memories, such that in thinking about this, then you might figure out that it would be exceptionally difficult for some designed reality types (pretty much all of them in fact) to actually avoid presenting various anomalies, that strangely with just some ‘modest’ thinking effort one can READILY deduce will be visible to the population living within that specific ‘fake/artificial’ reality type!!!

What are the Chances We are Living within a Simulation?

Unfortunately, a little extra thinking should make you aware that any type of fake reality, either via the interfacing between bodies and or because it’s all (including the people) ‘software’ defined, will then absolutely monitor and ‘manage and sabotage’ all thinking as well as all discussions of fake reality possibilities . . . i.e. the ‘fact’ that what is written above you’ve never seen written anywhere else is ‘evidence’ all on it’s own that your/our reality it SOME TYPE OF FAKE/ARTIFICIAL REALITY TYPE . . . in other words, there is no chance AT ALL that you are living within one of these hypothetical/allegedly ‘real’ realities . . . NONE!!!!

Are we Living in a Simulation, a Simulation Argument Type Reality?


Psychiatry in charge of gun control: utter disaster


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During the reign of Barack Obama, mass shootings prompted a White House declaration that community mental health centers would be created across America, in order to spot and treat persons before they committed violent acts. Now, under Trump, we are seeing a similar reaction, with a twist.

The Daily Caller, Aug 22, 2019: “Trump Admin Is Considering Using Amazon Echo And Apple Watch To Determine If Citizens Should Own A Gun”

“The Trump administration is considering a proposal that would use Google, Amazon and Apple to collect data on users who exhibit characteristics of mental illness that could lead to violent behavior, The Washington Post reported Thursday.”

“The proposal is part of an initiative to create a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA), which would be located inside the Health and Human Services Department, the report notes, citing sources inside the administration. The new agency would have a separate budget and the president would be responsible for appointing its director.”

“HARPA would develop ‘breakthrough technologies with high specificity and sensitivity for early diagnosis of neuropsychiatric violence,’ according to a copy of the proposal. ‘A multi-modality solution, along with real-time data analytics, is needed to achieve such an accurate diagnosis’.”

“The document lists several technologies that could be employed to help collect information, including Apple Watches, Amazon Echo and Google Home. Geoffrey Ling, the lead scientific adviser on HARPA, told reporters Thursday the plan would require enormous amounts of data and ‘scientific rigor.’”

Translation: Use all available resources to spy on Americans; and by deploying psychiatric definitions of mental disorders, somehow intercede before potentially violent individuals can legally obtain a weapon. Whether or not you favor gun control, creating this new federal agency would be on the order of injecting poisons in people to prevent poisoning.

Why? Because some of the most popular psychiatric drugs, given for “mental disorders,” cause people to go over the edge and commit violent acts, including murder. Once diagnosed, an uninformed person is at the mercy of psychiatrists who refuse to admit what their drugs are creating.

NOTE: Withdrawing from the drugs without expert supervision can result in effects which are even worse than those resulting from taking the drugs.

Here is an excerpt from my 1999 white paper, “Why Do They Do It? School shootings Across America.”:

The massacre at Columbine High School took place on April 20, 1999. Astonishingly, for eight days after the tragedy, during thousands of hours of prime-time television coverage, virtually no one mentioned the word “drugs.” Then the issue was opened. Eric Harris, one of the shooters at Columbine, was on at least one drug.

The NY Times of April 29, 1999, and other papers reported that Harris was rejected from enlisting in the Marines for medical reasons. A friend of the family told the Times that Harris was being treated by a psychiatrist. And then several sources told the Washington Post that the drug prescribed as treatment was Luvox, manufactured by Solvay.

In two more days, the “drug-issue” was gone.

Luvox is of the same class as Prozac and Zoloft and Paxil. They are labeled SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). They attempt to alleviate depression by changing brain-levels of the natural substance serotonin. Luvox has a slightly different chemical configuration from Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft, and it was approved by the FDA for obsessive-compulsive disorder, although many doctors apparently prescribe it for depression. CONTINUE…

Amazon Bans Ex-Gay Therapy Books While Keeping Pro-Suicide Books — Nwo Report

Source: Paul Bois Earlier this month, Amazon banned several books on “conversion therapy” that were targeted at autonomous adults with unwanted same-sex attraction. Now, several self-described “ex-gays” have criticized the online retailer outlet for having a glaring double-standard, considering that several pro-suicide books are still allowed to do business on their platform, according to LifeSiteNews. […]

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MIND GAMES: The Socially Engineered Culture War Against Individualism, Autonomy & Self-Leadership – By Lisa Renee — RIELPOLITIK

Source – – “…Humanity is currently enduring a powerfully transformative phase in the planetary dark night of the soul, which has generated deep divisions between many societal groups as a result of the socially engineered culture wars. The culture wars are a planned psychological warfare tactic used against the population to attack concepts of […]

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