UN Declares Satan Lord & Master — Maine Republic Email Report

UN Openly Declares Lucifer Lord & Master

In a recent broadcast the United Nations Leaders have declared Lucifer (Satan) (Man God) As their lord and master and openly declared they love him.

Creative Destruction is the call of the day as they are now throwing as much Destructive Energy at Planet Earth they can as the Energies have Culminated at the Full Moon of Gemini.

Their plan to kill humanity begins 21 December during the NEW MOON this year.

After that THE PLAN calls for 500 years of total War until Humanity ids free from this planet – Dead.

Then, and only then,, when we are all dead can THE PLAN be implemented.

So – in response – President Trump – who has 4 hits on him this month (2 to go) has down the following:

1) Signed an Executive Order to control GMO Foods.

2) Forced the Feds to reduce Interest Rates by 1/2 percent and to guarantee 3 more rate cuts this year.

3) Meeting with Russia and many nations 24-26 June to stop this coming destruction.

4) Began sending Illegals home.

We will have an Intelligence Meeting today or tomorrow to clarify the attempts on The President’s Life and to put tracers on the Rogue Nukes Quantico is about to sell to a CIA Faction that wished to detonate 6 Nukes in Moscow, London, DC, NYC, Chicago and I believe Tokyo in a few short months. They will be over 100KT in size, old dirty Nukes.

All of what we have just stated can be confirmed wither by the Lucifer Trust of on Zero Hedge.

The Demon – Rats currently in office are literally Demon Possessed and in league with hte United Nations – which is why the support Infanticide.

INFANTICIDE: The Murder Of Children Up To 1 Year Of Age

So a walking, talking 11 1/2 month old baby may be killed in any way the parents agree – through Vaccinations, Burning, Drowning, Etc – which makes Child Sacrifice to Lucifer legal..

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up:

Video:  UN Declares Satan Lord & Master – YouTube

The Wall Of Truth

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount
Captain, US Army,
Russian Passport AA-29



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