Hats, Hats, and More Hats

By Anna Von Reitz It is just now dawning on many people that there are multiple Congresses and multiple Supreme Courts and multiple Offices of the President. These different offices are sometimes referred to as “hats” — as in “wearing a different hat today.” This saying and the practice of wearing different hats comes from the Office of the Pope. When the Pope wears a skull cap, he is operating in a different office than when he wears the infamous Papal Tiara. The number of offices you can fill depends only on the number of hats you can wear. Last time I looked, the US Postmaster had seven hats— seven different offices he could enter and vacate at will, having and manipulating different powers in each of the seven offices. So with this background it should come as no surprise that there are multiple Offices of the President, each with different requirements and different powers. There are also multiple Congresses. And multiple Supreme Courts. This is because there are multiple jurisdictions involved and multiple constitutional contracts to administer. We already brought it to your attention that there are three (3) Constitutions: (A) The Federal Constitution which is called “The Constitution for the united States of America”, and which pertains to the missing American Subcontractor. (B) The Territorial Constitution known as “The Constitution of the United States of America”. (C) The Municipal Constitution known as “The Constitution of the United States”. Each one of these constitutions enables the Federal Government to operate in different international and global jurisdictions, so when the members of “the” United States Supreme Court consider questions pertaining to each of these similar constitutions, they are wearing different hats, and convening different “Supreme Courts” using the same members. Think of it as football, baseball, and basketball being played by the same group of players. And the same thing goes on in Congress and the Office of the President. It would be helpful if the people occupying these offices were required to change their hats when they “switch gears”, but no such luck. This is how the members of the Rump Congresses following the Civil War were enabled to continue operating “the” Congress, despite the fact that a third of the Federal Government, the American part, was Missing in Action. And still is. They simply operated the Territorial and Municipal offices of Congress instead of the offices of what is called the Federal Republic — switched hats, and carried on, leaving the actual Federal Government intended by the American People sidelined. Because all three constitutions are very similar in wording and appearance and envision the same basic intent, the loss of a “hat” was survivable. Because the Federal Government has always survived on purloined credit and revenue from the regulation of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, the financing was only tricky on the front end —- the Territorial Congress is not allowed to issue actual asset-backed money, only military script. Enter the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve (Promissory) Notes. The Municipal Congress authorized at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 has a different problem. Operating as a plenary oligarchy, the Municipal Congress can issue asset-backed money, but they are severely restricted geographically, and supposed to operate only within the “one mile square” afforded to the Municipality of Washington, DC. Enter the Petro “dollar” and all the various evils associated with that. Also enter the evils of Municipal corporations, like Microsoft and NYC, INC., which have extended the reach of the Municipal Government into the American heartland and around the world, and allowed this Band of Brigands to usurp not only on our government, but on all the other governments worldwide. The so-called Two Party System is a result of the two Federal Subcontractors battling it out — the Territorial Corporation (Military) and the Municipal Corporation (Federal Civil Service) — equals the Republicans v. Democrats. And now you see why there are persistent rumors of “Civil War” breaking out, as these two factions push each other back and forth, striving for dominance. When you put this into context you can also see why we have two brands of every “Federal” agency and department — the Municipal FBI and the Territorial Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Municipal IRS and the Territorial Internal Revenue Service, the Municipal DOL and the Territorial Department of Labor — and so on and on. The truly interesting part of all this, is that both choices are foreign governments with respect to us. They are operating a foreign political system on our shores while appearing to be our government— when in fact they are only Subcontractors of our actual government. All this frou-frou of elections and political parties is about our Federal Subcontractors, and who runs them. It’s not about us. This confusion, deceit, and constructive fraud has been enabled and promoted and made possible by the members of Congress wearing different hats — and simply not telling anyone. The Territorial Government makes its money on war and by selling our young men and women as cheap mercenaries. The Municipal Government makes money via commercial fraud and manipulation of child labor contracts, administration of trust assets, and commandeering currency and commodity markets. We’ve been the victims, targets, and unwitting participants in the greatest confidence racket scheme in world history, and it has all been made possible by the members of Congress wearing different hats. And now we come to the important part: what to do about it. Go to: https://theamericanstatesassembly.net/ and get started today.
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Hats, Hats, and More Hats — American Patriots Email Report


by Justice Anna von Reitz . Hats, Hats, and More Hats It is just now dawning on many people that there are multiple Congresses and multiple Supreme Courts and multiple Offices of the President. These different offices are sometimes referred to as “hats” — as in “wearing a different hat today.” This saying and the […]

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Waking Up 101 Revisited

Remembering Who You Are
Restoring Lawful Government


By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine someone who is mentally insane, and the essence of their insanity is that they can’t tell the difference between their own body and someone else’s. When they get mad, they punch the guy in the mirror and then wonder why it hurts so bad. Then they get even angrier, and punch “him” again, and wind up on the floor in the bathroom with a concussion several hours later, with no idea what happened or how. That’s how some patriots are reacting to the news that the federal government is just a governmental services corporation in the business of providing us with essential government services (Article IV).

They can’t quite wrap their heads around it, even though it has been hidden in plain view for over two hundred years— and they continue to be confused about who is who.

They get angry at the federal government and its “federated state” franchises which are part of the federal corporation—and they bash themselves and other patriots by mistake.

They don’t know who they are, so they don’t recognize who anyone else is, either.
Like the insane man, they start making assumptions and punching away, with much the same result.

There is no New Republic. There is just another Rothschild-funded services corporation operating under a new name. I wish I could say that it was under totally new management, but it isn’t.

And no, it is not our government. It is not and it never was.It’s their government— a foreign government belonging to and operated by foreigners in our midst—- foreigners who are merely under contract to provide us and our states with stipulated services.

If we don’t like the service, we have to stand up and identify ourselves as non-citizen American State Nationals, stop voting in their elections, stop using their private corporate laws known as codes and statutes, and stop allowing them to presume that we are “citizens” owing our service and allegiance to their Queen and their municipal corporations. Let’s get the basics down.

The federal government operates out of the District of Columbia which belongs to all states and to no states.
It is its own turf and has its own laws. Inside this is District is the Municipality of Washington, DC, which operates as an international city-state. It is also its own turf and operates under its own laws.

And both of these foreign entities with their foreign governments are perched on land that was provided to them by Virginia and Maryland as part of the peace treaties and other agreements coming out of the Revolutionary War.

The Congress acting as a corporate Board of Directors operates the affairs of the District of Columbia as a democracy (which is completely foreign to the republican form of government the states and people owe themselves) and also operates the municipal government of Washington, DC, as an oligarchy.

These are both foreign nations and foreign governments co-existing on our soil.
The government of the District of Columbia has operated as a corporation known as
the “United States of America” since the Civil War.

The government of Washington, DC, has operated as another corporation doing business as the “United States” but actually formed as the “District of Columbia Municipal Corporation”.

These two corporations have franchises that they operate in both the names of the people and the states.

They have been used to fight each other in commercial wars over the past century and a half —-wars in which we and our actual states are naturally non-combatant Third Parties.

Unfortunately, we have been deliberately mischaracterized and mistaken as combatants in these “wars”— as if we knew a thing about these corporations and their various mergers, bankruptcies, attempted takeovers. etc., and chose to be actively involved in their affairs.

Technically, the only job, role, or reason for existence either of these two foreign entities have for being here, is to provide “essential government services” under Article IV of the actual Constitution —-to your actual states——and only secondarily, in a subrogated fashion, to you.”State of Florida” is a separate and foreign entity from the “Florida State” and the municipal version operating as the “STATE OF FLORIDA” is again a separate foreign entity apart from either the “State of Florida” or the “Florida State”.

These States and States of States and Municipal “States” are all as foreign to each other as Spain and France and Denmark.

The United States of America operates under Federal Code. It’s franchises operating as “States of States” operate under private, copyrighted, corporate state statutes. Remember that the word “of” here means “without” so the phrase “State of Florida” translates as “the state without Florida”. The “State of Florida” is not within the Florida State you live in, because it is a foreign state populated by British Subjects, operating as a Democracy, co-existing in our midst—- supposedly only to serve the actual Florida State and its republic and people, but in fact is serving itself at your expense because you have failed to ride herd on your own employees.

So it stacks up like this: United States of America is a corporation operated by British Subjects, for the purpose of providing stipulated services to the subscribing actual states of the Union.

These British Subjects are called “United States Citizens” and they owe their allegiance to the British Crown.

This corporation has its own internal government, which serves the British Subjects and operates as a Democracy and which with respect to us and our states is obligated to operate exclusively in international jurisdiction. Internally, of course, it has its own “government” and it also provides governmental services to its own citizenry via its network of “states” such as the “State of Florida”.

The UNITED STATES, INC., is a doing-business-as name of the old District of Columbia Municipal Corporation, another and separate foreign government that operates as an oligarchy run by the members of Congress out of the international city state known as Washington, DC. This entity has citizens called “citizens of the United States” which are all either “orphans” or corporations of one kind or another: JOHN MAYNARD DOE, JOHN M. DOE, GENERAL ELECTRIC, INC., STATE OF IOWA, etc.

The confusion that results from having all these separate foreign entities and states operating under names that are deceptively similar to your own actual nation-states and foreign dopple ganger “persons” operating under names deceptively similar to your own— is self-interested fraud.

None of this chicanery has nothing to do with our organic republics governed of the people of this country, yet Americans typically can’t tell the difference and are left shadow-boxing with unknown opponents or bashing each other or bashing ourselves by mistake.

And if we can’t stand on our own two feet and discern the difference between us and these British Subjects and these foreign Municipal “CITIZENS” named after us—-how can the rest of the world make heads or tails of it? It’s like the old Laurel and Hardy skit—- “Who Is On First?” — in which the question turns out to be a statement, because the man on first base is called “Who”.

People see me, operating under American Common Law as a Justice of the Common Law (popularly called a “Judge” by mistake) and under Article X of the actual Constitution— and mistake me as a Bar Attorney acting under admiralty or corporate administrative law.
They can’t discern the profound difference between the two.

They see Americans taking up their rightful role and duty as American State Nationals and they continue to presume that these people are “citizens” subject to The Constitution in some form, or to the foreign Federal Code as British Subjects or municipal “CITIZENS” subject to Municipal Code— when in fact none of these codes, rules, private statutes or even constitutions apply to non-citizen State Nationals.

So let’s give you, members of the American People, some helpful guidelines and pointers to sort through all this corruption.

1. Your rights do not come from any constitution. They come from Nature and Nature’s God.

2. The Constitution exists to define and limit the activities and prevent the over-reaches of the federal corporation, its corporate officers, their employees and their franchises, no matter what name they use.

3. The Constitution is called “the law of the land” because it is the law that the British Subjects operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea must obey when hey step foot on our soil.

They call it the “law of the land” from their perspective as foreigners operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea. To us, it’s just the agreement that our states made to allow these cretins to be here and perform these duties.

4. Until and unless we get busy and re-negotiate the actual Constitution through our unincorporated states of the Union, these foreigners have work to do and we are not in a position to object to their continued operations so long as they abide by the rules of the actual Constitution with respect to us and our states and take note that no “Successor” organization merely assuming the duties of the federal government has a contract beyond a quid pro quo of reasonable payment for reasonable stipulated services provided.

5. You are known as a “non-citizen State National” —- an Ohioan, Virginian, Texan, etc., and you have no obligation to serve any government as a “citizen”. Instead, the government has an obligation to serve and protect you– which is an obligation these foreign entities attempt to avoid by mischaracterizing and mis-identifying you as a “citizen”.

6. Over time, the foreigners who are supposed to be here helping us by providing us “governmental services” in good faith, have usurped upon us and mimicked us so as to confuse themselves with us.

7. They have worked this confusion to their benefit—- used it to access our credit, to trade upon our good names, to control our commercial operations, dictate our foreign trade, and subject us to their rules under false presumptions and false pretenses.

8. Most Americans have been “seized upon” while still babies in their cradles by undeclared Foreign Agents working for either the foreign United States of America, Inc., or the equally foreign municipal government of the UNITED STATES, INC. and have been mischaracterized as a “citizens” of one or the other.

9. The word “citizen” means that you serve the government, instead of the government serving you. You are not born as a citizen, but you are converted into being a “citizen” by legal chicanery and deceitful undisclosed contracting practices of the federal and municipal corporations. This presumed political status has to be objected to and rebutted.Until you make your political status choices clear and clean, stop taking refuge in “The Constitution” — because until you overcome the presumption that you are a “citizen”, not a single word of The Constitution applies to you.

On top of that, you are not a party to The Constitution—- not directly.

The only enforcement of The Constitution comes into play when you

(1) rebut and object to the presumption that you are a “citizen” of the United States in any way —and cease operating as one—- stop voting in their foreign elections, stop paying their foreign taxes, stop using their foreign laws—– and

(2) form your jural assemblies as organic communities, counties, and states of the Union and operate the land jurisdiction government you are owed.Which Union? The Union of free nation-states formed under the original and never repealed Articles of Confederation (1781) and again under The Articles of Confederacy (1860). Any “Union” formed by “federated” State of States franchise corporations following the Civil War is nothing more than an association of franchisees seeking commercial enrichment, akin to a “union” of oil producing nations or orange growers.

Getting back to our insane man, punching himself in the face—-You, a birthright American State National, are not a “United States Citizen” nor are you a municipal “citizen of the United States”. You are naturally a Third Party to all these corporate shenanigans and the proliferation of corporate franchise doppelgangers — “persons” —-operated in your name by strangers.

Any and all presumptions that you are a “citizen” belonging to one or the other or both of these corporations are foisted off on you almost at birth, and only you can stand up and say, “No, not me. I’m exempt from all your presumptions and corporate infighting. I am not a British Subject. I don’t agree to act as a Municipal franchise or franchisee.

I am owed my self-governing Republic and I claim it and operate it as an American State National.”You are not obligated to follow any Federal Code. You are not bound by any federated “State” statute. You are not a “person”—–that is, an incorporated entity merely named after you. You are one of the people who are owed every square centimeter of soil and the use of every Public Law for your private purposes.

Recently we’ve had some more “misunderstandings” within the patriot community about who is who and what is what. We’ve had people making wrong assumptions about the identities and roles of the various parties and given the vast and purposeful confusion created by deceptively similar names and years of being indoctrinated to assume we are all “citizens” and acting as “persons” this is understandable, but cannot be allowed to stand.The actual Constitution grants the federal corporation exactly nineteen services to perform (and this also limits their “State of State” franchises in the same way—the parent corporation cannot give authority to its state franchises which it does not possess itself) and reserves all other rights, powers, and prerogatives to the states and the people under Article X.

Everything that isn’t specifically delegated remains with us and with our states.
When you look at The Constitution with a jaundiced eye, you will see how vast the remaining authority and responsibility under Article X is. You will also see how you, as an American State National and your organic state of the Union, hold the ultimate power to enforce the limits of the constitutional agreement and put an end to the false practices and presumptions which have been employed by foreign governmental services corporations against your interests and the interests of your organic state of the Union.Upon your first waking up to the facts, please do not mistakenly continue to presume that you or anyone else is a “citizen”.

Make the opposite presumptions—-that most of the people you see and interact with are actually American State Nationals who have been bamboozled and railroaded into serving as citizens against their Will and without their knowledge or consent. Flip it all upside down and on its head.Remember that in an actual Republic, the flow of power is from the bottom up.

All power is vested in the people of this country. They delegate a little to the county governments, which delegate a portion of their responsibility to the state governments, which delegate a portion of their power to the federal government.
Not the other way around.
When the power flows in the opposite direction— from a few oligarchs vested as executive officers and cabinets of experts and politicians— you should know for sure that this is NOT your government —- and other than making sure that the federal corporation fulfills its duties and obeys its limits—- it is not your concern, either. They are under contract.

They are in fact subcontractors. Your only responsibility is to run your own actual organic state government and make sure that whoever is running the federal corporation—- be it Trump or Hillary or Paul Ryan—- and whatever they are calling themselves this week—- United States of America, United States, or New Republic—- they obey the stipulations of the actual Constitution and they stop mischaracterizing and creating false legal presumptions against their employers: you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors.Hold them feet first to the fire and organize you local communities, unincorporated counties and unincorporated states to do it.

Merely changing the management or name of a governmental services corporation does little or nothing to address the actual problems and “missing pieces” to this puzzle, which all depend —-not on any externality—but on you remembering who and what you are, taking up the work before you, and joining with others to get the job done.In order for Checks and Balances to work, there must be American State Nationals balancing out the United States Citizens. There must be actual organic states of the Union organized as Jural assemblies and Fiduciary Deputies to hold the federal corporation(s) at bay and on task.

There must be actual unincorporated counties to support the organic and unincorporated states of the union. As American State Nationals you are uniquely responsible for creating, staffing, and supporting the Body Politic that actually owns and should be operating the land jurisdiction of the United States.

It’s a job that only you can do and a vision that only you are heir to: it is called “self-governance”.

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Come Home – Correct Your Political Status
The American States Assembly

Our Land Recording System is Live


By Anna Von Reitz

As of this past Monday, our Land Recording System (LRS) is live!

That’s about the most exciting and factual news I’ve heard in a long time.

Because it actually impacts us and others around the world in a practical and good way, it’s far more important than anything being reported by the Mainstream Media—-even though some of you may be saying, “So what?”

This week, our State Coordinators and Recording Secretaries began learning how to record documents using the new LRS.  As a result, you will be able to record your possession of your most precious private assets — your Good Name, your DNA, your Declaration of Political Status, your children, your homestead claims, your land patents, your car, your business — all your private assets, which until now, have been “mistaken” as public trust assets.

You won’t have to go through a difficult gauntlet of arguments with State of State Recording Offices or struggle to explain your political status to foreigners.  You won’t have to pay exorbitant recording costs.

No more arguing with patrolmen on the side of the road, because the Land Recording System coupled with State Assembly membership allows you to secure your State Credentials — affirmative photo identification to replace Driver Licenses and put an end to inappropriate legal presumptions.

Now that the importance of the Land Recording System is dawning on everyone, step back and take a moment to appreciate how many years Americans have had to suffer and struggle for lack of this service?  And, indeed, how long people throughout the world have suffered for lack of any official means to record their political status and actual identity?

Picture me and so many others plodding to the various recording offices maintained for international purposes by the State of State organizations, paying through the nose for paperwork processes that were more or less effective, sorting through the welter of jurisdictions, and more often than not, being attacked and questioned at every step.

Say good-bye to all of that.  We have stream-lined the process for everyone and miraculously, got it down to something simple and effective.

You will need a birth certificate or other record confirming where you were born, two Witness Testimony forms from people who can identify you as the man or woman whose birth event is referenced by the Birth Certificate or other official record (such as Naturalization records), and a one-page Declaration of your political status.  Four pieces of paper.  Record them with your State Coordinator or State Recording Secretary.

Welcome home!

All the work that was done prior to this using foreign recording offices is still valid, but imagine how much easier this will be?

This opens the door wider and makes it easier for millions of Americans to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction where they belong, to reclaim the constitutional guarantees they are owed, and to enjoy the freedom they have earned.

It also makes our birthright political status easier for people to understand.  It’s one thing to talk and explain, and another to show someone a State Credential card backed by actual State Assembly organizations and historical authorities.

This is being made possible by a dedicated group of volunteers who have stepped forward at this critical moment in history to assist other Americans and help them make the journey home.  Thank and bless them every time you have a chance.

Even if you are not an American, thank and bless them, because this is good news for you, too.

The concept that we have been legally high-jacked and human trafficked away from our natural political status almost at birth is finally coming home to millions of people around the world who have suffered the same fate.

Because Land Recording is an international service, our LRS can be used by people in England and Australia, India, Canada and elsewhere around the world, to record their claims upon their Good Names, their DNA, their political status, their land, and their homes, and their businesses and children, too.

At a time when many Land Recording Offices have been closed by the perpetrators in an effort to keep people permanently “lost at sea”, the American Land Recording Office has booted back up with a vengeance.

Soon our system will be teaching recorders from throughout the English-speaking world to use the LRS, and as the land jurisdiction government is restored from Beirut to Bangkok, from Mayfair to Muskogee, people will be able to secure appropriate credentials for themselves and be able to reclaim their private assets and assert their constitutional guarantees like never before.

Remember always that men and women are land assets.  “From dust thou art and to dust returneth” — our bodies and everything associated with them, exist naturally under the Law of the Land, not the Law of the Sea.

Remember that It is up to you to declare your identity, your political status, your nature, and the law that you stand under.  It’s your responsibility to run your own government and to chastise and direct your own public employees.

The Land Recording System is one giant leap forward not only for America and Americans, but for people everywhere.  Take a moment this Sunday to realize the blessing this represents, bow your heads and give thanks for the truth and the greater glory of Nature’s God, for your countrymen, your neighbors, your family, and your friends.

This is a breakthrough moment brought to you by volunteers you will never know, working under far less than ideal conditions, to create the ways and the means for you to restore your country, to properly identify yourselves, and to claim your most precious assets.


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The Civilian Government

By Anna Von Reitz

Let’s begin: the civilian government is not the same as the civil government.

The civilian government stands over and directs both the military and the civil government.

The civilian government does not use political parties to conduct business or dictate elections.

Stop and re-read and think about that. No political parties.

The actual civilian government of this country has groups that propose changes and that argue for this change or that change, but there are no established lobbying organizations that endure for decades at a time — no “Democrat” and no “Republican” political lobbies.

That is a foreign European tradition that was imported by Communists who came here in 1848, when they were kicked out of their home countries for causing trouble during the 1848 Workers Rebellion in Europe.

They had organized to advocate for better wages and working conditions and for basic rights and freedoms similar to what Americans enjoyed, but their thought processes were so indoctrinated in the European tradition that they couldn’t function as Americans—- and so, they brought their political parties and guilds and other problematic institutions with them to this country and shared the joy.

Like a common case of syphilis.

We, Americans, don’t vote. We elect. And we certainly don’t participate in private corporate elections that pertain only to our employees and the internal workings of their service organizations. We have our own elections and issues to worry about.

We’d like to work with Donald Trump because he keeps his word — but if we get stuck working with some other officer of the corporation, or have to directly address the Pope, the Queen, or the Lord Mayor —- it’s all the same to us.

The civilian government is an unincorporated business. It is run like a business according to facts and practical circumstances. It is not substantially interested in opinions, beyond healthy debate of factual information.

We don’t get into pity-potty. We don’t favor some “citizens” over others. We don’t engage in partisan political agendas, because political parties don’t exist in our actual government.

Instead, we are all Americans, and we are all here for the good of America, and that’s all there is to that.

This united front and the simplicity of our system of “politics” is a great advantage.

Our electoral process costs almost nothing, remains fact-driven, and therefore avoids all the hysterics and lies and deceits.

In our system of things, you have choices to make and issues to debate, but it isn’t the pathetic sideshow so obvious in the political party offerings today.

One wonders when the Democrat bought-and-paid-for Press will start criticizing President Trump’s sideburns. They are two long. They aren’t long enough. Surely it reveals lack of moral character to wear your sideburns too long? Or, alternatively, surely it shows a dangerous lack of mental stability to wear them too short?

You might as well have a group of Stone Age witch doctors driving public policy.

So come home to sanity. Populate your actual government and do your Public Duty.

Go To: https://theamericanstatesassembly.net/


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“Elected” or “Voted In”?

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a great deal of confusion about the various election processes that are ongoing — who is being elected to what office and with what authority and by whom — these are the questions that have to be asked and answered.

First, there is the Great Divide between Public Elections and Private Elections, or as I describe them, Unincorporated Elections and Corporation Elections.

The more proper way of describing what happens in a corporation’s shareholder “elections” is that the candidates filling corporate offices are “voted in” —- not actually elected at all.

This is another one of those semantic deceits and confusions that result from the use of legalese in common parlance.

When you elect someone to Public Office they have serious responsibilities and owe their service to the Public Good. That’s why we say that they are doing their Public Duty when they accept such an office and make oaths (sea jurisdiction) or affirmations (land jurisdiction) consciously accepting those responsibilities.

But when you, acting as a shareholder, vote someone into a private office in a corporation, you are not actually electing them — you are “voting them into office” and they don’t owe any particular debt to the Public Good. All they are responsible for is making profit and performing contractual obligations in exchange for a paycheck.

As you can now see, these are profoundly different kinds of “elections” and they result in people holding profoundly different kinds of “offices”. Moreover, those who are taking part in these various electoral processes are acting in different capacities.

The people who elect members of their own body politic to Public Office are acting in a different capacity than those who are acting as persons and voting in private corporation elections as shareholders.

Sadly, public elections for Public Office have become very rare in this country— so rare in fact that the appearance of an actual Public Officer is a shock and requires explanation.

This is because we have been mistaken and misled into thinking that the private corporation elections — both Municipal and Territorial — that spasmodically impact our country are public elections when they are not, and haven’t been for many decades.

I have observed to you all that our government “of, for, and by” the people of this country is not always in Session.

I have also observed to you that we have been misidentified as foreigners in our own country by falsely registering us as British Territorial United States Citizens soon after we are born, so that we are unable to act as people and conduct actual public elections or hold actual public offices as adults until we rebut these “Legal Presumptions”.

Thankfully, we have overturned these Legal Presumptions and are well on our way to repopulating this entire country and are holding actual Public Elections to fill actual Public Offices again.

[Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net]

Our process for doing this has nothing to do with political parties.

Everything that you see going on in the world of “Republicans” and “Democrats” is foreign to us and always has been.

These are “elections” of corporate officers working for the foreign Federal Subcontractors and their “federated” State of State franchises and Municipal franchise operations.

These corporate elections are carried out by the shareholders and employees of these corporations and they result in electing new CEO’s — Presidents, Governors, and Mayors — of private corporations that are acting in a “custodial capacity” with respect to our assets.

Read that — they aren’t our Presidents, Governors, or Mayors.

They are occupying private corporate offices that have been given similar names for purposes of fraud and deceit.

They are our Subcontractors, but they are not occupying our Public Offices. They can’t occupy our offices, because our offices require us to act as people not “persons”, while their offices require the exact opposite. They have to act as “persons”, not people.

So they can’t occupy our Public Offices because they are acting as Legal Persons and as Shareholders of these private, foreign, for-profit governmental services corporations dba “the” United States, Incorporated, and “the” United States of America, Incorporated —- but they can sure gum things up and confuse everyone involved.

Recently, a question surfaced as to authorities possessed by County Sheriffs versus authority possessed by Governors of States of States and Mayors of Municipalities, since they are all elected officials?

Who elected them? People? Or Persons? Or PERSONS?

That tells you the source of their authority and the nature of their office.

If Americans acting as the People of this country elected them, they have authority and they have Public Office and they have responsibility to match that authority. A County Assembly Sheriff duly elected by Americans acting in their birthright capacity is the highest Peacekeeping Official in the country — within the boundaries of their county.

A “Sheriff” or “Governor” or “Mayor” elected by our employees as an elected official within their corporation’s structure has the same kind of limited authority that a Floor Walker, Board Member, or Store Manager has when employed by Walmart, Inc., or Ben and Jerry’s, Inc.

Their edicts, mandates, codes, regulations, and statutes may serve “as law” for their actual employees and dependents, but they have no actual authority related to the Public-at-Large.

This is why a simple Sheriff properly elected to his Public Office, for example, as Macon County Sheriff by Georgians who have affirmed their birthright political status has far more power and authority than the Governor of the State of Georgia who is elected by shareholders of the State of Georgia, Inc.

This is also why Americans who have taken up the mantle of self-governance and who act, for example, as Georgians, don’t vote in the foreign political party elections.

That would be like the Lord of the Manor getting involved in a squabble among his domestic staff over who gets to act as Chief Cook.

If it is an election process to determine who acts as Chief Cook (or President) it’s being allowed by the Lord of the Manor– who at any moment retains the right to hire, fire, and organize the personnel on his payroll as he sees fit, regardless of their druthers. So why would he sign up and vote in their in-house domestic “elections”?

He wouldn’t. And neither do we.

State Nationals who maintain Dual Federal Citizenship for any reason can certainly participate in the private shareholder elections of the federal service corporations and should do so — and should vote wisely and in favor of what is best for America.

The rest of us are engaged in the actual Public Election process which results in people holding actual Public Office, and doing their actual Public Duty.

Please notice that just as a “Sheriff” may not be holding Public Office and may not have the authority of Public Office, not all “Assemblies” are equal.

Driving home last night I saw a campaign sign for someone running for an Assembly Seat in “District 4”.

Whenever you see references to “Voting Districts” or “Districts” in general, you are dealing with what? The District (of Columbia) Government —- the British Territorial Government.

This is a “district assembly” of the U.S. Citizens living in your State —- but it is not the State Assembly that you are owed and are heir to as an American.

You and your government and your Assembly have been unlawfully converted and/or depopulated with malice aforethought by your usurping British and Papist Subcontractors.

It’s up to you to see through the deceits and word games and come home to populate your own country and your own natural jurisdiction on the land and soil.

It’s also your responsibility to do your Public Duty and to educate your “house staff” regarding the authorities, roles, and Public Laws involved. Most especially, it is your responsibility to teach your public employees where their authority begins and ends, as spelled out in the Constitutions.

Nobody else can do it for you.



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News Flash — from 1907

By Anna Von Reitz

I am forever amazed by the way the enemies of all free people everywhere bury news and burn books, which amounts to my appreciation for how circumscribed, controlled, gutless, and generally incompetent journalists and the defenders of public — as in “publicly funded” — education actually are.

If they weren’t all of the above and more, we wouldn’t have this situation in this country or anywhere else in the world. The Fourth Estate is more like the Fourth Little Whorehouse in Texas and the Educators stand in sore need to be educated, with or without public funding.

Case in point: there are no “Fourteenth Amendment citizens” and there haven’t been since 1907.

Lawfully, the only Municipal citizenry there is or has ever been, consists of the Municipal elements of the Federal Civil Service and their dependents, members of the Congress, and those born in the Municipality of Washington, DC.

In 1868, a Scottish Commercial Corporation merely calling itself “The United States of America” — Incorporated, infringed upon our Good Name and trademarks and deliberately sought to confuse itself with our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

As part and parcel of this fraud scheme, they published a new “constitution” and called it “The Constitution of the United States of America” — which should have been called “The Constitution of the United States of America, Incorporated”.

This promoted confusion between their corporate “constitution” and the actual Territorial Constitution (1789).

One must realize that the word “constitution” is a generic term for an agreement involving debt.

The debt related to the actual Territorial Constitution of 1789 is the debt owed by the States for services provided by the Territorial subcontractors.

The debt related to the phony 1868 look-alike “constitution” amounted to war reparations owed to the Territorial Government and its Northern business partners by the Southerners and the Municipal citizens that sided with the South.

The 1789 Constitution is a trust indenture, a treaty, and a service contract between Principals implementing the terms of the treaties ending The War of Independence.

The 1868 “Constitution” is a deceptive Articles of Incorporation for a British-based commercial corporation intent on collecting war reparations.

The perpetrators promptly created new By-Laws to their foreign charter, misrepresented these corporate By-Laws as “Amendments” and passed the 14th Amendment.

We have since proven that no such Amendment, or any Amendment after the 13th, was ratified by the actual States of the Union.

The 14th Amendment conferred Municipal citizenship on freed black plantation slaves and other “colored persons” without their knowledge or consent and made them liable for the war reparations.

In other words, the vermin freed the plantation slaves with one hand, and enslaved them again with the other. They abolished private slave ownership at the same time they institutionalized public slave ownership.

They transferred this very valuable “human commodity” to their own benefit and taxed these innocent people and seized their estates and private assets– including the value of their labor– as collateral backing their own debts. Over time, they schemed to do the same thing to all of us.

They re-defined the meaning of “colored person” to include “people of color” in the same sense as “color of law” — that is, “persons” in other words, and redefined “person” to mean “corporation”, and embraced the concept of “White Negroes”, too, in their effort to enslave living people and to seize upon their assets as collateral backing government debts.

No more vile, lawless, unconscionable, or venal scheme has ever been hatched.

But in 1906-07 the Scottish Interloper went bankrupt, taking it’s corporate charter, the phony “constitution”, and its “Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States” with it.

Now, it’s all over except the Fat Lady singing. There is no “Fourteenth Amendment” pertaining to any American and never has been. No Sixteenth Amendment, either.

The entire set up was a confidence racket and fraud scheme, and the nastiness promoted by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration as The New Deal was even worse and more insidious.

Officially, the New Deal only applied to Municipal Civil Servants — a tiny number of people, but by skillful word-smithing and deliberate omissions and disinformation campaigns, FDR was able to make false commercial claims of ownership against the American people and enabled to “take title” to vast amounts of American resources. Take a close look at the Agricultural Adjustment Act and the suffering it inflicted.

They think they are going to get away with it, again, too. This is the source of the orders that American farmers received this spring, telling them to destroy their crops in the field.

The Vermin now imagine that they are going to “re-up” their false claims of ownership against Americans by buying “donated” DNA (see Larry Fink’s efforts to buy Ancestry.com) and by injecting patented RNA vaccines “mandated” by the Municipal Government (but only applicable to actual Municipal citizens) — which will change the victim’s natural DNA matrix and create a “new” product owned by the patent holders.

LOL. So they say.

Larry Fink needs a court order dissolving Black Rock, Inc. for crimes against humanity, and Bill Gates needs the same done to him.

All those who continue to promote slavery of any kind in a world where slavery has been officially abolished since 1926 need their rumps cut off and handed to them.

And all the numbnutz local honchos who think that they have the authority to impose or presume “Municipal citizenship” upon anyone or to mandate vaccinations or force medical procedures or mask mandates on Americans need to know otherwise.

They need to get the news circa 1907: there are no “Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States” to presume upon.

Come to that, there was no actual Fourteenth Amendment. And no authority for any Municipal Government to operate outside the one mile square apportioned to the Municipal Government in the District of Columbia. Ever.

So, now it’s time to dump all of this on Pope’s lap, or maybe over his head.

He owns/controls the Municipal Government directly. He owns/controls the Territorial Government indirectly. It’s time his position was fully exposed to the light of day and that he is held accountable for promoting any misadministration or violence on our shores.

The Pope has the right to liquidate any corporation on Earth, because all corporations have been defined and created by the Roman Curia.

It’s time that we rack ’em and stack ’em.

It’s time to put an end to the corporations that have been complicit in these outrageous schemes to “own” DNA and make claims to own living people as a result of things like genetic additives to vaccines and seizure of “donated” genetic materials.

If we let this go on, we’ll have thieves haunting public bathrooms and stealing used nose rags— then claiming to own the people that “donated” the nose rags. It has to be stopped and it has to be stopped now.

It’s time to make an example of Black Rock, Inc., and Bill Gates, and Wellcome Trust and the Councils of Government and WHO and the CDC and NIH— and if the Pope and the Roman Curia won’t do their job, it’s time that all the rest of us did it “for” them, just like they did all this “for” us and in our names.


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The American States Assembly

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Antifa is a False Flag — A Message for Pope Francis

By Anna Von Reitz

The airwaves are a-blaze with warnings — large shipments of automatic weapons delivered to Antifa in Portland and elsewhere, Mexican armored vehicles and drug cartels massed on our Southern border, etc.

If Antifa is used as the “cause” of the nastiness, it can’t be called a “Civil War” and the Pope and his henchmen can’t be blamed for what comes after.

So they think. They will be blamed. They will pay for their sins. And not just by dying in the flesh.

For men who are so deceitful and who have so much practice in diabolical reasoning, they really aren’t at all creative. They are trying to pull here what they pull in Banana Republics all over the world to create a change of government — and merely to save their own necks.

But it isn’t going to work this time.

This time, Gideon’s Army is present.

This time, the lies are all known.

Ask yourselves how, despite the CIA, the DIA, DARPA, the National Laboratories, NSA, Homeland Security, DHS, FBI, and Lord only knows how many other “security agencies” —– that large quantities of weapons could be delivered to Antifa in Portland or anywhere else in this country without those shipments being stopped?

Of course, it is an Inside Job. Of course, it is being expedited, planned, and carried out by the joint efforts of both the Municipal and Territorial Subcontractors that don’t even have any right to be on our soil apart from their “service obligations”.

Of course, the Pope is sitting there like a spider in his web, doing nothing but promote the situation and planning to create enough of a mess to validate the bloodbath they are promoting as cover for their own guilt.

But this time we know who and what the Enemy is. This time the facts are exposed and the perpetrators are known and they will not escape the fury of the Primal Creator.

A different kind of VAXX is coming for them. Poetic justice.

Of course, “the” UN, like “the” US is nothing but a front for corporations “acting as” governments.

You see, they really aren’t very bright. They find one trick pony and ride it until it drops.


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