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July 29th, 2020 By: Justus Knight EXCITING NEW OFFER!!: Join now and get 14 Days FREE! Now available on Roku, Apple, Android or Amazon apps! On today’s broadcast: There is nothing worse than being lied too, well, maybe there is. What if a story was so important to counter culture that they chose to […]

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The Biggest Scientific Fraud and Political Crime of All Times: No One Died of Coronavirus! — Truth To Power

illumination is now bringing the long-awaited clarity of the human mind and all the lies and deceptions, with which humanity has lived for eons of time, are finally fully illuminated and revealed. As I predicted, it will begin with the exposure of the fake coronavirus epidemic or as I call it “scamdemic”. Here is the utmost […]

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University of Toronto & Sunnybrook HSC have no record of “COVID-19 virus” isolation – Bill 195 Ontario

I am posting this on its own to raise awareness, and encourage everybody to inform politicians, store owners, police chiefs, family doctors, hospital directors, etc. that no medical evidence has been found that COVID19 actually exists.

And, since coronaviruses are neutralized by humidity, heat, and sunlight, why extend certain COVID19 emergency measures in Ontario until June 2022?

Researchers from the University of Toronto claimed months ago to have “isolated SARS-COV-2” (the alleged “COVID-19 virus”) as part of a team effort with researchers from Sunnybrook Research Institute (which is part of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre), McMaster University and Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital.  Press releases heralded “the accomplishment”.

I (Christine Massey) submitted Freedom of Information requests to various Canadian institutions seeking records that describe the actual isolation of a SARS-COV-2 virus from any diseased patient.

The requests were not limited to records of isolation performed by the respective institution, or of records authored by the respective institution, rather they were open to records of isolation performed by anyone, anywhere on the planet.

2 of the very institutions involved in a publicized claim of having isolated the alleged new “COVID-19 virus called SARS-COV-2” that the world has gone into lock-down over, in fact have no record of the virus having been isolated by anyone, let alone themselves, and thus no record to indicate that one of the most basic scientific steps needed to be performed in order to conclude that a new virus is causing disease in anyone whatsoever has ever been performed. By anyone on the planet. Ever.

Every institution indicated the same thing: they searched and could locate no record describing the isolation of any “COVID-19 virus”, anywhere, ever. Learn more and spread the word

Ontario’s new COVID-19 bill is an assault on our rights


By Margreet Van den Berg – Facebook

“Why is the province of Ontario making emergency powers permanent while simultaneously declaring the emergency over? This power-grab by the premier is an unjustified violation of Charter protected rights, and citizens should be concerned.

Bill 195, The Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Approach to COVID-19) Act, 2020, was introduced at Queen’s Park on July 7. This proposed legislation would end the state of emergency, which was declared on March 17. But it would simultaneously continue a number of existing emergency orders.

Under the proposed legislation, restrictions on the size of gatherings, or orders that keep businesses closed and override collective agreements for the redeployment of workers, are all extended and can even be amended. Orders allowing the sharing of personal health information and which allow for police to demand identification (carding) are also extended, but cannot be amended. These orders no longer need to be renewed every 14 days, and could remain in place up until June 2022.

While under a declared state of emergency, these limits to our Charter protected rights of mobility, privacy, free association and free assembly are likely justified under the balancing test set out in section 1 of the Charter. When in the midst of a pandemic, a government order stating that gatherings of more than five or 10 people are prohibited, or that collective agreements may be put aside in order to redeploy health-care staff to long-term care facilities, has a strong rationale.

But once the government announces that that state of emergency has ended, so too does the justification for limiting our rights.


Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati who filed the Statement of Claim July 06.20 in Ontario Superior Court against governments in Canada, and others, for COVID19 measures, said the only solution is non appeasement.

Stand in your power.
Align with people of like mind.
Combat COVID19 measures.
Put politicians on notice. Tell them their actions are unconstitutional and you will not support them nor will you vote for them.

Spread the word. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life

COVID-19: China Locked in Hybrid War with US

The fallout from the COVID-19 outbreak puts Beijing and Washington on a collision course, writes Pepe Escobar. 

By Pepe Escobar
The Asia Times  

Among the myriad, earth-shattering geopolitical effects of coronavirus, one is already graphically evident. China has re-positioned itself. For the first time since the start of Deng Xiaoping’s reforms in 1978, Beijing openly regards the U.S. as a threat, as stated a month ago by Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Munich Security Conference during the peak of the fight against coronavirus.

Beijing is carefully, incrementally shaping the narrative that, from the beginning of the coronavirus attack, the leadership knew it was under a hybrid war attack.

The terminology of President Xi Jinping is a major clue. He said, on the record, that this was war. And, as a counter-attack, a “people’s war” had to be launched.

Moreover, he described the virus as a demon or devil. Xi is a Confucianist. Unlike some other ancient Chinese thinkers, Confucius was loath to discuss supernatural forces and judgment in the afterlife. However, in a Chinese cultural context, devil means “white devils” or “foreign devils”: guailo in Mandarin, gweilo in Cantonese. This was Xi delivering a powerful statement in code.

When Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, voiced in an incandescent tweet the possibility that “it might be US Army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan” – the first blast to this effect to come from a top official – Beijing was sending up a trial balloon signaling that the gloves were finally off. Zhao Lijian made a direct connection with the Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019, which included a delegation of 300 U.S. military.

He directly quoted U.S. CDC Director Robert Redfield who, when asked last week whether some deaths by Coronavirus had been discovered posthumously in the U.S., replied that “some cases have actually been diagnosed this way in the U.S. today.”

Zhao’s explosive conclusion is that COVID-19 was already in effect in the U.S. before being identified in Wuhan – due to the by now fully documented inability of the U.S. to test and verify differences compared with the flu.

Adding all that to the fact that coronavirus genome variations in Iran and Italy were sequenced and it was revealed they do not belong to the variety that infected Wuhan, Chinese media are now openly  asking questions and drawing a connection with the shutting down in August last year of the “unsafe” military bioweapon lab at Fort Detrick, the Military Games, and the Wuhan epidemic. Some of these questions had been asked– with no response – inside the U.S. itself.

Extra questions linger about the opaque Event 201 in New York on October 18, 2019: a rehearsal for a worldwide pandemic caused by a deadly virus – which happened to be coronavirus. This magnificent coincidence happened one month before the outbreak in Wuhan.

Event 201 was sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the CIA, Bloomberg, John Hopkins Foundation and the UN.  The World Military Games opened in Wuhan on the exact same day.

Irrespective of its origin, which is still not conclusively established, as much as Trump tweets about the “Chinese virus,” COVID-19 already poses immensely serious questions about biopolitics (where’s Foucault when we need him?) and bio-terror.

The working hypothesis of coronavirus as a very powerful but not Armageddon-provoking bio-weapon unveils it as a perfect vehicle for widespread social control — on a global scale.

Cuba Rises as Biotech Power

Just as a fully masked Xi visiting the Wuhan frontline last week was a graphic demonstration to the whole planet that China, with immense sacrifice, is winning the “people‘s war” against COVID-19, Russia, in a Sun Tzu move on Riyadh whose end result was a much cheaper barrel of oil, helped for all practical purposes to kick-start the inevitable recovery of the Chinese economy. This is how a strategic partnership works.

The chessboard is changing at breakneck speed. Once Beijing identified coronavirus as a bio-weapon attack the “people’s war” was launched with the full force of the state. Methodically. On a “whatever it takes” basis. Now we are entering a new stage, which will be used by Beijing to substantially recalibrate the interaction with the West, and under very different frameworks when it comes to the U.S. and the EU.

Soft power is paramount. Beijing sent an Air China flight to Italy carrying 2,300 big boxes full of masks bearing the script, “We are waves from the same sea, leaves from the same tree, flowers from the same garden.” China also sent a hefty humanitarian package to Iran, significantly aboard eight flights from Mahan Air — an airline under illegal, unilateral Trump administration sanctions.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic could not have been more explicit: “The only country that can help us is China. By now, you all understood that European solidarity does not exist. That was a fairy tale on paper.”

Under harsh sanctions and demonized since forever, Cuba is still able to perform breakthroughs – even on biotechnology. The anti-viral Heberon – or Interferon Alpha 2b – a therapeutic, not a vaccine, has been used with great success in the treatment of coronavirus. A joint venture in China is producing an inhalable version, and at least 15 nations are already interested in importing the therapeutic.

Now compare all of the above with the Trump administration offering $1 billion to poach German scientists working at biotech firm Curevac, based in Thuringia, on an experimental vaccine against COVID-19, to have it as a vaccine “only for the United States.”

Social Engineering Psy-Op?

Sandro Mezzadra, co-author with Brett Neilson of the seminal “The Politics of Operations: Excavating Contemporary Capitalism,” is already trying to conceptualize where we stand now in terms of fighting COVID-19.

We are facing a choice between a Malthusian strand – inspired by social Darwinism – “led by the Johnson-Trump-Bolsonaro axis” and, on the other side, a strand pointing to the “requalification of public health as a fundamental tool,” exemplified by China, South Korea and Italy. There are key lessons to be learned from South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

The stark option, Mezzadra notes, is between a “natural population selection,” with thousands of dead, and “defending society” by employing “variable degrees of authoritarianism and social control.” It’s easy to imagine who stands to benefit from this social re-engineering, a 21st century remix of Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death.”

Amid so much doom and gloom, count on Italy to offer us Tiepolo-style shades of light. Italy chose the Wuhan option, with immensely serious consequences for its already fragile economy. Quarantined Italians remarkably reacted by singing on their balconies: a true act of metaphysical revolt.

Not to mention the poetic justice of the actual St. Corona (“crown” in Latin) being buried in the city of Anzu since the 9th century. St. Corona was a Christian killed under Marcus Aurelius in 165 AD, and has been for centuries one of the patron saints of pandemics.

Not even trillions of dollars raining from the sky by an act of divine Fed mercy were able to cure Covid-19. G-7 “leaders” had to resort to a videoconference to realize how clueless they are – even as China’s fight against coronavirus gave the West a head start of several weeks.

Shanghai-based Dr. Zhang Wenhong, one of China’s top infectious disease experts, whose analyses have been spot on so far, now says China has emerged from the darkest days in the “people’s war” against Covid-19. But he does not think this will be over by summer. Now extrapolate what he’s saying to the Western world.

It’s not even spring yet, and we already know it takes a virus to mercilessly shatter the Goddess of the Market. Last Friday, Goldman Sachs told no fewer than 1,500 corporations that there was no systemic risk. That was false.

New York banking sources told me the truth: systemic risk became way more severe in 2020 than in 1979, 1987 or 2008 because of the hugely heightened danger that the $1.5 quadrillion derivative market would collapse.

As the sources put it, history had never before seen anything like the Fed’s intervention via its little understood elimination of commercial bank reserve requirements, unleashing a potential unlimited expansion of credit to prevent a derivative implosion stemming from a total commodity and stock market collapse of all stocks around the world.

Those bankers thought it would work, but as we know by now all the sound and fury signified nothing. The ghost of a derivative implosion – in this case not caused by the previous possibility, the shutting down of the Strait of Hormuz – remains.

We are still barely starting to understand the consequences of Covid-19 for the future of neoliberal turbo-capitalism. What’s certain is that the whole global economy has been hit by an insidious, literally invisible circuit breaker. This may be just a “coincidence.” Or this may be, as some are boldly arguing, part of a possible, massive psy-op creating the perfect geopolitlcal and social engineering environment for full-spectrum dominance.

Additionally, along the hard slog down the road, with immense, inbuilt human and economic sacrifice, with or without a reboot of the world-system, a more pressing question remains: will imperial elites still choose to keep waging full-spectrum-dominance hybrid war against China?

Pepe Escobar, a veteran Brazilian journalist, is the correspondent-at-large for Hong Kong-based Asia Times. His latest book is 2030.” Follow him on Facebook.

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COVID – LOCKDOWN – GLOBAL BANKRUPTCY – the PLAN — Life, Death and all between


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