Know The Commonwealth History or Else

By Anna Von Reitz

Last week I had an amiable conversation with Joseph Gregory Hallett, the last of King John’s offspring, and still Keeper of the Commonwealth, alive and kicking in New Zealand.  He is loyally beating the streets for the Commonwealth and that’s fine with me— within reason.
What is the Commonwealth?
The Commonwealth as a concept developed in the Dark Ages when the Church was in receipt of private bequests from estates without heirs.  The Church took these gift properties and developed them to produce benefit for the Church and its Parishioners and for the support of the poor and sick.
The concept developed further under the auspices of the First Holy Roman Empire, when King Pepin the Short donated a whole kingdom to the Pope, giving the Church property to manage on the scale of a whole country. Additional holdings were secured under Charlemagne and the Church’s role as a property manager and Earthly rulership expanded.  They applied the principles of The Commonwealth to their holdings and prospered.
Monasteries were supported by the labors and entrepreneurial skills of the Christian Brothers and Cloistered Orders, and to this day, we are all familiar with the vast range of products they continue to produce— everything from applesauce to zinfandel, with the profit going to support Mother Church and local administration and outreach to the poor.
In England the Church struggled along and formed alliances with the Catholic Irish and Welsh rulers and gradually spread the concept of The Commonwealth throughout England–howbeit with less material success– but when the Catholic Normans invaded England in 1066, things began to look up.  William of Normandy was generous to the Church and granted decent land and woodlots to be managed as part of The Commonwealth of England, for the support of the indigent, sickly, and poor.
The original deal made the Church the steward of The Commonwealth lands and they were responsible for their oversight and upkeep.  The King retained the title to the land and the Church received the beneficial interest.
And then came King John, 126 years later, and The Holy Alliance, wherein the positions were reversed — and the Church held the title to The Commonwealth lands both as Donor and Beneficiary, and the King became the Steward, responsible for their oversight and upkeep.
That’s how things sorted out with King John and that is still the position of his descendants, The Keepers of The Commonwealth.  They are essentially Trustees working for the Holy See to preserve and manage the lands and properties (like National Trust properties) that belong to The Commonwealth on a worldwide basis.
So now Greg Hallett is stomping the circuit as King John’s Heir, and making some remarks about The Magna Carta to the effect that it was “void” and had no force of law, etc., etc., etc. — which is perfectly true with respect to The Commonwealth, but totally off-base and incorrect with respect to what is called “Greater England” and the Law of the Land established by the Norman Kings, which we know as The Magna Carta.
You can be perfectly sure that The Magna Carta applied and still applies to every cubic centimeter of British soil ever ceded to the Normans.
You can also be sure that the only land controlled by King John was in fact the land bequeathed to The Commonwealth: his nickname was “John Lacklands” precisely because he had no other land in England upon which to base his throne.
The Commonwealth started out with good intentions and for the most part has been competently managed for the Common Good of the Church and of the communities that the Church has served.  For that reason it has a long history of political support and in many areas it continues to provide better profits and more benefits than government-sponsored programs aimed at public property management.  The cynics among us maintain that most of this advantage is the result of de facto peonage, as the Church is able to make use of volunteer labor.
So what does all this mean for us?
For one thing, it means that for those whose landholdings derive from the Norman Conquest and from the Norman Kings who received sovereignty in their own right from William of Normandy, The Magna Carta has always been valid and accepted as the Law of our Lands for going on a thousand years, and we have no intention of allowing any claims otherwise.
America set sail under the sovereignty of William Belcher, one of the Norman Conquest Heirs, and so, for us, The Magna Carta is valid and does remain in effect as a basic foundation stone of our Land Law.  We take notice that the “land law” of The Commonwealth is actually nothing but the policies of the Holy See regarding property management; we respect their turf and hold our own.
Any expectation or hope that we would be ignorant of all this or “drop the ball” and allow generalized claims invalidating The Magna Carta are sadly disappointed and the Holy See will have to go bark up some other tree to sell that bit of deceit.
That said, we have been at peace with the Church for almost a thousand years and as embattled as it presently is as a result of its own indiscretions, let me suggest that the Church should be thankful that we are willing to honor our agreements even if they have manifestly failed to honor theirs. They should let well-enough alone, return our purloined property, and stop imagining that we are all chumps who failed History 101.
Those things that legitimately belong to The Commonwealth can still belong to The Commonwealth; all that property which has merely been seized upon and “presumed to be” donated, must be returned unharmed, free of debt or encumbrance.  We also expect that the people who have been disinherited by this chicanery and who have suffered de facto peonage will be compensated by the return of their individual land titles and access to their National Credit.
The motives that the Perpetrators of this scheme have for killing off their Priority Creditors— exactly as they did in Nazi Germany— have been duly noted and presented to the rest of the world.
As a result, if they carry through on their plan to exterminate their creditors, the rest of the world will know what to expect from doing business with them. If they steal the assets they surreptitiously “borrowed” from the American States and People without returning them and without paying anything as interest, the rest of the world will know what to expect, too.
We have what is popularly called “A Mexican Stand-Off”.  We have demanded the return of our land titles and control of our actual assets, plus access to the National Credit we have earned.  They have scurried around made excuses and offered various dodges to avoid returning our property and avoid paying anything for the use of it.
The most recent dodge is to try to claim that all our property was “donated” to some kind of non-existent Public Municipal Trust back in 1933 and rolled into a Commonwealth Estate.
We have countered that that is pure hokum and shown exactly how flawed that claim is by deconstructing the language used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his First Inaugural Address, proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that he was addressing the Municipal Citizens of the United States and not the American People.
We have also thereby demonstrated that Americans were not obligated to reply to an offer that was not and could not possibly be addressed to them, and that in any case, our commercial vessels were moth-balled in 1868, so that we could not in any way be presumed to be operating in commerce in 1933 and could not be subject to commercial contracting processes, either.
That is, unilateral and undisclosed and implied and secret contracting processes could not, did not, and do not apply to us, to our States, nor to our People, then or now.
Ironically, this is proven true by the very circumstance that the Schemers used to substitute their own “State of State” corporate franchises for our original Confederate States of America.  They are caught in their own trap, as God Above would have it.
So not only is The Magna Carta still in effect, but the Commonwealth does not extend to America, nor any of the American States, nor to the individual estates of the people of this country.  Thank you, very much, for asking. And the Norman Kings are still standing, alive, well, and pissed off.
And now that we have settled those questions, may we ask when we may expect: (1) return of all our land titles and interests, both public and private, from our Trustees? and (2) access to our National Credit, which is needed to pay off bogus mortgages and other debts merely presumed to exist?
We first made this demand in 1998.  We repeated it in 2008 and received sincere assurances that restitution would be forthcoming.  Instead, the agencies of the Municipal Government — FBI, DOJ, IRS, FEMA, BATF, BLM, etc., have engaged in a crime spree of unprecedented proportions, and the UN Corporation has gotten involved and set up 800 internment camps for “resettlement” of Americans whose only crime is to be cheated by the Pope.
Its time for everyone to wrap their heads around this circumstance and more than past time for the Church and the Queen to get serious about returning the property owed to the American States and People and also to start paying back some reasonable portion of the National Credit that the people of this country are owed.
Twenty-one years have passed since James and I woke up and realized what was going on.  An entire generation of young Americans has sprung up in that time, and for the most part, they are even more dumbed-down than their immediate predecessors, less able to defend themselves from the outrages of those who pretend to be better than they are.
We see from the circumstance who is truly elite and who is truly moral, as opposed to those hypocrites who have endeavored to steal the assets of their neighbors under a pretense of trust, and then planned to kill off and resettle their Priority Creditors.
And there is so much for the idea that we are or ever were Paupers, or ever part of The Commonwealth, either.
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