The Tribal Identity – Paradigm for the Next Generation – Adaptive Action – LOCAL RESILIENCE

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Our generation has inherited a world on a collision course. War, environmental devastation, corruption, state-sanctioned violence, cultural fragmentation / partisan bickering…

The scale and extent of the problems we face are staggering.

You’ve been raised to believe that voting and petitioning those in power are the only paths to change. But democracy has been reduced to reality television. Corporate owned. Pay-to-play.

It’s getting harder and harder to deny these realities.

Some describe the masses as apathetic, submissive and easily distracted… but that apathy masks an overwhelming sense of powerlessness, frustration, and isolation. You allow yourself to be dragged along by the flow of the mainstream because you know of no viable alternative. You sedate yourselves with entertainments and distractions, because it hurts to care.

You would change the world if you knew how. You would take action if you saw a way forward. You might even be brave enough to blaze a new trail if you had a destination worth striving towards. And this is what brings us here today. In reality, the power is already in your hands, but you have never been taught how to claim it.

We’re going to begin with a diagnosis. A short description of the world as it is.

Next we will trace the problems to their socio-economic roots. History rhymes, and there’s a reason why. To fully understand our current situation we must examine all the variables at play.

We will then take the facts and evidence and connect the dots in a new configuration. To break the cycle we must understand how human instinct is used against us. Our psychology has been hijacked. The mechanisms of enslavement are hardwired into our cultural code.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Another paradigm is not only possible, but has been tested and proven. Take the best of the old and the new. Integrate what works. Discard what doesn’t. Civilization rewired.

Finally, we will outline a set of simple, concrete steps that any ordinary individual can take to transition towards that paradigm: A Positive Application of Human Instinct.


The global financial system is predicated on infinite growth. Production and consumption must increase at all cost. This is a structural side effect of all debt-based monetary systems.

When an economy grows, oil consumption must also. Every sector of modern civilization is wired to fossil fuels – transport, manufacturing, agriculture, medicine. Cities and highways are designed with automobiles in mind. Residential centers ever more dependent on the flow of goods and resources from afar.

War has become an industry in and of itself. Perpetual conflict an economic necessity. To build support for military intervention the public is manipulated and deceived, threats conjured up and exaggerated, aggression disguised as defense.

To call it a racket would sell it short. This is a criminal enterprise of horrific proportions.

Political reforms cannot alter the equation. Superficial lifestyle adjustments and voting with one’s dollar don’t even slow down the machine. Armed resistance would accomplish nothing. The replacement would be more of the same.

We have a paradigm problem. Anything short of a paradigm shift is an exercise in futility.


Very few question why economists are so obsessed with growth. It might seem a boring detail, but hidden in this boring detail is the key to understanding why the current system is unsustainable.

Modern economies must expand perpetually to avoid collapse. If a country isn’t producing and consuming more this year than it did in the last, this is considered an ominous sign, a problem which must be addressed. In fact the term “economic sustainability” is traditionally defined as a steady growth in GDP of at least 2% per year.

We live on a finite planet, with finite resources. Infinite growth is not a long term survival strategy. Any proposed solution which fails to address this issue is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

The root of the infinite growth paradigm is debt-based money.

Every dollar, euro and peso in circulation is created by banks loaning out money that they don’t have. This practice is not only legal, it is in fact the foundation of the current financial system. By law, banks are allowed to loan out 10 times the amount held in deposits. This practice is called Fractional Reserve Banking.