Judas Iscariot


By Anna Von Reitz

I recently published an article in which I observed that Judas Iscariot was the Thirteenth Disciple and said that he was “unfaithful”.   Most people can see why this is so and don’t need an explanation of how Judas was unfaithful and the fact that he was unfaithful: it is clearly demonstrated in the Biblical text.

Jesus addressed Judas at the Last Supper, and clearly knew what Judas was about to do to him — betray him to the Roman authorities in behalf of the Sanhedrin for the cost of a bribe of thirty pieces of silver.
I would call that “unfaithful” on the part of a Disciple, wouldn’t you?
Jesus also said it would be better for Judas that he had never lived, and indeed, that also proved true, for what happened after Judas realized the results of his actions?  He threw the silver away and hung himself.  He no longer wanted to live with that guilt on his head.
However, there is a New Age “interpretation” of the circumstance that holds that Judas HAD to betray Jesus in order for Jesus to become a martyr and “die for our sins”— that Judas was the “necessary” betrayer and had no choice but to carry through his part in the Passion Play.
I will take that up with anyone who wants to raise their head above the trench they are in.  I have news for everyone.  Jesus didn’t die for our sins.  He died because of our sins— our bad choices, our mistakes.
We, living people, always have freewill.  Our Father honors our freewill, so that we learn the results of our choices, even when our choices are awful— like Judas’s choice.
The Life of Jesus was not pre-determined.  He didn’t have to die like that.  He died because Judas and the members of the Sanhedrin and the Romans and the hoity-toity Jews of Jerusalem at that time rejected him and his message of peace and love and healing.
Remember how he wept when he saw Jerusalem and what he said?  How he would have gathered Jerusalem like a hen gathers chicks, but they “would not”?
This was his observation at what appeared to be the moment of his triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
He already knew what was brewing.  He knew he was going to his death. He went anyway and let the chips fall, even though he clearly didn’t know everything about it and continued to question it in the Garden of Gethsemane and even on the Cross.
He walked forward in faith that some supreme good would come of it.
No, Judas gets no “free pass” for his decisions.  Neither Our Father nor the Devil made him do it.  He did what he did of his own free will and it had the results he chose.
Jesus also made his choices in perfect freedom.  He could have run away.  He could have refused the torture stake.
The actual lesson of Judas Iscariot is two-fold and has nothing to do with any pre-determined script: (1) money is a worthless substitute for God, and (2) faith is a necessary condition for life.
Peter and Judas both grossly and some would say “unforgivably” betrayed Jesus that same night.  Both fell far short.  But one condemned himself to die and one condemned himself to live —- and the difference between them was faith.
Peter had faith that Jesus loved him and would understand and forgive him. Judas had no such faith to sustain him through the crisis.
Again, it all comes down to love and compassion — whether you believe in love and trust it, or not.  Whether you keep faith with love, or not.  And whether or not you have faith enough to accept love and compassion for yourself in spite of your sins.
If Jerusalem could have seen itself as it truly was — sunk in sin and Mammon-worship, if it could have confessed its condition and repented — there was Jesus, ready to forgive it and gather it.
Obviously, he made the same “offer” to Judas.
Just as obviously, both Judas and Jerusalem rejected the offer.  Even the “faithful” Disciples scattered and ran.  His family came to the foot of the Cross, not the vast crowds who cheered one day and condemned the next.
So here we are again, at the end of “these times”—- as in the days of Noah, men sleep with other men and with beasts and summon demons to help them in their iniquities, women kill their own babies, criminals run the government, liars tell the news, the emblem and idol of the Great Abomination stands where it should not stand in New York Harbor.  Even the prophecy of the Cedars and the Sycamores has come to pass in the wake of the destruction of the World Trade Center.
It’s all there, spelled out for all to see, just as foretold — the arrogance of our leaders, their refusal to repent and humble themselves after all the damage they have done and all the misery they have caused.
And not just the leaders of “the US” or New York City, the leaders of almost the whole world.
They all just continue to go on mindlessly, invoking Business As Usual, continuing to collect taxes from people who not only don’t owe any taxes, but who are owed payment, instead, continuing to allow every kind of evil, including the wholesale murder of babies, the “securitization” of living people as if they were corporations made by men, the “trading in souls” via the buying and selling of Baptismal Certificates and DNA, the poisoning of our water and our food supplies, and all the endless lies and half-truths that go with this.
It is a stinking, horrifying pile of garbage and we have nobody to blame but ourselves, because this is all the result of choices that people have made to follow after Mammon and reject the Gospel, just like Judas, just like Peter, just like Jerusalem.
But this time the story is going to go a different route.
The Apocalypse has come.  The continuing ruler-ship of Satan even in the modern world and in the modern Church has been exposed.  The Watch Fires are lit.  Those who stand guard, the Watchmen, have come forward to raise the alarm and give the final warnings.
Understand — we are all guilty, we have all made mistakes.  Understand also that the “cut” is determined by who repents and who admits their sin and who commits to living a new and better life, like Peter.
All the others, like Judas, will be gone.
So when I tell you that I have offered the rulers of the banks and the governments and the armies a safe and just and easy way to make correction — a conversion of the debt system to a credit system that would take only three days and harm nobody on Earth — and that they still refuse to act and instead continue to go forward with their old, established evil, take note.
Like Jerusalem, they have been given “a time” to repent and reflect and look around at the unfolding prophecy.  At every step, they have had freewill to transform their destiny.  They have no one and nothing to blame but themselves, for they have been told the Truth and given other options, and they still stubbornly continue to honor nothing but their ego and Mammon and Satan.
So, they have to go.  It is only a question of exactly when and how this is to be accomplished, but not a question about the inevitability of this outcome. As Fiduciary, I have ordered it to be done quickly and quietly, with no big drama.
I wish that everyone on Earth would see their condition and repent it and trust in Our Father’s love and generosity — and commit to living a far better and braver life, like Peter, instead of throwing their lives away like Judas Iscariot.
That said, I have given everyone all the information needed to do the right thing by the Earth and its People and I have been laughed at for my trouble, physically attacked, and derided by those who should be in sack-cloth.  As I have patiently fulfilled every Notice, many millions of innocent people have suffered and died to allow these evil-doers time to repent.
And still no true repentance comes.
The Office of the Roman Pontiff has been ended, but the so-called “Secular Worship” of Satan has continued right on, even among members of the Church and the Priesthood of the Church.  When I have pressed for an end to it, the perpetrators have chosen to set up the “Holy Roman Empire” to take the place of the Office of the Roman Pontiff and continue conducting all their evil business as usual.
It’s like a gang of little kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar, blaming it on the dog, waiting a couple hours and going right back into the kitchen as if nobody would notice.
Our Father honors their free will, and what they will choose for themselves, they will choose.  They will not be allowed to ruin the Earth.  They will not be allowed to disrupt and terrify and harm everyone else. They will not have their “Last Hurrah” in the way they envisioned it and most importantly, they will not win anything but their own destruction.
Though they think they have power and that they have money and that they have the ability to mount a fight, the fight is already over.  It ended many years ago on a hill overlooking a trash heap called Golgotha.
Now comes the time and the peace of The Lamb.  Let all on Earth be advised.
The final warnings have been issued and those aligned with evil are running out of time. The choice of Peter, like the choice of Judas, is set before them— and before us all.
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