Aotearoa, the land more commonly known as New Zealand, is a place of ancient, virgin forests, pristine air and clear mountain lakes, hardly the place you’d expect would be being systematically poisoned by its own government. CONTINUE…
But that’s exactly what is happening on an alarming scale, as you’ll hear from our latest witness, activist and lawyer Sue Grey. Her eye-opening testimony describes what she calls ecocide and, “a war on nature” being perpetrated through a Crown sponsored program that’s causing devastation to much of the wildlife and ecosystems of her native country.
This year, 400 million pellets of what is known as “1080” Poison — enough to kill over a hundred million people — will be spread by helicopter over much of the country’s land and waterways, under the guise of eradicating non-native pests in order to preserve the native wildlife.
The reality is however that the poison is consumed by anything coming across it, killing many species of insects, mammals and birds, contaminating the food chain and threatening the survival of many species of native bird including the iconic Kiwi.
With over 30 years’ experience in environmental health, Sue Grey is one of the leading voices in the campaign to expose the disastrous failure of the 1080 program. She is also the lawyer most sought after to defend the families and communities whose lives have been impacted by this poison.
On that note: we’re honored to announce that in light of the New Zealand government’s refusal to address the disastrous effects of the 1080 program, Sue Grey has invited the ITNJ to convene a special inquiry into Ecocide in New Zealand, set to take place in March 2020.
Preparations are already underway, so stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, please help us get this story out to the world by sharing widely through your networks.