COVID19 ‘Second Wave’ Think Micro-Wave and How You Can Prepare to Take Care

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By Julian Rose
July 01, 2020

“Between 1949 and 1962 everything we needed to know about microwaves was already known. All interference of the human condition was known by 1952. All birth defects, organs, cells, brain functions and moods could be entered, changed and destroyed. Microwaves were used then, as now, as stealth weapons, before they became cell phones.”

These are the words of Barrie Trower, ex Royal Navy microwave weapons expert, spoken at Exeter University in February 2020. I will be quoting him again later.

A ‘stealth weapon’ delivers unseen poisoned arrows, and as Barrie Trower informs us, arrows which modify, maim and murder. Such a tool, in the hands of billions of human beings has the capacity to achieve its ends via a very cunning form of stealth, since unlike food poisoning, material pollutants or bullets, it leaves very little trace within the bodies of those at its receiving end.

In fact, just like the microwave oven, it cooks living matter from the inside out rather than from the outside in as normal cooking does. This renders the food poisonous to the human gut.

Now, what we have gathered from the more learned and lateral thinking doctors and scientists engaged in examining Covid-19 symptoms, is that a virus (Covid-19 has been termed ‘a virus’)  under attack behaves similarly. In it’s effort to purify itself from aggressive pathogens it releases what are known as ‘exosomes’, a kind of mucus like fluid that poisons the invader.

These same doctors state that a virus cannot ‘pass’ between people or animals. Only some form of pathogen can do that. After the infamous Spanish flu epidemic that killed millions of Europeans in 1918, efforts were made to isolate the causative agent. It was widely assumed by the medical profession that the vehicle must be something that passes freely between humans. So they got infected people to sneeze into the faces of uninfected people as well as passing saliva from infected to uninfected animals.

The outcome was a shock – none of the uninfected people or animals developed the flu or displayed any symptoms associated with it. Thousands were involved in this research.

The Spanish flu was labelled a form of Coronavirus, yet unlike its Corona cousins that are responsible for the classic winter flu cycles, it could not infect via human contacts or close proximity. Some unseen ‘stealth’ factor appears to have played a key role in causing the respiratory and feverish sickness that led to the demise of so many in 1918.

But there was something that fits such a description, which was unleashed on the world at just that time, and which is described as ‘a quantum leap in electrification’. Rudolf Steiner declared that after  this event “It became much harder to be human”.

Further surges in viral sicknesses occurred upon the introduction of military radar during World War Two. And now we arrive at yet another critical mass expansion of microwave radiation technologies: the launching into space of an ever growing number of 5G microwave radiating satellites c/o the multi billionaire megalomaniac Elon Musk.

The ground based expansion of 5G transmitters will be eclipsed by the sheer scale of Musk’s mad dreams (and our nightmares). Already more than four hundred irradiating 5G satellites are causing high levels of disruption to the ionosphere where they are being placed in orbit.

The ionosphere, as explained by Arthur Fairstenberg, author of The Invisible Rainbow, is the source point of the electric circuit which supplies all life on Earth with its cyclic dynamic energy. It is a highly delicate mechanism and zapping it with foreign modulated radiation has the capacity to completely destabilise the natural harmonic energy scales that flow from the ionosphere to Earth and then, via lightning storms, cycle back to where they started in the ionosphere.

The murdering Mr Musk wants to get twenty thousand of these weapons into the ionosphere over the next 2/3 years “so that every square inch of the Earth can be covered.” Let’s not beat around the bush, this is a central surveillance operation and catalyst for the demise of life on Earth, combined.

We are now in the summer months of 2020.  The CV-19 scam which was launched at the turn of the year, brought with it a spate of deception, lies and confusions like no other single event has ever achieved. Amidst the cacophony of hype, false statistics, futile masks and senseless social distancing, some 0.26% of the world population supposedly died from Covid-19.

The figures tied-in almost perfectly with the normal annual winter flu deaths. Those whose lives were saved, suffered from something that has never been scientifically proven to be a Covid-19 virus.

The cause of these people’s sickness has never been identified or isolated. This is why the planned ‘vaccine’ is not going to do what it will be described as doing. It will not protect, but instead will make all receivers more susceptible to all illnesses as well as direct objects of control.

So that leads us to the next card in the Corona pushers pack: ‘the second wave’. If the central control system is to keep the Covid fear factor from waning – and it is waning at this time – then they must get the ‘second wave’ onto everybody’s mind with the minimum of delay.


“Force of public opinion can do what the law cannot.” Judge A. Napolitano

Rather than focus on unaware people’s response to COVID19, focus on making informed, heart centered choices to what shows up on your life screen. Doing so, raises your signature energy and the collective consciousness, which is Power to magnetize solutions.

Please help expand our collective Power base by sharing the truth. Thank you.

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Sent via hardwired computer
All wireless turned off to safeguard life


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Did you know…

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– There are more than 2 dozens recent local grassroots successes… just in the USA alone?

– Since the first 400+ 5G satellites were activated recently (i.e. April 22 according to our understanding), an alarming number of people have reported exacerbated health symptoms?


  • Frank Clegg (former president of Microsoft Canada & current CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology) – overview of the science-based harm and risk; and strategic perspective
  • Magda Havas PhD (researcher) – published science linking EMF & effects on our immune systems
  • Arthur Firstenberg (author) – latest about the satellite deployment and reported symptomology
  • Andrew J. Campanelli (lawyer) – legal strategies that are beating the telecoms at the municipal level
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar (doctor and social leader) – the medial freedom super PAC
  • Mandy Jacob (USA grassroots leader) – local successes across USA
  • Lena Pu (educator) – how a liability-based action can turn the tables
  • Derrick Broze (filmmaker & action leader) – ‘Freedom Cells’ and true sustainability
  • Krystal Tini (activist, yoga instructor & change agent) – personal experience and symptoms since discovering 5G equipment on her apartment rooftop

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Josh del Sol
Host, The 5G Summit