Climate Change: The Re-engineering of Man

Climate change is not about the environment nor is it conspiracy ‘theory’

CONSPIRE means to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement.

The climate change conspiracy is re-engineering man by transforming national communism into international communism.

Note how communism and capitalism are much the same.

Under capitalism, the bankers own the corporations that control the government.
Under communism, the bankers control the state, which owns the corporations.

Climate change based on incomplete science and omissions is upheld through:

> governments controlled by corporations owned by bankers
> scientists funded by corporations
> neutered universities
> non government organizations [ngos]
> media pitting unaware people against aware people = chaos
> sanitized search engines
> globalist’s wealth and influence

State controlled media and education omit statements of credentialed scientists exposing climate change conspiracy