Resisting the Intervention – Great Waves of Change


man-and-tyr-rune-greenAt this critical time in human history when humanity is facing the Great Waves of change—environmental degradation, violent weather, the depletion of your essential resources, the loss of food production, growing economic and political instability and the threat of war—there is a foreign presence in the world. It has been here for some time. It is a presence from beyond the world, a presence that is here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity.

To those people who become aware of it, and to those people whom it will capture for its own purposes, it will present itself as a benign and spiritual force. But in truth it represents an exploitive and dangerous presence.

These are physical beings from your local universe. They are resource explorers and economic collectives. They do not have military strength. Their power resides with their ability to influence the thinking of those whom they wish to persuade and to influence. In this, their presence, though small, has proven to be quite powerful and quite effective.

The presence of this Intervention represents competition from beyond the world, competition for who will guide and influence humanity, and eventually who will rule humanity and who will humanity follow in the future.


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How the aliens are taking over

How the aliens are taking over

Sorry to say, but the aliens intervening on our planet are not our friends.

They’re here for the biological resources of our world (including us) and the strategic position of our planet in the solar system. Clearly, we’re not just going to give Earth away. So how are these predators planning human enslavement and to take everything? The Allies of Humanity tell us about a number of ways.

1. They will establish a presence in the world and have us become used to it.

The extraterrestrials will reach out to certain individuals who are sensitive and naturally cooperative.

“Your visitors will seek to gain allegiance with these individuals, to gain their trust and to gain their devotion, telling the recipients that the visitors are here to uplift humanity spiritually, to give humanity new hope, new blessings and new power….” Allies of Humanity Briefings, Book 1

The Allies also tell us the ETs “will offer humanity some of their basic technology, certainly nothing that they consider to be advanced, unique, secret, or sacred to them — basic propulsion in space, basic use of electronic energy, methodologies of production” in order to appear helpful.

2. They will pacify and reeducate us through spiritual persuasion.

The ETs have been releasing spiritual content into the world to pacify us. Be wary of anything promoting submission, focus on happiness, or accepting “whatever is” without resisting. They cannot teach us to be advanced spiritually because, the Allies tell us, “they lack such things themselves.”

In fact, they will use our existing religious belief against us. They are preparing a being who will be presented to us as the returning Jesus Christ.

“He will appear human and will have significant abilities…. Eventually, for those who cannot follow him, he will encourage their alienation or their destruction.” Allies of Humanity Briefings, Book 1

3. They will promise government and corporate leaders greater power in exchange for assistance.

This is perhaps the most concerning, because these people can make decisions for us against our will. And they are easily swayed by money and power — no amount of either is ever enough.

4. They will interbreed with us.

They are creating beings who look like us but have their abilities and are loyal to them. Then, they are inserting those hybrids into positions of power here to have an influence over us and our world.

Human enslavement by the ETs is nothing new — it’s been done countless times to other worlds. While that may sound defeating, the good news is that they only know their playbook. They don’t understand love, personal freedom, or spirituality. We can make choices and take actions they won’t see coming, choices that will give us greater power than them.

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“How to Herd Humans”, Part 3: Pander to Their Beliefs

If you can imagine this: the physically real aliens present in our world today are here as resource explorers who seek to subjugate our native people to further exploit the resources of our world.

And this: the tools they use are psychological, based on study of our behaviors and responses.

Then you will understand how their need for resources motivates them to exploit our weaknesses. These might be tightly connected to our great strengths, as in the case of spiritual development among humans.

Pander to Their Beliefs

Our spirituality is one area of great human achievement. Though hardly understood at all by the resource exploitative mentality, its liabilities and compromises are glaring enough to be spotted at 30,000 feet, seen well enough that these real aliens know how to manipulate our thinking and beliefs, especially regarding ourselves in relationship to the universe, a vast unknown to most of our thinking. We are not the first race in the universe to be poised on the brink of disaster, craving rescue.

Human beliefs represent, then, an area of vulnerability, particularly when beliefs are ill founded, as in the case of superstition, and most critically when beliefs are deeply imbedded in the consciousness and go unrecognized.

Pander Especially to Their Delusions of Grandeur

The Intervention will appeal to the deep sense of greatness humans carry within, that sense of mission–however buried–we all bear, and among all today the added sense we were all born at a critical time in human history.

This inner sense of greatness is a weak spot, being starved for attention–repressed, dismissed, lacking all proof.

The Intervention will appeal to the sense, this hunger, we have that “there must be something more” than reality as we know it, especially in those who seek the secret to life, the hidden mysteries, and believe in other realms and revelation. Because we are entering a time of cataclysmic shift, people who sense this are nervous and susceptible to alarm.

There is nothing wrong with taking the gift of your individual life very seriously. This would be the best defense against the wiles of the Intervention finding your sense of high self-worth when its foundation is still unknown but sought.

That deep sense of importance does originate from a place of deepest inclinations, yet it can be misled.

Distorted Truth

These beliefs all point to something beyond themselves that is more or less true, more or less intuited and very susceptible to misapprehension and superstitious certainty where there is no certainty. All these beliefs represent areas where our hopeful expectations can be led down the garden path:

  • our longing to end Separation
  • our sense of destiny, sense of purpose, feeling a calling to do something important
  • a sense of a critical shift in human evolution  

Here are some of the forms that these sensibilities take, illustrations in the gallery of treasured beliefs. In this wing are beliefs used to justify or explain away real alien abduction, a great violation of the individual:

  • As above so below.
  • The oneness of everything
  • You are special.
  • You agreed to this before coming into this life; long ago we made a “soul agreement”
  • Aliens do not have a soul, so they do what they do to get a soul as well.
  • Aliens need us to regenerate/improve their DNA and so we must accept their abductions in order to help them.
  • Aliens are watching over us to guide and protect us with massive bases on the moon and other places in the solar system.
  • If they had wanted to hurt/kill us, they already would have.
  • Aliens must be harmless because abductees are returned “unharmed”; any harshness is “tough love” that we need for our own good
  • The possibility of overcoming all problems and limitations
  • Free energy

These are seductions and blandishments. They pander to inarticulate yearnings and unexamined belief, which is superstition.

Take Action

What is at risk is our most treasured possession, the freedom we know on Earth today (unlike what will be known in the future world degraded and compromised). The call to preserve human sovereignty is the one uniting force to align our beliefs and expressions along the lines we hold dear.



 If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world.

​Your voice maters!
“Though the visitors have a superior technology, the success of their entire mission rests upon their ability to persuade and to encourage human allegiance. You have the power to resist this. You have the power to see through the deception.” — Allies of Humanity
Competition for power and influence in the universe is not that different than it is here on Earth. Powerful beings and organizations play the same game. They compete for land, resources and influence. Most of all they compete for your mind.
The most complete victory is when you’ve convinced your adversary that they never should have opposed you in the first place. The alien invasion is hard at work trying to make this a reality. The false meme that aliens are here to help us grow spiritually and to protect our planet’s ecosystem is an opening salvo in the war for our hearts and minds.
Humanity can defeat the alien invasion. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. The situation is not hopeless. Indeed, we have great strengths and advantages that we can draw upon. Here are three of many reasons why humanity will defeat the alien invasion:
Strength In NumbersLike the natives of the New World being discovered by aggressive Europeans, our adversaries are far more organized and technologically advanced than we are. Nevertheless, they are a tiny expeditionary force. The Aztecs could have easily defeated the Conquistators had they clearly understood the reality of their situation. Such is the challenge and opportunity of our times.
If enough of us rise up against them, they will have to fall back and reconsider their plans. Humanity must become very honest about this situation. It must become a topic discussed at every dinner table. Is there anything more important than this? Entering a Greater Community of life is the greatest threshold a race can take. Get the word out: aliens are here and they must be opposed.
Biological AdaptationNatural evolution has blessed us with millions of years of biological adaptation to this world. It is very easy and natural for our bodies to inhabit this environment. We take it for granted. While it is true that aliens have visited our planet in the past, on a biological level they are complete newcomers. Bacteria and viruses that your body wouldn’t even sneeze at could easily kill them. They could even spread and destroy an entire alien civilization.
Aliens want this planet for themselves but they need us to operate here on their behalf. Exterminating the human race would not serve them. The ease with which we can operate in this environment is a huge advantage for us. It is the reason why aliens have been so slow and meticulous in their approach here.
Spiritual PowerHumanity is far from perfect but it is not a hopeless race. In many ways, we’re far ahead of the aliens flying around our skies at night. The greatest power in the universe is not technological or mental. It is spiritual. Alien worker drones abducting humans are no match for an advanced practitioner in the ways of Spirit. The alien invasion does not even know of this power. It is our greatest hope.
One that has reclaimed his or her relationship with Spirit can simply Know. The alien invasion’s deceitful manipulation would easily be discerned. The very weakness they continuously use against us – our ignorance – could be surmounted. Becoming a bridge between our Ancient Home and the physical reality of Separation allows one to express spiritual power in the world. If many humans cultivate this strength, it will pose a great danger to the machinations of the alien invasion.
ConclusionWe live in the most important time in human history. The freedoms we so cherish are at stake. Become a contributor to your race. Get the word out. Keep learning:

AlienInvasion. Org

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The Focus of the Alien Invasion

This extraterrestrial Intervention is focused on influencing humanity in four main arenas:

• It is influencing individuals in positions of power and authority to cooperate with the Intervention through the promise of greater wealth, power & technology.

• It is creating hidden establishments in the world from which the Intervention can exert its influence in the Mental Environment, seeking to make people everywhere open and compliant to its will through a “Pacification Program.”

• It is manipulating our religious values and impulses in order to gain human allegiance to its cause.

• It is taking people against their will, and often without their awareness, to support an interbreeding program designed to create a hybrid race and a new leadership who would be bonded to the “visitors.”

Yes, humanity has a great challenge to face now, but we still have an advantage if we can respond in time.

One of the Alien Invasion’s weaknesses is that it is relying on our acquiescence and cooperation. If we make their presence public, if enough of us speak out, then according to the rules of engagement in our local region of space, they must withdraw. In order for them to succeed they must make it look like we want them here, that we approve – and they are very cleaver at influencing people to defend them and promote the deceptions that are in play. It is a complicated situation but it’s very simple if you can see this clearly.

Right now the Intervention, the alien invasion, has few critics. But if enough people speak out, the alien invasion will be thwarted and they must withdraw.

The Allies affirm that, as humans, we have the spiritual and collective power to do this and that we must do this if we want to survive and advance as a free and independent race in the Greater Community.

You must know the truth, Visit for more information.