For America and the Middle Eastern Countries

By Anna Von Reitz

These Intelligence Agency guys sit around and tell so many lies back and forth that none of them know the truth anymore.  Literally.  The CIA guys can’t tell the truth at all. It’s not in them. They open their mouths and corkscrews come out.

FBI? The only difference is the charming American accent, mainly because they are trying to copy their Big Brothers at the CIA and DARPA and DIA and MI6. 

It’s hell to find good role models these days.  Our sons grow up confused and crooked.  Our “intelligence agencies” are more like Hollywood script writers….

DIA?  I don’t think they were ever acquainted with the truth to begin with, so truth is not even the question with them.  They spew wads of thready, gluey, string-like information that sticks to the bottom of your shoes and makes you wrinkle your nose late at night twenty years later. 

And if your “intelligence networks” can’t tell the difference between beans and buckwheat anymore— what then? 

It’s a sad commentary on where guile has landed us— a manure pile of Corporate Feudalism, fraud, and lies piled on top of lies like a maggot and rotten banana sandwich.  

Here’s an example of the latest Big Lie being passed around: the CIA let the Iranians invest in our mortgage market and the Iranians are responsible for the subprime mortgage meltdown in 2008 and all the foreclosures…..

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I heard that one.

The actuality is that the perpetrators of the mortgage market crisis and MERS and the Foreclosure Mills are all home-grown in “the US”.  Not American.  Not our “United States” —  No, the OTHER “United States” run by the Pope and the Queen.

What happened is this —and bear with me as I take a detour into something that only appears unrelated: 

Back in the 70’s,  the US had the refinery capacity to mainline Middle Eastern crude oil to market, so  the US and OPEC cut a deal to corner the world’s energy markets.  Big bucks and big coercive power for both. The Middle East supplied the crude, the US supplied the refinery capacity.  The Petro-dollar was born.

The oil business has always been a haven for Liar’s Dice and Oklahoma Guarantees, but when it came to the Petro-dollar, it sank to a new low.

Do you remember hearing (constantly) how the US was “energy dependent” on other countries for oil?  How we were always struggling against an “oil deficit”?  Living in fear of an OPEC Oil Embargo?

Nobody told you that the US was consistently among the top three Oil Exporters in the world during that whole same time, did they?  The US was shoveling oil and oil products of all kinds out the door as fast as the Iraqis and Iranians and Jordanians and everyone else could ship the crude oil.

And all that talk about “oil deficits”?  The US was pushing OPEC to sell them more crude oil, cheaper, so they could maximize their profits on the refined oil products and by-products like plastics, that were the “value added” products at the end of the line.

My Grandmother would call it “shameful, deceitful, Poor Mouthing”—making everyone else think that we were starved for oil, dangerously low reserve supplies, oh, my, we just have to ask for higher prices at the pump…..  

And nobody told you that the US was sitting on oil fields that make Iran’s resources look small, either.   But that’s true, too, and I am not even talking about fracking. There’s have light sweet crude less than a quarter mile down in quantities that stagger the imagination, sitting parked in the western states and just offshore.

The American Oil Companies didn’t need Middle Eastern Oil—ever.  They just wanted to buy out the Middle Eastern Oil Supplies, kill the Middle East off as a long term competitor as cheaply as possible, and then, oh, gee, look at all this oil we just found….

So, take in the fact that all that beeswax you heard on the Nightly News (and probably believed) about “oil deficits” and “oil dependency” was just more horse-hooey fed to you, and used to justify charging you $5 a gallon instead of fifty cents a gallon.   

Between the gubmint and the news media and all the “intelligence agencies” combined, none of them could tell us what day of the week it was, without lying two or three times. 

That’s also another good reason to clean the cat box during the Nightly News time slot, but let’s get back to the latest Big Lie about Iran being the cause of the mortgage debacles….

Both the Middle Eastern Oil Producers and the US Oil Refiners made out like bandits for years and years, and the Saudis and Jordanians and Iraqis and Egyptians and everyone over there was lapping it up and spending like drunken sailors on infrastructure and goods supplied mainly by— guess who?  European and American corporations. 

And then, with the First Blush over and done, the new Middle Eastern Investors created by this glut of money,  started looking for good places to invest their wealth….. and here is where the really diabolical stuff kicked in. 

Did you know that “mortgage backed securities” became available just as the Saudis and everyone else over in the Middle East began earnestly looking for investment opportunities for their share of the oil money? 

It was like magic. Men in turbans started showing up, looking for good, stable, long-term investments and Poof!  Mortgage-backed securities appeared out of thin air. Brand new. Wow. Modeled on the Money Market approach to reduced risk long term investing for the future….blah, blah, blah.

And this happened– just coincidentally? –about the same time that Bank of America and Merrill Lynch were getting nervous because they knew that virtually the entire mortgage “industry” in America was based on bank fraud and false claims in commerce. 

Now, you might think that knowing what they knew about the fraudulent mortgage industry, they’d pull the brakes on “mortgage-backed securities investments” but no, they decided instead to share the pain with the whole world, and exploded it, instead. They took a simple but profitable 1930’s style bank fraud and made it into a modern investment securities fraud.  

So there’s the CIA’s Bank of America off-loading toxic investments based on bogus mortgages—- mortgages that they already knew were fraudulent because they set up the con game and hooked people who didn’t really owe mortgages into paying them in the first place. 

Enter good ole “Spread-the-Liability” Merrill-Lynch, licking its lips, and JP Morgan-Stanley, oh, what-a-wonderful idea!  Mortgage-backed securities!

And they sold this “concept” to oil rich Middle Eastern investors, both individuals and entire countries, encouraging them to invest heavily in this new sure-thing: mortgage-backed securities—- and they did this with malice-aforethought, full and well-knowing that those mortgages were 90% phony baloney and that sooner or later the fraud would be discovered and the whole market would tank.

But you see, from their perspective, that wasn’t a bad result. 

All the Middle Eastern wealth — that could otherwise compete with and be a threat to them — would disappear when the fraud at the core of the mortgage industry came out and the bubble burst.  And when it did, they’d be standing there innocent as daisies in May, with their own share of the oil wealth intact, ready to buy back everything in sight for pennies on a dollar. Just like they bought up everything in the 1930’s for almost nothing.

Now, if you were a Middle Eastern country whose oil supplies were petering out and you had socked most of your seed money into American and European mortgage-backed securities, and you found out that in fact, over a billion people and companies had been grossly defrauded and were literally paying on mortgages that they never owed—–? 

And that furthermore, the securities brokers and banks had sold off and sold on shares in the same mortgage-backed securities you thought you owned, with no actual paper trail or validated proof of ownership interest using “MERS”, and had created a situation (deliberately) where dozens if not hundreds of different investors had purported ownership interests in the same houses?  Well?

How would you feel about this? 

Probably the same way you will feel when you wake up and realize that (in all likelihood) you’ve been paying a mortgage you don’t owe, just like your parents paid mortgages they didn’t owe, either.  Probably the same way you might feel when you realize that your Pension Fund got suckered in just like those folks over in the Middle East. 

And everyone will be pointing fingers at everyone else, the victims in the Middle East will be pointing at “the Americans” and “the Americans” will be told (are already being told) that it was the Iranians that did all this and so, if we are really, really stupid — we will believe the Nightly News. Again. 

But the fact of the matter is that this whole problem started back in the 1930’s when FDR led this country off the tracks and “departed from a normal course of business” without telling the rest of us, and “the US government” —which is a Subcontractor and not American at all, started letting the central banks bilk innocent Americans for fun and profit.

You see, the Americans are victims on the mortgage side of this.  And the Middle Eastern Investors and our own Pension Funds are victims, too. 

And there is only one common denominator: the Middlemen. The Federal Government Subcontractors working for the Pope, and the banks and securities brokers, who are also working for the Pope.

All roads lead to Rome and Mystery Babylon. 

If we have learned anything over the past 5,000 years, let us remember now that: the Vermin always blame the Victims. And the Victims are kept so confused they can’t blame the Vermin in return.

Let’s change that.  See through that.

They, the Vermin,  will tell us that its the Evil Middle Eastern Investors, waging economic war against us.  And they will tell the Bilked Middle Eastern Investors that it was the vile, sneaky “Americans”  (never “the US” –the ones that actually did the dirt on both sides of the equation) and they will have us at each other’s throats instead of going after the Middlemen responsible. 

Well, folks, this is a proverbial pot of snakes, for sure.  Hardly anyone in America ever legitimately owed a mortgage.  Maybe 12% of mortgages were valid, and even those can no longer be validated.  People from all over the world, including our own pension funds, have invested in these worthless, fraudulent contracts.

And the banks and securities firms knew that they were fraudulent, worthless contracts when they sold them as investments.

Now, I am trying to be as honest and fair about this as I can be, to everyone involved.  I have the greatest sympathy for the victims on both sides— the Americans who were bilked into paying debts they never owed, and the Middle Eastern Investors, who thought (like almost everyone else) that they were investing their oil wealth into rock solid investments for the future.

The ones I don’t have much sympathy for are the bankers and brokers that have been engaged in bilking the American people since the 1930’s and the government that has promoted and all allowed this. 

I want everyone to understand that “the US” Government responsible for this is under contract to provide us with “essential government services” but isn’t in fact American. It’s owned and operated by the Pope — both directly in the case of the Municipal United States Government, and indirectly, because the Queen is his Overseer of the British Territorial United States Government. 

So, all you Mad-As-Hell Iranians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Kuwaitis, Egyptians, Everyone in the Middle East — we hear you.  We understand why you are angry.  But it isn’t us doing this to you.  In fact, we’ve been taking it in the shorts ourselves — and at the hands of the same Perpetrator(s). 

Please stop shouting “Death to America” and “Death to Americans” — we’ve been fed lies for generations and used as cheap mercenaries without even knowing that we were acting as mercenaries.  We aren’t the problem.  The problem is with our Subcontractors, and they are all owned and operated by the Pope. 

So let’s give him a hard time instead.

We are doing our best to get control of the situation and it would be a good thing for everyone to simmer down and not let these rats succeed in getting us all to go to war, because that is what they want.  They want to sit in the Middle as the Odd Man out, and let their Victims destroy each other, just by telling lies first to one and then to the other.  

Instead, we should concentrate on exposing their criminality to the entire world.  We should confiscate their wealth and work with other people and other countries to clean this Mess up— and we can do so without firing a single shot. 


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The American States Assemblies – Land and Soil Jurisdiction


The Canadian Raj

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those of a certain age remember “the Raj” — the brutal English Territorial Government of India, and most of us are old enough to remember or have heard about the great Non-Violent Resistance Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi, which exposed this regime and toppled it in 1949. What followed was a worldwide repudiation of colonialism.

Most of us realized that it was unjust for European nations to keep other nations enslaved and dependent as “colonies” and with this growing awareness, the worst offenders were gradually forced to abdicate their claims on the resources and labor of their former colonies.

The situation with the British Commonwealth was somewhat different and at least superficially less egregious as they styled their colonies as constitutional commonwealths that were voluntarily allied, though they continued to tax their labor resources, seize upon their natural resources, and claim a trustee interest in their land.

By 1965, the situation with the Commonwealth was recognized for what it was — colonialism with a nice hair piece — and the Commonwealth was disbanded with considerable pomp and circumstance while I was still a child in Grade School. I read all about it in “Weekly Reader” which served as our highly edited news source about international affairs.

And then, much to my surprise, nothing appeared to happen.

Ta-da, the Commonwealth is gone, hoo-hoo-hooray, and….. nothing.

Everything appeared to go on just as it always had, and so far as I and my counterparts in Canada and Australia and New Zealand and South Africa could see, it was the same old government doing the same old thing the same old way.

But none of the adults paused long enough and thought hard enough about it, and certainly my public school teachers could provide no insight into this odd situation, so, I eventually forgot about it, though like so many other questions, it rattled around somewhere nagging at me with a lot of other unanswered questions.

It all came rushing back to the surface two years ago when I woke up and remembered it and began digging.

Sure enough. The Commonwealth was dissolved. Then, after a period of years in which the confused people of the former Commonwealths did nothing to organize their own new government, the Queen came back in and exerted a Territorial Protectorate over them and hired the British Crown to administer these disorganized and “unclaimed” provinces.

Thus, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and all the other former Commonwealths were deftly maneuvered out of their considerably better situation as constitutional commonwealths and relegated to the status of occupied territories. Instead of people having a guaranteed constitution to rely on, they were gifted with their own version of the Raj: the Canadian Raj, the Australian Raj, the New Zealand Raj and so on.

Just as in India, these Territorial Government forces were and are quasi-military extensions of the Government of Westminster working under the Imperial Aegis, rapacious, dishonest, often cruel and petty, doctrinaire, self-serving, and — incorporated as part of the British Crown. That is, they are hired as Mercenaries to keep the peasants down and the money, labor, and natural resources flowing. The entities directing their activities on the ground are all commercial corporations that operate by force.

If anyone complained, the Queen and the Lord Mayor could shrug and basically say, “It’s your own fault. You have every opportunity to set up your own government and govern yourselves, but you have done nothing toward that, so, someone has to take on the expense and responsibility for you…..”

Just as they did in America a hundred years before, the Blighters contrived to claim that the people of all these former commonwealths had magically become dependents and wards of the Queen, because they hadn’t organized their independent government and made all the appropriate declarations, proclamations, financial arrangements, elections, and so on, following the dissolution of the Commonwealth.

So, here we have all these Aussies and Canadians and New Zealanders and South Afrikaners and Kenyans and others in the “former” Commonwealths, still imagining that their Commonwealth Constitutions are in effect and that they have rights and guarantees, when in fact, they’ve been cashiered as Wards of the Queen. All their lands and businesses have been seized upon, and they, themselves, have been trafficked and impersonated as employees of Municipal Corporations — PERSONS who are foreigners in their own country.

Put bluntly, they got away with something similar in America — though with zero authority or standing to do it, so they tried the same schtick on the Commonwealths.

And they’ve gotten away with that for darn near all of the soon-to-be 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Right under all our noses.

This is, of course, the very worst kind of legalistic quagmire rooted in the most venal and stubborn dishonesty and self-interest. While appearing to acquiesce to the world’s demand for the end of Colonialism, the Brits turned around and used deceit, omission, and breach of trust, to create something worse and even more profitable for themselves.

The shameless and vicious Governor Morrison who rounded children up in stadiums in Australia and force vaccinated thousands of them with poisons has finally been relieved and a new replacement has been sent in to substitute for the monster. We can only hope that national and world opinion and international law and public shaming will finally put an end to the Australian Raj and the Canadian Raj and all the rest of the remaining Raj bureaucracies once and for all.

The British Government(s) — both the Monarchy and Westminster — deserve to lose the position of respect and trust that they have long and undeservedly occupied. We can all now see how they have treated their friends and allies, which is no different than they have treated their enemies.


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The American States Assemblies

Welcome to the Boer War — Antony Fauci and Glycoprotein 120

By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, time for your Simple Science Lesson.  It includes a little history, too. 
But first and throughout, bear these facts in mind: the CDC, that is, the Center for Disease Control, is a private organization in the business of manufacturing vaccines.  And, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the same CDC expert trotted out in front of the cameras with President Trump, and his cohort, Dr. Birx, have been working on the culprit HIV Glycoprotein 120 that has expedited this pandemic ever since 1986. 
Nobody knows more about HIV Glycoprotein 120 than Dr. Fauci.  
And nobody stands to gain more financially from this pandemic than Dr. Fauci and the CDC, except perhaps for Bill Gates.  
In the words of my friend, Noonie Bomblast, “Coo-ee Bono”. 
When this whole mess began I wrote articles about the sensitivity of people who suffer from Porphyria to Electromagnetic Radiation, and how this is caused by the radio frequency sensitivity of the entire class of pigmented proteins known as porphyrins that are a fundamentally important part of Hemoglobin.  SARS viruses are also known to be radio frequency EM-sensitive.  
In view of 5G inundating Wuhan, China, it all seemed like too much of a coincidence, that we would be seeing patients dying of what appeared to be “altitude sickness” — hypoxia — aka, oxygen deprivation — and it was. 
SARS is a double-meaning acronym like ESF.  It can stand for “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” or, alternatively, it can stand for “Specific Absorption Range Sensitive” — now add the word “Virus” and you are describing the same class of viruses in two different ways: one, the effect of the virus, and the other, the character of the virus.  
All SARS viruses are radio sensitive and so are the porphyrin rings that act as cages enclosing the iron atoms that form the “Heme” group in Hemoglobin. 
In Covid-19, the SARS-family corona virus attaches to the porphyrin ring and releases the iron atom Heme Group into the bloodstream.  
This does two things: (1) it incapacitates the ability of Hemoglobin to carry oxygen throughout your body, causing oxygen deprivation— clinical hypoxia; (2) it causes iron poisoning of the blood stream, which in turn kicks your bone marrow into hyperdrive to produce new hemoglobin to capture the loose iron and carry out its oxygen transport functions.  
That’s how Covid 19 patients die, deprived of oxygen like a fish out of water, drowning in their own blood. 
Now, it’s your turn, Dr. Fauci.   And Bill Gates, too.  
All this started during the Boer War, when one of the Rothschilds, Lord Pirbright, seized upon this new science of virology — as what else?  A weapon of war, which he turned against the hapless Boers, the Dutch Farmers who colonized South Africa.  This is also where concentration camps got their start.  
Nazi-ism wasn’t first practiced by the Germans.  It was born in Westminster. 
And that’s where it needs to end, too.  Maybe with a real atom bomb and worldwide exposure of every little detail back to 1840, when England was sold out to the House of Wettin?   
This is why and how the Pirbright Institute is involved in this current pandemic, and the Wellcome Trust, too.  
In 1986, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, his sidekick at the privately run and funded CDC started work on HIV Glycoprotein 120.  What Glycoprotein 120 coats the HIV virus –like a chocolate-coated pill– so that your body ingests the virus instead of recognizing it and rejecting it outright.  
This Glycoprotein 120  coating gives the virus easy access to start proliferating, and the correct radio frequency kicks that proliferation into overdrive. 
It takes 885 precisely sequenced amino acid pairs to code for production of Glycoprotein 120.  Read that — there is no way in Hell that the presence of HIV Glycoprotein 120 just “show up spontaneously” in a corona virus. 
It was deliberately engineered into the corona virus.  
And who better to engineer it, than the world renown experts—- Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx?  
If they didn’t do it directly, they aided and assisted those who did— Bill Gates, the Pirbright Institute, the Wellcome Trust, DARPA, all the usual nasty corporate and DIA – Nazi Eugenist Social Engineering suspects.
 And for what?  To reduce the population and thereby avoid paying back the debts they owe these people, to collect the victim’s life insurance, and to make lots and lots of money for themselves and their cronies by selling vaccines laced with poisons and RFID chips.  
It’s time to round them up and try them under the Military Code of Justice and hang them all. 
This afternoon, I received a threat from them, saying that they will employ STUXNET and set off a series of nuclear explosions.  
I wrote back that any such action on their part will result in the immediate worldwide release of the entire USB Receipt Book, all 13 parts, and the Kill Order to eradicate all members of all thirteen bloodline families.  Including all the bastards we can trace. Once and for all, zum Ende. 
Sucks to be on the receiving end.  
Quote Spoon: “You have no fear of the Underdog.  That’s why you will not survive.” 
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The American States Assembly

Liars, Liars, Stumps on Fire….

By Anna Von Reitz

The rats are trying to buy an interest in our estates for themselves using our assets and credit to do so.  
They are presenting “the CDC” as some big authority we all need to listen to. 
The CDC is a privately owned vaccine company and on the take for hundreds of millions of dollars from the men who promoted weaponization of the Common Cold. 
Don’t believe me?  Maybe you will believe RFK, Jr.?
These despicable criminals set up this entire pandemic to profit themselves. 
Instead of being in position to control and manipulate our response to their handiwork….. 
And instead of being allowed to profit themselves…. 
They should be arrested, tried, and executed without any further adieu.  
It might not help their victims, but at least we would be rid of them. 
And as for the CDC, it should be shut down and all its assets liquidated. 
It’s Board of Directors should be denied any benefit of the corporate veil.  
Its’ collaborators on this “project” — DARPA, the Pirbright Institute and Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should all be similarly dismembered, liquidated, and their board members/trustees denied any protection of the corporate veil.  
Corporations are only allowed to exist for the Public Good, and as you can see, these corporations have not existed for the Public Good.  
They have planned this pandemic with malice aforethought and for profit.  
Thousands of people have already died because of these mass murderers. 
And now, Mr. Trump — do you know what your duty is?  
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The American States Assembly

The NIH and CDC Are Not Public Institutions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Once and for all, people, wise up and wake up. The NIH and CDC are not public institutions.  They are “federal” in the same sense as Federal Express or the Federal Reserve.  They are private incorporated organizations in the business of making, evaluating, and selling vaccines. They also perform under some “government” contracts to do research, collect and analyze statistical data, etc., so that they are subcontractors of our Subcontractors of our Subcontractors. 
Like the FBI and DHS and FEMA and BATF and IRS, they are three layers down in the layers of unauthorized secondary “federal” subcontractors and they have less than no authority related to you.It’s like having an employee at Wendy’s Hamburgers come out on the street and demand that you wear a mask because they’ve got the flu.   And if you obey that order, then they have reasonable grounds to assume that you owed them that obedience, don’t they? 
But as the “government” involved in contracting for services from the CDC and NIH is simply another, larger, foreign, for-profit commercial corporation engaged in the business of providing governmental services, and as there are no provisions allowing any of these bounders to infringe upon our rights and prerogatives in the name of public health — which is not the same as or even part of  “public welfare” — they all need to be stood down by the actual people of this country. 
You are all playing with phantoms— THINGS like boogey men that don’t actually exist, except on paper— a charter granted to them via the use and too often, the abuse of, your own delegated powers. You are letting yourselves be bossed around by Subcontractors of Subcontractors of Subcontractors, and instead of telling your direct Subcontractors where to get off, you are scuttling around obeying improper demands posed by the employees of Employees of your Employees. 
Got that?  
The NIH and CDC have no authority related to you, and to the extent that some other government subcontractors believe whatever the NIH or CDC may say, their beliefs and their actions are completely immaterial.  
Government subcontractors don’t own this country, and they are being informed of this fact daily by Americans who know who they are.  Get on your hind legs and go to: to learn more. Also remember that the juicy good stuff is no longer being posted on Facebook due to illegal censorship.  Go to: for all the latest. 
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The Flat Out

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are two things called “United States of America”.

There is our American Federation of States.

 And there is a British-controlled Territorial (Commonwealth) corporation in the business of providing governmental services- which is a subcontractor of the American Federation of States referenced above.

The key to this is the word “the”.

The word “the” is made part of the name of our unincorporated Federation of States:
The United States of America.

The foreign corporation doing business in our name is “the” United States of America.
It exercises certain delegated powers for us, which is why it is allowed to operate under our name as “the” United States of America.

It’s not us. We are not them. 

They work for us under a contract known as: The Constitution of the United States of America which was signed in 1789.  This contract lays out the duties and “powers” and limitations of our Federal Subcontractors.

All the powers ever delegated to the foreign British-controlled corporation doing business in our names as “the” United States of America” were delegated to it by us, The United States of America.

We are the ones who ultimately own and ultimately control (and pay for) all of it.

The United States of America.

Now that you know and can see the difference between The United States of America and “the” United States of America, you can also see that it is The United States of America that is the owner, controller, and employer. 

Unfortunately, the Middlemen running the United States of America ( the British corporation) have run amok and so have the middlemen running the Municipal subcontractors.

As a result we have multiple crazy “misunderstandings” to clean up.

For example, the FBI, which is a subcontractor of one of our subcontractors — both of which take their paychecks from our pockets, think that it is their job to investigate us, the actual American Government— at our expense.

What needs to happen is that people all over this country need to wake up and remember who is who and what is what, who pays for what, and who pays who.

This goes for the Federal and State-of-State Employees and for Americans at Large.  We all have our parts to play and responsibilities to perform.

The United States of America — our unincorporated Federation — is doing its job. It’s high time for all our foreign subcontractors to stop jerking around and do theirs.—————————-
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The American States Assembly

The American States Assembly restores our lawful government.

Your Government Is The American States Assembly!

Your Government

Your Government is supposed to be staffed by you.

It’s decisions are supposed to be made by you.

It’s primary responsibility is to protect you and your property assets at all costs and against all comers.

That’s why governments exist.

And that is the only reason for any government to exist, ever.

But what if your government doesn’t protect you?

What if, instead, your government preys upon you, threatens you, harasses you, and makes you miserable and fearful?

Then something is terribly wrong.

Six generations of Americans have been preyed upon, threatened, and harassed by something posing as “their” government.

It isn’t our government.

It’s a substitute government run by two Federal subcontractors.

So these people are our employees, indirectly, but they are being told what to do by foreign governments controlled by foreign Principals: the Holy See, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of London.

Those foreign governments are under contract to provide us with certain enumerated “governmental services”.

They have been exercising our own “Delegated Powers” and operating “in our names”.

They are supposed to operate under the limitations and in accordance with their employment contracts called the Constitutions.

Instead, they’ve been colluding to evade their obligations under the Constitutions.

And they’ve been misdirecting our Employees to racketeer against us and to misidentify our political status, to impersonate us, and to defraud us.

So instead of protecting us, these Hired Helpers have operated in Breach of Trust and harmed us.

They’ve done exactly the opposite of what your government is supposed to do.

But do you notice something? Do you see what’s missing?

You are.

You are supposed to be self-governing. You are supposed to be running Your Government.

Not your Hirelings.

So, we noticed what was wrong a long time ago. And we dusted off our laurels and we got to work.

And we talked to our friends and neighbors (those who would listen) and we explained what was wrong and we learned more as we went.… and, we organized the government we are supposed to have: Your Government.

There’s just one problem. We are supporting it. We are putting our time and money into it. We are building it up and restoring it. We are doing our “job”.

But where are you?

If you want a government that protects you, a government that doesn’t steal from you, harass you, threaten you, or harm you — then, it’s high time that you start backing Your Government and participating in it and supporting it with your money and your skills and your time.

We are taking up collections for projects to advance the restoration of Your Government, to fund our Peacekeeping Officials and Officers, to run our State Assemblies, to make Your Government work the way Your Government is supposed to work — a government to protect you and your family.

When you come home to the land and soil that bore you, and start breathing as a free woman or man again, you will remember the American Dream and you will no longer bear the burdens of Federal (US) citizenship.

You won’t be subject to foreign statutory laws.

You won’t worry about “Federal Agents” breaking down your doors.

You won’t pay “Federal Income Taxes” anymore.

You will have little or no reason to ever visit their courts.

You will possess your homes and your land and soil as Freeholders — not Tenants.

You won’t pay any mortgages or utilities or property taxes.

You will be in control your own lives again.

You will sleep sound in your beds again.

Now think about that, and know that Your Government is what guarantees these results. What’s more important than what we have just described for you? What greater profit can you realize by investing in anything else?

What Are The States and Why Do We Need to Assemble Them?

Lawful v. Legal Standing and Our Constitutions

 By Anna Von Reitz

Standing, like jurisdiction, speaks to your ability and right to act. A court must prove its jurisdiction, that is, its authority and right to speak to an issue brought before it, and a litigant must prove their standing — their right to address an issue. In its simplest terms, you have to have a dog in the fight to have standing. You have to have a right before you can defend one. You have to have been injured before you can seek damages.

You have to be a party to a contract before you can enforce one. Otherwise, you lack standing. In the most potent case we have before us, people have been denied standing to enforce their lawful constitutional guarantees, because without their knowledge, their political status has been altered.You must have and must preserve your lawful standing as an American claiming your birthright political status–or, you are not a party to the Constitutions. You then have no standing to enforce them. If you adopt any other political status, you lose your lawful standing and accept merely legal standing instead.

This inferior standing subjects you to foreign laws and courts, and leaves you with no constitutional guarantees. And it’s totally up to you, how you live your life, and whether you claim your constitutional guarantees or not. The undisclosed registration of Americans as British Territorial Citizens and as Municipal citizens of the United States has been very profitable for a lot of people, and they don’t want to give up their gravy train.

But every gain for them is a loss for you, so as an American, you have equal and opposite motivations to correct their false registration process. This situation has led us to develop paperwork which serves to record your actual political status in the international public domain. There are presently three ways to protect your lawful standing and your constitutional guarantees. If you can find a State-of-State Recording Office that is still open and functioning and willing to record your status change paperwork, you can do it through them, in which case they are responsible for maintaining the public record.

If you record your claim with the Land Recording System, (LRS) your claim will be part of an international block chain, and will be preserved in that way. If you record your claim with the Land Recording Office (LRO) you claim will be part of your State Assembly records. All three of these options produce an international public record of your political status choice, and establish your lawful standing as an American — which in turn enables you to stand under the Public Law of this country and enforce your constitutional guarantees.

Some people want to create a big controversy about the existence of these three different ways of creating a viable public international record, and others want to claim that if you don’t have every little thing exactly right— color of ink, style of signature, etc., your efforts will be useless. The Truth is that any of the three recording methods will work, and no, it’s your clearly expressed intention that is the determining factor regardless of details—and, finally, it’s your own determination to invoke your correct standing. I recently witnessed a young woman in the dock of one of their foreign courts. When they called her name— for example, “Lisa Marie Phipps!”, she stood up and said, “I’m Lisa Marie. Why is this court misaddressing me?”Dead silence. She continued, “I am an American standing under the Public Law and I have no contract with you, other than The Constitution of the United States.”[She was in Municipal Court — they were misaddressing her as a Municipal PERSON, so it’s The Constitution of the United States that applies. If her name had appeared in Upper and Lower case on the court paperwork, the correct contract would be The Constitution of the United States of America.]

Again, dead silence, shuffling of paper, the judge looking over the top of his glasses at her. And then, quietly, “Case dismissed.” They rushed on to the next victim who didn’t know how to reply and who didn’t have his recorded paperwork in his back pocket. One of the guarantees that a great many people are seeking these days is the right to simply be left alone. You will find that right preserved as Article IV. Why not dig out your copy of either The Constitution of the United States or The Constitution of the United States of America and see what you are missing.
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