United States vs: United States of America


By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine someone who is mentally insane, and the essence of their insanity is that they can’t tell the difference between their own body and someone else’s. When they get mad, they punch the guy in the mirror and then wonder why it hurts so bad. Then they get even angrier, and punch “him” again, and wind up on the floor in the bathroom with a concussion several hours later, with no idea what happened or how.  That’s how some patriots are reacting to the news that the federal government is just a governmental services corporation in the business of providing us with essential government services (Article IV).

They can’t quite wrap their heads around it, even though it has been hidden in plain view for over two hundred years— and they continue to be confused about who is who.
They get angry at the federal government and its “federated state” franchises which are part of the federal corporation—and they bash themselves and other patriots by mistake.They don’t know who they are, so they don’t recognize who anyone else is, either. Like the insane man, they start making assumptions and punching away, with much the same result.There is no New Republic. There is just another Rothschild-funded services corporation operating under a new name. I wish I could say that it was under totally new management, but it isn’t. And no, it is not our government. It is not and it never was.It’s their government— a foreign government belonging to and operated by foreigners in our midst—- foreigners who are merely under contract to provide us and our states with stipulated services.

If we don’t like the service, we have to stand up and identify ourselves as non-citizen American State Nationals, stop voting in their elections, stop using their private corporate laws known as codes and statutes, and stop allowing them to presume that we are “citizens” owing our service and allegiance to their Queen and their municipal corporations. Let’s get the basics down.

The federal government operates out of the District of Columbia which belongs to all states and to no states. It is its own turf and has its own laws. Inside this is District is the Municipality of Washington, DC, which operates as an international city-state. It is also its own turf and operates under its own laws.

United States vs: United States of America

Judge Anna 2

By Anna Von Reitz
1.  The first point I want to make is that we inherited this situation.  The people responsible for it, are all long-since dead and gone.  We aren’t to blame, but we are responsible for what we do about it now.  So it is important that we all do the right thing.

2. So with that firm understanding, let’s begin.  Point two…. Americans have been living under a largely British-controlled military protectorate since 1863.  That is a fact that is never taught to Americans in school and indeed, most members of the American military have been left unaware of it, too.  The only way that we become aware of it is by noticing certain facts and they are:
A. The position of the British Monarch as our Trustee “on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” under The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 and the attendant Admiralty Treaties;
B. The fact that our Congress never declared the so-called American Civil War;
C. The genesis of the Lieber Code in 1863;
D. The fact that no Peace Treaty concluded the American Civil War, which was in fact a foreign Mercenary Conflict, just like Vietnam, staged on our shores;
E. The adoption of The Lieber Code as The Hague Conventions.
F. The attempt by the Municipal United States Congress to give away our state offices to the United Nations under the International Organizations Immunities Act in 1976, and thus transfer responsibility for our land jurisdiction government to the United Nations.  This left the Brits in control of what is supposed to be our Navy and the United Nations purportedly in control of our land and soil.
3.  Point three…. the foregoing facts lead to the following facts: